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The Past is a Sitting Duck


April 28, 1989
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#488 ** Apr 28, 1989 ** – 1:13    
Notes by TK

“Hey, it’s hard to breathe down here.” The operational opposite of something is not what is ordinarily said to be its opposite. E.g., love as redress for hatred of enemies will not facilitate change; it is too close to the original. 

“Hip”, stylish talk, bureaucratic jargon, has an undeserved had reputation because it is an enricher of experience rather than a impoverishing influence. Hip talk is part of the experience. Words like “sanitary engineer” and “apartment home” enlarge the dimension of internal/external verbalization possibilities. The same is true of synonyms; “I” is a synonym. Talk/thought is Secondary activity which applies especially to the simplistic. The more simplistic a person is, the more he talks about himself and his life; the more he defines himself via synonyms of nationalism/patriotism, religion, etc.

There is a common knowledge of this demonstrated in life, where excess of self-defining talk is discounted by those subjected to it, even while it is a necessary enriching activity for the one engaged in it. The appearance of anything is part of that thing. Talk/thought could be considered as the ‘appearance’ of something but it is inseparable from the supposed ‘essence’ of it. Superficial, “mere” appearances in the derogatory sense inclines everyone toward enrichment: debate, discussion (from acrimony to accord). The difference of opinion is the churning of accounts; it is enrichment…but for the benefit of the simplistic only—It requires no effort, it is automatic. Dissatisfaction = increased complexity; complaining is enrichment of experience.

The past is a sitting duck; helplessly vulnerable to alteration. It can be uncontrollably manhandled by people. E.g., the “breakthrough” of loss (“working through-) of guilt, by children, over a parent’s suicide. The chemical reality is a reconstruction of the past to re-place blame so as to absolve the present of responsibility. This is enrichment thru Secondary activity: verbal circuitry of NS. To change the way you think is to change the past. Therefore, give thanks to the past—it can accept any/all assault, and still be the past. Connection to consciousness being the last to know; thought happens every second, becomes/is the past; is malleable for city-change.

Give yourself a White Elephant; put yourself on the edge of ruin, and do it non-verbally. To properly put yourself under the pressure of W.E. decision/action means not to talk about it. To talk about it = to enrich it in the old manner: to make it satisfying, so you won’t therefore do it, so you can then feel guilty, which = further ordinary enrichment. Talk will make the W.E. go away.