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Laws are not Imported


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July 10, 1989
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Jan Cox Talk 0517 Jul 10, 1989 – TRT 1:23
Notes by TK

Suggested Title: Laws are not Imported

History is not outside of individuals or individual collections of cells. There is an unrecognized cellular split that ensures continued growth. In western-world history the Reformation gave the English and Dutch a holy mantle (of Protestantism) free reign to attack the Portuguese and Spanish (orthodox Catholics) while ‘coincidentally’ happily collecting the primary commercial profit such activity engendered. The real activity was expansion of energies for Life (e.g., commerce) via the vehicle of religious fervor. The internal Nervous System manifestation: a kind of supreme “justification” of self-righteous fervor.

An unrecognized law: the instant use of a thing/system is its definition; moreover: the definition becomes in turn part of the function. Definition-perception constantly changes with each successive individual and circumstance …i.e., each different use! / As in — “I used to remember my childhood as happy and nurturing, but thru these last 6 years of psychoanalysis I now realized I was really sad and lonely.” The perception becomes part of the system. Thus everything will appear ironic in time…become its own opposite.

Unrecognized law: the forces, laws, rules that seem to govern things here are not imported. They are native, homegrown. No one can escape from themselves.

“Mare Closum” doctrine —historic papal decree limiting who can legitimately explore new territory, exists too in the modern Nervous System. Exploration rights are not granted willy-nilly, can only have effect in their appropriate time and place, serving no purpose otherwise and to be therefore avoided. Thus was it Columbus who ‘discovered’ the New World when Eric the Red and other assorted Scandinavians had done so centuries prior. Life will allow wild-hair accidents to happen, won’t bother to prevent them on a small scale. The Real Explorer is an Eric the Red.

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For NP: neuralize new law– the instant use of a thing or system is its definition