Jan Cox Talk 0509

There is Duality Within Duality


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June 21, 1989
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Jan Cox Talk 0509 – Jun 21. 1989 * – 1:26
Notes by TK

Suggested Title: “There is Duality Within Duality”

There is a duality within duality. The Real Explorer treats all info as misinformation, but info where the undesirable aspect is as useful and meaningful as the desirable aspect of the inevitable dichotomy. Connection to “All words have an ‘evil twin’.”; it is a kind of “synonymous confusion”. E.g., ‘memory’ and ‘the past’ are used synonymously, as if interchangeable functions of one another …but they are two distinctly different things.

The past, history, is a kind of ‘free time’ unlimited to just the past; memory is “backwards history”; destiny/fate, normally considered the other end of the history/past spectrum, is “forward history”. Memory is not true or faulty according to whether it conforms to ‘what actually happened’, it is a different process altogether, incommensurate with ‘what happened’. Other examples of ‘synonymous confusion’: knowledge and education; fear and guilt; the obvious and the apparent, etc.

A “chump’s choice”: what is the point in having artistic talent when it cannot be exercised freely, without some form of censorship? E.g., artist’s product vs. commercial-marketing agent concerns requiring alterations. Businessmen generally avoid artistic creativity, are ‘too’ conservative, timid. Yet this is their purpose: creation of the distinct frontier between art and commerce. The businessman in turn considers the artist ‘too’ extreme in his artistic expression; the two are made for each other, there is no ‘conflict’ between them.

The impossibility of a rich man entering heaven is an idea held by all religions. Yet it is taken in a metaphorical sense to let everyone (particularly the rich) off the hook, i.e., a poor man can be ‘rich’ in negative emotions, etc. But from a more complex view it is no metaphor, it is literal fact since commerce does not parallel artistic/spiritual endeavor; apples and oranges.

How to control/change emotions: act like a person who is feeling the way you want to feel, would act. This creates a new, more complex level, a ‘beta’ level of limbic-talk in the Nervous System. The pretense of anything IS everything. Life presents pretense to all; when the pretense breaks down, the ‘reality’ breaks down.

Everything can be seen from two views. Worms are apparently simplistic agents which consume the more complex bodies of humans. But when seen as Life itself, they are more complex. There is a test for complexity: The complex can come and go, can travel at will, the simplistic cannot. Consider the internal application.