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RIC’s (Real, Imaginary Concepts): Open-Ended Fuel for New Thinking


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#727 Nov 16, 1990 – 1:08
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :09. Consider the response to the question: How do you do anything?, it is the same as for the question: How do you do everything? The universal always dominates the local; it is always in firm control of the ordinary mind. New Thinking always “thinks up” whatever it considers, i,e., thinks all possible pertinent thoughts about the subject that can be thought, thus leaving nothing left to think/talk about; it resolves all questions about a subject instantly. Connected to not talking about what you understand (have thought about universally). Why think further about what has already had all thoughts possible thought about it? The non-local view absolutely consumes the local. “The answer to Paris is the answer to France”

RICs (Real, Imaginary Concepts) are the kind of fuel to use in New Thinking. They are open-ended conclusions, flexible certainties, silly-seriousness. Note: none of these can exist in the atmosphere of a planet of passing-judgment-knowledge.

The News


…and Kyroot said:
Always remember your favorite word.


…and Kyroot said:
One chap used to like to say,
“If I can just make it through my life “I’ll worry about the rest of it later.”


…and Kyroot said
Get ready,
protect yourself,
and stand by – yet another bright-side definition of,
“progress, in the secondary world”: Repairing something back to the condition it was in just before it broke.


…and Kyroot said:
Over in this other place
the nouns all got together and decided
that things would be a lot simpler if
adjectives would “go back where they came from.”


…and Kyroot said:
Appealing to the gods is calling for progress and hoping for a short cut.


…and Kyroot said:
More new Verbal Math: The difference between,”What you are”, and,”What you’re not”
is – “Everyone else.”


…and Kyroot said
One band of beings over in another zone discovered that one way to cut down on whining, was to quote the words of others.

‘ 06/18/9045)

…and Kyroot said:
The kid pulled the ole man onto his knee and said,
“Come on Pops,
tell it again,
I love the part about when the,
‘Dead shall live and the living die’,
and the old timer thought,”I’as afraid of that.”

…and Kyroot said
Opposing armies
that might appear equal in
numbers, armaments, and provisions
are not actually equal if one side doesn’t give a damn.


…and Kyroot said:
The Philosophy Professor
in the midst of his rant exclaimed,
“Opportunity makes fools of us all.”, and
the kid was so overcharged (perhaps even overcome)
he had to leave the classroom and
go sit under a shady Economics Instructor.


and Kyroot said
One uncommon jurisdiction said they were
“rat-assed tired of wasting time”,
and officially announced the following: “Anyone who can be questioned
can’t be believed.”

, 06/18/90-(7)

…and Kyroot said:
One guy
while visiting another universe
purchased a Remote Control For The Brain;
He says that on his next trip
he plans to buy something to use it on.


… and Kyroot said
“While the City contestants are off in the sound proof booth we can tell you that the “Secret Phrase” for tonight is, ‘Thinking without a net’.”


…and Kyroot said:
As the Prime Minister and Lord Exchequer
sat by the window gazing into the rainy distance
the former finally spoke, “Tis no doubt,
no doubt at all – He was great
when he was gone.”


…and Kyroot said
Just one more question can always get you killed.


…and Kyroot said:
“Consistent as she goes”,
directed the captain,
and the secondary helmsman knew that ¬”Consistent or she doesn’t go.”


OBI and Ryroot said
Being subtle
is an elective open only to undergraduate revolutionists.

i 06/18/90-(10)

…and Kyroot said:
In the park,
just about dark,
a reflective speaker declared to the crowd,
“You guys don’t know it, but we’re ALL expatriates”,and
a short unemployed fellow over to the left said,
“Not me, I came in on a bus.”


…and Kyroot said
The hobby of one City general was to use, as often as possible,
the word, “debacle” (and of course, shoot strangers.)

…and Kyroot said:

The past
Has no future.

If you would like to
Try on the polyblend version Of the same jacket:
The past has no future IN the future.)


and Kyroot said
Chilling Though Useful Neural,Topographical Landscape Up-Date: It’s not much further from “here to there” than it is from”there” to where your mamma used to live.
(Take me home,
country Freuds…)


…and Kyroot said:

More people talk about it than actually talk about it.


…and Kyroot said
One of your City’s social critics (fancy description of a sore head)
defines a party as, “A gang rape of civility.”

f. 06/18/90-(13)

…and Kyroot said:
This one guy had favorite thoughts he’d think…

….and sometimes he’ll let ’em think him.


…and Kyroot said:
And from the ole mailbag comes a note from another constituent, and it asks, “But,’Thinking More Than You Have To’ still doesn’t make you have to go to the bathroom any less?”


…and Kyroot said:
One sergeant’s comment to the recruits at sunrise formation: “If you’re gonna be testy,
be REAL testy.”


…and Kyroot said:
One guy who always said
that he was saying this for the last time sometimes would, just to confuse his critics.


…and Kyroot said:
One kid said,
“Being thoughtful makes my head hurt.”, and his old man replied, “Ponder the alternative.”

r. 06/18/90-(17)

…and Kyroot said:
Those requiring
minutely detailed maps
are in for the ultimate in “unfinished journeys.”


… and Kyroot said
At frightening times
this one guy would sometimes tell himself,
“Come on – be a man.”,
’til one time his self replied,
“Hey, it’s your turn – YOU be the man.”

, 06/18/90-(18)

…and Kyroot said:
A centipede will never give you the correct time.

· 06/18/90-(19)

…and Kyroot said:
Hey, try this on;
One guy, right out in public,
with a straight face and serious tone said
Now get this – said that his brain “talked to him” – No I didn’t!


Ell and Kyroot said
In a certain City to your north
a guy went to a Complaint Doctor and complained,
“Hey, all I think are someone else’s thoughts.”,
and the good doctor replied,
“Hey, join the club.”,
so he went to the healer down the hall and said, “Doctor,
all. I think are someone else’s thoughts.”,
and this one replied,
“Hey, is this an epidemic or something?”,
so he went to the expert on the roof who
hit him in the goobers,
thereby distracting him from his complaint

A 06/18/90-(20)

…and Kyroot said:
The stronger you get
the less likely it is that you can even FAKE your own death.


…and Kyroot said:
“Say”, said tonight’s final subversive,
“If you didn’t want it stripped, starved and stared at, you shouldn’t ‘ave brought it to the dance.”