Jan Cox Talk 0558

In City Everything has the Premise: Things Aren’t Right & Must be Made So


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#558 Oct 16, 1989 – 1:03
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :05.

The saying that This Thing has no premise, i.e., that having no premise for a premise, must be said so due to the necessary functioning, the gravity of language. But it is more than that of course, everything else has an inescapable premise: the premise that things are not quite right and should be made so. It is absolutely inescapable, but This is not then mere fatalism in pointing it out. If This were to have a premise, it would not be the premise that things aren’t aright, rather, it would be: everything is proper, functional, vital to its time and place, but for a few individuals, they would have things better personally, for themselves (and for no reason).

Those parts of a system further from the core are the most conservative; those closest to the core are the most radical, vital, active. This temporal understanding is the opposite of the spatial one where the extremes, the forefront of growth is the youngest and most active area of a system. Consider the connection to your own intellectual needs to think in the future, i.e., closer to your origin, staying away from your conservative fringes.

The closer a system is under direct control, the closer it is to experiencing a surprising kind of freedom; a higher order freedom arising from a self-directed, personal tyranny–a secret, internal, dogmatic, useless, arbitrary control. But it must be close, controlled control. The core is not spatial, it is a temporal affair.