Jan Cox Talk 0967

What Entertains City Man Also Eats Him


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#967 May 1, 1992 – 1:00 
Notes by TK

No Kyroots. Catching up on requested commentaries. Ecological concerns are foolish, meaningless egoism, but are nevertheless a sign of intellectual health in man. 

What is there to be brave about in the Secondary Level World? There’s nothing worthwhile to defend for a Neural Revolutionist. 

In the Secondary Level World all progress comes at the expense (“murder”) of something already existing; this is why man ever dreams of yet further civilization (intelligence).

What a Neural Revolutionist knows, he eats; what an ordinary man knows eats him. 

Many self-proclaimed full-time intellectuals are not so (live on the lower-floors) while those living on the middle floors are not so sure.

There is nothing to worry about other than the Secondary Level World.

What entertains a man also snacks on him.

Ordinary mental processes “run with the dead”; you can’t be an “expert” w/o running w/ the dead. // The dead have more fun than anybody because they can laugh at everybody. 

There are two sites of guilt: mind and muscular; muscular guilt is trying to tell you something useful (e.g., a hangover).