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A Well-Placed “Because” Will Let Everyone Off the Hook


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#697 ** Sep 7, 1990 ** – 1:06 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :07. Despots are labeled as “insane” by the remainder of growing, civilized humanity. This is a demonstration of the limitation of 3-d intellect; it arises out of morality: the condemnation, abrupt dismissal of “evil” rendering the object a thing-specific. “Madman” is the modern abrupt dismissal which serves to end further thought.

Critics of psychological labeling as a misuse of that field, can’t stop at the mere matter-of-fact observation itself but must add a qualifying clause (an explanatory reason); Life cannot allow the stark observation without a diffusing via ‘but’ or ‘because’…the telling of ‘why’. The answer to all 3-d problems is the reversal of the problem at the articulation point of “because”. “A well-placed ‘because’ will let everyone off the hook.” Bald, clinical observations w/o ‘because’ are too abrupt.

TWE/to what end? is laughter consider unsophisticated, diminishing, ignorant among the culturati? Laughter has the marked potential of disruption, of adverse impact on power control and dominance. The sound of laughter is far too close to the Silence Factor. Note that while in warlike Iraq the citizens fanatically march and demonstrate in serious hatred of the U.S., while in the U.S. the predominant response to Iraq is one of joking and laughter. Laughter is the ultimate form of variety and therefore must be suppressed. There is not much humor in the U.S.S.R and China.


..and Kyroot said:
To convey certain,
Standards of.subversive etiquette, To the kid,
One father noted,
“A real gentleman’s whereabouts, Is never known.”
…and Kyroot said:
An allegory,
Is only as good, As its last game.
…and Kyroot said:
In a dizzying display,
Of civil comprehension,
The foreman fore-claimed,
“They wouldn’t call ‘ern,
Water MAINS,
If they weren’t gonna be the first to burst.”
…and Kyroot said:
One guy,
Speaking a eappella for history asserts;
“Generally speaking,
Things tend to get generally trendy, then not so.”
…and Kyroot said:
The “exclusive” brain,
Is a proper brain;
The “exclusive” brain,
Is always up-to-date;
The “exclusive” brain,
Is a fine brain,
The “exclusive” brain is a lame brain.
…and Kyroot said:
It is the,
As yet unknown,
Who continue to insist,
“Fame, she comes unlooked for”.
(As my kid cousin,
Used to say, “Hey,
Nice try, guys.”)
…and Kyroot said:
There will always be the ideas of gods, demons, and
as long as the intellect is able to believe
that it can think about things
greater than it can think about.
…and Kyroot said:
I guess I always hoped,
(Perhaps, foolishly),
That many of you would be more,
Subversively shaken,
Regarding rhetorical structures of City life,
After I revealed to you,
That the inventor of the,
Franklin Stove was,
Benjamin Stove (but I guess hope can spring eternal in a
Foolishly hopeful breast.)
…and Kyroot said:
Anyone even resembling a Real Revolutionist wouldn’t admit that things were regressing even if he thought they were.
(And the Hidden Chorus sang,
“Does That About Cover It Like A Blanket Or What?”)
…and Kyroot said:
A fellow next to me on a recent sojourn said,
“It strikes me that,
If history took up,
Any more time than it does now,
We’ld all be in trouble.”
…and K3rroot said:
I hereby nominate,
For our monthly,
Ole Sorehead Award – or,
even the more prestigious,
Medal ^f Miscellaneous Misanthropy,
The fellow who recently said the following,
“I understand that in life,
Some play the flute,
Some the violin,
And still others the tympani,
But that still doesn’t mean you gotta like music.”
…and Kyroot said:
If you say too much those who can tell can tell.
…and Kyroot said:
Trying to,
“Make the most of what you’ve got”,
Is all right,
The most you’ve got is ALL you’ve got.
…and Kyroot said:
All rituals,
(“Pardon me,
But did you say Tall’?”; “What are you – deaf?”),
All rituals are,
…and Kyroot said:
Under ordinary conditions,
A man with,
“A lot on his mind”,
Usually doesn’t have all that much OF a mind.
…and Kyroot said:
Some guy from,
Another address writes me,
The older I get,
The more I see what you mean.” – Now,
That’s the kind of lying that gives lying a bad name.
…and Tyro at said:
If you could,
See where you’re going, Before you started,
You’ld already be there.
…and Kyroot said:
There was also this other guy,
Whose closest friend was himself…and even HE,
Wasn’t all that close.
…and Kyroot said:
One guy,
Giving a salty spin
To his cerebral systems said,
That at times,
His intellect reminded him
Of a motorsailer,
In the correlation
Between his opinions,
And the actual reality of things,
He managed to have the worst of both worlds.
…and Kyroot said:
A kite is not a kite, Until it’s flown.
…and Kyroot said:
One well meaning father,
(I don’t know that he was really
“Well meaning”, but certain
Accepted historical dictates
Seem to indicate that using such terms
May make this humble scribe
Appear somehow, more scribe-like…or something),
But be all of that – and then some,
As it may, it may go like this after all;
One well meaning father
Decided to try and give the kid
A total and final wrap up of the
Advice bit, and did so by telling his off-spring
Just this one short line,
“Don’t tell anybody anything.”
…and Kyroot said:
Health is amoral.
04/09/90- (20)
…and Kyroot said:
For the Revolutionist,
Digestion of routine information
Is like the useless begatting the futile (An endless cycle of
Zeros cloning themselves:,
04/09/90- (21..)
…and Kyroot said:
don’t be embarrasgedif you’re dumb…
…(Heh,heh…get it? –
just a little Kyroot joke.)