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If You Live Mainly in the City, You Live Mainly in Crisis


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#1022 Sep 9, 1992 – 1:34 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :30. Brains don’t drive people crazy…people’s brains do. 

If you believe there is any question as to the intelligence of another, then they’re at least as smart as you are. Audio-only :34.

The News

…and Kyroot said:
More of what should be, “obvious” city advice:
If you ever plan to LEAD the parade you’ve got to SUPPORT the parade.

92102- 2
…and Kyroot said:
One of the ole soreheads. (down at the bar & grill so named in their honor)
Made this recent defining comment: “Man: Hogs with ‘headphones.”

92102– 3
…and Kyroot noted:
Bumper sticker sighting off the coast of Norway:
Brains Don’t Drive People Crazy, People’s brains Do.”

92102– 4
From Kyroot’s “It’s All According To Where You Live At” files comes this important question: Would you prefer to be shot for your ideas
Or for wearing last year’s fashion?

Okay, (said Kyroot), there’s ALWAYS-S-S another version possible,
(For all you ‘other-possible-version-lovers’),
So you can try it this way if you like: Query: Would you rather be thrown from the roof, or the basement?

92102– 5
And Kyroot offered some useful speed info:
Generally speaking,
The mind is running a few miles behind everything else.

92102- 6
…and Kyroot said:
One guy who could’ve known something said: “I am not a cult.”
And some of those of might’ve had the potential to eventually hear something said: “Ah rats.”

92102– 7
…and Kyroot noted:
In the everyday world the standard awards go to plagiarism and imitation.

..and Kyroot said:
“Decent, civilized men have much more than just their fingers & toes to count on”:
To wit: whenever things start falling apart
There’ll always be someone who’ll say:
“I believe things are falling apart.”

92102– 9
…and Kyroot mentioned:
Somebody speculated: “A revolutionist is kind of like a blimp in the genetic pipeline.”…(I am not sure that this “somebody” was ANY body in particular much less a rebel himself.)

FREE! — another un-asked-for tip:
If you believe that the level of some other person’s intelligence is uncertain
You can be sure of this much — they at least as smart as you.

A chap with some urban experience makes this observation:
“Civilized, romantic emotions are like petticoats of brass.”

…(He privately mentioned that he’d wanted to say that
They were like “black stockings and garter belts of barb wire and ballistics,”
But that the former sounded more poetic.

…[And Kyroot succumbed sufficiently to further note that: “After all,
Is not that a central part of civilization’s responsibility — to make everything sound a bit better?”]

As he would awaken,
He’d always say:
Are we today
Talking, ‘serious problems’ or just, ‘problems’?”

And still another correspondent snits, sniffs, or snorts:
“Well then, if life itself is truly alive — why hasn’t it called me? — my number’s
in the book?!”

…and Kyroot said:
If you’re alive mainly in the city you’re always in a crisis.

92102 5
…and Kyroot said:
A kid who was growing up a bit
One day thought:
“Friends are like air — good friends are like fresh air.”

and Kyroot noted:
Genes and family are one’s irreplaceable blood supply,
But an expanding man cannot live forever at the Milwaukee Red Cross
Just because he was born there.)

…one man thought:
“The revolution is my friend……. I might as well go ahead
and think that,” he thought, “Since IT’S never told me.”

A reality pleaded with the people:
“May I have your attention! — May I have your attention please?”
And then realized this wasn’t necessary since it GAVE them their attention in the first place.

Side bar: Life conjured up figures of priests, kings, and philosophers
So as to have mouthpieces to tell man things that were so obvious
That it was embarrassed to say to him itself.

A man or woman in the basement. thought:
“Spit heals everything but a broken heart.”

As another example of the blasphemy possible in expanding urban areas,
A kid was running around outside the building shouting: “Fuck a broken heart!”
But hey! — what do little fuckers like him know ANY way! — right?!!

…and Kyroot said:
The bigger the baloney factory, the more it must advertise.

…(One man held himself down,
And through torture and trickery — made himself “admit it”!
..,..[And after this admission,
The local civilization, in control of such affairs,
Which didn’t care either way, stretched and said: “Ahh!, I feel much better now.”])

…and Kyroot said:
The truly creative can bear most anything.

…and after allowing for, “sink time” Kyroot added:
The truly creative can bear most anything — except, “you-know-what”!

…and Kyroot said:
Instead of holy books, medical texts, and psychiatric abstracts,
This one world had but one work which covered them all, entitled:
The ups And Downs Of Everybody.”

…and Kyroot The King Of Impresarios said:
The more passionate the hormones — the more they require an audience.

While it came his turn to “describe something,”
This one man chose the secondary world
Which he joyfully leapt to his feet and portrayed as:
The place of contrived excitement and affected passion.”.
(And he won that evening’s event hands down. )

…when one guy began to suspect what was really going on,
He looked over in the direction of what he suspected and said:
“I DARE you to say that to my face.”

During a long spell, One man thought:
“Screw the old ‘one shoe in the road’ quandary;
I’ve got a better one: why are men born believing they’re in chains?”
…(Of course, [added Kyroot], he means “believe” after they begin to intellectually function.]

…and Kyroot said:
One man almost scared himself to death — and then thought: “Boy! what a wimp!”

…and Kyroot said:
Whenever this one guy’d seek medical attention he’d use an assumed name
So that if he died during treatment at least they couldn’t bury the right man.

We received this letter:
“I do not allow my children to watch your show — but hey! I don’t let me either.”

After lunch the lecturer continued:
“The most important thing to remember in the study of all
Scientific, social, and artistic questions
Is to ask yourself the question: ‘why think about anything that your
Emotional nervous system is already feeling?!'”

A person who once really wanted to be a revolutionist looked at themselves and said:
“Going on like this just won’t do.”

A rebel once thought:
“Suicide should not be wasted on the weak.”

…(The reality behind the rebel added: “The revolutionist form never is.

…and Kyroot said:
Certain city dwellers and other condo management operations
Just can’t seem to get it straight:
If hippopotamuses NEEDED your advice they’re surely smart enough to ASK you for it.

…as a man watched his dog run around, apparently trying to get away from the fumes of The disinfectant just sprayed on him,
He reflected to himself on the nature of man’s intellect and those things with which
It most commonly seems to concern itself.

…then Kyroot, the demimonde-of-dermatology, declared:
Everyone has a secondary birthmark — their friggin’ brain.

…and Kyroot played pretend:
If plagiarism didn’t have a thousand different faces,
And if man was a bit more intelligent than he is now,
Then the latter would go mad over the overwhelming, tedious presence of the former.

…and in the regard just mentioned, Kyroot added:
(here was once a man who accidentally realized the truth in this matter
Without knowing that he did
When he said: “It is smart of men to thank the gods that they’re not any smarter than they are.

….You see, said the cerebrally disruptive used vehicular salesman,
“That’s what happens when you go from a Slime-&-Mud-mobile to a Pinto;
Cause after that everybody either wants to move up to a Mustang, or back to a Slime-&-Mud-mobile.”

…a viewer communicates:
“Metaphors make me sick! — REAL-L-L sick! . . . . . . well….metaphors that I
don’t understand!

…(and on the Q.T. – [to just you & me] Kyroot added:
Sticklers for strict figurative usage and those of rebellious neural intent
Might care to note that those who dislike metaphors
Should just DE-SPISE-E-E symbols — and then ask themselves, “What giveth ho?!”)

Two days later Kyroot dropped this addendum off at your addendum box:
Of course beyond first, metaphors, and then the dreaded, symbols,
There is something even WORSE! — but my GOD!, why give ourselves the blues so early in the game?

…and from our audience someone asks: “Can I take a guess what it is?….”

…and taking it to heart, one guy began to say to himself:
“See Dick run;
See Dick run faster,
And see him run faster and faster and faster…” and enjoyed himself SO much,
he changed his name to Dick.

Then since it was your birthday,
And payday,
and you just got your hair done,
And the tests came back negative,
Kyroot decided to splurge and gave you this gift of a private admission”:
“So okay — the revolution IS a little like professional wrestling.”

…and as long as we’re at it
I guess we can go ahead and throw this one in too;
A viewer writes:
“Would you repeat one you read an your show recently that said something like:
‘Anything you do in the secondary world doesn’t actually count — (or count against you)
If you don’t take it seriously’ (or something like that);
Anyway — would you repeat it?”
(And Kyroot replied): I’d be delighted to.

we received a postcard with this message:
“My sister slays she’s seen your show.”

We also received this overnight, Special Delivery letter from a local jackal: “My name happens to BE Ralph, and you’ll be hearing from my attorney.”

And before the telethon continues,
Another choice item from Gottlieb & Grunhilda’s File of “Real Important Stuff That Couldn’t Possibly Be True”:
A man who knows how smart he is also knows how dumb he is;
While a man who knows how dumb he is doesn’t know anything.

Let’s go back to the tote board, and see how much we lost while on that break….

…and Kyroot said:
The would-be-King of the collective looked out ON the collective and smiled to himself:
“Ah, the beauty and the inevitability of it all, the ultimate perfect fit;
Had not life intended me to lead them
Why did it furnish them with private parts, and ME with a knee?”

…(Ahh, indeed, [added Kyroot],
What could be lovelier than the eternal, mortal dance! — except perhaps,
From the view of a partner doubled over in pain — and perhaps-of-course,
Everyone takes TURNS being the one so bent.)

Travel note: The center of man’s brain KNOWS where it is going
That’s why they don’t WANT passengers standing up-front next TO the driver.

—those hanging around the periphery could be king –
But then someone else would just hang around theirs’s.

(When you get a handle, [or even a Haydn], on this
You will understand why there are neural revolutionists, and normal people;
Those truly dying-to-know, and those who just take-the-mind-as-it-comes.)

…and Kyroot said:
One day,
Between spittin’,
Kickin’ dirt,
And throwin’ rocks, a kid thought:
“A person should do anything in the world for their best bud except give themselves away.”

92102 4 7
…and Kyroot said:
While in the city,
Looking over the alternatives available,
And studying their instructions,
This one man was finally struck by the elusive and elliptic reality that:
Anything that’d actually ‘work’ over here
Wouldn’t be worth the paper it written on.”

…(I happen to know PERSONALLY that Kyroot was just DYING to ask you – “Get it?”
But he knows how some kids hate being treated like that.

…[“Say, boys-&-girls-&-boys,” yelled Van Allen The Clown, as he circled the youngsters,
“How do YOU treat you? — (assuming you ever get around to DOING so?!”)])

With a view-to-the-verbal,
One man describes the neural revolution as: “Taking Life apart.”

… and Kyroot remarked:
Further assurance of how man’s intellect supports and sustains him even when it doesn’t:
A man stood and philosophically delivered thusly:
“In the middle of the Journey of our life
I came within myself to a dark woods
Wherein the straight path seemed lost,
And I cried out — ‘Where are those fuckers like Dante when you need them?”

…and Kyroot noted:
Although for reasons of fashion and decorum,
Men call it by other names,
One way you can tell the stupid is that
They’re all the time wanting to discuss whether you think they’re stupid or not.

…(“Boy!”, said one guy, “Stupid’ sure is a harsh word!”)

…and Kyroot said:
If you’re creative and brag about it you won’t be.

One man called his dog Voltaire.- because he shed so much.
(He says he doesn’t approve of putting names on things which have
Any particular relationship to what they are, or what they do;
He says he’s taken this approach to try and teach his own tongue
At least a “little something” regarding the basic nature of words.)

(Unrelated example found in a recent dumpster-sighting:
One man who didn’t have any best-friends
Told everyone who’d listen that they were his best friend.

…[After running head-first into himself in the hallway for the third time today,
One man thought: “it’s surely hard to be homeless when you won’t go anywhere.”])

home-grown Joke For The Day:

A publisher writes to Kyroot and says:
“The only reason you badmouth fiction is that you can’t WRITE IT!”
And Kyroot replied: “Those that know how to live it don’t HAVE to write about it.”

….. ..(Ha….ha….is that a good one, [assuming you don’t take it personally], or not!)

…and Kyroot, the ever-alert observer, observed:
From the city a voice was heard:
“I have a head ache. . . . . I’ve always had a head ache.”

A young urban up-start thought: “Where is the justice in the fact that a
Stomach ache can kill you, but a headache never will?!

(And just off to the side another chap mused: “If the revolution is like
Jumper-cables-for-the-mind, then how come not more people want to go anywhere?”)

…and Kyroot said:
Through a complicated and experimental operation
One man, had his emotions moved from his heart to his head,
And his thoughts from his head to his gut. . . . THEN, guess what?!

…(No matter what the blueprints said, this one man insisted:
“The shaft first! — Put in the elevator shaft first!”)

Another view of man’s civilized, secondary march forward-&-out:
Traffic cops would be wasted effort if there were not pedestrian cross-walks
all ready painted on the streets.

…a man with too many pockets for his suit pondered:
“Which came first? The chicken or the egg or breakfast or a love of animals?

92102-57. . . . .
On a Thursday — (Oh, what a Thursday!) —
A man whilst considering the nature of the intellectual game,
Suddenly saw ordinary thought as the “astro-turf-of-the mind.”

(In the locker room, later with himself, he admitted that the situation wasn’t
Inherently “all that bad,”
Just that he inherently had “bad knees” to begin with.

…GADS! — don’t you just LOVE-E-E good excuses! — especially when done up right by a professional !

,…(“And now coming on the field — let’s give him a real big
Round of applause — is ‘Old Number Forty-Seven’ — who, in fact,
Is so old today that he’s actually become Number Forty-Eight!’

…[“Don’t laugh!,” cautioned the wienie-vendor, “It could happen to you.”
To which the wienie-consumer responded, “Too late to tell me now —
One weekend when I was out of town and not paying real close attention
It already slipped right up on me.”])])

“Line Item Veto Of The Month Example” from one unidentified city source:
“If you’re not positive what’s gonna happen next — give yourself a title….that’s what god did.”

And a lad asked: “Isn’t this the same thing kings do?”
“Yee, my boy.”
“And aren’t ‘gods’ just exaggerated symbols for ‘kings’ and vice versa?”
“Yes, my boy.”

A person out-there-somewhere somehow notes:
“Sometimes after watching your show,
and trying not to think like most people
& I normally do,
Sometimes — sometimes I almost feel like something funny’s got in my blood.”‘…
….(Well at least he didn’t say we’d be hearing from his lawyer.)

9 2 1 0 2- 6 0
When he looked closely at the label he found the true brand name to be:
“Cosmic Veneer.”
And all the little creatures cried out:
“We just LOVE it!” — (as “opposed-to-what” I have not the foggiest notion.

…[“Sometimes”, mused one chap, “I get to suspicionin’ that life just puts creatures UP TO Stuff like this.”
…(“Yet, then again”, further mused his cousin,
“Who better to be a ‘yes man’ for than the ORIGINAL ‘Yes-Man’!”)])

…and Kyroot said:
Being impressed.
With a litmus test,
Is like a hurricane complaining of dampness.

…,.(Or as that once-&-future’-great general proclaimed:
“All hail, and make way for ‘Man’– The mother of all crucibles!”)

All who live in Lyon dream of Paris
And all who live in Paris want ’em to.

…one man’s lungs envied his brain so much that they
Tried to buy a jacket just like his.

…and Kyroot said:
The protection of one’s most human emotions, and more genteel sentiments
Is akin to death trying to “save some time.”

and Kyroot Updates All Myths; Makes Them Whole & Well; and Expects No Payment From The Likes Of Anybody:
If & when the final days come,
and man is obliged to fight the ultimate battle against all that seems to have opposed him,
He will not be found to have defended the sacred stables, or the magical steeds therein,
But rather the manure pile out back.

Here’s a little play-rhyme some kids made up over in another reality,
(Which killed them for their little effort);
It went like this, (back of course, when it DID still WENT):
He is “out of time”
Who is out of space;
Especially he,
Who runs in place.

(An ole sorehead says:
“Yes — I fully agree;
It would be better to just drown all of the young who
Show ANY signs of a poetic proclivity;
For we all KNOW-W-W what it can lead to:
First, a bit of figurative speech — a verse, here and there,
Then an allegory! — and the next thing you know,
Metaphors! — then SYMBOLISM!, and then god-knows-what!”)

…and Kyroot said:
A man thought:
“Last night I had a dream;
I dreamed that life was so simple
That if everybody realized it the revolution couldn’t exist.”

…and Kyroot noted:
The neural revolution, that IS the continuing intellectual evolution of man,
Is the only operation that can safely reveal plans for its own destruction,
And be happy to discuss them with you.

A rebel exterminator noted:
“From a more complex chemical view
What ordinary men call ‘faith’
Is like tomorrow always promising to show up —
and never does –
and they never notice.”

(After hearing this,
Someone called the office and asked if
They could just have their rats back instead.)

A viewer writes this letter:
“Screw the idea of the REAL Drifters ever actually showing up for a show!
I’LL know that the ‘end-is-near’ if you ever have a show in which
You don’t read some letter from a viewer commenting ON your show!”

…(And Kyroot muttered to himself: How come we can’t have MORE viewers like that?

Every time this one man would think of something that
Verged on being original and creative,
He’d say to himself:
“If I had the LEAST suspicion that you actually
I’d ask you out this weekend.”

…”Hi, my name’s Kyroot, and I’ll be your usher for the evening,”
(And having had this little joke, Dr. K. shared this additional data
With those in aisle seats):
One approach would be to just let hormones speak-for-themselves — and of course,
hormones can’t talk.

…and Kyroot said:
An ole man told the kid:
“So okay — so everybody inherits their car from their old man— so okay;
So a REAL rebel kid though
Is one who can STILL ‘hot-wire’ his!”

(The kid pondered this, and again thought: The Cleaver family we ain’t.”)