Jan Cox Talk 0555

Think In the Future, Not About It


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#555 Oct 9, 1989 – 1:01
Notes by TK

Kyroot. to :04. Men have three choices of reaction: come out swinging, sniveling or smiling (which is really a form of the previous two). The Real Explorer can BrainSmile. The first two offer no New Information. The intellect can be seen as a doorway between local, internal awareness and universal, external awareness. BrainSmile is a “peephole” in the doorway eliminating the need to open the door indiscriminately.

BrainSmile works in the future. There is no real division between past and present; time as understood and discussed/used by the ordinary intellect in a non-temporal way. All human thought is non-temporal, spatial. Were this not so, no premises would be necessary to humans; premises are delineations, boundaries of space. The intellect can be seen as a reversing or inverting agency, like an optical lens; the reduction/conversion is from internal to external, or enlarging/reducing. Connection to the difference between info transmitted vs. info received.

There is a phenomenon that approaches the attempt to think in the future vs. about it. E.g., the novel, The Fountainhead, where the plot has no correlation to existing circumstances: at the time there were no pressures of big business on the human spirit. Where things are impertinent is the approach to the temporal. Note that religions are always impertinent since it is impossible to live by their tenets.

0:58 end of public tape. Excursion: try to write an in-the-future re-work (syllabus) of some recognized great classic. Or at least think about it. 1:01 – end.