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This Thing = Loyal Opposition to Laws of Physics


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#746 Dec 31, 1990 – 1:11
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :10. Within limits a kind of absolute dominance can occur without self-destruction; at the PL is can survive for say a generation. But in man’s Secondary Level World, the arena of dominance of ideas, such absolute dominance cannot, be tolerated by Life. Thus, the quest for truth (i.e., the unopposed dominant idea) that drives men’s minds must be forever thwarted. A passing anomaly in this regard is the appearance and influence of a ‘fanatic’. Growth of Life comes thru the Secondary Level World of man and it depends on competition as much and even more so than does the Primary Level World.

Note that every man’s brain urges the elimination of competition would be a boon, while at the same time Life has made it seem that Secondary Level World space (idea space) is at a premium, But Real Revolutionist Sight reveals that there is no spatial limitation to ideas, there is all the room in the world for them to co-exist. Yet Life induces the feeling in men that this is not so, thus fostering its own growth thru the resultant competition.

This Thing = loyal opposition to the laws of physics.

1:06 epilogue: there is a distinct new level to This Thing to be experienced, so don t burn out now.

The News


Over in the City one guy (now remember this is just one guy we’re talking about) says that so far as he can tell, “There’s been no substantial change.”

One of the speakers at last Tuesday’s City convention, which some say had already had far too little to drink even before he took to the lectern, said that “at least one thing he had learned from those thinkers that had ‘gone before’ him was that they were definitely gone.”

This one guy, just as soon as I met him said, “Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – everybody does.”

Unopposed strength on one level would probe an ultimate weakness.

Over by the in-town frog pond I saw a guy stomp his feet, shake his fists, jump and down and holler that many of his worst expectations were “longggggg” overdue.

You can rest assured you are in a well-founded sophisticated and growing City when the top position of the best selling books list is held by a work entitled, “The Soul Of The Plagiarist.”

This one kid told me, that although he tried to be intellectually optimistic, he’d already suffered an early assault when the day came that his old man was to reveal the collective-sacred family wisdom, which turned out to be this sentence, “There’s a lot of things we don’t know.”

Is it through the intellect that man is tied to tomorrow,
thus it is that he can THINK of the future long before it arrives.

Attempting to salvage some negative joy from an otherwise uneventful day, this one fellow said, “What if all this fun I’m having is just my imagination…it’d serve me right.

One guy writes to tell us, “The unseemly, unnecessary use of artificial arbitrary alliterations is the sure and steady sign of a sloppy mind.”

And finally from a great sense of collective boredom the whole crowd said, “Oh, okay, go ahead and tell us.”
(Although a race can’t be won by two – the knowledgeable runner would not even show up without a friend.)

The mail brings another letter from a gent who wanted to tell me that his “philosophical breakthrough” came on the day when he realized that what happened in his personal life didn’t effect him.

The roll call began with the arrival of the first troops.

All human activity can be more than what they are – and I should add – can be less – and I should add – this is based on the humans involved NOT the activity.

At “street-level” there is no way to know what to do except for the Institutionalized
directives of what NOT to do.

While standing in line the fellow ahead of me said to the fellow ahead of him, “It is apparently impossible for humans to over-dramatize the dangers of life……thankfully.

Over in a universe best left unnamed, a class has been in session for some time, meeting faithfully on its appointed day, when the professor announced that. “it was going to be impossible to cover the needed material within the time presently allotted.” A voice asked, “why they didn’t just increase their meeting frequency”, and the instructor replied, “What, and get even FURTHER behind!”

In the City there can be no certainties without the exceptions.

A man with only local interests cannot be of any assistance. (Anachronistic Historical Head and Foot Note: Never hire a king who speaks your language or owns in-state property.)

Once you understand that guilt is chemical, it begins to make more sense.

One day this one kid said something so provocative and surprising that for some time the old man wondered if THIS was the way things were “supposed to be.

It is almost impossible to live around her and NOT be human – at least partially.

An old sore head, kicking at trash in the subway, said to somebody, “I hear intelligence has a record out – but it’s not on the charts.” (Kick, kick.)

For those who truly like things named, were they to gang up, hold me down and force another from me, I guess we could call This Kinda Stuff, “trying To Actually Grow Up While You’re Still Alive To Enjoy It.” Now there! Happy?

In Cities everybody wants what everybody else has because they know
it’s not worth any more than what they already got.

Almost everyone will act serious if they think it will help them get listened to.

A little type standing out by the street motioned me over and said he distinctly heard a sound coming from the sidewalk that said, “Anything worth doing is worth skipping.”
(It was a warm day and the pavement was hot.)

From a diary discovered near the outskirts of the City, one page consists of this sentence:
“A man told me ‘The Revolutionist’s mind is a sight to behold — because of a crack in the mirror.”

On one of those infrequent days, when he would “speak” to himself, this one old sore skull looked at his reflection in a smoothed out piece of tinfoil, (he kept telling himself he would get a real mirror as soon as his financial position moved into a more favorable position – but he just never seemed to get around to it), and said, “And then, as if things weren’t bad enough, YOU had to show up!”

Accelerated activity in Life: One department has resulted in many contemporary people having an experimental engine in their pants…..(Note – Some wear their trousers lower than others.)

A little after two, last Sunday, I was sitting in the park next to a guy on a bench close to Monday, and after a bit of chit-chat-chow he confided to me that he now wished he had a kid so that he could pass on some advice he had finally gleaned from his life’s observations. After tossing a few more peanuts back toward Saturday, he told me what was on his mind and said, “You should be most wary of, or at least fascinated by a man who you’re sure knows something astounding and yet it has nothing to do with you.”
(I suddenly yearned for the return of the pigeons.)

A guy with a black cap says he hasn’t had his damaged front end repaired for fear they “can’t match the paint”. Some body and fender men may not grasp the metaphorical treasure herein, but by the same token, politicians and priests are the last to know, and cobblers STILL don’t understand why shoes work.

Down under the City lights, is a contemporary, secondary thinker whose latest contribution is the notion that, “All religions, philosophies and the sciences are attempts to overlap a world of ‘real chaos’ with patterns of imaginary chaos.”

Someone faxed me a memo suggesting that I attach a “Manufacturer’s Notice” to my comments and stories saying, “For Optimal Benefit You Should Not Take Any Of These Items Personally…..Unless You Can.”

REAL growing-up is “not serious”,
REAL growing-up is not what everyone thinks it is.