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The Fact That Something is Not Commented On, Is Its Pertinent Fact


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#786 Mar 11, 1991 – 1:00
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :13. Local ordinances are for suppressing any unusual energy movements in the Nervous System; e.g., protective tariffs are protective of local facts, local stability, allowing men to not-think, i.e., not think out of the ordinary. The universal criticism that “men do not think enough, rightly, etc.” always carries a polarized tag-on and is incomplete, flawed thereby, although from a more universal view the statement is as correct as it can be.

“In remote places the fact that something is not commented about is that thing’s pertinent fact”. To say that something is true from a more complex view is to say it is only operational for one person ( Real Revolutionist’s) lifetime (which includes the length of attention span or interest, thought about, a thing). Institutional, historical truths operate for longer periods. What would a mere personal lifetime’s validity mean for science, the march of civilization etc.?