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Only the Weak Have a Duty–the Strong Have an Aim


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#1011 Aug 14, 1992 – 1:00
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :33. Consider the nature of man’s mental processes in that everybody has to pretend to know more than they do. 

Only the weak have a duty; the strong, an aim.

Life’s sweetest sound: the human voice, inasmuch as it’s the music for all else that follows.

The News

92091- 1
…and Kyroot said:
The dead surrender first.

…and Kyroot asked:
Why be dead? so early in the game?

…and Kyroot said:
Rather than going directly crazy
One man just allowed the buttons to fall off his best serge suit.

92091- 3
…and Kyroot said:
To save himself the inconvenience of having a family
This one man would call himself up and leave messages on his answering machine, And one such recent tidbit was as follows:
“Doesn’t it tell you something about man’s intellectual condition
That everyone has to pretend to know more than they do.”

92091- 4
…and Kyroot read from: the files of:
“Honest- Letters To The Editor”:
“Dear Sirs: I read your magazine often, and get a great deal of pleasure out of
pure rubbish.” —
— honestly.

…and Kyroot said:
The older they get in the city the further away some men drift.

…and Kyroot said:
After the battle the warrior looked down at his foe and thought:
“Our swords have met, but not our minds.”

92091- 7
…and Kyroot said:
Only the weak have a duty.

92091– 8
The first speaker noted:
“Even the dullest among us will at times accidentally speak with wit, ‘and originality.” And a local, limited reality replied, “Not Me!– I’m not allowed to.”

92091- 9
Then looking back two pages, Kyroot added:
Only the weak have a duty — the strong, an aim.

Just for fun-&-enlightenment Kyroot said:
The dumb talk loud – – – – the REAL DUMB TALK REAL LOUD.

This late-breaking letter into the Advice Doctor:
“Dear Doctor: Just what IS the difference between a metaphor and a symbolism?”
Dear Letter Writer: Just this: A man who can’t spell,
Can’t get into Harvard.

…and Kyroot said:
In response to questions regarding whether men actually have a taste and desire for some Specific “this-or-that” in life,
There are two groups who might answer: “Yes and no”:
Those who don’t know,
And those who do.

This item from a local source,
Further proof that philosophy is NOT dead — only – (you fill in the blank),
Item: Only the bald fear an invasion of terns!…. well, them and those other guys
The terns took in that land deal in Florida last year.

(Additional philosophy that’s not really philosophy at all:
An alert man, even with dull arrows, can still wreak havoc on a torpid target.

[Additional, additional: To an alert man ALL secondary targets are sluggish.])

…and Kyroot said:
A lad happily observed:
“Isn’t it neat how you can put your transmission in reverse,
And as long as you keep the clutch pushed in, still roll forward!”
(For some reason I have this fear that he’s mixing up two different hobbies here?’ )

…and Kyroot said:
A dictionary with covers will keep you out.

…and Kyroot said:
A closet with imagined doors will be a prison.

…and Kyroot said:
The “Little Train That Could” was not one who ever looked for its own caboose.

The Royal Priest, on the annual, “Let’s Get The Royal Priest Drunk Day”
Staggered up to His Majesty, threw his arm around him and said:
“The fear of stupidity is the beginning of all wisdom.”

One time some guys who had some unruly brain cells still active got together and said,
“Why don’t we try and crank up our own neural revolution?”
But later decided instead to start a magazine and interview each other.

A good basement-dwelling, gut-oriented-man’s potential guide to
Physical exercise — (if he were ever forced into it):
No pain, no pain.”

…and Kyroot said:
After hearing and thinking about some of these contemporary rebel ideas
One man became particularly curious, if not somewhat perplexed,
From his personal viewpoint, to consider just why — and for what purpose it might be that
The first sound men may make after being given the ability to think
Might be a moan of despair.

(He says that he’s personally not much given to melancholy, or poetic hand-wringing, So he cannot assume that his interest is solely subjectively based;
He says he continues to find it a fascinating area of speculation and inquiry.)

This morning we found this fax awaiting us on the machine:
“Dear Kyroot: I have watched your show enough times to get some feel for what
You’re talking about,
But I must say that something you mentioned on your last program
Really grabbed me for the first time;
The part about no longer having to ‘dance with your ancestors.'”
Well as some of you may recall,
He doesn’t have it exactly right,
But damn! — so close, and so pregnant
that I don’t think we should mention it.

And also
This morning we received this letter: “Dear Kyroot: I am most upset.”

The king suddenly took the unexpected step of giving spiritual advice to some courtiers;
Said he:
“No matter how inconvenient, or taxing it might be,
Whenever you feel that the gods want you to do something for them
You should rejoice and feel blessed for the mere chance to be serving such
Superior beings — even to the point of thanking THEM for the opportunity.”
And one of the aides poked another one and whispered,
“The Ole Boy wants us to do something for him.”

One ole sorehead’s latest view:
“Man is a lighthouse — born with his bulb burned out.”

During recess Kyroot told several of the children gathered by the monkey bars:
Many who hear me wonder why so much is made about adjectives end adverbs,
But ponder this, my precocious ones:
Anything complete would not require the use of modifiers in its description.

(Later, during the next period, one little nipper mused:
“With some of these Kyroots it almost seems as though you’ve got to take them
And work backwards,”
And in the period after that one he further thought: “Maybe even sideways?!”)

One of the quasi-official voices of the city stated:
“Men have their worst thoughts, in sleep, between the hours of one and four a.m.”
And a citizen asked: “How about those on the night shift?”
And the voice replied: “They’ll have to work it out.”

92091 2 6
…a man writes to Kyroot:
“It seems to me that in your stories when you have life speak
It too often sounds too terse, blunt and direct;
It doesn’t sound like a real ‘polite’ and genteel life, if you ask me.”

The lastest scores in from the west coast:
Many’s the man’s claims
Of longing for god,

When what they REALLY want is a sissy reality.
Final wrap-up at eleven; (No film or batteries included).

A woman writes to the Advice Doctor:
“Is there actually anything new to talk about?”

Just then — a lad asked his dad:
“Why do the men down on the corner keep singing that song,
‘Oh You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down”?
And his pop replied,
“Better yet you should wonder
Are there any good men down on the corner?!”

(Advanced musicologist’s footnote:
It was Columbus who wrote, “America The Beautiful.” NOT the Incas.)

…a fellow suddenly stopped, turned, and declared:
“If I can’t remain dissatisfied — why, I’d rather be dead!,
And life replied: “A simple wish to grant …..even, may I say, inescapable.”

…and Kyroot said: Continued from last time:
Son-Of, “If dreams are your only ‘way-out’ then you’ve GOT no way out”:
If reform and repentance are your only means of change
Then you HAVE no means of change.

If 92091-31
Pondering his own systems, a jaunty janitor mused:
“If the heart pumps my blood about — WHO moves ideas?”

Statement Of Fact:
There are no moving companies in a closet! — only the illusion of them —
which is QUITE enough.

And now Kyroot offers you this discounted, “Short-Cut To Understanding Civilized Existence”:
Those who have no idea of how life works
Will blame man’s apparent difficulties on his culture,
His religions, on his governments,
On his upbringing, on his eating habits — on SOMETHING!,
and there is how you can ALWAYS tell.

(Ah yes,
And Kyroot’s young Lab Retriever contributes his more direct, canine version: “Anyone over the age of eight who thinks life is going downhill is a dunce;
Everyone is a dunce.” Arf, arf, Gomer. )

…and Kyroot said
The universe’s sweetest sound is the human voice,
Inasmuch as it is the music for all else that follows.

…over pancakes, two galaxies were talking and one said: is that
“One thing you’ve got to say about man — love him, or hate him is that
You’ve either got to love him or hate him.”
And his breakfast companion stopped, mid-bite and replied,
“Yeah-h-h! — why IS that?!”

..(And in the background, life began to softly hum:
“I hear music when I think of you….”)

And the mail delivers this message into our hands:
“Dear Kyroot: When I first saw your program I thought it was a delightful,
Insightful, highly literate attack on the follies of man — but BOY!,
What a disappointment you’ve turned out to be!”

…and Kyroot said:
A guy told me I could tell you what he said,
But he also said to tell you that you could not take it metaphorically
Unless we paid him more;
What he said was:
“I don’t personally have any complaints about rodents who want to live in trees,
But I do object to them calling themselves by fancier names than ‘rats.’
Just so it’ll sound better.”

As the humans were putting back on their clothes after the exam,
In lieu of a prescription, life told, them:
“Every morning repeat to yourselves ten thousand times:
My mind is my friend,’ My mind is my friend.’

Kyrootian Medikare Appendix: One nice thing about seeking help directly from life
Is that you don’t have to fill out a bunch of forms and stuff.

…and Kyroot said:
A man stood up on a high thing and cried out:
“Yea verily, am I a result of the inherent legacy of stupidity that
Life passes on to us all!”,
And life modesty called back,
“Here now! — don’t give me all the credit; after ALL — YOU made it all possible.”

Here we have another inquiry sent to the Advice Doctor:
“Dear Doctor: Could a man be civilized AND be a revolutionist?”
My Dear Sir: Can you put on a suit while you’re naked?

92091 41
…and Kyroot noted:
A man who says: “I’M not dumb — it’s just that my brain’s stupid!”
Is either:
A: Crazy,
B: Has some possibility of getting better, or,
C: Is crazy after all.

Down in the alley, behind the barn, two things were talking:
“You know, if the gods really liked us they’d a’give us a playground
As soon as they made us.”,
And the other replied,
“They did, fool! — just look up.”

In a letter home to his mother,
One local, secondary god noted:
“If these creatures ever stopped talking to themselves
I’d be out of work before the weekend.”

One men could think better when he ran,
And perforce — this being the city and all –
He got himself some athletic sheets.

When it came to neural sports,
One guy refused to cheer for the home team
Lest it cause him to get STUCK there.

(“Hey! See what I mean?”,
“Yeah, I see.”
“Need I bother asking if you like it?”
“Nope, don’t bother.”)

One broadcast night one viewer wondered: “Is the revolution itself like an Addendum to life?’

In one reality a man wrote to god and said:
“Okay — I’ve built up my muscles — NOW what?”

92091 4 6
Standing in the very midst of a grand, a glorious, cultured, and civilized city, a man said: “Some times I feel, like I’m going insane;
And some times I feel like I’ve already been there and back;
And sometimes I feel like the whole idea of insanity is an illusion.
Some times I feel like I’m going insane.”

(The secondary world was the very mother of the idea of, “Looking after your own”.)

Just outside the main entrance to city park a chap was handing out these cards:
“Human consciousness is like the mighty North Sea,
And individual minds like hearty little Dutchmen
Attempting their personal ‘land-reclamation’ therefrom.”

(Later he was seen leaving,
While leaping about and singing out:
“Damn the dams! — full flow and retention ahead!)

Neural Pathologists’ First Dictum: If you don’t hate change, you’re not alive.

(Thank you, and please close the freezer door Behind you as you leave.)

The announced topic of next month’s meeting of the “Ole Soreheads & Etc. Society” is:
“What’s a man who goes ahead and picks on himSELF got to look forward to?!”

(Afterwards, as always,
Will be served tepid hors d’oeuvres and stale beer.)

“The Dance Takes Many Beautiful Steps”:
Up on the west hills the general called out to his foe across the plains:
“Be ye forewarned: The word’ ‘surrender’ is not in my vocabulary!”
And the commander of the troops up on the east hills called back:
“How about ‘retreat’?”
“No.”, he replied:
“Then how about ‘compromise’?” yelled back the inquiring mind of the eastern commander: “Never!”, shouted back the west hills leader;
‘Then how about ‘dying’?” he asked,
And the warrior on the west side replied, “Yes, that one IS a part of my verbal repertoire.”
And his eastern opponent said, “Well NOW we’re GETTING somewhere!”

92091 5 1
…and Kyroot inquired:
How can it both be that a closet is your friend, yet its contents your foe?

…then Kyroot continued:
The answer, (as tricky as might first be suspected), still does not hide somewhere in Philosophy, or religion, but rather in mathematics;
Somewhere along the edge of where X dimensions seem to peel away from an X+1 reality. (Such is the physical background of metaphorical tales of man being somehow
Separated from a past superior position.)

Then Nos-Ky-damus presented this pre-emptive prognostication:
You’ll know that the culmination of man’s secondary world, (within the 3-D context),
Draws near when a being appears who can truthfully be described as,
“Large, and with an even larger mouth.”

Two kid visitors were skipping along and one of them said:
“Who’s the dumbest: Actors, reporters, or ordinary people?”
“Hey-y-y! — I don’t FALL for trick questions!”

Fact: In a closet, in the dark — everything is indistinguishable.
Fact fact: Everyone’s in a closet — a DARK-K-K closet.
(“Hey!”, said the second kid, “NOW I get it!”)

Another Unrecognized. Technical Certainty:
There are no stupid scientists–only meshugga microscopes.

…and Kyroot said:
In another reality
The thinking creatures had but one “religious hymn” they sang:
“Praises Be To Thee, Oh Blessed Seizure.”

A sarge told some recruits:
“The beginning of rebel knowledge is in memory:
In remembering that all the serious people doing serious things in life
Are just doing so until they can find something better to do.”

(In the sack-, later that night, one young trooper thought:
“Is memory where they got the idea of a double-edged razor?

…and suddenly a voice cried out: “HELP! — get me out of these parentheses”)

“Dear Miss Etiquette:”, the letter goes,
“Is it right that drugs and certain fresh vegetables should be so expensive
While human life remains so cheap?
Do you really feel that’s fair?”

…and from Kyroot:
Only the dense need “Morals.”

…and a gentleman with a degree asks:
“Is this why they won’t allow bus drivers to wear skirts and women’s underwear
while on duty”?

…and Kyroot returned long enough again to add: All right, try and look at it like this:
If Montana WERE any larger, me wouldn’t NEED the alternative choice of coffee with cream.

…and Kyroot said:
One man wouldn’t make any plans beyond the immediate moment — Oops! , too late for that one; Oops!, and there goes that one too…”

…and a gentleman takes on Kyroot:
“The above opening line is a perfect example of something that could make sense
To the average person if you would go ahead and use more adjectives and adverbs,
And simply be more expansive and explanatory in your comments.”

…and Kyroot graciously replied:
“Sir: I understand quite well your surely well-meaning and sincere observation,
And would like to take the time available to us here now
To respond equitably, and perchance in the process, profitably so —
‘Fuck you. Kindest Regards As Always,
…(Uh oh! — that same viewer from last time just called again to say: “I TOLD you
n-o-t t-o- m-a-k-e m-e LAUGH!” — Uh oh.)

And Kyroot offered a notion for those who criticize life,
Yet who may still have some potential left:
Squirrels don’t swim for one and every-other good reason — Because they don’t HAVE to.

As was their habit, just before the ole man served the family the evening meal
He presented a question:
“What is funnier than a serious book?”
And his youngest daughter answered:
“A serious critique of it.”
(The elder one smiled broadly and said,
“Give the kid some extra sugar for her gruel.”)

And a fellow who identifies himself as an “Ex-ole sorehead, now in recovery,”
Shares with us this observation:
“Those who get peeved at religion are the same types who
Get upset at weather forecasting for its lack of accuracy.”

And during a lull in the action on the field, a man asked Kyroot:
“If your use of the word ‘tumor’ is a metaphor for certain mental activities,
Then what would be a metaphor for a tumor?”
How about, “certain mental activities”?

To keep from falling in a hole one man flew off his planet.

(And the heat source of his solar system said:
“What a concept! — what an absolutely astounding, stupid, and acceptable concept.”)

And for your recreational time pleasure Kyroot offered this note:
All hobbies are like social, collective imitations of physical neurotransmitters.

(And a, man and some of his friends said:
“Well, if we can no longer LIVE in the basement
Then by god we penthouse dwellers can afford the best of wines
So as to most handily pretend periodically we still do.”)

And this unscrambled fax just in,
Hot off the wires of our brand new Whirlpool machine:
“Dear Kyroot: Would you please repeat that one from your last show
Where a guy defines being civilized as
‘The pursuit of sleazy desires while all cleaned up and shaved’?”

N 0 !

Coming in from the yard and life, the kid asked the ole man:
“How come if you speak of ‘cold winds and graveyards’ you’ll be taken
Immediately as a poet, but not so if about ‘sunshine and poppy fields’?”
(And the older one wondered what reality’s local speed limit was today?)

And I believe we have time for another letter the Advice Doctor recently received: “Dear Doctor: What is the difference between circadian and Arcadian rhythms?”
One of them you can dance to — and the other one you have to.

…and Kyroot presented another unnumbered episode in that unnamed series:
There was a man who,
Rather than beginning sentences with such words as:
I once…” or, “I always say…”
Would instead say such things as:
“There’s aman who ofttimes…”, or, “There’s this guy who says…”, and like that.

(On special occasions when he might want to
Appear more personal, subjective, and intimate,
He will “bend a bit” and sometimes say: “I know this guy who always says..

…and Kyroot noted:
A REAL king don’t like NO body.

The collectives of two cities were talking and the first one observed:
“‘It is as hard to be young and not be foolish
As it is to be old and not be bitter.”
And his bud inquired: “Then what’s the difficulty of middle age?”
“Making the transition between the two!”

…a chap stated: “The idea of age – makes me sick!”
And part of his upper brain stem replied, “And that ain’t ALL it’s gonna do”!

…and Kyroot said:
Wars, gun-fights and suicides are symbolisms for death….. no, I’m sorry — metaphors!,
They are METAPHORS for death.

(I certainly hope my correction didn’t come too late to
Inconvenience anyone.)

9209 -74 B
Okay, (said Kyroot), shoe two:
A real king don’t care if nobody likes HIM!.

As the Eastern Time Zone continued to see the fairness of its longitudinal position it said: “If women are to be priests
Then they should conduct the services in stockings and garter belts.”

Two planets were talking and one of them said:
“Boy!, the ole primary world just WON’T let go, will it”?
And the other one replied, “We sure better HOPE not!”

…and Kyroot said:
All religious doctrines, philosophical systems, and comprehensive words-of-wisdom
Are incomplete recipes from a cookbook as L-A-R-G-E as a closet.

…and Kyroot said:
There is no “in fighting” among squirrels.

…and Kyroot said:
Only two groups of people are vague: The vague, the ignorant, and a revolutionist.

Another of “Kyroot’s Brief, Glorious Moments In The History Of The Secondary World”:
Today we pay homage to that dazzling moment when men created — from nothing, no less —
Psychology! — (That is, once they began to realize where the combination of
chemistry and biology was leading them. WHOA! Scientist dudes!])

…and Kyroot said:
The “balance-of-power” ultimately favors the scale..
(So you thought it could be otherwise?!…
— what kind of dimensions do you live in anyway?!)

…then Kyroot added:
A man who lives out-of-town can think anything he wants to.

…and Kyroot the krafty kartographer said:
REAL rebel countries HAVE no capitol city.

…and Kyroot said:
Rebel kingdoms have no ruler.

…and Kyroot said:
Revolutionist universes have no center.

When it came his time at bat
This one guy would only read things that irritated him,
And listen to music he didn’t like:
He said it helped give him that

(And big-league life said: ‘Play ball, Ya’ll.)

This observation from our audience:
Dear Kyroot: Your show makes me uneasy….. that is, it’d make me uneasy IF
I understood it.”

One man said that most of the time he had a “sweet taste” in his mouth;
(He said he attributed this to its close proximity to his brain.)