Jan Cox Talk 0785

In Factual World, Nothing Can Be Explained, Therefore It Must Be


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#785 Mar 9, 1991 – 1:00 
Notes by TK

The actual (AW) and factual worlds (FW) exist but are run by different forms of energy. Only the FW takes facts to be of ultimate telling significance. E.g., “illegitimacy” of a tyrant king is attributed as the formative event of his life and character whereas in the AW, bastardy is of no consequence whatever; there is not even a word for it. In the FW nothing can be explained, therefore everything must be explained; the AW can’t be explained, therefore isn’t explained and needs no explanation.

Everything that can’t be explained, must be. Hence, facts. That’s why there are facts. Real Revolutionist thought is ‘vagabond’; doesn’t settle anywhere; doesn’t explain anything or support the local factual reality. E.g., universal laws vs. local ordinances (FW prejudices). Kyroot 0:52 to end.