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Completed Works Cannot Be Described in Metaphors


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#1009 Aug 10, 1992 – 1:00 
Notes by TK
Kyroot to :36. Completed works cannot be described in metaphors. Everything is metaphorical and otherwise can’t be described.

The News

92089- 1
…and Kyroot said:
A new organization,
Still in its early formatory stage, and not yet even certain as to what its specific purpose will be,
HAS managed however, to come up with its official slogan, (which will be): “Humans don’t CAUSE stupidity and therefore can’t CURE it.”

92089- 2
In speaking with some human creatures of planet Earth, Kyroot noted to them: Talking about living is part of the hobby OF living.

92089- 3
…and Kyroot said:
If words are the currency of the intellect then other men’s ideas are the counterfeit.

92089- 4
Then Kyroot – “Doctor-To-The-Secondary-Stars” – noted:
Individuals have large, incapacitating strokes;
The Collective -small, continuing ones which go by other names entirely.

92089- 5
…and Kyroot said:
Dams creak from the pressure of the water, not from a weakness of their own.

…(City college has irreversibly decided that this will NOT be any part of Undergraduate Psych courses at this time.)

…and Kyroot said:
There are several universal constants that the scientific community has yet to discover, but which nonetheless are of extreme importance to a revolutionist;
Two of them are: “The Law Of Larry”
“The Principle Of Knowing When To Turn.”

“Open Immediately!”, the Kyrootian envelope screamed,”You May ALREADY Be A Winner!;
If so, you’ll have your choice of prizes:
You may select to internally have either:
Evil spirits;
Unhealthy humors;
A subconscious mind, OR
An unruly moose herd.”

92089- 8
…and Kyroot said:
There is both a collective secondary world, and an individual one,
And while the former has no last page, the latter seems to — which is what drives men
to want to believe otherwise.

Explorer’s Note: It is difficult to ever discover new worlds when you spend time castigating your homeland,
Even to the point of damn-near denying it’s existence.

92089- 9
…and Kyroot said:
EVERY body wants to know how life works –it’s just that a revolutionist wants to know REAL-L-L bad!

More info not found in city tourist brochures:
The reason many people are neat, clean and sympathetic is that
They don’t cost much,
They don’t do any harm,
They’re socially acceptable,
And it uses up a lot of time.

…and Kyroot said:
A train in motion can always be metaphorized in fact, it can’t be described otherwise.

…then Kyroot noted:
Withal, regarding a plane which has already completed its flight,
Nothing need be said metaphorical or otherwise in fact nothing CAN be said.

Anather example why talk is absolutely necessary, and also totally superfluous.
And this inquiry into the Advice Doctor:
“Dear Doctor: Why should I do-the-right-thing if I won’t be rewarded for it?” Jeeze!, sir — who said you SHOULD?!!

In city park,
In the area given over for public ranting,
One man unfolded a small table,
Then unrolled a sign in front thereof that read:
The World’s Paramount Verbal Presentator.”
That done — he commenced declaiming:
“‘A hobby by any other name would smell as’ ,..dot, dot, dot;
‘Give me a hobby or give me’…etc & so-on;
‘I regret that I have but one hobby to’….ellipsis-away.”
And with that, began taking up his table and sign while assuring the crowd,
You now know EVERYthing that ANYbody needs to know about ANYthing -except that there’s no such word as Presentator.
(Then off, like a Curious wind went he.)

Kyroot’s Wake-Up Call For August:
1: Many people will admit that they don’t really know what’s going on;
2: With the proper pressure, many people can tell the truth.

At the breakfast table one morning
Child A, asked Father B this question:
“Is it true that all of humanity can be divided up into two groups?” and Beta-Pater replied:
“You tell me! — Look out just ahead of you — just past ‘No-Man’s-Land over toward the horizon.”

And a viewer – perhaps – writes – maybe:
“How can we, the honest viewer know if the letters you read on your program are actually from viewers or just ones you made up?”

And here’s another letter from a viewer:
“It seems to me that what you’re saying is that
You can either live your life with a certain kind of melancholy, or else treat it as just some kind of joke.”
(And Kyroot noted): It’s obvious he’s watching us on a black-&-white set.

…(One rebel publishing house fired all their authors,’ And hired nothing but a stable of editors.)

Kyroot’s Urban X-Ray For The Day:
We all live down by the swamp,
In shacks,
Up on stilts,
But the power of verbal architecture is such that they can be made to appear as ANY thing.

…and Kyroot said:
In a land-of-mixed-signals the man with a cheap radio can prove the most content.

One guy wheezed: “Boy! – WHO wants to live next door to the KING! — especially if He’s sober and can think straight!”)

…and Kyroot said:
Blabbermouth that I am! — If you’ll close up the doors and windows,
And promise not to tell anyone,
I’ll relay this bit of rebel rumor and lore:
‘Tis said that there was once a revolutionist who had a little thing he’d say to himself:
Each day I die, and no one knows.”

…and Kyroot said:
In the secondary world man is as free as he thinks he is;
How free are you? ;
A plagiarist is never free.

One god,
Who is of course the local, neighborhood representative of the
REAL “Big Guy” himself — Life,
Said to a bud:
“One thing I will give the little nipper-creatures credit for is that whenever we happen to pass in everyday life
many more of them reveal a facial recognition OF me than ever stop to speak.”

…and Kyroot said:
Those in the basement find pork skins and beer to be a banquet; in what stratosphere do YOU feast?

A carpet layer asked his good friend the physicist:
“You know WHY they won’t let pigs on buses? – well, I’ll tell you; they’re afraid they’ll make themselves too MUCH right-to-home’.”

…(Of course he could have proposed an even-More direct version of this:
“Why do the civilized fear the company of the otherwise?” )

…and from our audience comes this quick note:
“I personally always feel especially enlightened and fortunate whenever you use stories that contain references to both animal s AND public transportation.”

…and Kyroot said:
The crasser the emotion the more men are moved to poetricize it.

Another gentleman writes the Advice Doctor:
“Dear Doctor: I know muscles hold our bodies together, but what does so with our minds?” Dear Sir: I’m not THAT kind of doctor.
(And under his breath added: But who IS?!)

One man said to a potential client:
“I will admit to you that I do not have specific directions that are guaranteed to make you famous, but I do have collateral advice to offer that will prove ultimately profitable: If you ARE to ever be of any historical renown,
you cannot stick around long enough for tomorrow to ever catch up with you.”

An Associate Manager to a certain reality changed his middle name to, “Rat Scabies” because, (he said),
his interim thoughts between dusk and dawn were already dangerous enough to deserve it.

The extraterrestrial blues singer’s first appearance here will coincide with the Earthly release Of his latest CD, entitled:
“It’s One Step From Seriousness To A Tumor. “
(Not available on cassette.)

…and Kyroot observed:
There are those on the great ocean liner of life
With a certain wiring system, and a glib tongue
Who can’t swim and who seem obligated to insist to others that
There is only ONE functional life boat aboard,
And that only THEY know where it is.
— (Sound familiar?)

One guy’s new idea: “Fashion For Men.”
And another guy says it’s already been done,
And first guy says so how come it didn’t work?

…and Kyroot said:
In the operations of the intellect that man calls “reasoning,”
Beyond the mathematics of mechanics and technology,
And into the realm of human behavior,
You could say that there are two types of reasoning:
Regular reasoning,
And a revolutionist kind which differs in that it is always profitable and useful;
This can be exemplified by this conversational fragment;
One man is chiding another about what be perceives to be “faulty reasoning”
Regarding the second’s refusal to talk about an impending unpleasantness.
Says the first:
“You know that simply not talking about a problem is not going to make it go away.”
Which at the ordinary level of thought is undeniably “reasonable.”
But it takes no account of the potentially personal benefit that may result from Such a willful, unreasonable act.

Collective wisdom is FOR the collective.
It is with them that it works and with them it should stay.

One man’s view-of-the-day:
-Advertising is like religion at its worst’ or maybe it’s the other way around.”

After a trip to the city one man noted:
“It’s the ones who really believe they’re intelligent and civilized who’re really dumb and dangerous.”

…(Not only do I suspect he shan’t be returning,
But me’s further doubts that they’ll be inviting him to do so.
…[Unless it’s for them to use him in an “important psychological experiment.”])

92089- 6
In prodding the kid the ole man reminded him:
“If the present truly amounted-to-anything it wouldn’t leave so quickly.”

A woman writes to ask:
“Does the revolution ever sponsor picnics or bus trips?

Conversation between two unidentified objects:
“Short men live short lives.”
I assume ‘this does not refer to physical stature?
“You assume on the side of correctness, buddy boy.”

A young professional man who lives in Windwood Estates writes to the Advice Doctor:
Dear Doctor: Some in my family have been watching the ‘Kyroot/new-Intelligence’ tv show and now my father says he’s beginning to conceive of this neural-revolution-thing as being like a film of a cosmic cataclysm that’s being run in reverse;
Do you think the old man’s on drugs?!”

The ruler of one kingdom declared:
“Let those of poor sight write all the books
— Then make their relatives do all the buying.”

Near the north side of town a man recently told a romantically inclined friend: “Rather than whining, or learning to play the steel guitar,
Just look upon sex as THE incomparable example of a polar-based, wondrous existence.”

…and Kyroot said:
The crude have a lot to lose.

“I guess it’s a good thing”, said the fry cook to the banker,
“That the engine of a train can never see its own caboose.”
“And why is that?” asked Mr. Shylock-on-the-half-shell,
“Why it’d laugh itself right off the tracks.” replied old greasy-fingers.

…and Kyroot said:
Men are emotionally “deceived” in life in the same way a dancer might suddenly say; “Here now! – I thought we’d waltz, but I see now that we’re doing a two-step!” He can REGISTER this dismay but the fact forever remains that he DOES dance.

More “Kyrootianized Lore Of The Wild West”:
The empty expanses of a man’s mind are populated with ghosts;
The rebel’s charge regarding himself is to replace them with honest settlers.

As he would approach this one man would cry out: “Stand back, please– coming through; Make room for two,
For I AM my own opposition.”

The inter-world tour guide noted:
“You know you’re amongst the truly civilized when you hear people say,
‘I never feel more-alive than when I’m heartsick.’ “

The routine operations of human emotions continue to reflect limitations inherent in their dynasty.

Bile can CALL itself “honey,” but so long as it comes from the liver, bile it remains.

9 2 08 9 -5
…and Kyroot said:
Anybody who’d ask anybody else what THEY thought of the idea of a “neural revolution”
Has very little business having ever HEARD about it!

….(Moose know what’s good for moose;
“Hey!” said some neurons, “Turn–us loose!”)

Then Kyroot told, “A Legend: (In One Act)”:
In another universe was a city
With a park,
With an area therein reserved for citizens to come and freely express their views,
And one day there appeared a stranger who stood on the soapbox provided and began to cry out: “Fraud! — Sham and Deceit! Fraud — Sham and Deceit!
He returned to the park every day for more than a week, always saying the same three words Until a few of the people began to understand what he meant,
And then he disappeared.
“A Legend: Finis.”

…and Kyroot noted:
The world’s greatest ram-antic poet is testosterone..

…(Note: Due to the dearth of literary agents in his area,
The heart and soul continue to reap the renown.)

Then Kyroot handed us this item to be read, heeded:
“Although By Its Essential Nature It Must Forever BE ‘Out-dated’
Nonetheless Here IS Some Theology Up Dated’ (sort of)”:

The one, true religion OF the common man — (should it ever actually be revealed)
Will prove to be one that requires a follower, at least once a weekend,
To drive around aimlessly,
Playing the stereo REAL-L-L loud,
And insouciantly throwing beer cans out the window.

(Yes! – watch for it coming to YOUR neighborhood.
…[Kyroot said I should tell you that that last line was just a joke:])

…and Kyroot said:
The human mind is the greatest thing ever created — just as soon as it SAID it was.

(When did you say YOURS is?)

…and Kyroot said:
Only two groups TRULY have “nothing to lose”: The certifiably stupid,
And the neural rebel — which one are you?

(“Gads!”, choked one man,
“Is this a day filled with questions or what?!!”)

…and Kyroot noted:
The more passionately the civilized wish to dance
The more they want to strangle one another’s tongue.

…and Kyroot observed:
Health becomes a hobby when men can no longer afford to be sick.

…and a Kyrootian cousin inquired:
“Could this be applied to how men ordinarily think, also?”

…then Kyroot himself returned to add:
Not many yet alive care to consider any possible relationship between Sickness and stupidity — or even the other way around;
To the serenely civilized, in fact, it almost smells of inhumane blasphemy.

…and then the little relative popped back in again to say: “I don’t guess I’m supposed to ask for additional clarification of that, am I?!”

9 2 08 9 -5 8
…and Kyroot said:
The leaders of all governments, religions, and social movements are mad dogs –
But don’t be startled — they are necessary mad dogs.— AND mad dogs who know what they’re doing.

And now — Our Message Of The Day:
Only those with no original ideas need a political party,
A religion, or a cultural affiliation;
And now — Our Inevitable Conclusion Of The Day:
Most people need these things.

One day one guy suddenly had an original thought;
Looking back on it later he said:
-Shoot!- I figured I’as just gettin’ a small tumor.

In a neural compound, during a lull in activity, a rebel officer told some recruits: “The moral virtue of all-OUT war is that even the illusion of such takes flight.”

Okay, (said Kyroot), since it’s still summer time I guess we can afford TWO legends in one day — so here ’tis:
In another universe the thinking heavenly bodies said:
“By words we hang together, and by words we’ll surely, eventually die from laughter.

…(Pretty obviously NOT from the Brothers Grimm.)

And from our viewing audience comes this letter:
“After listening to your comments for some time now,
It feels to me that this ‘revolutionist-kind-of-thinking’ you talk about
Would be like wanting to ride a train, but refusing to get on one that seemed to be going either this way or that.”
(Okay, dancers;
On a scale of one-to-ten,
What’ll we rate this record?…”)

Now for “Kyroot’s Seven o’clock Disposable Definition’:
The revolution: The absolute, ultimate in subjectivity presented blatantly as otherwise.

(This may, in the alternative, be filed under K.’s “Seven O’Clock Joke.”

And another viewer writes:
“You can insinuate that government, religion, and morality are unnecessary,
But if there was truly ANYTHING TOTALLY unnecessary it would HAVE to be
This ‘neural-revolutionist-way-of-thinking-thing!'”
(Okay, dancers,
Don’t waste your tine on this one,
It goes WAY-Y-Y beyond a ten.! — right through the ROOF!)

9 2 08 9 – 66
Anthropology a la Kyroot:
The struggle between heads & hormones;
‘tween waiters & alligators;
twix the civilized & the willful-otherwise
is the VERY kind of battle that we’re not talking about around here.

…and Kyroot said:
The center of an ordinary man’s mind is like the core of a terrible volcano — A terribly hilarious volcano.

With hair damn-near ablaze
One ole caring man told his expectant son:
“Lad, we’re about to drown in modifiers.” Naw!, just joshing;
What the ole man really said was:
“Once you know Santa Claus’ REAL name you no longer have to treat him metaphorically.”

(And almost immediately after that,
Five gods,
A hundred ghosts,
The Easter Bunny, and a gross of fairies exclaimed: “Yipes! – The jig’s up!”)

…and Kyroot said:
If men could be civilized they wouldn’t have to “be civilized.”

…and Kyroot said:
Since EVERY one knows there’s nothing else to be said
It’s only a revolutionist that might keep talking.

And someone asks: “Might we change ‘said’, and ‘talking’ to ‘thought’ and ‘thinking’?
Yes, if you like.

…and Kyroot said:
Only the pseudo, and partially civilized discuss its virtues.

Every time the creatures over in this one reality
Would get mad at their god for something he’d done
He’d always remind them: “Hey! – lighten up — it’s JUST show-biz!”

…and Kyroot said:
It is hard for the locals to ever see the humor of their own home town.

…and Kyroot said:
While it may be true that many everyday people can understand revolutionist ideas
It finally comes down to the fact that only an actual rebel is
Able to — WANTS to — think about them for more than three or four seconds.

…and Kyroot said:
Put in spatial terms;
Compared to ordinary thinking,
Tomorrow would be the fifth dimension.

9 2 089-7 4-M;
…and Kyroot noted:
One man damn-near put himself into an extraordinary “jam” by privately
Threatening to never again criticize anything he could not personally improve.
…(Jesus! — what WAS he, “SUPER-nuts” or something!!)

…and Kyroot said:
Real primary affection can damn near keep a bus from leaving at its scheduled time.

As he turned off his tv set, one chap sat back down and mused:
“If life IS like a brief ‘turn around a dance floor
Then man has the only ‘smoke-filled-ballroom’ wherein the smoke has been replaced with tapioca.”

Later, just before retiring, he flashed on this new description: “Man: The only creature who swims while dancing.”

And Kyroot noted: While man’s feet have no trouble finding hardwood suitable for such Physical measured movements,
His mind has no such ready, relative accesses.

Then during “Squirrel Appreciation” class, Professor K. told the class:
That which can be true must be true and if not now, then later perhaps.

This letter into our friend, the A.D.:
“Dear Advice Doctor: What makes man so curious?”
Dear Sir: His name.


…and Kyroot said:
One man continued to find his own mental potential so tantalizing
That at times he’d dribble on himself.