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City Intellect Must Make Sentences of Facts to Make Acts Acceptable


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#766 Feb 4, 1991 – 1:00
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :09. The purpose of intellect: to create sentences of facts (w/o qualifiers of true, false etc.) which flesh out, and make acts in Secondary Level World acceptable. Intellect’s job is to civilize, complexify and give dimension to experience; to keep it “up to date”. Acts can’t have viable existence w/o support of collateral explanatory facts. The viable act w/o fact (i.e., inexplicable act that is remembered) becomes the foundation for institutionalization of the supernatural, e.g., religion.

The intellect producing sentences of facts is not engaged in new, independent thinking; it is making “just facts”. Comparably speaking, acts do not seem as polarized as (value packed pro and con) as do facts. E.g., men are less upset by the actual act of death than they are about notification of the fact of their (possibly) imminent, but certainly inevitable death. There is use in this for the Real Revolutionist.


…and Kyroot said:
While trying to “explain himself” one guy caused his
northeast quadrant to disappear.

and Kyroot said:
Although it’s too clear as to yet be obvious, but outside of space
there is no time.

and Kyroot said:
The reason so many of the good myths begin, “Long ago and far away…”
is to keep the listeners from glancing around too closely.

and Kyroot said:
EVERY body has the “final word.”

and Kyroot said:
One guy’ s current speculations
lead him to the following comment,
“Since friction – the contact of one thing against another –
helps hold the world together
might it not be a beneficial arrangement
to put ten quart ideas
into nine quart brains?”

and Kyroot said:
Most of the genetic Royal Houses and Dynasties long ago concluded that dictatorial policies are the only policies worth considering.

09/05/90- (6.5)
…and Kyroot said:
Stabbed today,
bleed tomorrow;
and those already shed
are doomed to shed some more.

…..(Only one who might become well
can rescue his medical history from the morbidity of the past.)

…and Kyroot said:
One guy wraps up his weekly news
by stating that the reason
men can’t see further into space
is due to the weakness of their eyes.

…and Kyroot said:
On the weekend just before the electrical became verbal on the third level,
some of the older guys threw a party, and reminisced about the future.

..and Kyroot said:
A man who wears short kilts shouldn’t hang around long.

…and Kyroot said:
One Revolutionist left the following message,
“No matter how exciting the game, depend on scores to be boring.”

…and Kyroot said:
A man with no residence needs no address.

…and Kyroot said:
One man would precede all of his pithy remarks by leaving the room.

…and Kyroot said:
For the sake of fairness,
let it be noted that he said in his own defense
that were it not for sex he’d have no particular
interest in pornography.
…..(and his attorney thought,
“Strange – that’s just how I feel about ignorance.”)

…and Kyroot said:
During the open house at the Tool & Die Works a man told me that he had “traded in” his memories; he said he didn’t get much for them, but that at least he got rid of them.

…and Kyroot said:
Those artists who only deal in knowledge only do still-lifes.

…and Kyroot said;
Okay, the more subversive version: A man with no address
needs no address.

…and Kyroot said:
“Pay day.”, that’s what the guy said, “It’s finally come pay day;
after years of acting like an ass
I can now think like thistles.”

…and Kyroot said:
A REAL mutineer wouldn’t even CONSIDER the alternative!

…and Kyroot said:
One guy says
that the surest approach to weather forecasting
is tied to one’s health, that is,
if you’re still alive there’ll be some weather.

…and Kyroot said:
One day one kid said,
“I think it’s time I leave,” and the ole man replied,
“I was just about to make you leave.”
And for some time the youngster wondered which of the two was true.

…Kyroot said:
The figure took a central position and said,
“It’s time you can face it: Anything you know that is in the least
of vested interest, is self-serving or in any way, self-referring
is not data of any extraordinary use. Now who all understands that?”
and fifteen billion hands were raised.
…(while everyone was looking around and muttering amongst themselves one guy said to another, “Might as well just keep our hands up in case he’s gonna ask, ‘Who all is victim OF this?'” )

…and Kyroot said:
“After listening to you,” writes one viewer, “it would seem to me that there’s more to think about than there are people to think about it.”

…..(“No reply necessary,” he cautiously adds.)

…and Kyroot said:
One ole guy
used to try and frighten
his little kid to sleep every night
by tucking the covers in up under his little chin,
touching his little nose and saying,
“Beware the fiends of reason.”

…and Kyroot said:
Any sequence
that goes in order is meaningless.

(…and Kyroot added:
Is it yet again time
to remind that Revolutionist principles are themselves meaningless
to City structures and reason?)

…and Kyroot said:
One guy says he’s worked all his life dutifully preparing himself for the day when widespread hesitation may break out.

..and Kyroot said:
If you can convince
someone else that you were right – you weren’t.

…and Kyroot said:
And always remember: No matter how often,
or how sincerely he asks, god doesn’t really wanna know, “Who put you up to it?”

…and Kyroot said:
It appears quite clear and certain
that the new decade will continue to provide
an abundance of examples showing how
anything proves everything else -and of course the ever important –

…and Kyroot said:
One rare day the City said,
“I can speak to you with enthusiasm, or with accuracy, but not with both;
for that you must look elsewhere.”

…and Kyroot said:
Every day
when he passed this certain house he saw the door ajar.