Jan Cox Talk 0609

My Brain Made Me Do It


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#609 * Feb 14, 1990 * – 1:10 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :07. The only profitable study of man is not study of the individual but with study of the species. Individuals are concerned only with themselves, the local, and offer no larger significance for revolutionary study. It is best not to even try to study the individual; it is comparable to attempting to correctly pronounce foreign phrases in conversation—you can’t win: those for whom such phrases are native tongue won’t be impressed while those for whom they are not, wouldn’t know the difference and thus can’t appreciate your effort. The approach of subjective investigation vs. objective is to no avail; “know thyself” is fundamentally flawed process for the FR—the general, impersonal study is required.
[Diagram #?]

Pacific Plains Eastern
Pacific Zone: Intellect = R&D; Liberal; Itchy/anxious; Intellectual improvement of Life
Plains Zone: Intellect = mid-range, Intermittent; Secondary achievers (social climbers); Bourgeois/new rich; Intellectual improvement of Life.
Eastern Zone: Intellect = Flaccid/indifferent; Conservative (grumpy); Somatic health maintenance of Life.

Everyone is always working in one or other of the labor zones sometimes even simultaneously. The zones are in conflict with each other. In the mid-range plains is where the illusion of getting-somewhere, of progress, exists. It involves a continual kind self-adjustment or feedback process centered in SL/secondary level activity a kind of regulating system wherein Life exists. Eastern Zone individuals tend to operate in groups (herd instinct); the main movement/interest is in sports activities.

Pacific Zone individuals tend to operate in isolation; their main interest is academic, literature, etc. The “Neural Subversive” belongs in this Pacific Zone of his nervous system, not in the herd mentality of the Eastern Zone.

“Crimes committed by two will be paid for one by one”. Connected to the excuse given that “the brain made me do it”…but you nevertheless pay the price.