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Everything Is an Inchoate Version of What It’ll Be Tomorrow


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#1016 Aug 26, 1992 – 1:31 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :36. Everything is an inchoate version of what it is going to be tomorrow. 

If you can’t be king, pretend to have a real bad memory. Audio-only :31,

The acme of a creation is that part which questions the validity of its own source.

The News

…and Kyroot said:
Without the additional mass of speech the basic secondary world would be Too thin and insubstantial to survive.

92096– 2
…and Kyroot said:
History is one part of the interest life charges for using other people’s ideas.

92096- 3
…and Kyroot said:
The only things that are NOT funny are things not yet thought of.

92096- 4
“I can only hope for a better tomorrow.”
Said the man as he nailed today’s page from his desk calendar firmly to the well.

92096- 5
…and Kyroot said:
Fame is one form of removing testosterone from the jungle.

92096- 6
Then Mother, Saint, Philanthropist Kyroot offered to tell you how guilt actually works: If you were there — you did it!

…and Kyroot said:
One guy would only act dumb when it suited his purposes; He had a LOT-T-T of purposes.

…and Kyroot said:
In his never ending smirch for metaphors everywhere, this cine chap nom has this to add: “Gem clips, rubber bands and staples are just part of a conspiracy to distract us.”

92096- 9
…and Kyroot said:
One people’s planet was so far from what they wanted that they invented imagination.

…Corollary: If you can drive yourself home — you live too close.

92096-1 I
One guy said: “People who know-it-all make me sick“!
And he was asked: “Have you ever been sick?”
And he said: “Well-l-l. . . . . not REAL sick.”

9 2 096 – 1 2
…and Kyroot said:
When a reality who knows what it’s doing
Finds it’s apparently time to promote someone up-from-the-ranks,
It will take the efficient step of simply destroying the present ranks.

(And to himself Kyroot wondered: Is this one of those that I REALLY have to warn them NOT to try at home?’ )

And the city responsible for one peoples’ thinking dropped Kyroot this message: “Lest you think we do not look after our own, please note that
Those with large rats do not have small ones.”

(Remember, I told you he was responsible for their thinking!)

92096- 4
…and Kyroot said:
As long as you’re satisfied to look for a bus, life doesn’t have to provide a plane.

…(And sooner or later, [added Dr.K.], some of you will have to ask yourselves
If not ALL of mans’ institutions are but necessary, stop-gap distractions & misdirections.)

…given sufficient time and encouragement many, many people would write to respond: “We LIKE-E-E being distracted!!”

…”Wait a minute”, says an individual, (as distinguished from, “many, many people”) “Could THAT turn out to be the real difference between
A revolutionist and everybody else?! — a matter of distraction“?!

And in our audience a man asks:
“If I do keep listening and let you disassemble everything I know,
Who’s going to put it back together for me?”
Has anyone out there ever heard the words, ‘mirror,’ or, “originality’?

…and Kyroot said:
Everything that is, is an inchoate reflection of a future version.

…and Kyroot then added:
Everything that is, is an inchoate reflection of a future version;
Much as a chocolate bar is of taste,
An object is of action,
Or a hermit is of a revolutionist.

Another guy’s city definition of the day:
A priest: A comedian with a bad wardrobe — and vice versa regarding a comedian.

‘(And Kyroot noted: Everything that people want to be in the world,
They don’t really want to be, real bad.

…[And Kyroot further noted: A man whose own brain can furnish him addendums
Doesn’t NEED anyone to write letters to his show.])

Then the jokester in the leisure suit said: “A funny thing happened to me on the way
Over here tonight.

One man said: “I can’t see where this is all going.”
And his partner asked: “What?”
“Everything!” he replied.

Then as a public service, Doctor Proctor made this medical observation:
“The danger of ‘talking-to-oneself’ is not unlike surviving a ship wreck
Only to find yourself in a lifeboat with a torpedo manufacturer;
Of course under such conditions you could say: ‘What harm can he do me now?!’
But consider on the other hand: Just what the hell constructive HAVE you two got to discuss?

…and Kyroot said:
A woman who currently stays over in the city says that watching our show
Has given her a new attitude toward her physical self which she describes in these words: “Dying may be all right, but being sick sucks.”

92096 23
This one man,
To try and keep himself balanced, focused and on track,
Began, soon after being appointed Head of City College’s Philosophy department,
To each morning stand nude before a full length mirror and recite this reminder to himself: “Hero?! — hero? — Hey, I got chur hero hangin’!”

9 2 096 – 2 4
An alert man thought:
“If we’re all in a finite closet to begin with
What the hell’s the point of trying to BE a revolutionist anyway”?
And his even more alert inner partner replied:
“What the hell kind of dumb-ass question is THAT?!”
(And so it went-went.)

P.S., (of course): For a REAL revolutionist there AIN’T no iron-‘clad,
“And so it Went-went”..

(And as the many thousands, and hundreds, and several real revolutionists marched off
Into the rousing sunset they departed, singing out their notorious slogan: “F.T.I.! F.T.I.! —
F.T.I. T.I. — You all-ll”)

9 2 09 6 -25
…and Kyroot observed on your behalf and three-quarters:
Those without a proper respect for the inevitable are poor candidates for death.

…and Kyroot noted:
The intellectual food chain of life is such that in some time zones while some are eating,
In others, others are headed for the restrooms.
(From their more confined view, and under various descriptions,
Many see this situation as a failure of civilizing forces,
While it is in fact, for a world of finite dimensions,
Exemplary of energy disbursement efficiency.)

A kid asked the ole man:
“Why don’t intellectual revolutionists tell everybody else to either
Start thinking more expansively, or get out of the way for those who do?”
And the older one replied:
“Probably for one of three possible reasons:
They’ve either never thought of it,
Or they’re not good citizens,
Or they’re just not that dumb.”

…and Kyroot said:
To believe that what you want to know was known by any who’ve gone before
Is to burn the possibility of next year’s calendar.

The only reason that Tazmania still exists is that there are those shivering in Australia
Who continue to look south.

…(And a man didn’t think to himself: “I do so enjoy, and do get so much from it
When you say something I almost understand, and then quickly
Turn it inside out, or something.
“Thank you so much”, he says, “Thank you EVER so much.”)

In this one land
A certain member of the impoverished aristocracy
Says he stumbled upon this particular, useful approach:
“If you can’t be king — pretend to have a very bad memory.”

Legal Tip: Letting the firm of Mary & The Lamb represent you remains tricky in that
They will, perforce, always be looking out after their OWN best interests.
Health Tip: I wouldn’t HAVE IT any other way!
Reality Tip: You CAN’T!!

…and Kyroot said:
After listening to some of this for some time now, one man thought:
“Could the revolution be the sole example of a practical joke that is actually practical?!”

…Oh, by-the-by,
That same guy’s got a sister who says she can always tell when she’s beginning to
Because her head always “feels fumy” — not hurts or anything- — just feels funny.

A letter writer asks Miss Etiquette:
“Dear Miss E: How can you tell if you’re just getting old and soft — OR
Actually becoming rotten?”
And Miss Etiquette replies: “Dear Sir: You can’t.”

(Kyroot adds: This is sort of tricky of Miss E. in that she didn’t include the word, “ordinary” in her reply — [but I’m sure I didn’t have to point that out to some of you.])

“Myth time! — Myth time! -Go jump in a pith time”:
There was once a reality who had a cousin who was darn-near revolutionist in his thinking Who one time told him:
“You know,
If you guys really knew what you’re doing
Every hundred years or so you’d burn all your proverbs and words-of-wisdom,
And force the new ones to stagger out of the woods more on their own.”

(The reality understood what his kin meant,
But since he was IN the business,
He also understood the flaw in the notion.)

The assistant caretaker of one city noted:
Many people take personal problems REAL-L-L personally.”
(A viewer says: “What’s the point in BEING a human if you’re not going to act like one.”)

…and Kyroot said:
To many casually curious eyes,
The neural revolution not only seems like a horse race that never ends,
But one that takes so long to even get to the first turn that they can’t stick around.

(A gent near the paddock pondered: “Does good grammar assure a close finish?….”)

92096 36
After having allowed the lad a good forty-eight hours to ponder the matter,
The ole man served him up this alternate version-of-assurance:
“You and I are just like the civilized — only worse dressed.”

…and Kyroot said:
Once he found out that the city was keeping a file on him
One man retaliated by starting his OWN on himself!

A gentleman asks:
“Are there conditions under which ‘retaliation’ can be synonymous
With ‘compensation’?” — You bet’cha, mister gentleman, you-u-u- bet’cha!

(And Kyroot added: Although this may be way off the subject, this is one unrecognized reason Why warfare remains such a popular city metaphor for
Mans’ thought processes.)

On one planet, first creature says: “Why is the unexpected so funny?”
And second thing says: “Why is what is said always so predictable?”

Then Kyroot said: Many who dream of the new, the fresh, the original
Would wet their pants if the sun rose in the south tomorrow.

Then, in an attempt to have the last word on this particular page,
Some finite cosmic debris passing by said: “We don’t see anything even remotely humorous About possible destruction.”
…(And Kyroot said: Should I just let this pass?

9 2 0 9 6 -3 9
Two guys were talking:
“Well if man is no more than a puppet then where are the strings?! — I don’t see them!”
They’re inside! …Dummy!”

More palaver that freshly paved city minds probably won’t care to ponder:
An intellectual revolutionist could be described as a person not so directly
Effected by external circumstances — such as:
On dark, rainy days he would do NO more, (for instance), than get wet and depressed.

A nicely urbanized chap responds in these words:
“Being as I have my choice in the matter,
As regards what you’ve just said
I either: Get it and don’t like it;
Or, I get it and do like it;
Or, I don’t get it and don’t like not getting it;
Or, I don’t get it and thus don’t CARE!”
(Having made his case,
He brushed a bit of suburban dust from his sleeve and walked away.)

…and Kyroot said:
There have been those who suspected human life to be a puppet show,
But then they’d always sink in their fascination with the figures,
Or else strangle in their entanglement with watching the strings.

One old barbed-lips down at the Sorehead’s Bar has this personal definition
Of sanity: Unsanitary mental protection.

…a bit later a gentleman writes in:
“I do not see hormones having strings or other attachments.”
(And Kyroot said: And I trust he does not see the final word in his comment
As a synonym for “man,”)

Just to help remind him that life still walks on two feet, one mother told the kid: “A man who won’t take-no-crap-off-no-body will take some off somebody.”

92096 4 3
“Kyroot’s Anatomy-Kinda Lesson Of How. The Nervous System Works From The Top Of The Spinal Cord On Up, (Kinda,’Mama)”:
Birds go lookin’ for worms ’cause worms won’t mail themselves in.

92096-46…and from near the palace,
A royal-warbler watcher reports:
“His Grace says that the problem with being both king AND the leader-of-the-band is that When you say, ‘Take it away!’, damn if some aren’t inclined to DO so.”

Someone asks: “Would it be possible to convey any of this so-called,
Revolutionist thinking without referring to aspects of ordinary life?
And Kyroot said: Anyone who could understand a proper response to this
Doesn’t require one.

…and Kyroot said:
After numerous warnings — one guy sued himself for ALL he was worth!

92096 49
With every hot fudge sundae the patrons received this note:
“Those who say that, ‘Nothing is an unmixed blessing’ have never died.”

(In an addendum a man notes:
“In your comments that mention death
Is where I either most appreciate an addendum, or least so — I’m not sure which.”)

…Once upon a time,
In a mythical land some far away,
As she waited for the grand-occurrence,
The young princess gazed out of the tower window and reflected:
“If death really IS so absolute and final
Then why are there different priced funerals available??”

Frippery flash hot off the fashion wire:
A man who won’t admit he’s naked could be a revolutionist.

Then from the librarianary news service, this item:
First guy says: “My mind is an open book.”
And second guy says: “Mine is a week overdue.”

So as to allow all sides to present their views
Kyroot relays this note from an upright city tax payer and registered voter:
“Being REAL horny, hungry and aggressive can almost make living in the basement tolerable.”

(Then on the “Q.T.”- just between you-and-me — Kyroot himself noted:
If you really want to know where the strongest condemnation of uncouth behavior comes from, Turn the page of your calendar over to tomorrow.
…[The true smell of civilization always comes from what’s cooking in the next room.])

Guy says to Kyroot:
“Sometimes in watching your show I feel like I’ve fallen into a vat of mirrors.”

(And Kyroot says back to the man): Well, at least with an ordinary mind you can’t cut yourself.

(And I’m not at all certain I should go on with this — BUT),
Captain Irony again tonight swears HE received another letter from a viewer,
This one asking:
“Dear Capitano: Would you repeat the one that says:
‘Those who fear most, “losing-their-minds” are those who have the most TO fear'”? —
“No”, C.I. replies, “Why should I! — you haven’t paid me for last time.”

(And Kyroot’s added comment is that, “I have no added comment.”)

…and Kyroot said:
The truth of something locally can only be pointed out in the middle of a sentence;
That is: In the center of the closet — equidistance from all six walls.

…and Kyroot said:
To help cheer himself up this one guy would periodically say to himself:
“Just remember: If life ever DOES hand out medals, by then. YOU won’t BE HERE”!

…(Zooks! — what is more inspiring than a warm, self-induced, sincere human smile.)

9 2 096-5 7
During their afternoon, “Afternoon Break” a rebel non-com told some recruits:
“Among the many methods to shake up one’s neural processes
One is to, ‘Think under an assumed name.'”

Over in the Fourth Precinct of one chap’s left frontal lobe this thought arose in response: “I like it when you make some serious comment sound sort of silly —
— That way it doesn’t seem to sound so serious, (if you know what I mean).”

Someone faxed us to say:
“I’ll believe in this neural-revolution-thing when fish can recognize water.”
(Promising, [noted Kyroot], it shows some promise.)

Kyroot’s Rumor Of The Week:
They claim that over in one galaxy
Those with no responses get discounts on their post office boxes.

(A viewer says: “It’s not human-like not to answer your mail and stuff.”)

And Kyroot offered yet another: “Description of how things work in a man’s normal mind,
But done in such a silly way that no one need take it seriously — Baby blue“:
One man decided to hold a Jazz Festival in his head — but then wouldn’t you know it! –
– the damn thing got rained out!

As the diners continued to push him for a fuller explanation the maitre d’ finally said: “The difference between mere insanity and revolutionist thinking
Is like the distinction between exile and a vacation.”
(Thus satisfied, they all relaxed, leaned back, and commenced to order.)

During a lull, (just before the last pre-cessation, after the time in between storms),
A man sat and pondered:
“If the non-original side of life’s family didn’t want us ALL to eventually commit suicide
Then why are there so MANY ways to do so?!”

*Physics has yet to explain why so many more describe sunset than daybreak. *

(And injecting himself unilaterally, The Archduke Of Thieves said:
“That is easy-y-y to explain: Just consider how many more ‘informed-investors’ have money In crematoriums than in maternity hospitals.”

…[The leader of one anti-matter universe of plagiarism
Quietly stated:
“I’d rather be caught dead than dead.”))

And Kyroot put a wrap on this page by saying:
You either get it or you don’t — and if not,
You can always go back where you came from
And steal it.

and Kyroot said:
Believing that ANY step could be a “wrong” step this one man says:
“The prime advantage of not knowing at ALL what you’re doing is that you can’t CARE at all.”

A city dog who could suddenly talk told his human pal:
“Don’t bother looking for specifics — EVERYTHING is its own reward.”
“Ahh!,” sighed the mortal, “If only that were so here in my unique secondary world.”
And the bowser replied, “What the hell do you think I’m TALKING about”?

Over in one place a man wrote to his local Office Of The Revolution and said:
“As regards the ads you have on our buses and taxis,
While I will admit that I am a ‘dumb-ass,’
I would however, like to point out that I do NOT
Pay some outrageous yearly fee.”

(A passing balsawood cutter,[with no axe to grind), noted:
“It is just damp people like that who never ask why bathmats have one side rubber,
But not towels.”)

From the city comes our curio-for-the-day:

When they’re dead, EVERYBODY looks slightly reflective. — (?,!,?,!….)

Surveying the scene and structure a visitor asked
“If the books are written upstairs, why are they printed in the basement?”
And the tour guide replied:
“It’s closer to the ink supply.”

(When he returned to his home planet the visitor’s ole man told him
That he may have actually been in someone’s nervous system
[Which is a pretty yucky possibility to
contemplate –(unless_ I guess, it’s your own.)])

A few seconds before nine,
After they had the store straightened and ready to open,
The manager told the employees:
“During the period in which you are alive,
It is easy enough to frighten yourself if you are easily frightened.”
And a young trainee from Women’s Shoes raised a hand and asked:
“Is that anything like being dumb?”
And the supervisor smiled and replied: “EXACTLY like it, my boy — exactly.”

…and Kyroot said:
Being a sky-diver in your own backyard can compensate for not having an airplane.

What follows is a verbatim reading of a note we found this morning
Taped to one of our studio tv cameras, (quote):
“Here’s another half-assed, middle-of-the-week definition for you:

(Hey, I thought you already said that there’s no such thing AS the ‘middle of the week’!–
Yeah, that’s why I’m calling it a ‘half-assed definition.’) —
Okay, it’s like this, you see:
‘A Neural Revolutionist: Someone who just won’t do right but no one KNOWS IT!'”

(At one time there was some discussion about locking this place up better at night,
But one of the already free-roaming horsies pointed out at least one possible defect
In such an effort.
[Moral For This Particular Fable: Talking animals are best left in fables.))

…and Kyroot said:
The obvious is generally TOO obvious to be of any use to most people.

On a Tuesday In January
A man asked himself:
“What could be more mortifying than listening to the music of the dead?”
Then shamefully answered himself: “Trying to watch them think.”

(At first he thought he was getting migraines,
But then discovered that Buxtehude and Balzac had set up camp in his brain.)

Some papa genes told some youngster genes: “If you ever think you can escape the grasp
Of history, just try to get away from it by leaving town,
And then listen to the laughter you’ll get when you start-asking men,
‘Hey, which way out of town?'”

The warrior chieftain reported in to himself:
“My arms will survive,
My heart will hold out,
And I can count on my toes — but why? — why no word from my mind?”

Kyroot’s Eight O’Clock Quiz:
If 21 is the crest of a hilltop,
On which side doss autumn come?

Quiz-taker’s Tip: Like all of those Kyroot-games
The answer(s) always depends on whether you’re
Ordinary, sane and straightforward about life,
Or some other kind of something.

…(Of course if you are the first sort
I don’t know why you’d be wasting your time
Fooling with stuff like this anyway.)

…and Kyroot noted:
In every creation the crown Jewel of its efforts are those products who most strongly question its talents.

Looking off, a young creature thought:
If education and sophistication are just substitutes for revolutionist thinking,
Then what ISN’T?!”

(A man who was never elected mayor of a city mused:
“Well, if you can’t be fortunate enough to HAVE no questions
At least it’s nice to have those which require no answers.”
[“La de-da de-da“, he hummed].)

…and Kyroot said:
Since the secondary has no natural food it searches the past for a menu.

…and Kyroot went on:
Since the secondary has no natural food it searches the past for a menu;
And corollary-wise: Only somebody strange & weird – (like a revolutionist, maybe) -Would try and eat tomorrow.

92096 7 7
This just in from our audience:
“Dear Kyroot Show: I know you’ve read letters on the air before
That were supposedly from people offering suggestions as to what might
Increase the interest in your program,
But I’LL tell you something for real, my friend:
This ‘neural-revolution-thing’ of yours will NEVER get more popular,
For one simple reason — because it doesn’t exist.”
(And off camera Kyroot noted: Of course it’s also for this very reason
That for some it IS so intriguing….)

Contemporary cultural correction:
Contrary to current belief,
The neural revolution was the originator of the phrase: “I’ll-l-l be-e-e back-k-k!”

And a viewer writes:
“I am only going to watch your show until it begins to make sense — and then I’m out of here.”