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True Rebel Thought Has No Shadow


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#1020 Sep 4, 1992 – 1:19 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :31. True Rebel Thought has no shadow, no inactive side or alternative.

Audio-only :19.

The News

…and Kyroot said:
One guy’s mind let him down,
But he said:
“Hey!, that’s okay;
I can always go back downstairs.”

92100- 2
Then for your inspection, Kyroot presented, at your table,
The Choice of the Day: You can either see things,
Or else have a viewpoint.

(Thank you, Come again,
And no tipping, please.)

92100- 3
…and Kyroot said:
More “Urban Good News” (well, “Urban News”):
A man of “serious moral concerns” will move next door to you. if you like.

92100- 4
…and Kyroot said:
The man on the corner was telling those who passed his way:
“We all have a common ancestor.”
And when a woman finally stopped and asked, “Who?” he replied: “You don’t WANT to know!”

92100- 5
…and Kyroot said:
A man in his breakfast nook looked and mused:
“Ahhh! what could be sweeter than the sweet sound of one’s own voice
. . . . . as long as YOU don’t have to listen to it!’

92100- 6
Motorist’s Update, (courtesy of your kind friends at KAA, “Kyroot’s Automotive Atrocities”):
Remember: Those who ARE correctly driving only “one way” through sequential tunnels
Can NOT ever “back up” or “turn around” — and don’t you kindly forget it!

9 2 1 0 0-
A man with some apricot stains on his pants pointed just behind you
For no apparent reason, and then confided:
“Most well known historical figures did not actually exist — however,
Many of them were products of their own imagination.”
(He then went back to pointing.)

92100- 8
…and Kyroot said:
True rebel thought . . . has no shadow.

92100- 9
…and Kyroot said:.
If an ordinary man depends on his mind to tell him when “things are getting better”
It won’t be long before his liver and guts are requesting a transfer.

And in our viewing audience a highly educated, sophisticated and up-to-date man responds:
“I just don’t get it!”

Some “townies” (non-circus folks for you uninformed), believe it would be alright for
The merry go round horses to be made conscious — since wooden brains couldn’t get dizzy, anyway.

9 2 0 0- 0
…and Kyroot said:
More proof that the secondary world will profit from itself
Even when those about and within it seem to be going broke:
A sign outside a city shop states:
Fools Suffered Gladly — (Plus Ten Dollars An Hour).”

One afternoon a kid told his even kidder-brother:
“I once was tempted to say, (at least to myself),
That poetically, The Inferno and The Garden Of Eden were separated by the THINNEST of lines,
But then realized that I couldn’t even see it.”

After supper, the younger asked him:
“Does that mean that such a dividing line doesn’t exist?”,
And the older replied: “No, I just said that ‘Then I couldn’t see it.'”

And as they went to bed the younger asked him:
“Is there actually much difference in what we talked about this afternoon,
And then after supper?”

And Kyroot offered more “Homeowner’s Reassurance” – (or at least, “Information”):
All noises originate in the basement.

One day last spring,
When the league was in temporary disarray,
Just for a “pick-up” game, Truth took on Goodness,
(While Error was chasing Evil around erotically under the left field bleachers),
Well, any way: At the end of six and a half quarters the score looked like — well,
Sounded like this:
If there was any justice — much LESS intelligence behind this soiree
There would be more DANCERS than there are musicians in the band,
builders of ballroom floors,
and shoe repair men.”
— vs.,
“But there are!”, countered team two,
“Well!. . . . . . okay, then — tie game.”

…and Kyroot said:
Looking out over the real jelly-fields superimposed on the apparent war-zone, a rebel thought “If they’re willing to take me alive
Then I’m not prepared to go.”

…and Kyroot said:
If you needed to,
You could identify the neural revolutionist in the general warfare by the fact that
He never asks: “Where is the front?”
Since he understands that he’s IT.

Lapsing poetic,
One culture leaned back and mused upward:
“A day without apprehension and a bit of melancholy
Is like a Chihuahua with a crew-cut.”

…(He says he’s considering submitting “a little something”
To one of the local publishers;
…[And someone disguised as a “seditious smart-ass” slipped in and said: “I hope it’s REAL-L-L ‘little’!”])

9 2 1 00– 17
Here is a message one man wanted delivered:
“Even if you are pretty certain that there’s some unknown person
Living under your house, or in an unused back room,
My advice is that you never say anything that would acknowledge his presence.”

(..a viewer writes:
“My brother says that most of what you say is a psychological allegory,
But I say it’s just a load of crap.”
Dear Viewer: Well at least YOU’RE not an idiot.)

One man says he has a relative who lives in a really neat universe
Where they have a god who tells everybody to do whatever the hell they want to
Just as long as they don’t try to TALK to him about it.

As he stood by the side of’ the road this one fellow thought:
“You know,
If the inanimate world would just leave-me-the-hell.–alone I might could get somewhere!”
…(No potential new member for the Hermit’s Club here — right?

New definition of ,
“Proper punctuation”: Remember son,
if you recuperate — you weren’t sick to begin with.

(Then a shabbily dressed ghost, apparently of Dr. Johnson’s semi-evil twin brother
[Oh I say!, I’m sorry — those are his good clothes] — stops by to note:
“Though there be scarce few of true ‘Universal Laws,’
One of them would surely be that
NO one likes a ‘fitting definition.'”)

…and Kyroot said:
Notice how many people “take-up-for” the world who don’t take up for themselves.

And a chap asks: “Is that fair?”
My Dear Sir: That was the original model FOR fairness.

(Physiological phootnote: Why do you think the brain is so better protected than the kidneys?
…[And the chap replies: “I’m sure-e-e I don’t know!”
And I’m sure also, Dear Sir, which is why I asked you.
And he replies: “Oh! – I SEE!” – (Yeah, me-thinks, in my dreams,
in my dreams.)])

..and Kyroot said:
What men call “reality” is in truth secondary reality
Inasmuch as the primary form has no name.

…then having said that, and pausing for a moment, he went on to the larger point:
Thus —
Men make up reality as they go along — or else there’d BE none.

A viewer writes:
“Dear Kyroot: Should I watch your show until it begins to make sense, or begins not to?”

A baker told the meter reader:
“No matter HOW much viewers want to believe otherwise,
The people who write the questions of the quiz shows are NOT the ones who write the answers.

One man said:
“Every time I feel weak I feel like traveling.”
And someone asked: “Which way?”
“Oh, the same old way.”

Short item from the city desk:
Some people can’t be serious when on drugs — others, only when they are;
But both groups want to move the bus station closer to the center of town.

An associate Kyrootian commentator so commentates:
“People want to become educated for the same basic reason that they
Want to trade in their Oldsmobile for a Ferrari.”

In fairness it should be noted that a man in the local urban area
With a highly developed sense of intellectual-propriety,
Wanted to write and respond to this comment, but says he broke his crayon.

…(A tall building wondered: “Why does it seem easier to make fun of thinkers than it
Does the laborers of the city?” – [And Kyroot replied]: The key word in his question is “Seem” — for it always “seems” so to those presently living higher up.)

Okay, (added Kyroot for a final time): Let those who enjoy a good challenge grab this one: There are two kinds of people who can laugh at buses: Those who ride them, and those who…don’t.

…and Kyroot remarked:
“Current-events” are anecdotal;
“History” is current-events flattened out,
run through Quality Control,
then washed, dried and folded for your subsequent convenience.

92100-28 (3)
…and Kyroot noted:
As they fell,
One man’s thoughts thought:
“Boy, are WE ever ‘environmentally correct’ — we’re dead and all ready decomposing before we ever hit the ground!”

Tate Time! — Tate Time:
There was once a people who lived in a magical forest
Where everything was real peaceful and predictable,
And after many generations of such a soothing existence they came together and decided:
“Fuck all this shit! — We wanna live in a city!”

92100 29-03)
Although it presently appears unlikely of actually being proven,
The rumor has it that to an advanced company of internal fifth-columnists Kyroot said:
“There is no such thing as a metaphor.”

9 2 1 0 0-3 0
Additional definitions not wielded by Webster:
The secondary world: A miraculous ‘place where incest is encouraged and cannibalism healthy.

(“Not so,” said a preacher’s son, quoting the Bible;
[Or, if you prefer: An anthropologist’s graduate assistant referring to Margaret Mead.)

And now for yet another man’s take on it:
“Trying to think outside normal boundaries is like
Jumping from the frying pan into the glue.”

And another man reassured himself:
“I don’t have to take all this crap’. . . . . . Nope!, not as long as (I’m ME, I don’t!”

…(“Praise be to the gods,” reflected the world of one people,
“Not JUST for ‘self-assurance’ but by Jove, to have a self to be sure OF!”)

A spokesman for Club Kyroot noted:
The weekend is to the upstairs as every day silently is to the basement.

The cities, the secondary world, and all the people in it yelled out:
“How you gonna have-any-fun
If you don’t make-any-noise?

An older arm of one universe told a younger part:
“You still don’t understand how things must operate around here, for instance:
If the Titanic HADN’T’AVE sunk — the waters would’ve had to rise.”

Many people who could think — don’t want to, once they realize what it’s all about.

(“Hi, are you from around here?”
Oh, I’s afraid of that.” )

Western Tradition Re-tred:
Adam & Eve, (as man’s mythical progenitors),
Were moved to take up physical labor so that the mind could have some occasional “time-off.”

9 2 1 0 0-3 5
About half way through his little Stroll,
One man took himself in front of a full mirror and said:
“Well, old chum — we’ve SURE-E-E come a long way!”
And his reflect replied: “Then damn if I want to hear about how far we still have to GO!”

One day a man thought:
“If for no OTHER reason —
Imagination exists so that every man can (even during hard times) —
Make his own personal fashion statement.”

(And a spirit-of-philosophers-past moaned: “I THINK I am — therefore I am.
And’ hot-damn if that ain’t the only way I COULD be an, “am..”

News item: One man has a real “thinking machine” but it won’t talk to him.

Genealogical sidebar: Many people have relatives.

9 2 0 0-3 7
And Kyroot The Ole Komic Kritic said:
Melancholy poetry nourishes man’s soul in the same way rain expands a swamp.

The thing about non-local, long range views is that they reveal that even
Short-range mis-fires do not hinder the overall forward motion of the vehicle.

Condensed and sweetened corollary: In rebel terms: Real History eats Current-events ALIVE!

…then, suddenly popping out from behind a door, dressed up as a doctor, Kyroot reappeared and diagnosed:
“If you get-sick locally — you can almost count on dying around these here parts.”

92 1 00-39
…and Kyroot said:
During a weak moment this one man — (Uh oh!, he objects to the use of the modifier, “weak.”) Okay: During a moment this one man thought:
“The only negative aspect of ‘living-alone’ is that
There’s no one else to blame it on.”

And in an instant addendum Kyroot tacked on this:
Besides my superficial, spurious jokes regarding hermits
It should be noted that in a true electro/chemical sense
Revolutionist thinking does “live apart.”

…(Then after a slight pause, our bud K. koncluded:
This, of course, is why so many failed rebels become recluses.)

An ole man told the kid:
“When you can hear secondary sounds you don’t like,
And forget that you don’t like them — you’re getting ahead!
. . . . . . . (assuming of course that you’re not simply getting old and deaf).”

When it was his turn to speak at the, “It’s Your Turn To Speak” conference, this one said:
“We can either examine the stupidity of man through a magnifying glass — OR,
Consider that it is only the stupid who NEED a magnifying glass!”

…(“Hey, back off!”, said the lens to the eyes,
“If the North and South Poles didn’t have their own separate agendas
We wouldn’t need an Equator, now would we?”)

History re-fumigated: Explorers were the world’s first idiots!
But once it was discovered that they hadn’t destroyed us all,
They became heroes.
(“What’s next?!” – Who knows – “What’s next?!”)

…and Kyroot said:
One man would let people into his basement, but not his upstairs.

One nice day,
As he sat by a stream, contemplating a wallet-sized photograph of Newton,
A young lad pondered: “Does stupidity have mass?”
And his reflection in the brook spoke up:
“You should be real4-1 careful with dangerous questions like that.”

And someone listening in says:
“Why do you keep on with words like ‘stupidity’ and ‘dumb’ when using your natural intelligence has GOT to be one of the most funniest things a human can do.”
You mean besides, “good grammar”?! — “Yeah, and relatives too.”

…and Kyroot said:
After a visitor to Earth discovered that in the institutions of higher learning
In every country a person could MAJOR in the study of their OWN LANGUAGE,
He looked in your direction and asked: “What GIVES?!”

(“Phew Boy!”, you replied, “I guess we can’t wait to hear my reply!”)

…and Kyroot said:
In “make believe ball parks” – no games have been canceled — no games have been played.
(Inquireth one man: “Is that why they don’t count?”
Well……Yes — but don’t you go TELLING any one! – You HEAR?!!)

…and Kyroot said:
To a rebel,
Magic is only funny because everyone knows how it’s done.

(Just think of the disturbance it would cause if
Everyone rolled-over-in-their-grave who DESERVE to roll-over-in-their-grave!)

Here is a preview of an upcoming attraction, entitled:
“The President On A Merry Go Round: The Buck Doesn’t Stop ANY Where.
Thinking religiously saves people from worrying;
Thinking scientifically saves people from being religious;
And thinking scientifically stops people from thinking about the kinds of things that made them worry in the first place.

“Auhhgh! – I want off now,” whined a kid, and the proprietor shot back:
“Hey!, you’ll get off when your bullets and biscuits are done — just like everybody else!” “Awww!”, said the kid, “I don’t wanna BE just like everybody else!” –
“Hey!, now we’s GETTIN’ somewhere, ole sport — hand over your ticket and hit the dirt.”

Insider’s Legal Tip: A man with no fixed address can’t be sued.

And the kiddies began to cry and yell:
“I want to hear a myth!” — “Oh, I want to hear a legend!” – “Tell us a fairy tale!”
So Kyroot did ’em all:
Once upon a time in one land
The revolution covered its tracks,
protected its flanks,
and in general, camouflaged itself
by appearing normal as hell.

(And the kiddies began to cry and yell.)

Feeling pity for fleas as he deloused his dog, one man reminded himself:
“In a finite universe of relative reality it all becomes a question of priorities.”
And his intellect wanted to say: “Why can’t you look over this way and think that?!”

92100 5 1
…a viewer writes:
“After watching you rather extensively and taking what you’ve said to heart,
I cannot now see how ‘priorities’ would actually exist in the secondary world.”
And Kyroot noted: You have not wasted your time.

Once he had safely escaped the priesthood,
And had been accepted in the Sociologists night school,
He renamed his boat:
It’s Hard To Know What People Want When It’s In The Basement.”

(A kid asked the ole man: “Say pop, why’s everyone’s lips moving?”
“Because their lips are alive,” he replied, “Why else?!”)

Then Kyroot offered up his Colloquial Philosophy for today
(For all of you with such an ancestral background):
Guts will birth you,
But it’s the mind that lays most people away.

Then Kyroot. the museum’s kontemporary, temporary kurator, told the tour group:
The capriciousness of man’s thoughts within the apparent stability of his personality
Acted as the original model for the concept of the crystal fist inside the iron glove.

Several psychologists who heard this replied as a single unit:
“We shan’t bother to say that we ‘disagree’ with this,
But rather offer the more profitable suggestion that
Such ideas be banned from civilized human institutions.”

…(And this, in wake of this morning’s news that
Wilson Pickett will NOT be touring with the London Symphony after all!)

…and Kyroot made note of:
A family-styled, buffet-communique from our viewing audience:
“A bunch of us here watch your show,
And my brother says that the apparent ‘wisdom’ of what you say is all just ‘surface.’
But my sister counters by saying that even if that’s true — just LOOK at the
Amount of surface you’ve presented!
Yours Sincerely”, etc.

In explaining his lack of intellectual efforts this one man said: “I’m sorry, but my physical needs must come first.”
And his physical-needs quietly thought: “Is this guy a ‘boy genius’ or what!”

…and Kyroot said:
Before they departed, the chieftain told them:
“Any warrior all-ready prepared to die is wasting my time.”

Sitting safely at home, one man reassured himself:
“Parables weren’t MADE to be understood,
But rather gingerly contemplated — much like confronting ballistic peanuts in your local chocolate bar.

(A man who won’t take “no” for an answer won’t take “yes” either;
And a man who won’t take either will drive you nut’s if you let him and if he’s YOU!

For any of you with any space still left in the “R” section of your homemade dictionary:
Revolutionist Thinking: thinking, free of gravity.

…(And – Surprise! Surprise-Ho!, a viewer immediately wants to know:
“In which sense of the word are you using, gravity’?”)

Oh, I’ve just been handed a note requesting that I announce the cancellation of
The scheduled lecture for tomorrow night:
How The Revolutionist Can ‘Get-Ahead’ In The City.

A human being writes to the Advice Doctor:
“Dear Doctor: Why is it that if you just pretend you know what you’re doing?
Other people don’t seem to generally mind,
Even when you’re pretty certain they KNOW you’re just fakin’ it?!?”
And the Doctor thought this reply:
“The true answer to all human questions is always the same:
It’s three words, and the last one begins with an ‘H.'”

(Out in our viewing audience was once a woman who wanted to write and ask
That if you really knew what was going on would it take all of the fun out of it?…. but she got over it…
and didn’t.)

…a man who used to live near a beet farm one day recently sat down and asked himself: “Who IS the happier? – Those who know, or those who don’t? “
(Which is always a safe-question,
Inasmuch as only one of the two could conceive-of,
and tolerate the answer
if it came up and grabbed ’em in a love-hug.)

The reason that some universes have three mouths is so that one of them can say: “I don’t like the unexpected.”

Where else but on the wondrous planet-of-man can those who live upstairs
Receive bills for magazine subscriptions that they didn’t order,
And which surely were initiated by those below — notwithstanding the fact that basement dwellers can’t-read.

…and Kyroot noted:
Off in the distance,
A rebel who really understood the joy of the hobby thought:
“That which doesn’t-make-sense makes sense to me!
And that which makes sense, I make otherwise.”

…(And since so many of our viewers enjoy continued elucidation regarding the
Difference between mere insanity and revolutionist-thinking may I point out that:
Those BORN in Jamaica never enjoy the full dose of the Jamaican spirit.
…[And many living in Detroit, Warsaw and Beirut say: “We don’t get it, and we’re NEVER going to get it. ])

9 2 1 0 0 — 6 2
One man said:
“I take great comfort in the fact of knowing that
Everything I have said in this sentence up to this point is a lie or at least dysfunctional.”

To himself,
One rebel once described the revolutionist journey as:
“Going from feeling-like-you’re-coming-apart,
To discovering the glue,
To trying to disintegrate the glue.”

“Well HEY!”, thought a whole bunches-of-people,
“Well no WONDER this kinda shit’s so popular!”

A viewer thought: “If I don’t WATCH your show you can’t FOOL me.”

…”Remember”, said a sharp ole man to a sharp ole kid, “NO body ‘NEEDS’ help.”

and finally! — FINALLY! —
After-he FINALLY got his basement all straightened up
One man said: “Ahhh – fuck it!” — and just forgot about it.

A viewer asks:
“If life IS alive then why doesn’t it TALK to me?!!”,
(And don’t ole uncle Kyroot WISH he had the local Beltone franchise?

…and another viewer asks:
“Dear Who-ever-you-are: When did you make up ‘Kyroot’?”
Dear Viewer: Shortly after he did me.