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Paradise = No More Possibilities


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#729 Nov 21, 1990 – 1:10 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :11. Nothing can enter the human intellectual arena without being polarized. Polarized thought limits the speed of progress to the slow pace of ordinary evolution. Paradise is conceived of as a polarized place free of all impropriety and error. This is like going from the world of possibility (good vs. bad, with all its permutations) to one of no possibility, i.e., where only good can happen. Thus such progress is the termination of variety. Utopia = tapioca.

The News


..and Kyroot said
(Comfy Thought For The Day): “Remember – all Kyroots started out in
some one’s brain.”


…and Kyroot said:
Proper participation in City sports
requires full commitment – You gotta dive right in,
AND swim the course.
. Critics cannot
correctly respond to songs half sung.
….(I shudder – Brrrr
to think of the possibility
of anyone attempting to
use this in the privacy
of their own internal
neural playing field -Brri)


…and Kyroot said:
No profit to question the authority or hegemony of words;
The present ones are of the planet’s oldest royal bloodline.


…and Kyroot said:
There was this one guy who
typed most of his personal letters upside down
and then reversed them just before putting them in the envelope.

.06/22/90- (2.5)

and Kyroot said
Any sight with dimensions
ain’t worth seeing (unless it’s already included
in the price of the tour.)


…and Kyroot said:
One glib gossip and social commentator announced, “Everyone has an aunt who drinks too much.”, but then he was asked about those who have no aunt;
He fumbled about in his pockets for a moment, glanced off toward London and replied,
“Then it’s up to them to become their own aunt.”


and Kyroot said
Binary sight and inquiry can only lead to knowledge.


…and Kyroot said:

On.this one world
the latest news is that there IS no latest news.


… and Kyroot said
(A Remote Quote): “Almost all great love stories require two characters; the really great ones require three…(beyond that,
god knows we don’t wanna think about.”)


…and Kyroot said:
After a certain amount of good natured prodding
this one somewhat reticent fellow finally admitted
that although he saw it as no reason to brag
that it probably could be said of him that he was
“more likely to help himself before he would other people.”


..and Kyroot said:
One guy who appeared to be in his forties.


…and Kyroot said:
Over in this one universe, the gods – just as a joke
made those with the least experience
the most vocal advisors but after seeing how well it worked
they began insisting that it was never meant as a joke at all.


…and Kyroot said
Another overlooked charm of a polarized world is that anything that can be reversed can also not be.


…and Kyroot said:
On this one
new-to-town little planet
they have a saying that says,
“The idea of a man being famous is shameful.”;
This replaced an earlier one that said,
“The idea of a man being shamed is ludicrous.” …(god knows where
it’ll go from


and Kyroot said
You can’t be really “thinking” about something and be worried about it at the same time.


…and Kyroot said:
Then there was this guy I ran across (not literally of course) on another world selling what he called, “Snow shoes for the mind.”, he claimed they’d keep you from”squooshing down”.


… and Kyroot said
Even before they built it, and forever long thereafter, the Arc de Triomphe is in your head.


…and Kyroot said:
If you have a real bad thought it’s hard not to think it,
so the best approach is not to have one.


and Kyroot said:
The ole man handed the kid his bus ticket along with these words, “Remember, if you don’t take City affairs seriously they ain’t serious… Oh, and always remember, you’re supposed to take City affairs seriously.
(What better advice from
bad luck might one expect.)


…and Kyroot said:
A “You Can Count On It” Number 63: Whenever someone warns that a particular
act will be b. “death knell” you can be assured they have` a knell in danger.


and Eyroot said
Any action that seems to require an accompanying comment is in need of more than a little damn comment.


…and Kyroot said:
The scuttlebutt in one part of ..,a ‘certain penal institution is that
“Jail is just a state of mind.”, the talk however over in B Section is that it isn’t.


…and Kyroot said
Every City has a native son
who believes he “works for the ‘Higher Powers”‘ .(this is one way the
Higher Powers stay in power.)


…and Kyroot said:
One pamphleteer, over near the parks’ west gate, has as his latest pronouncement the following; “Animals have no conscience:if they did they’d be no better than man.”


…and Kyroot said:
One naughty, nautically minded chap
gave his own brain a nick name – “Sunken Treasure.”
(He said he even considered
having it painted on his stern, but that he wasn’t sure those following in his intellectual wake would
make the connection
[Hell, I’m not sure
make the

i 06/22/90-(13)

…and Kyroot said:
It’s hard to pretend you’re not pretending… which in part
helps account for the suspicious, serpentine popularity of folk music.


…and Kyroot said:
A certain prime vintage ole sore head at a gathering last week described civilization as,
“Each generation’s camouflage
of its predecessor’s barbarisms.


…and Kyroot said:
Another surly sort told his kid the following,
“Whenever some ordinary bladder-brain
tells you something new and useful
always say, ‘Ahh, I knew that already’.”,
the younger thought on this for a sec and said,
“Ahh, I knew…” – “Hold it sucker!”, shouted the ole man,
“Don’t chu go no further with that.”


…and Kyroot said:
I also know of this other fellow
who I believe works around either
the Theology, or Economics Department
over at the City college who is extremely
proper, conservative, and down right “candy-assed” unsurpassed,
but one Thursday afternoon,
after three full fingers of Old Crow,
he faced himself in the mirror and declared,
“Why don’t you just E-A-S-E up,
just ease up dammit! ;
There’s some law, or standard
concerning everything you’ll ever do
so why not just ease up.”, his
reflection hiccupped, and said,
“Are you telling me that this is a constant?”


…and Kyroot said:
Doing a re-write
Won’t make it right.
Second Verse:
Doing a re-write Can make it right.
Verse Three:
What can you say
After you’ve said it all.
Fourth Verse:
There ain’t no fourth verse
at this particular…particular…time – yeah, time.


…and Kyroot said
One little kid
(on the way to becoming a big, little kid)
made the following verbal presentation,
“If it weren’t for gravity we wouldn’t have to’aim high’ in life.”,
to which his even kiddier little brother replied,
“Get sharp, chump – if it wasn’t for life we wouldn’t have to
aim at all.”

, 06/22/90-(18)

…and Kyroot said:
Sad to say, but
not everyone who threatens”never to return” does so.


.., and Kyroot said
There were several “Kyroots” tonight that I wanted you to particularly think about, so I therefore didn’t mention it.


…and Kyroot said:
Sometimes when he would
sit himself down to direct
his brain to a present problem
this one chap would first hold his
forehead with thumbs and fingertips and intoned,
“And once again it’s the
Bad News Bears vs
World Championship Wrestling.”


…and Kyroot said:
Remember: The apparent “key word” in all
City affairs and intelligence is, “Permanently.”
(Keep repeating it
over and over to yourself, “permanently, permanently, and permanently” just in
case you want to remain so.)


…and Kyroot said:
One well meaning novice said,
“Boy, the thrill is to do these stunts
without a net.”, and the actual performer countered,
the real pulse-stopper is doing them without a trapeze.”


and Kyroot said
Our parting shot – I mean, “Thought For The Day”:
If you can think about something once
you could think about it twice;
If you can think about it twice
you can think about it one more time,
and if you can think about it all of these times
you should’ve thought about it better to begin with.