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Only the Creative Are Creative, Everybody Else Is a Critic


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#1019 Sep 2, 1992 – 1:00 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :23. Only the creative are creative; everybody else is a critic.

The News

92099– 1
…and Kyroot said:
Only the creative are creative—- everybody else is a critic.

92099- 2
..and Kyroot said:
The secondary world is crisis oriented.

92099- 3
…and Kyroot said:
The general noted to his staff:
“If you don’t count your losses you don’t have to worry so much about cutting them.

92099- 4
…and Kyroot said:
If your prime interest is city approval, it’s difficult to retain intellectual pride.

92099– 5
One more foot note to city dwelling:
“It’s hard to -“keep going’ if there’s nothing you’re headed for“;
And some of those in the basement shouted: “Hey! You never heard of the weekend?!”
(And a few who lived on the upper floors-cried back: “Would you repeat that?”)

92099- 6
…and Kyroot noted:
On the sign at the little-church-on-the-corner
The “Thought For The Day” is:
Anybody Can PRETEND To Know What They’re Doing, But Only A REAL Man Can REALLY Pretend.”

…and Kyroot ‘The Hey-Hey D.J.” noted:
When it comes to thinking, everybody has their own Top Ten;
Trouble is,
Most people only have one or two songs ON the list.

A Kyroot tip that’s cheaper than health insurance:
If the collective are generally surviving it –forget. it.

92099- 9
“With all due respect,” thought a rebel,
“But it’s almost like your systems’ll get-you-down if you let ’em.”

(Speaking for some young sheep and apprentice mistresses, Kyroot observed:
It’s indeed tricky trying to explain how you’ll control the unmanned rocket
When you’re on it.)

. ..a Kyrootian item from “Rebel Lit Land”:
For every minute he wrote, one man also deleted.

…and Kyroot said:
One man would periodically think: “The time is almost come.”
And during periods when he didn’t think this, he would in the alternative think:
“What does that mean?!”

…and Kyroot noted:
A long view can result in short words.

…and Kyroot said:
From a kind of “mutual respect”
This one man turned off some of his appliances at night;
But only those, (he said), of a higher mental potential.

(The Ole City Park Philosopher took aim and fired:
“No matter HOW-W-W you look at it — the world’s full of people.”)

This one reality that didn’t seem to be progressing very quickly
Gave its creatures their choice: They could either be plain, dull and middle-class,
Or else have boils.

…and Kyroot the ole sports-kaster called it:
The revolution is sort of like a mental game in which it’s always “jump ball.”

“Its quite, quite simple, my boy”, said the ole man,
“The only way you can be upset at human nature is not to understand human nature.”

…(Of course-o, [added Kyroot], EVERY civilized man and woman knows this,
And double-o, just as surely, each and other mother’s-son-of-them must mainly forget it.)

…and Kyroot said:
In the city,
The mind must die first
So that the body later can.

…(I suspect some of you can imagine what a revolutionist might say about this.)

…and Kyroot admitted:
Those who believe that it’s all too complicated to ever figure out, ARE correct.

And to the rebel diners, K. added: ‘Tis a good thing that
Since it’s not good for anything else.

Pop Quiz: Why do you see so few revolutionists in church?
Answer: Because it’s hard to make them feel any guiltier than they all ready do
For being dumb enough to even be caught in the neighborhood.

Compounded physics that couldn’t be true even if you permitted it:
Unpleasant aromas arise from the conflict between what men feel and what they think;
And when it really gets bad,
The smells turn into time.

…and Kyroot said:
Thus pondered one man:
“Once you know HOW to think, what is there to think ABOUT?!”
(And the super, on break, sitting next to the furnace and water heater mused a reply:
“Yeah!, after a good meal and nap, why think of food and sleep?!”

[A few floors up,
A man who sold time-shares in the building stopped long enough to note:
“You know, we could all learn a lot from simple, common laborers like how to do
simple, common labor.”])

Moral, (if there be one): Never under-estimate that which you’ve all ready OVER-estimated.

…and Kyroot noted:
A couple of nice things about just being ordinary is that:
It’s never too late to be so,
And no matter how far you’ve strayed you can always go back.

Secondary mamas just adore-e-e ugly children FAITHFUL, ugly children.

…and Kyroot said:
The more up-to-date a man is the easier it is to ridicule him, and the reason is two fold:
First is that he will be mostly a creature of the secondary world,
And the other is that the secondary world is mostly made-up.

A Prime Minister is funny, a lion’s not.

Ono would-be rebel says he has it furrowed down to this question:
“How can you think what you wanna when you gotta think what you gotta!”

He does claim this is some improvement in as much as he originally asked this
Regarding feelings, but has abandoned that as useless and moved on to this.)

And suddenly! — 1(yroot announced a “Major break-through” in definitions:
A revolutionist: Someone who lets EVERYTHING get them down.

Another, “Kyrootian Kuandry”:
You can laugh at a place you’re not from;
No one’s quite sure if they should laugh about this place or not!

…and Kyroot said:
being serious is very, (my dear), un-original.

The dealer looked everyone cold-in-the-eye and said:
“If you’ve GOT favorites — play ’em!”

“The Commandante Of Thought & Speech Analysis” for one city told a group of students: “Always remember: A hungry man can’t EAT a cook book.”
And a reflectively inclined goat farmer passing by thought:
“He don’t have a full handle on the definition of just what a hungry man would really BE!”

Now back to the “Urban Planning” part of our show:
Once the structure collapses, EVERYBODY discovers a copy of the Building Code in their pocket.

This letter in from a viewer to the Advice Doctor:
“Dear Doctor: Sometimes while watching the Kyroot Show I think that if I understood
Everything he was talking about that I’d understand everything in the world!
But then at other times I’ll suddenly think that it’s all just a load of crap;
I mentioned this to my brother and he says that the truth probably
Lies some wherein between.”
. . . . Dear Sir: Your brother’s an idiot.

A certain young, keen-eyed-one mused:
“How can you have any faith in a reality in which
Not only do neurosurgeons not know how the mind works, but don’t CARE that they don’t know?”
…(He notes that he has worked his way up from previously having such concerns
Regarding priests and the question of just what forces ere running the universe.)

…and Kyroot said:
One man plotted his own murder just the details — not the grand act.

…(And Kyroot von Ptolemy tole-a-us: Truth is in the coastline— NOT the interior.)

…and adding to your already bulging storehouse of such knowledge Kyroot noted:
It is only in sequential lands that “Z’s” have anything to be pissed ABOUT.

Every morning,
After putting on his imaginary uniform,
And straightening his ribbons and umlauts,
He would “snap to” and give himself the “Orders For The Day”:
“Those who could have been a revolutionist but stopped
Are not traitors or turn-coats — but worse! — sissies and wimps.”

(Being thusly refreshed, and standing tall,
He would then march off into battle — looking GOOD-D-D mama! — looking good!)

More support for the theory that even if life in general is NOT regressing,
There remains the ever-present danger of the see-saw breaking:
One man’s “idea of fun” was his idea of FUN.

A viewer writes: “You make me sick! Oh, I’m sorry, I meant to send this to myself; sorry.”)

While talking to himself a man observed:
“If you want to compare the abilities of the mind and the body
Consider that being in the dark can cause the latter to lose its balance.”

(And Kyroot added: You might also care to note that the body doesn’t give a
Rat’s ass if you make such comments.)

…aeronautical companion-piece:
The spit-&-scrap-paper planes not only most fear bad weather,
But also unfavorable write-ups.

Looking out at ten o’clock a man asked himself:
“Which would have most encouraged more stringent thinking in man?:
The non-invention of ‘white-out’ and erasers?
One sided paper?
Or cities with elementary schools strategically located on active battlefields?

When the kid returned after several years in the city the ole man told him:
“If you are what-you-eat — I don’t slant to hear about it.”

…and Kyroot said:
Although the heating, wiring and plumbing make a house habitable,
It is the secondary knack-knacks that make it livable.

During certain special moments this one guy’d croon to himself;
And then just to make the picture complete — criticize his singing.

(“Hey Hubert ? What do you think his name was?”
“I don’t have to ‘think’ — I KNOW:
It’s E.F. Body.”
“You mean as in Every Fucking Body?”
“Hey!, you got it, Jethro.”)

Don’t forget, boils & girls — The Hey Brothers could be in YOUR town! — Hey!, they could even be in your pants –Hey!

….and quick as a little bunny rabbit on codeine, a viewer faxes:
“Just saying that certain things are connected doesn’t MAKE them so.”
Perhaps, dear viewer,
But it sure as hell makes them SOUND like they are.

…Then suddenly! — as unexpectedly as having a mechanic offer you a refund —
This viewer became, “SUPER viewer,” and exclaimed:
“Well I’ll be damned! — I actually understand what you just said!”

He immediately exploded and disappeared forever.

…and Kyroot said:
Even in times of quiet a revolutionist ought remember that:
Without a struggle — no sweat,
And without sweat — no exhilaration of living.
(And for a rebel — this just won’t do. . . . . this just won’t do at all.)

A visiting non-skid scholar from some other system
Says that the inherent supremacy and efficiency of the
Secondary world over the primary can be seen in the fact that
Men have two eyes, two ears, two hands,
but only ONE Social Security Number.

The guy on the corner was crying out to the passing pedestrian parade:
“Hey!, save me the sweat and bloody tears — EVERY body says that ‘things-were-alright’ before they were born!”

Extension of necessary descriptions & determinations of just-what-a-neural-rebel-really-is:
A revolutionist is a man with a solid plan.

…(An d Kyroot added: I do think that at times a bit of lite humor can be appropriate.)

…and Kyroot said:
Small animals and insects are attracted to bright lights;
(Which is why the king doesn’t carry a flashlight.)

92099-4 6
More Kyrootian Assurance For. Secondary Living:
In city life it doesn’t matter if a man with bad eyes drives the bus — since he’s not driving it anyway.

Additional Kyrootian Assurance That City Life Will Survive:
More people know this is true when they hear it said than ever do without hearing someone say it.

After he began to see some use in it
One guy reflected to himself:
“You can either think about revolutionist stuff,
Or all the other crap….I believe I’ll think about the revolutionist stuff.”

92099-4 8
A certain rebellious lad, (with a special, “Anti-Hero Library Card”), offered this remark:
“It is easy enough for poets to say that all new thinking is weak
In face of the strength of older beliefs….”;
He paused, gazed thoughtfully out the sun-drenched, dust laden windows,
Then suddenly laid down his book — leaped up onto the table,
And joyfully exclaimed to his startled reading companions:
“That’s IT! — That is indeed IT, my good friends!,
We should just listen to the poets, and be done with it.”

…(He left them to ponder this as he went downstairs to the restroom; …
Well hey! Even a little kidder’s gotta tap-the-tank now and then.])

One of our correspondents sends along his latest thought:
“Complex sentences are the work of simple minds.

…oh yeah;
This same man’s aunt is the one who recently told a group of visiting “Nosey Persons”
That the way you could be sure and recognize god if you ever ran across him
Is that he’d be the one guy you’d never have to say to him – “Hey! — get to the point!”

…and, oh yeah again:
_Their grandmother once had a yard dog who,
Every time he was allowed in the house,
Would muse on humans thusly: “If talk means almost nothing
Then just imagine what thought’s worth!”

…an attorney, (claiming to presently represent Aesop’s estate), made this side comment:
“I suspect it is a good thing that animals can’t actually speak.”
..(He did not indicate, good for WHOM.)

The Head Executioner received this new directive:
“Those sufficiently addled do not HAVE to be shot.”

Sometimes on slow days this one guy would yell out: “Hey!, you idiot!”,
And then yell back: “Hey!, who you talkin’ to?!”
And then yell back: “Hey!, who answered?!!”

(Along with your “Thigh-Trimmer, All-Weather Dehydrator” came this free guide on
How to “Get Ahead”: Many of those who become successful
See little profit in taking themselves lightly.)

…and Kyroot said:
The redundancy of pain should act to a revolutionist as a metaphor for routine thought.

A boy asked a tree:
“If the neural revolution is like the ultimate hobby then what would be the ultimate anti-hobby’?
And the tree replied: “The same thing.”

A kid asked the ole man:
“Would all things change and evolve if they could?”
And the elder replied: “Why don’t you ask?”
And the younger instantly realized that the only ones who could reply would be those
already doing so.

The discussion went like this:
“Being alive can make you sick.” —
“Yeah, but being dead COULD prove worse.”

Neurologist’s Unaccredited Sidebar: The great thing about not knowing something for sure
In your ordinary mind is that
It can help you fret about it even MORE!

(All doctors and priests are glad-d-d they could be-of-help, but morticians are glad that you could be of assistance to THEM.)
….get it?

92099 5 8
One guy said: “Wow!, the world of dreams is weird!”
And his bud replied: “Boy!, you haven’t been around much!”

…and Kyroot said:
Under common intellectual conditions,
The total explanation of something is its total annihilation.

In between gluttonous mouth-stuffings the city glanced up at man and muttered: “Keep it coming!”

…from Miss E.:
An etiquette tip for those not of a total philistine persuasion:
“The ONLY time it might be at ALL acceptable to say, ‘I’m SICK of it!’
Would be on one’s death bed.”

…and Kyroot said:
The bare minimum to be a revolutionist is the ability to turn yourself inside out
Without taking off your coat or leaving the room.

The solicitor on the phone asked:
“Who is the crazier: Those Who’re afraid they’re going crazy?, or
Those who’re already crazy but don’t KNOW it?”
And Mrs. Johnson replied: “Why don’t you apply this inquiry to
A potentially useful area,
Such as the matter of ‘stupidity’?!”

And a Kyrootian Kurio:
Many people go off explorin’ so’s they won’t have to stay HOME and do so.

(Ah hey, [kumforted Kyroot], Don’t let anything I say throw you;
If life really wanted you to think more than you do
It’da sent you word long before now.)

“Rebel ‘s Address Directory Insert” for the upcoming year:
One guy doesn’t live ANY where — but he stays over in the Fourth Ward.

…and Kyroot spoke for an entire reality by saying:
We are all on drugs.

…(After that, was only the sound of Mary & The Lamb breathing.)

A revolutionist structure is like a condo in which parties can go on
Twenty-four hours a day upstairs and no one be particularly aware of it.

By way of encouraging valor the chieftain declared:
“Any warrior who allows himself to be slain today will be buried in women’s underwear.”

an ole timer told a young rebel:
“What the ordinary call pride would be the physical shadow of ‘thinking right.’

…and Kyroot said:
The rebel game, (if it were a game) , might be so named: who’s left?!!