Jan Cox Talk 0975

“Truth”–Where The Unreachable Illusion of Continuity Breaks Down


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#975 May 20, 1992 – 0:50
Notes by TK

Commentary on Kyroots of 5/18 and 5/15/92. Man is the evolutionary apex of life…why then does he have hormones that make him doubt his own worth? 

A definition of reality: my word against theirs. 

Note how readily cynicism passes for insight. Only dead ideas are of use in ordinary life. 

Verbal, memory is man’s unique contribution to the necessary continuity in the Primary Level World. The continuity of the Secondary Level World is a man-made one (based on verbal memory); it is really illusory compared to the necessary, death-defying need for continuity at the PL (Primary Level). Sane, reasonable, normal man will never be intelligent alone; a Neural Revolutionist wants to be alone. 

In the Secondary Level World, that which is the frightening force should also be the alluring force, identical. 

The “truth” = the horizon-line of the visible world; where the illusion of continuity breaks down; where you can never get to.