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Everything Is Ironic on 3-D Level


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#477 Apr 3, 1989 – 1:16
Notes by TK

The debate over “pornography” shows Life is not totally pleased with sex moving into the SL. But Life, of course, is never totally satisfied with anything  it does, because that is what “doing” (growth) is all about. What is totally satisfying disappears. Life was not totally decided it didn’t need dinosaurs, but when it was, they were finished, extinct.

 “Irony” is inevitable in a 3-d view of life; everything is ironic at the 3-d level, it gives rise to the opposite, given enough time, of what its expected outcome should have been. Things move from the simple to the complex to the ‘grotesque’ (unnatural parody of itself vis a vis its function), and if it endures longer, explodes, then rises Phoenix-like from its own ashes reborn but more or less drastically altered, on a new level. E.g., the Datsun 240Z model of car. Religions, sex/relationships, and ideas conform to this cycle of recurrence, of instant karma: simple, complex, grotesque, explosion, simple (on new level), complex etc.

The pretense of any activity is the activity; Secondary Level (SL) activity is pretense and inevitably produces ironic results. Talk is lubrication for growth; it is like the reassurances given to children on dark stormy nights. It is a form of resistance; yet it is a form of assurance to growth. The grumbling, dissension and problems among men are the sign that Life is still interested in man, needs his function, will not abandon him. Thus resistance/talk encourages growth.