Jan Cox Talk 1007

The Future Rules the World; the Past Writes the Headlines


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#1007 Aug 5, 1992 – 1:00
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :26. The future rules the world; the past writes the headlines. 

To a Neural Revolutionist what an ordinary man thinks is his disposable income. Greed is impossible at the PL (Primary Level). 

All thoughts have their own recoiling mechanism. 

The more foolish a Secondary Level World hobby, the more it must be taken seriously.

The News

92087– 1
…and Kyroot said:
The future rules the world — but the past writes the headlines.

92087- 2
…and Kyroot said:
We ride a dependable, gradual bus, But some minds want to fly.

92087- 3
Then Kyroot noted some “Fiscal Fine Points”:
What a man ordinarily thinks IS his “disposable income.”

92087- 4
.and farmer K. noted:
Cream rises same way madness does with crowds.

92087- 5
…and Kyroot said;
All emotions started out as something else.

“Don’t argue with ME!”, countered one man, “Tell it to history!”

…from the desk of Kyroot:
Definition: Adolescence: The time to be fitted for your shroud.
Definition: Full-Blown-Maturity: The time when people begin to say: “Don’t he look nice — so LIFE like.”

92087- 8
Things worked out well:
One man’s dictionary fell apart about the same time his mind went to pieces.

92087 9
Further notations of “Progress!” — with a capital “IR”:
In the city,
A men without a phone can never be late; how’s anyone going to tell him?!

…and Kyroot said:
When one rebel finally realized what was going on,
He understood that he’d just stepped into the middle of an infinite ball, And that since none of the dancers had been there when it began, None could tell when and if new faces actually arrived or departed;
Thus, no need for discomfort or chagrin,
No profit in asking other attendees ‘what’s going on?'”

Guy says: “People’s hormones can drive you crazy.”

…and Kyroot said:
Man’s mental sport is like small-arms-competition;
Some minds are in charge of shooting — others of recoiling.

92087 – 1 2 -(B)
O-kay, (says Kyroot, weakening with pity), Here’s the kinder version:
Other people’s hormones can drive you crazy.

Dialogue Number So-On & etc:
“There is only one proper way for a revolutionist to think.”
“And what way is that?”
“Just over there.”
“Just over where?”
“Just over ANY where but here.”

…and Kyroot said:
Too long in the ballroom can dim one’s sight.

One rebel’s neural army stood tall and declared:
By virtue of our irregularity are we robust and ready to go forth.”

A man asks:
“Well if there is actually no such thing as a ‘revolutionist’ how can I ever be one?!”
Well right THERE, sir, is the BEAUTY of the whole affair!

…and Kyroot said:
All secondary hobbies, particularly in the area of “spiritual beliefs”, are small attempted short-cuts to save the effort of
making your brain put out the new drugs native to it.

The Grand Playmaster told the young creatures: “Let’s play a game;
We’ll all run and then fall down,
But some of us won’t admit it.”

An alternate way men could see the situation -If men could SEE in an alternate way —
Would be that:
Being alive can break-your-heart,
But it’s being alive that gave you one to begin with.

One of the park philosophers declared to the Griped:
-There are two kinds of observers of mortal life:
Those who see it as a never ending battle and conflict,
And those who see it as a ‘Grand parade’ — always in the early stages of getting itself organized.”
(It is this same speaker who has a young nephew apprentice who says: “Men with labels
Should wait on tables.”)

And then Kyroot mentioned,
For the benefit of the timid who like to PLAY fearless:
There is one thing you can always safely ridicule — Change! — cause it’s coming whether YOU like it or not!

…and Kyroot said:
When the ship is sinking for SURE
It’s surprising how many people will admit they can’t swim.

A visitor to this planet,
After a survey of man’s art, literature, and all things cultural, pondered this: “Why this search for what you call, ‘the unity of life’? — where is it NOT?!”

Two kids were playing in their father’s porno collection, and one of them said: “If you could either be rid of sin or sadness which one would you choose?” And his friend replied, “You mean they can be separated?!”

There are some things they don’t tell you in the seminary”; there are some things they don’t tell you in med school.
And there are some things they don’t tell you in graduate psychology; all-in-all
there’s a goodly amount of stuff you never get told about.

With grave disposition,
Kyroot broke the very, very very disturbing news: Those who don’t know anything will say most ANYthing.

…and Kyroot said:
The difference between the revolution and religion is that they’re both made-up, and the revolution knows it.

And as always — just then Kyroot offered this free help:
Men don’t take themselves personally– their HORMONES do!.
….(In fact, [added Big K.], REAL men wouldn’t even USE the word, “personally.”)

..then on the other hand, Kyroot noted:
Men don’t get depressed — their systems do.

After tumbling from tin into platinum
One man said, “Well!, finally I’m in MY element!”
And the voice intruded: “Where you’re headed — cheap puns won’t help.”

Un-sportsman-like sports notation:
An ordinary man’s genes are the prototypal bungee rope.

All mortal kings love to have their own grand entry march
So that Men people hear it they’ll say, “His majesty approaches,” rather than, “Here comes that little sawed-off son-of-a-bitch.”

9 2 08 7 -3 2
A lady writes the Advice Doctor:
“Dear Doctor: What is the proper synonym for ‘stupidity'”?
…and Kyroot said:
The city’s revered mystics and poets have historically told man:
“Grasp not at too much
Lest when you lose it — which you inevitably will
That your pain not be all the greater.”
To which rebel thinking patiently, politely and silently replies – “Fuck that.”

…and Kyroot said:
A one-eyed man is as good as a two-eyed one;
Regular 3-D reality looks only SLIGHTLY flatter to him than it does to ordinary sight.

And a feller thinks: “It’s exactly THAT kinda stuff that makes an everyday person wanna rip off their overalls, run out in the yard and shout
‘Hooray!, Hooray!
What a fortunate day,
That I was BORN so normal. Hooray, hell!”

…[“See!”, said a rebel,
“I TOLD you there’s some things you shouldn’t even MENTION to ordinary people.”])

This letter arrived:
“After watching your show, and trimming my toenails,
And repeating this process several times
I’d like to ask this question:
What is the difference in you ‘having a thought’
And some thought just suddenly appearing in your mind?”
That, dear letter writer, is the difference in EVERYTHING.

One rebel guide told some explorers:
“Being seriously concerned about profits is proper only to non material affairs.”

One chap observed:
“If everybody’s individual mind didn’t work in such individualistic ways we could ALL live in Montana.”

Note to the above: One state does not progress make.

…Three line tribute to Mother Mortal Earth:
Without loss, love would not be so sweet; without war, peace would not be so dear; (And a man adds):
“And without pallid, limited thinking I could not be myself, and contribute to such homages as this.”

Note to the above: One state does not progress make.

Then later, Kyroot was forced to break some disconcerting scientific news:
In some parts of even the civilized world snowflakes continue to pass for snowflakes.

After several decades a man told his mind:
“Come on, we’re going on a trip.” To which it sardonically replied,
“Yeah — right!,
The last time I heard that one
Somebody was holding me by the ankles and slapping my bottom.”

Life gives everybody the ability to hear the bus schedule called out once; after that well, it’s kind of,
“Every traveler for himself”.

One guy’s mid year proposition:
“People become religious through a lack of originality.”

And now while we rewind the film we bring you this short recorded conversation:
“Never dance with a random occurrence.”
But who else can you dance with?”
“Well-l-l — no body, I guess but at least don’t take it seriously.’

“Pa Pa,” inquired a kid,
“How can life in many regards seem so far advanced,
While many individuals seem so far behind?” (Ole men’s reply):
“If latitudes didn’t exist man would have to invent them.”

When the king realized that god didn’t recognize him, he sputtered: “But we’ve met before! — Haven’t you ever thought about me?!” And god answered: “I try not to THINK about ANY body.”

In thought,
When referring to himself,
One man now insists that he use the pronouns that and which rather than who or whom.

Tooney Town’s thumbnail show biz review of the week:
Everyone on stage is crazy;
We’re all on stage PART of the time.

Last Monday when city park was closed for repairs,
One would-be speaker leapt up on the counter at the Omelet Shop
And addressed the diners thusly:
“Those who can’t sing, dance;
And those who can’t dance, paint;
And those who can’t paint, whine,
And I say, my friends,
We’re quickly getting outnumbered AND surrounded by WHINERS! Damn the pancakes! -Run for your lives!!”

…and Kyroot said:
Emotions are the twin blade propeller that drives the human vessel;
They keep the ship adequately balanced for routine voyages — (but DO try and keep your fingers out of its reach).

One city-ite notes:
“What I like about other people’s ideas is that
No matter what you think OF them
At least you don’t have to think them UP for yourself.”
Thus is “eating-out” forever more popular than “cooking-at-home.”

9 2 0 87 -4 9
…and Kyroot said:
The nervous system must eat,
And for minimal, subsistence
It will take almost anything put before it.

A viewer writes:
“Funny! — but at times I’ve thought of this neural revolution thing as
‘Real fancy food’ that I can just BARELY digest.”

On a Thursday one rebel told some visiting neurons:
“Once you understand that not only is life itself alive and intelligent, but by physical dictates of a limited dimensional reality’
Is MORE alive, and MORE intelligent than those who speak about it — well …Well,
After that,
Things are just NEVER quite the same any more.”

(Of course he did mean “understand this” and then – [gulp!] – actually REMEMBER it -gulp!]

Then that expensive-animal, doctor of psycho-veterinary medicine, Kyroot observed:
The beauty and power OF a herd is lost on those IN one.

On civilization’s passage
Religions have been as mathematics engraved on wheat;
Reflecting a step from satiation to speculation,
A new, necessary uncertainty to replace an outmoded somatic surety.

…and Kyroot noted:
Some of history’s World Class Cynics were hermits — so how’ll we ever know?

Urban Planner’s Anatomy Guide:
The landscape of the human body is filled with
Bone, muscle, organs, blood and hormones — filled — slam-damned filled! And yet it must be fed —
And not all its parts can live on steak and potatoes.

Oh okay — how’s about a bit of GOOD Kyrootie news: Nothing you can do in life is actually crazy as long as you don’t take it seriously.

Over at the Ole Sorehead’s Bar,
One of the regulars,
Who is rumored to have once taken several quarters of astrophysics, sloshed his draft around in the glass and remarked,
“Not ONLY are other people dumber than we have imagined, they may in fact be dumber than we CAN imagine.”

…and Kyroot said:
Ordinary energy doesn’t need your individual assistance to get where it’s going
Be cool,
Be careful,
And not so ever-anxious to get involved with routine city affairs.

After things had calmed down
The man surveyed the situation, shook his head and said:
“I guess I only have myself to blame — which hardly makes the effort worthwhile.”

Everyone check your circadian rhythm machine
‘Cause it’s time for another — “Another?” — Yes, brother, another extract from the “I Guess That’s Right” dossier:
A man whose first thought is not his best should probably have some more…. I guess.

A side description of man’s intellectual progress thus far: From Playboy and Penthouse to the Bible and Koran; then back to Playboy….
Then back to the Bible….
No, back over to Penthouse….
Hey, we could try Hustler, or the Upanishads….
…Naw! We’ll just scratch our heads and wonder While we keep turning those pages.

…and Kyroot said:
As he shelled his peanuts this chap reflected:
-“The basic compassion of man can be seen in the fact that his mind opens up the Complaint Counter every morning even before the whole store is ready for business.”

Moral: He be right.
Moral 2: Benevolence is whatever you say it is;
Genetically man cares — but DNA don’t talk.

(“Quick!”, cried the King,
“Shoot the Humanitarian and give his goods to the poor, then raise everyone’s personal property taxes.”
Moral 3: Life looks after its own — who’s else?!!)

…then after having TRIED to “let-the city down easy,” Kyroot went on and said:
Those who don’t know much don’t actually know anything.
(But,[added Kyroot, in that kind and concerned manner so exemplary of him]
The good thing about information such as this is that it can NEVER be proven — period!)

The unruly kid kicked, and spat at the jungle gym while telling his nannie: “Don’t talk to me about justice! — No!,
Not so long as adults are satisfied to treat their own mental potential in ways they wouldn’t treat their own worst, best friend.”

,…and Kyroot said:
Hormones invite one another to dance;
Then intellects are left to entertain one another between numbers.

…then Kyroot offered the bricklayers’ version:
Pubics fuck — brains smoke afterwards.

9 2 0 87 -66
…and Kyroot noted:
There are two general areas you can read about: News and history,
And only a crude sort can tell a difference.

Then Kyroot read this Fairy-Tale-Strand from Neural-La-Land:
The is an impoliteness to abruptness that few can tolerate.
(And large numbers of people,
Such as whole cultures and civilizations, can’t even GRASP it.)

…and Kyroot said:
Men enjoy the idea of “secret knowledge” for the simple reason that there is none.

…someone in our audience reacts to this by thinking:
“Even if true, there are some things that should never be said.” And this is the excruciating difference between us-&-them; between performer &-spectator;
Between a rebel-&-a-faithful-subject,
And ultimately the supreme, telling distinction between this-&-that.

As one of the backyard squirrels peered into a window, and into the poet’s melancholy room it pondered on the complex ways of an intellect laden’d nervous system: “If man had never known of multiplication
He would not be now troubled by dreams of division.”

…(And the homeowner’s younger partner smiled and responded:
“Sad, insightful, and true, ole bushy-tailed-one;
But, Hey! — that’s life — that’s HUMAN life,
And I squeeze on every humorous possibility
Lounging in the high limbs of this forlorn sounding tree you have verbally conjured up for us.”
And with that, he stuck his head out of a dormer and announced: “The fun and the nuts are ON me.”)

And Kyroot revealed, The Civilized Man’s War Cry: “Pardon Me For Existing!

…and Kyroot said:
Everything from the primary world up
Made up.

…and Kyroot said:
Man is a three act play.

Bolstering his claim of the extensive environmental damage man has done to the planet, one civilization critic notes that there are to be found in Hawaii today at least THREE distinct species of helicopters that are not NATIVE to the islands!

A seventh inning stretch, popcorn and transitional wrap up:
In the secondary world, the more foolish something is the more serious it must be treated.

The navigator told the apprentice:
“Only originality counts;
Those who praise a renaissance
Are those who will cry at death.,
No only the personally original will do — EVER!”

And Kyroot offered this inverted definition:
A man without an audience: What is a true rebel performer?

A man writes:
“I’ve been watching your show and I’d like to know Why I should think differently than I do now?”
….You shouldn’t sir.

Two of the guys in the hand were talking:
“Serious people can mean serious trouble.”
“Yeah”, replied his bud,
“But with OUT serious people we’d be IN serious trouble.”

Another viewer writes:
“Since we’re all going to be sick and die
Shouldn’t people do whatever seems natural and pleasing to them even if it is being depressed and dumb?”

Okay (said an obviously agitated and play-acting Kyroot)
Here’s some help for all you who NEED help:
The way to get over the revolution is just to quit thinking and go back like you were.

Guy says:
“Whenever I can’t think of myself as really being a revolutionist, I picture me as a resilient ball that can’t be squeezed, hit, or bounced hard enough for it to even notice.”

…and Kyroot said:
Those who attempt to comprehend life through their heart, soul, or spirit — any way except by expansion of intellect –
Are like falconers who send out sparrows after eagles.
Hey –
Don’t took away.