Jan Cox Talk 0386

Getting Off an Endless Highway Loop


August 31, 1988
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Jan Cox talk 0386  08/31/1988
Notes by EW and SD

The “Tricky-Trick” Of How Things Are Arranged:
Grasping fully that your job in THIS THING is not to correct, combat or destroy “The Old Guard” of the inner self; Rather, the needed direction lies not in the pop psychology of “Im ok you’re ok,” or, in the interminable belief of being flawed, but somewhere else entirely.

Picturing The Situation Within The Whole Spectrum Of The Human Life Span:
The childhood/adolescent/early-adulthood illusion, of “Going Somewhere” in Life’s seeming expanse. The ideals run high. Life is fun. The grandeur of imagination runs toward seeing one’s future self as highly accomplished, recognized and satisfied, regardless the role envisioned. Gradually a diminishing of the original dream state occurs, as Life’s highway reveals its futilities. Lesser day-dreams come into play as we settle for the reality of what presents itself.

Picturing The Metaphor Of The Endless Highway Loop:
As humans age, it becomes apparent that Life is not “going anywhere.” The situation is now felt for what it is: An endless beltway around The City of Line Level Consciousness. One begins to realize the unforeseen trap of “making a living” and “raising a family,” or the “endless pressures of a chosen career track.” Regardless the imagined “gains” of reputation, recognition, wealth or fame, the dissatisfaction sets in. Age brings “noises under the hood.” Health concerns of “the vehicle” replace the preoccupation with earlier plans, dreams, expectations and intentions.

The Involvement Of The Self in “Necessary Irrelevance.”
Over time, Life is so arranged to shift, almost seamlessly, a man’s internal/external focus, from one preoccupation to the next. Caught on the periphery-highway-loop of The City consciousness, the interest goes from early stages of grandiose imaginings to a fallback interest in “maintaining the vehicle.” The belief in this futile direction is seemingly hard-wired into the nervous system, and yet it is a trap for human consciousness. The belief that continues to drive the human mechanism is of a “Fix-It” type mentation.

A would-be Revolutionist must begin by recognizing the Necessity To Start in this ordinary human condition, by sensing that something is amiss, and then be able to discontinue with the highway’s 3D loop. Seeing the Irrelevance of Everything, he/she must gradually grasp the ultimate Irrelevance of the Necessary trap and all that it presents. Fixing the vehicle is not the answer to life’s seeming Problems, The “tricky-trick” is to Start somewhere and yet not get caught.

The Real Focus Should Be on Highway Design:
The Revolutionist must realize that his/her Work in This Thing, is not “fix-it” focus toward the vehicle, nor concern over Life’s cleverly designed Highway loop trap. The sly awareness must be to discover a new piece of the highway. The correct focus must be in getting off the loop and onto the exit ramp to new wiring.

Metaphors Of The Endless Beltway Detailed:
The capacity to gradually recognize the Necessary/Irrelevance as preparation for insight into the human situation. Realizing that Jan cannot tell what Can’t Be Told. A Revolutionist must internally labor to understand his individual position on the grid and its moment to moment movement. He/she must grasp that This Thing is too subtle for words. Pressing On must become the great Understanding and the deliberately-chosen (willful) Moto against our our seemingly nullified mortal situation on the 3D loop of City Consciousness.

Updated “Prescription” From Jan To The Would-Be-Revolutionist:
1) Abandon any interest in the Cause of Anything (whether inside the Self or outside)
2) Abandon any interest in the ILL of Anything ( whether inside the Self or outside)
By following this directive on the Highway of Life, by means of this “Prescription,” the possibility arises of eventually discovering an area, an off-ramp, a corner of Consciousness, that Life does not allow. It is here that we see that things are not broken. No ordinary “traveler” is allowed at this juncture. Only a True Revolutionist has the propensity to find a glimpse of this “off-map” location. When it’s beauty is revealed, “This Thing, “folds up” making a Mobius strip look crude,”

Willful Stalling Approach Revisited (from Talk 385:)
Grasping the purpose and perhaps prelude, of the Technique of deliberate Willful Stalling as an enhancement to The Prescription. Real Power detailed as to what it is Not. Ultimate Power in Work Direction, defined, in being able to “fuel” the vehicle (on your own) in order to “get around the corner ” to an area of the wiring that you cannot now actualize, nor even yet conceive.
Final Words of Encouragement/Advisement From Jan:
“Don’t forget. Take your best shot, IF, you’ve got a gun.”


For NP: In next week, tell two people one of your ‘flaws’ and then come to the position that –‘to hell with it, I’m not going to change…” Observe..

And Kyroot Said…

Well sure, you can be eccentric, but can you keep it
HIDDEN?… so that it MEANS something?


No matter what Ms. Greenblatt may have told you in the tenth
grade, I’m here to set your record straight: All words have the
same, base definition. (Now THAT’S the kinda stuff you can’t get
from public education.)


O.k., let me be even MORE straight and specific: The
PURPOSE of all words is the same. Now, is that better.


If you merely attempt to “go by the rules” you’ll always be
too late. By the time rules are formulated and adopted in any
area, they are outdated. E.g., you could never be a Muslim by
attending to Islamic rules. Weird, but true. Weird, but
fascinating. Weird, but efficiency exemplified.


In the City, all Men secretly laugh, ofttimes in dazed
bewilderment, at other Men’s sense of duty.


Those who can sing, do. And those who can’t, often STILL


Most People just won’t be satisfied until they’ve blown up.


Always pretend you’re going to ask for less than you are.
And then DON’T.


Ordinary understanding is available to all, but
revolutionist data is dear indeed.


Just because mortals write books does not mean there are any
real books ON mortals.

In “Never-You-Mind Land,” every meaningful sentence has a
certain fixed number of words, (the same as do Men).


In the City, a professional comedian is a would-be dominant
mugger with a grin, and no gun.


The little tyke asked the old man, “Grandfather, what is the
difference between one who tells you half of what he knows, and
one who knows only half of what he tells you?” And the old gent
chuckled, and sent the lad out to play in the quagmire… where
he belonged.


In a Real Revolution, you must remember this: What you’ve
gotta do, is regardless of what is true.


Never trust a god with an accent.


If it “all seems TOO plausible,” you’re probably on Candid


Shows how smart the Yellow-Circuitry IS in Man, it’ll make
him say, “Hey, I’m not as DUMB as I look,” while the Red one
would never proclaim, “Hey, I’m not as frail as I AM.”


Are People generally more disappointed by what has, or has
not happened to THEM, or simply about being the them that they


Now remember, kids, don’t YOU try this at home.


Only an enemy will take the time to accurately describe


Don’t EVER discuss the cost.



Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1988

Document: 386, GSIBM, August 31, 1988

You have got to finally realize, and then finally remember, that your job in This is not to stick around and correct, combat, or destroy the “Old Guard.” That is, what seems to be the old habits and the old self. This is tricky to talk about. Ofttimes when I bring up something along these lines, I make a point of telling you that I am not talking about the contemporary “I’m O.K. — you’re O.K.” psychology. There’s not much danger in anyone mistaking This for that, however, because there’s not much danger in anyone ever being fully able to wear that kind of shirt anyway.

You could look upon your life, not incorrectly, as being born in a car and finding yourself on an expressway. In the beginning, when you’re a child, the road is apparently going somewhere. You imagine growing up to marry Prince Semi-Charming or playing for the Red Sox. But, I suggest to you, as you get older you may have passing sensations that you are actually, once and for all, on a circular belt way. By the time you reach 50, if you’re like everyone in the City you have given up any interest in the road actually going somewhere. Along the way from childhood to 50 there is a gradual process of losing interest and enthusiasm about where the road may be going, and simultaneously there begins to arise a concern over the health of the vehicle itself. It gradually gets to the point, “I don’t care if I’m going anywhere, but as long as I’m on what may be an endless perimeter highway, I’ve got to take care of this vehicle. I’ve never been absolutely satisfied with its basic road worthiness, and it is beginning to make strange noises.”

Everyone goes through a period when the road seems to be going somewhere. There is an interest in asking questions, interest in philosophy, interest in hobbies. It is simply that life has some meaning, beyond any sort of spiritual or philosophical slant. When you are 7 or 8, life is not a drag. Life is fun. I repeat, there is no absolute cutoff age, but the sensation that life is fun begins to mesh with a gradual loss of interest in childhood dreams. Because how many people who dreamed of being baseball players become baseball players? One out of a million? You end up doing something else: making a living, raising a family, etc. Coevally, you become more and more interested in the condition of the vehicle. And everybody around you does, too. Your peers at that age go through the same thing. Even before the vehicle actually starts making noise, talking about its health becomes a hobby. Men start to discuss hair loss; women have children and begin to discuss their physical condition. It happens to everybody in the City.

And herein lies what has always been one of the slipperiest tricks: the purpose of This is not to stay where you are and work on the vehicle. It is simply not. And yet to start with, you must involve yourself with necessary irrelevance. I have played my required part in that, such as forbidding you to drink alcohol on a regular basis. The purpose of This is not to cure a drinking problem. It is not to cure, to repair, or to destroy any part of your old self. It is impossible to do so.

The belief after a certain point is that if there is anything worthwhile to be done, it is in correcting current problems. It is not an acquired or theoretical belief; it is a part of the nervous system itself. It is as much a part of human life as it is for you to breathe and blink. But the Real Revolutionist cannot stay and apparently correct, combat, or destroy any of the Old Guard/Old Stuff/Old Self/Old Habits. And yet in the beginning you have to start somewhere. There you are, running around this circular track, and you came across somebody like me. You have to have the feeling, “What should I do?” And so I say things like, “Slow down. Speed up. Pull over for awhile. Start using high octane gas.” I tell you anything. And it doesn’t mean anything. It has been going on as long as This has been going on; it is necessary but it’s irrelevant.

As foreign as This is to the basic nervous system, you must begin with the feeling that we are talking the same language. That is, your interest at first is to fix yourself up and be healthy, in all connotations of the word. And so I say, “Right. First off, you have to do so and so.” What if I said there IS no “first off”? What if I said you don’t have to do anything? You’d never start. You would never feel that you had started, and if you didn’t feel that we had started, we hadn’t started. So, “Wash your car there, sir…and you, get that junky stuff out of your window.” It is absolutely necessary and it is irrelevant. This Activity has nothing to do with any correction of what has gone before. But that simply cannot be. If that were true, then nobody would try to change, right? Right. That’s it.

It is almost impossible to make the first move. You’ll try, for whatever reason. If I said, “Everyone who wants to make real progress in This has to give up all carbohydrates,” let us assume you would try it. Your belief would be that doing so would help you in whatever you feel are your personal weak areas. And would it? Are you going to say it wouldn’t? How do you explain that little men in $5.98 toupees say, “Be healed,” to people, and their goiters disappear? Some of you know this is not funny, because some of you know that if you didn’t watch it, it would work. You could stop eating carbohydrates and it would cure your bad temper. But then, some of you also know that it would work and then become irrelevant, because your perception also changes. It is the same as no change. To believe that you are in This to attempt change is still on the basis that there is something to be changed. You can’t help it. You can’t escape from such a belief any more than you can escape from your shadow.

Here it is: once you realize that you’re not attempting to patch this thing up or to destroy it, what you then see is that the concern is not over the vehicle. It is over the highway. What you are attempting to do — and what I know how to do for a few people — is to discover a new piece of highway. And as far as 3-D reality is concerned, this new highway is irrelevant to your vehicle. It has nothing to do with your vehicle’s condition, except you can’t start there. For some people, they can’t start there two years after they begin This. Or five years after they begin This. Notice how many of you still believe that you’re working on yourself…that you’re still tinkering around. But it is necessary, as long as you don’t really know what you’re doing.

It is not a Revolutionist’s job. It is not your hobby; it is not your payoff. You are not even really on the right track to believe that you must correct and probably ultimately destroy part of your Old Guard. You cannot be a Revolutionist (whatever I mean by that) by fixing up the car. And, of course, you won’t do it by continuing endlessly to go around this perimeter highway. Some of you are sitting here right now and you’re not sure you are hearing what I am saying. Oh, it sounds simple enough. It sounds like I’m saying that whatever you are is okay. And that’s not it, because whatever you are, you don’t feel that it’s okay. You wouldn’t be trying to do This if everything was okay. And so, you at first have to deal with necessary irrelevance, but you are not even at the right turnoff. You are not operating at the right speed until you realize that the whole call, not of “the wild,” but of “you,” is that things have got to be patched up. Every “you” on this planet knows that.

It’s all preparation. You’ve got to go through it, but it has nothing to do with This. What good is the preparation if you don’t even start doing This? This is about going to a new place; a highway where you have not been, where your parents have not been, and which the general public does not even know exists. It is to move beyond patching, repairing, or destroying any of the Old Guard in the City. There is nothing out there; nothing inside; nothing to fix. If I said there was a map to that new place and started saying (which I do), “Let’s go down this way” — the vehicles of most of you would not go there. It’s as though you’re in a little kiddie-car on a track: the steering wheel will turn and you think you’re driving, but that thing goes exactly where it wants to.

To do This, you have got to realize that there is no profit whatsoever in trying to fix the old car; that is, you. It’s not even worth talking about, except here I am talking about it. Now, there’s no doubt you can do things: you can lose weight, quit smoking, cut your hair and get a nose job…but it has nothing to do with This. Nothing, nothing, nothing. To ever realize that is a huge relief. Let me point out one more time, as long as you are in the position and the condition as you should be — that is, where the car demands attention — you are forever tied to the anchor of all fears, frustrations, doubts, and age. There are only three or four hands full of people on this planet at any particular time who are doing otherwise.

Try it this way. What if what I have often repeated, that things are not broken, is a lie? Or what if I didn’t know any better and when I finally came to my senses, what would you do? You would press on. “It’s just one problem after another; it’s all broken and cannot be fixed.” If that were true, and it may be, the Real Revolutionist has no problem with it. It is irrelevant to his life. Other than, of course, avoiding being hit by somebody in an erratic car. If he understood, “Hey — everything IS broken; it can’t be fixed, and nobody else realizes it,” would he any longer stop and fool around with his car? Would he any longer be spending his time worrying about strange noises from the vehicle? Do you understand? Assuming the Real Revolutionist has some perception that ordinary consciousness does not allow, he would no longer be involved whatsoever with the very things which seem to be broken. Not at all. And not to please somebody. It would be from his own desire to get to a new place in the highway.

As long as I’m getting out of hand, let me give you a prescription. If you insist on treating an ill in your vehicle, first you’ve got to abandon any interest in the cause. Secondly, you’ve got to abandon any interest in the ill. Anybody properly born to This could get somewhere else even with the first part. 3-D consciousness cannot ever conceive of abandoning interest in the cause of an ill. For instance, what caused your bad temper, if you have one? Not past traumas. The cause of your temper is being alive. The cause of your temper is you. The cause of your temper is breathing in and out.

Still, the first part of the prescription is irrelevant. Now I’m giving you the rest of it. Abandonment of the cause is realizing that there IS no cause. Anything else is non-abandonment. If you’re studying it, you don’t comprehend it. The rest of it is: abandon all interest in the ill. There it is. That is a prescription which will fold up in such a way to make a mobius strip look very, very crude. And once you can do it, you can’t find the edges of it. You can’t then even see what the prescription says anymore, because it’s all folded in on itself.

Another thing about trying to work on ills. I have pointed out to you the method of willfully stalling. And I tried to get you to see what I meant by “willful.” Now, perhaps, I can put up an expanded signpost: a willful act cannot be a reaction to perceived pressure. If you write that down, it makes grammatical sense. But think about it a second. In the City it’s dumb. It’s a higher form of futility in the Bushes. You willfully attempt to do some act which is not in any perceivable way a reaction to prevailing demands. Does anybody hear this? Willful stalling moves you into the area of E. This willful stalling is also a willful non-talking-to-myself. It is a non-telling.

It is the total abandonment of the internal conversation about planning. Does anybody remember what brother Kyroot said, some months back, about real power? Real power is silent. For someone attempting to pursue This, not only is real power silent, it is so much so that anything said about it is seriously incorrect, because you take it, at that level, as being a comment on the power of working on yourself as you are. And that is not power. If there is any power in that, why can’t people do it? If there is any possible power in confronting, correcting, or even destroying parts of the Old Guard — the old system, the old self — why don’t I just come right out and tell you how to do it? I’ll tell you why. It is impossible.

But that would seem to be the ultimate power. When people imagine power, when they buy a book or go to a lecture, they believe that if there is an extraordinary secret available it will be in the power to change one’s self. Power to lose weight, power to quit smoking, power to do something…but that is not real power. That is to attempt remedial auto repairs, when there are no mechanics and there is nothing which can be repaired anyway.

This is not some verbal game. And it does not, of course, mean that what I am doing here is a waste of time (any more than I can presently bear). You are on the lookout for information about how to fix up your vehicle, because you’re sure that it needs such fixing before you can even think about going faster or getting into the passing lane. But real power has to do with the ability to fuel the vehicle and to know where to go, so to speak, in an area which is around the corner. Your little car is going as fast as it will ever go, and I can’t make it go any faster. But in the beginning I had to sort of play like I was helping you tune it up. But nobody can do that. Nobody, nobody, nobody.

All the real tricks are silent. And anything that’s not silent is not real power. I repeat, it does not mean that I cannot verbally do otherwise, but it takes two. It takes me to say it and somebody to hear it. As long as you hear it as a means to “work on yourself,” it is useless information. It may sound interesting and you have to try to work on the vehicle at first; you can’t ignore it. But you can’t stay there forever. “Forever” for some of you may be six more months. “Forever” might be another month. For some of you, “forever” has been breathing down your neck for a long time.

Things are either not broken, or they are broken and can’t be fixed — which is the same thing. Absolutely the same. What is not the same thing is for you to find the hole where they overlap, and to see that the condition of your vehicle is irrelevant. Some of you will say, “Hey, that’s neat…I’ll write that down.” Write, write, write. Listen, listen, listen. Work, work, work.

Tonight did have a purpose.