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Thinking the Same Thing Twice Is A Form of Inbreeding


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#640 Apr 27, 1990 – 1:08 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :06. Factions in Life via man. Factional increase (e.g., sexual reproduction) comes via variation/mutation whereas asexual reproduction thru cloning, replication, duplication. There is a strength for Yellow Circuit benefit in growth thru variation. Thinking the same thing twice is a form of replication/inbreeding, producing weakness, stagnation.

Agitation produces strong growth. Connection to all problems arising from people trying to help. E.g., alcohol/drug problems arise from people attempting to help themselves. Factions are always trying to help one another, agitate, i.e., prevent stagnation. Nobody attempts to willfully create harm for another; the original impulse is always, at improvement, but always leads to harm. if attempted help actually helped as advertised, it would be a cloning process, a weakening process since no strength is produced.

Episodic consciousness can only see factional interaction producing harmful consequences; at the greater genetic level however, Life grows and improves. Cloning is no improvement, therefore harmful since growth is the goal and growth , improving strength.


For NP : don’t tell yourself what you are doing, if you succeed, don’t applaud


…and leyroot said:

One guy’s guiding4rinaplp was,
The further you are awakom, home 0 .1010 1?!
• The -less often you should call. 4111110″”
…and Kyroot said:
This month’s figures are finally in, and the galaxy’s most popular
published work is,
“The Book Of Symptoms.”
…and Kyroot said:
The left overs of anger
Can be as noxious as the meal.
…and Kyroot said:
In the midst of this one other world,
In the inner middle of a certain philosophical group,
They passed along this wisdom, one to another
“So long as you think man a deed-ill-done, you’ve got it made.”
…and Kyroot said:
When in doubt, Act artsy.
…and Kyroot said:
The message from one thinker on,(I’m sure you’ll be glad to know),
another planet, asks me to relay
to you the following,
“It can be a great relief to realize
that absolutely no one knows what
they’re talking about, and that
it makes not the slightest bit
of difference to anyone.”
…(Is there an unconditional certainty that I should be passing along messages such as this?)
…and Kyroot said:
There is much more to the obvious than is obvious.
…and Kyroot said:
The harm we do ourselves
Is not the real harm done.
…and Kyroot said:
I never told anyone this, (and I still may not), but I once had a
real upset fellow tell me that as far as he was concerned this kinda stuff was”just getting
someone else to think
for you.”
..(I can only hope that he’s calmed down by now.)
…and Kyroot said:
Those who don’t talk about their troubles don’t have no troubles.
…and Kyroot said:
At times of real stagnation there’s always the gambit of the
“Contrived, Controlled Crisis
…and Kyroot said:
YesterdayIreceived a letter from a fellow on a not too distant world who told me that some time back he had taken my idea of “fake it til you make it” so much to heart that only recently had he realized that he was no longer operationally aware of his fakery, to quote him, “I can’t tell
any more whether I’m
actually faking it or not.”
.(now, now, sir, no need to thank me.)
…and Kyroot said:
The Revolutionist doesn’t hate the opposition, the established powers,
but is in eternal resistance to local conditions – whatever they are – in him.
…and Kyroot said:
One traveling thinker told his stay-at-home-son, “Almost all streets
in three dimensional settings are one way; Thus, guilt has no
..(He confided to me later that just in case this message didn’t produce the desired effect he has left instruction for a card to be sen to his son on the offspring’s ninetiet birthday telling him to “chill out.”)
…and Kyroot said:
If our speech did not reflect our correct chemistry we’d all be on
spring break.
…and Kyroot said:
“Ah”, spake the poet,”There is this one land wherein ’tis only after
action has commenced that
a purpose is placed thereon.” and his Falstaff replied, “Ah, what a strange kingdom that must be, me lord.”, and the leige agreed, “How strange indeed.”
…(I feel wont to tell you that I am not all that convinced of the sincerity of the bard’s final comment.,.I did want to get this in since it is directly tied to my original purpose in bringing you the brief scene.)
…and Kyroot said:
To be,”put to use”,
Be close to be,”put to death”.
…and Kyroot said:
“0.k., sargeant, hand out the larger weapons to the men without pillows.
…and Kyroot said:
There was this one king who gave each of his offspring names that no
one in the kingdom could pronounce…
… (in some further times, at different junctures, this would, by itself, qualify one for inclusion in the “Father Of The Century Contest”.)
…and Kyroot said:
In an apparent attempt at some sort of self liberation this one
chap put on his best suit,
• oiled and brushed his hair,
then confronted himself in a full length mirror and announced,
“From here onward – do as you’re told, but think as you want.”
..(After the obligatory double cheek kiss, handshake and salute, he was dismissed to carry on his normal duties.)
…and Kyroot said:
Most real good revolutionist information is improvised.
efr • •