Jan Cox Talk 0731

Men Don’t Fear Opposing Philosophies, Only Those of No Philosophy


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#731 Nov 26, 1990 – 1:10 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :10. The perceived broken, ridiculous or incomplete cannot ever be put 100% right for the perceiver of it; therefore it can never be laid to rest, and is carried along as baggage. “When you see broke, you be broke”. If you want something to seem more complete and unblemished you must see it that way to begin with. All forms of criticism and ill will are very unbecoming to the PR; the only form of ill will appropriate for the Real Revolutionist is outright murder. Anything short of murder is whining.

The great fear of the Secondary Level World is not of opposing philosophies, it is those with no philosophy, i.e., Primary Level World throwbacks.

“Mixed feelings” refers to the essential, necessary mingling of the Primary Level World needs with those of the Secondary Level World in the NS. Modern man is not arranged to and cannot in any way directly express his thoughts and feelings. The Secondary Level World is not designed to be simple, plain and direct—it is polarized. The Real Revolutionist must bypass polarization.