Jan Cox Talk 0696

Affection For Restricted Variety Built Into Nervous System


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#696 Sep 5, 1990 – 1:09 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :06. Ordinary intelligence sees change as either abrupt or quite gradual, seeing no conflict between these. Each is a polarization of the other and the intellect doesn’t see they are the same thing, When ordinary intelligence thinks about change it considers that it is for a lesser flawed condition rather than an enhanced perfection. If it were possible for intelligence to see change as positive rather than less negative, it would be a true polarity reversal. The closest that ordinary men come to this is death. The concept of paradise/infinity is of a reality with no polarity reversals, an impossibility for 3-d reality. E.g., a self-made millionaire still feels poor, insecure. E.g., all descriptions of perfection are negations of negatives, i.e.. not sick, not poor, overweight etc.

Would a “brain amp” really dispel 3-d limitations? No, yet this is the basis of all 3-d dreams and belief of increased intellect. Amplification equally amplifies noise/flaws.

There is an affection for severely restricted variety, not a mere tolerance for less variety. There is a built-in resistance to change in the NS.

1:04 Epilogue re: posting of past excursions.