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Life Can Render Impotent Men Who Become Aware of Costs


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#763 Jan 30, 1991 – 1:00 

Kyroot to :14. If cost becomes an object in the attempt at independent thinking, it will become the whole object. Life, for its own program may or may not allow men to become aware of the cost of his actions. Life can render men impotent, by making them aware of cost. Man’s sarcastic laughter at stupidity is really laughter-energy-release over the irresistible reality of the genetic succession drive in man’s behavior.

What might be the cost to Life if it allowed a radical new energy in man (when polarized energy is more than sufficient)?

The Real Revolutionist does not need to answer all Life’s phone calls; does not need to take Life’s news seriously.


..and Kyroot said:
If you’ re
shot in the front
you bleed in the back.

…and Kyroot said:
It was a dark and dreary night on the lonely moors,
a rap on the door, “Who is there?”
“‘Tis I, stupidity, your last, best friend.”
……(Wheew – then I felt much better.)

..and Kyroot said:
A man over in the next City said
that it was a certain comfort to finally realize that fate was non-denominational.

…and Kyroot said:
From Dr. Joe Cose’s Prescription Pad: “There are two types of depression,
REAL depression, and LACK-of-depression.

(call me in the morning)

…and Kyroot said:
“Hey Paw”,
asked one little cute tyke,
“If ‘one thing leads to another,’
how come we don’t ever get anywhere?”

…and Kyroot said:
And yet another “V.V.” (Vivacious Viewer) writes to say that he shouldn’t take it so personally;
“Hey,” (we should write him back)
“we couldn’t agree with you less…COULD WE?…”

…and Kyroot said:
First voice said, “Most men just won’t take adequate time,” and
the second responded, “Most men don’t have adequate time,” and
a distant cousin here for a visit added, “I surmise that most men’s
perception of what is adequate is severely lacking.” And the
first two kicked his out-of-town-ass up and down both sides
of the street, based on their inherent affection for foreign ideas.

…and Kyroot said:
A couple of those old “park philosophers”
were laying out in the grass and the first one said,
“The greatest flaw in human happiness
is man’s ability to think of the future.” His companion replied,
“Well there’s your answer.”

…and Kyroot said:
And now a private memo (for the mutineers) that
may or may not be encoded): Merely being aware of the
“Pro’s & Con’s” in any particular area is NOT
“Thinking Of More Than One Thing At A Time.”

…and Kyroot said:
In the mind
things are propped-up to be knocked-up.

…and Kyroot said:
In the recent, intergalactic
“How Progressive Can You Be?” contest,
a relatively young solar system won by
coming up with a “New, and Improved Form Of SARCASM!”

(And going out to these fine, fine folks is,
I’m sure, our deepest, most heart-felt and sincere congratulations.)

and Kyroot said:
One guy said, “Okay,” he’d try to stop drinking. His effort proved successful and made him so mad he said he’d never try anything else again.

and Kyroot said:
Correction: I previously mentioned a time and place wherein
this kinda of activity was known as “The Wondrous Fib,”
the name was actually, “The GLORIOUS Fib.”
(I trust this slight faux pas caused no lasting difficulties.)

…and Kyroot said:
Down by the City docks a chap told me that at times of stress and confusion
he often would just lie down and put a “cold compass to his head,” just
to see which way his brain was pointing.

…and Kyroot said:
Yet another quite seditious exemplary notation of how Life grows through ordinary man’s mind in a manner both curious and unexpected, while at the same time unexpected and curious.
(“To-wit” wid me now): In City college the professor discourses,
“The history of early Greek culture falls into four main periods,
but no one knows what they are.”

…and Kyroot said:
The people then coyly fluttered their eyes,
swept back their hair in a dramatic gesture,
and cooed to the potential tango tyrant,
“We wanna be dipped by you, just you and nobody else but you…”

08/31/90- (9.5)
…and Kyroot said:
During his youth,
the advice one kid continually received from his father was,
“Hey, go figure.”
The lad so heartily embraced this monition
that in his manhood he became called the
“Hey Go Figure Guy,” which, for reasons he could never fathom,
pleased the ole man dearly.

…and Kyroot said:
One fellow decided that ordinary body functions
had little to do with living an “intellectual-life-well-spent” so his brain drowned.

…and Kyroot said:
The president of one City college
after receiving complaints and
requests that he find instructors with a
higher intellectual level
decided on the more efficient approach
and began to seek students with a lower one.

…and Kyroot said:
Near a roadway construction project (that’s what the sign called it)
I was handed a pamphlet that, by its title,
purported to be, “The Combined Lesson Of The Decade In
Physics, Psychology And ‘Good Old Fashion Common Sense’
As Determined By Me – Your Most Humble Literary Servant.”
Well, as you can well imagine,
by the time I had read the full title of the little leaflet
I was too tired to go on with it,
but a head popped up from a reinforced drainage ditch
and noted that did I not,
this particular Kyroot could end up even more
obtuse than seems sometimes the norm,
(Thanking the honest laborer for his views,
I did decide to press on with my perusal of the pamphlet.)
What it had to say, in its entirety, was as follows:
“Did water not run downhill,
all of London, including bankers and other
important people, would be forced to sport
aqualungs, and brains would be driven to
the back-stroke.”

…and Kyroot said:
Just after their late dinner
a kid sat the ole man down and said,
“With not the least less regard, admiration and love for you,
I must say that at times it’s hard being your kid.”
The elder replied,
“I could pat you on the head,
And say ‘I see’,
But think how hard
It is being ME.”

…and Kyroot said:
More travel tips for the insurgent: Some things that cannot be stopped
CAN be turned around.
Note for the ordinary: Many things that can be turned around
can’t be stopped.

(Interesting, no?
how similar can be advice to such dis-similar parties?)

..and Kyroot said:
In a unique fashion
a Revolutionist can always
“tell when it’s over”
by realizing that it’s not at all over.

…and Kyroot said:
As a test,
or maybe as a joke…(or maybe they couldn’t tell the difference),
in this one universe
was one planet
on which was one City
wherein some of the “experts”
actually KNEW what they were talking about.

….(Is it really necessary for me to
add that these “some experts” were never clearly identified?)

…and Kyroot said:
The ole man: “A person without conclusions
is like a traveler without baggage.”
The kid: “So what’s wrong with that?”
Ole man: “You insolent pup – go to your room.”
Kid: “But it’s in the next county.”

(The ole timer turns and looks at us from inside
this Kyroot and says,
“You think I didn’t know that?)

…and Kyroot said:
A fellow has contacted me to say,
“Stuff those philosophical sojourns –
screw those metaphysical explorations.”
He says he’s focused “Man’s Eternal Itch”
into one single challenge – the question of whether
“Sleep or himself has the upper-hand.”

(Another chap, who asks to be identified as,
“Apparently someone’s ‘wise old grandfather'” wants to add this to the verbal proceedings, [says he], “Some, believing they’re lost actually trod a propitious path.”
And a woman identifying herself as his “intellectual guardian,” says that we should “Carefully weigh all that he might say from a subtle, metaphoric view, then quickly conclude that he’s ‘full-of-it’.”)

…and Kyroot said:
Men without something to look forward to won’t look around much.

…and Kyroot said:
A guy says
that the most immediate “best thing”
about being dead is that
no one tries to make you tell what kinda guy you are.

…and Kyroot said:
“Remember on this, kid”,
said the obviously reconditioned ole man,
“If the manufacturers actually knew what they were doing they wouldn’t
have to enclose a set of instructions.”

…(the lad TRIED to remember,
but ordinary reason ultimately prevailed.)

…and Kyroot said:
As he arose each morning to face another day in the
chancy game-of-life, this one fellow,
with the sweet hope of
children and born gamblers–
would fall to one knee,
glance up and pray,
“Dear God, I’m a big roller and new in town – ‘comp me’ Lord,
come on – ‘comp me.'”

…and Kyroot said:
Taking a favorable position near the fountain in the Park’s west sector,
a man with a dainty manuscript stood and began to read aloud, “Just as the moron derives his light from the sun – no, I’m sorry that should say just as the ‘moon’….hummm… well, now it doesn’t make ANY sense at all – forget it.”

and Kyroot said:
Please make note on your
religious, political and philosophical calendars
that after the first of next month
only those will be allowed to convert
who are already verted.

.. and Kyroot said:
A fellow standing over by a pole told me that in the tussle between his “Wonderful-ness,”
and his “Humble-ness” – he didn’t wanna get involved.

…and Kyroot said:
There is a whole other kind of extremely pleasing “seriousness” available only to those who are
dis-connected to the ordinary version.

…and Kyroot said:
At the end of yet another long and barbarous campaign
the savage legion set up a large celebration tent
wherein later into the festivities their dreaded leader
stood at the head table, raised a bloody cup,
and pronounced a toast,
“To all the cities great and small which we plundered
and destroyed;
to all of the peoples we raped, maimed, and butchered,
to all of these I would like to say – ‘Thank you for
inviting me into your homes’.”

…and Kyroot said:
One fellow encouraged others to believe in conspiracy theories
due to his frustration that he didn’t.

…and Kyroot said:
I don’t mean to alarm any unrepentant sissies in the crowd but there’s a guy whose main hobby is thinking up synonyms for words that don’t exist.

(There, there – calm down now;
[on a dark night it’s hard to tell whether it’s the ponies, or the corral that’s making all the ruckus].)

…and Kyroot said:
A certain man who’d spent a long life of
thought, writing, and much enjoyable talk and discussion laid upon what he called his “Phoenix-Bed Of Death & Revision,” and made the following declaration to himself,
“Aside from the fact that this is impossible insofar as regards the ordinary needs of Life – ‘Men talk too much.'”

… and Kyroot said:
To work problems into a manageable scheme of things force ’em to match up with solutions you already have.