Jan Cox Talk 0670

You Can’t Believe What You Don’t Like


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#670 Jul 6, 1990 – 1:09 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :05. Boundaries exist only in the Secondary Level World. The supreme boundary is the sense of individuality; the super-supreme boundary is the division between what one thinks and what one does not think. Connection to: you can’t believe what you don’t like. Nobody likes processes; even though it is possible for the intellect to perceive processes, as evidenced by all human behavior, it doesn’t like them. Once a process is made thing-specific it is likable. You cannot dislike what is not named; cannot properly oppose the visiting team if it is not named. No one has a name for what they don’t think about.

Life offers up no 3-d poetic apologies, no rhapsodies for D-force, for one-third of the support for reality. Why? The intellect is wired to ignore half of two-thirds of reality. It is the boundary between thinking and not-thinking.

There are some people (processes) in Life’s nervous system that are too “good” (stimulating) to forget about. Who besides the Real Revolutionist would tolerate the limits of 3-d existence? Who but the Real Revolutionist could use the knowledge that the negative (gloom, fear, D-force) is absolutely useless for individual growth, but essential for Life’s own growth’?

Is it possible to side-step genetic inputs so as not to register them in memory? Be elsewhere; you cannot prevent the flow of genetic input.