Jan Cox Talk 0666

Don’t Remodel Language–Create a New One


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#666 Jun 27, 1990 – 1:08 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :06. Graft, bribery and fraud are what make the Secondary Level World possible. E.g., “Busywork” in the abattoir queue; illness-health etc. are a kind of fraud. Episodes in life are always taken to be the conclusion to the series by the ordinary mind = fraud. The unanalyzed, unspoken belief that the world is not big enough for everybody and/or every idea, is a kind of fraud. It is the continual renaming of the “water diet”.

It is tricky, difficult to govern or be governed in a foreign language. Man’s intellect is prime example: Life governs the intellect in a foreign tongue; if it were otherwise everybody would understand everything that is said or that happens. Everybody wants to remodel language whereas the Real Revolutionist desires a whole new one.

Note the action of the Secondary Level World to offer up excuses in language for certain Primary Level World desires and behaviors. E.g., “sex can be a powerful, positive psychosocial binding energy between modern adults” serves to refine the bald Primary Level fact that sex feels good, that sex is fun in and of itself. Thus the intellect is a continual apologist for the PL.

 1:04 Epilogue: if you desire expanded commentary on the Kyroots, write to ATL; include SASE. 1:08 end.