Jan Cox Talk 0773

Science Is the Attempt to Make Facts into Acts


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#773 Feb 16, 1991 – 1:00
Notes by TK

The closer to the world of acts the less necessary to dress up. Life needs people to dress up and have appropriate explanations for their attire. But the reality is: the less certain is the outcome of the activity, the more dress up is required, The more outrageous, corruptive an act (or fact) the greater the necessity for men to furnish explanatory facts, “Film at eleven” – facts to follow. Only a Real Revolutionist can be civilized and not suffer thereof. Facts would see acts as absolutes and would aspire to achieve that status.

Acts = status of ancient mythical Greek gods. Science is the attempt to make facts into acts, make facts absolute. Facts would relegate emotions to a lesser status, as interfering with aspiration to the absolute of action. The irreconcilable conflict between science and religion is based on the conflict of two aspects in man: the aspect which pursues facts that might possibly become absolute and the aspect which pursues facts that will never achieve that status.

Kyroot from 0:45 to end.