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Only Man Experiences “Failure”


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#1021 Sep 7, 1992 – 1:40 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :31. A Neural Revolutionist has definite limits to what he’ll do, but they are ad hoc limits. 

Only man experiences “failure”—his exemplification and distinction of same is his service to life. Audio-only :40.

The News

92101– 1
…and Kyroot said:
Any thing learnt through the normal sequence of experience is not —
From the revolutionist view — truly learnt.
…(And if you have to ask:
“But what is the alternative?!” – don’t bother to ask.)

92101- 2
…and Kyroot said:
Whenever he’d do “small talk” this one guy’d REALLY talk small.
…(He said it was no more than a fair reflection of how he thought.)

92101- 3
Kyroot relayed some:
Words of wisdom from one urban observer:
“To stay sane and stable in the city,
Never let strangers into your home.”

92101- 4
…and Kyroot said:
One fellow pickled his best opinions — (he says it was cheaper than having them bronzed.)

…(A boy with a scooter says: “I sat on mine!”)

92101– 5
…and Kyroot said:
While man’s physical train does run in only one direction locally,
His intellectual history is not so confined.

92101- 6
From Kyroot’s Secondary-Desk notepad:
In a make-believe world are only make-believe answers and solutions — but not to worry,
It’s a perfect fit with man’s questions and problems.

92101- 7
…and Kyroot said:
When his operation began to slow down, this one god began having himself referred to as: “The Living Legend” and it helped!

92101- 8
…and chef Kyroot stirred up this little bid-tit:
The culinary concept of sweet-&-sour dishes arose from the surprise of man
Confronting the nature of his own nervous system.

92101- 9
Stand back, please! — Would you please stand back and let reality through:
One man says that there’re definite limits to what he’ll do, but they’re ad hoc limits….

9 2 1 0 – 1 0
…and Kyroot said:
In the basement is certainty—upstairs, dreams.

(For their weekend cook-out the new comers had hope-burgers.)

…and Kyroot said:
Believe it or not.
But this one guy,
After discovering how to personally go back in time,
Decided not to do it much.

From our files of, “Physics and Other Stuff Are NOT All Fun and Games, I’ll Have You Know”:
One man looked at the bottle and saw it was half empty;
A second gazed thereon, and perceived it to be half full;
A third fellow drew near and declared: “Are those guys for REAL?”

Theorem: Any scientist (or other serious thinker) who goes beyond
The balanced, binary possibilities is just fuckin’ askin’ for it!

The constable near the center of town told his uncle who had brought him his lunch: “Some people are dumber than they act …..not many…. but a few I guess.”

(Yuck-ola! – baloney again!)

Another excerpt from “The Urban Anthropologist’s Secret Notebook”:
Rather than be a revolutionist, OR take ordinary life “too seriously,”
One man in the city adopted a singular approach to all that he encountered,
He simply asked of all occasions: “Can I get a discount?”

…another defining entry in “The Dictionary Of Daniel and/or Noah Kyroot”:
Civilization: The place that’ll wreck your bus and then offer to fix it.

The Extremely High Banshee Of Words & Other Small Daggers Of Danger In The Secondary World Recently stated: ” ‘Too late’ is REAL late,
Which is why it has two ‘O’s’ in it instead of one like the
Other ‘to’ word.”

…and Kyroot mentioned the:
Absolute WILDEST rumor of the week is that
Someone has written a song not based on primary-world concerns!

…(Boy! – next thing you know somebody’ll be trying that with
Literature or talking or Jeeze! maybe even – THINKING!!
…Boy! – let us outta here!)

…and Kyroot said:
One non-standard person thought:
“It’s not so bad being alone as long as you’ve really got you.”

…and Kyroot said:
Postulate: Men with small minds have small problems;
And billions of voices cried out: “But what about me?! — the exception?!

Kyroot noted:
Lots of people like to bop around and yelp: “Oh, I want to know! — I went to know!”
Until such time as they suddenly suspect that an instant sentence my be
About to TELL them, and then they think: “Oh, forget it — forget it.

…and Kyroot said:
Some times failure is recognized as failure, and some times it is not;
Helping identify and exemplify the distinction
Is part of the service man renders to life.

92101-22 22
More royal/neural gossip from the “S” sector:
It is spurious to slander sycophancy and its simple servants inasmuch as
The king’s court is actually composed of but “yes men.”

(This results in a certain stability and peace in the kingdom,
But little encourages original thought.)

While on a hike, a rebel reconnaissance officer told some recruits:
“By city considerations: Only a weak man is a ‘good’ man — but that’s all right
Since those who originally conceived of the word ‘goodness’ could only take a
Shot-in-the-dark as to what it actually meant anyway.”

…and Kyroot observed:
When things-are-looking-bad, men want history to speak for them;
But truth is,
Current-events tell you all you need to know.

A viewer writes:
“I know you didn’t ask me, but what the hell — I think I’ll tell you anyway:
I bet more people would find what you say acceptable (not to mention more up-to-date),
If, instead of talking about life itself being alive,
You’d say maybe like: ‘Man is programmed to be unusually “environmentally reactive”‘; (I think that just sounds a bit less startling and direct —
A tad more scientific, if you will).
I hope my idea can be of some assistance, because I personally really enjoy your show (Although the notion of life itself actually being alive scares the bejesus out of me).
Most Cordially Yours,” etc.

And from the file that, “Dares Not Spook Its Nemo° — this item:
Whenever this one man would apparently reach the place whereat he could
Seemingly “do no more FOR himself,” he’d ofttimes say to himself:
“Yea-a-a, but if you REALLY loved me you’d iron my socks!”

One man lived in a place where they didn’t forecast the weather —
They simply announced who would get wet that day.

Most sophisticated people could live almost anywhere — except in — Directville.

…and Kyroot said:
No one is truly foolish until they take what they do seriously,
well– them and any who might THINK that others are already doing so.)

And for all of the humans who might be tuned in,
Kyroot read this “‘Human Morality Kinda-Thing Update”:
Seriousness IS its own reward — I mean, punishment.

(And a viewer swiftly notes: “The FCC will HEAR about this, young men!”)

A “young man” near the door, later rolled over in his mind the possibility that
Bureaucracy might BE the supreme form OF seriousness — I mean, punishment.

A man writes:
“Dear Advice Doctor: I seem to be stuck in the basement — what should I do?”
Dear Sir: Enjoy it …..I guess — what other choice do you have?

…and Kyroot said:
A rebel’s last poem is about death;
…(He’s, as always,
Operating on the principle of: “Why wait ’till the first minute?!”

…[If and when the revolution ever did explode and expand into the physical world,
Some of the “first to go” would likely be The Gods Of Clichés.])

Amidst all the fear, chaos, and confusion, the cry went up:
“Our salvation rests with the lifeboats!”
Followed immediately by the counter cry of:
“Hell!, it was those lifeboats that caused us to founder and take an water in the first place!”

(There were some subsequent reports that during this time the ship’s orchestra
Began playing the song:
Wrioop-de-dee, Woop-de-whee!
I don’t know what to do,
How about you?”)

Another extracurricular hint as to “How The Ordinary Mind Works” (For those who aren’t particularly interested in how it works):
The term, “trompe l’oeil” was devised for those who couldn’t grasp the word, “trickery.”

…and Kyroot said of men’s
collective, secondary institutional world:
One of the nice things about pretending to be serious about someone else’s ideas is that
Then you don’t have to pretend to be that way about yours.

…and from Kyroot:
A gentle, useful reminder: If you don’t talk about the secondary world it won’t play.

“Kyroot’s Secret Social Info To Eat Here Or To Go”:
Everyone wants their itch scratched,
But some keep looking for hands with fingernails of Golden Fleece.

(Your free dessert with all of today’s orders:
If you can’t GET to Valhalla from here,
Why NOT insist on a plane rather than a bus?

…[Under some conditions: “A dead warrior is a happy warrior.” — under others, not.
…(And those who would ask: “How can you tell the difference?” — never can.)])

Then appearing as the social research and toe-tapping team of Marge & Gower Kyroot,
Kyroot said;
About the only way ordinary men have of telling who they are
Is by dancing-with, and bumping-up-against
Other people.

One, two, three — kick!,
Ah – four, five, six– WATCH IT!)

More data on how things can go in the city:
If you’re not exactly sure what–kinda-guy-you-are
You can get somebody else to TELL you what kinda guy you are.

…(“Nurse Tepidflashes, you can send in the next patient now.”)

And to the Doctor comes this quick letter:
“Dear Advice Doctor: In a Kyroot read earlier on tonight’s show was the mention of
‘People acting dumber than they really are,’
And I’d like to simply know if that is possible?”
Dear Sir: Why not try it and let me know?

…and Kyroot said:
Another difficulty — (as if you needed additions in this area) — okay:
Another “fascinating and tricky aspect,” (better, huh?!), of man trying to learn about himself
Is that he is normally left with having a set of binoculars that can only
Track movement in opposing directions,
While he attempts to study trains that can in fact run at right angles to themselves.

The ultimate secret of reality’s local legerdemain
Is not, “up the magician’s sleeve,”
But rather in the unrecognized fact that he has three arms.

One man would periodically remind himself:
“There is a limit to what you can do.”
And then he’d remind himself to ignore wimpy ideas like that.

92101 -43
…and to a modern flamenco beat Kyroot sang:
There’s no dread so deep
As what’s left from chemical excess.

…all human emotions breed additional human emotions.

This telegram in, late last night:
“Dear Sirs: I cannot afford to be a hermit.”
…(Then just before show time, a fax in from the same correspondent:
“Sirs: If I do ever save up enough to become one,
May I call myself a ‘recluse’ instead of, ‘hermit’? — I think it sounds much better.”)

…and Kyroot said:
An unsubstantiated report has it that over in a different universe’s different history
They have, in a museum, a lifelike replica of earth-man as exemplary of a
Certain type of earlier technology, to wit: A piece of machinery that can tell you
why it doesn’t work.

One of Kyroot’s kosmic kousins kounseled:
“An expert is someone who uses clichés in their proper place;
of course a real expert is one who turned the obvious into one originally.

92101 4 8
Bright the morn
When a rebellious dad told his rebellious lad:
“Consider further the singular glory of man
In that compared to what the ordinary call ‘Nature’ he is even superior,
Inasmuch as he can laugh and it cannot.”

…And Kyroot asked that I remind you that a certain type of
Non-polarized humor is a reliable gauge of evolution.)

…(Oh, and Captain Obvious says he knew that too — but just can’t quite figure out
what, if anything, it reveals.)

…and Kyroot said:
The cheap and efficient attraction of fiction is that
It can appeal to man’s primary world at the least secondary cost.

(E.g.: The minimally literate writing horror stories —the nescient, holy books.)

…and Kyroot said:
Man alone is aurally ambidextrous
In that the sounds you hear from him are two fold;
They are the sounds of noise,
And the sounds of growth.

…(From what far-away cosmic cartoon could you imagine a figure who
Continually seems to trip himself just so he can again help himself back up?)

…orthopedic’s progress — prosthesis’ downfall:
In three-dimensional lands
It not only takes two legs to walk,
But one of them must be game.

…”Dear Miss Etiquette: Is there NO justice in this life?”
Dear Inquirer: Much more than any ‘mother’s-son-of-you’ is ready to think about.

…(Then, giving in to temptation, Kyroot’s voice entered the scene long enough to add:
Justice noted is justice destroyed.
…[Which, (he continued), is why if there WERE the “good men” extant here
Of which the ordinary dream,
You’d never hear of them, but more to the point — FROM them.])

…and Kyroot said:
If a revolutionist DID ever have a prayer it’d have to be something along the lines of:
Fuck my genes!

…and Kyroot said:
One men became his own hero;
(He later said that this was how he finally saw the sad face of hero-worship,
And had a good laugh.)

…(The wise ole philosophical spirit that hung around the intersection just down from
The city’s main temple told several of the doo-woppers on the corner:
“You won’t live long enough to break ALL of the mirrors, but you
Still-don’t-the-hell have to LOOK in them.”)

…and Kyroot said:
One man swears he has written the ultimate and final blues song. (which goes like this):
Being alive will
Put you through the agonies of death.”

A fancy dresser who once had an office near Broadway says that
As long as the uranium and stupid mines remain open
He’ll never be out of his element.

…and Kyroot said:
It apparently being “task time,” a viewer takes us thereto: “In watching your program I have, on more than one occasion,
Heard less than flattering remarks regarding man’s poetic endeavors,
Particularly, it seems, as concerns those of a metaphysical intent,
And for your information I would like to point out to you that besides
Poetry of a serious and reflective nature
There is also verse that it silly and frivolous,
My good man — what else do you WANT?!”

…(What else indeed.)

NM for today’ “pop Your Top, Pop-quiz”:
Which is the height of folly, if not, hilarious hubris?:
For typewriters to believe they can ever “understand” themselves?
For automobiles to believe they can produce their own gasoline?
Or for butterfly larvae to believe they’re larvae?

Notice from Professor Protector’s files on, “Safety Tips For Modern Mental Living”:
It’s quite trying to be a fairly sharp city plagiarist and NOT feel pleased about it.

And this letter arrived to the Professor in care of the show:
“You guys sure do have a lot of ‘files’ and crap like that.”
And one of his graduate assistants who happened to open this in the Professor’s absence
Was thoughtful enough to take the time to respond to the viewer’s comment:
“Hey viewer!” he replies, “File ‘THIS!”

A man who didn’t know which official person or columnist to write to
Still presents this question:
Why?” says he, “does a life of ‘ups-&-down’ seem to have more downs than ups, while one that doesn’t seems untenably boring?”

…and Colonel Kyroot twirled his riding crop and said:
One of the many two different ways that a man can be:
Is kinda like the two several ways that a hand grenade can either be loaded with
Real yucky stuff,
Or else have the phone number of this nymphomaniac who makes extraordinary cream fillings…

…and Kyroot said:
A revolution that is not at times annoying to the revolutionist is not turned up high enough.

…and Kyroot said:
Although the idea of “Spontaneous generation” has been generally discredited,
The exceptional potential persists in certain incestuous situations.

…then Kyroot gave the simpleton’s version:
Unisexually, the intellectual world replicates itself.

One man’s love lament to the objects of his secondary desires:
My chemicals and passions
want to leap out at you through my throat.”

(It is that: All words lead to Rome.)

Talk of revolt started amongst this one people almost immediately
After their god’s latest album came out,
And on it he listed his musical influences.

Another in the city’s continuing series of,
“Health Checks Citizens Can Perform On Themselves”:
If you’re not at least slightly disturbed at being alive — you’re not actually alive.

Is it time for “Kyroot’s Kurio Of The Day”? No?……okay, how about now?!:
Everybody claims to love a “self-made man” —
But only a neural rebel would actually be such a creature —
And he’d never tell or admit it’ so where do you go from there?!

Yes sir-ree, (said Kyroot, konkluding this portion of the program),
There is nothing fun-nee a’tall about disoriented merry go rounds.

(Over in the Book Review Section a fictional character said:
“It’s no problem being a freak once you get freaky enough to become invisible.”)

A fellow writes:
“Sometimes I watch your show with my mind — but it seems like that’s not enough…
But what else Is there??

For the subterranean-religious,
The street–level poetic,
And everyone else afraid of high places Kyroot served up the philosophy-for-the-day:

Corn wasn’t created to be ‘happy.’

92101- 69
…and according to Kyroot:
Life: The only bus that can drive itself.

…and Kyroot said:
You’re getting close
When you begin
To sense the final sin as being plagiarism.

…additional Kyrootian urban-life advice:
Eat whatever everyone else is having in the basement,
But get your mind OUTTA there as quickly as possible.

“Dear Advice Doctor: Can a person overload themSELF?”
Certainly, if you know how.

…and Kyroot said:
The warrior chieftain looked toward the southern hills and said:
“Destiny will eventually mortally wound us all — and it is an honorable death —
But between here and then,
Many processes, simply growing weary,
Which can inflict a multitude of annoying, and embarrassing
Small cuts and stings.”

…and Kyroot said:
In one advanced, Mary-&-The Lamb Time,
Only those who understand that metaphors do not exist
Are allowed to use them.

Then Kyroot read from “A Child’s Intellectual Primer Of Reality” from a universe, (perhaps),
A bit more keen-eyed than this one:
“See Dick run;
See Dick run faster;
See Dick run even faster! — and faster, and faster, and FASTER!”