Jan Cox Talk 0354

The Known vs. The Unknown


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Jan Cox Talk #354 ** Jun 15, 1988 ** – 1:22 
Notes by TK

The known vs. the unknown. “Know thyself” is wasted, misdirected, meaningless in the City. There are parts of everyone that are unknown, but supposed exploration of same is merely a re-measurement of the known, the genetic given. Yellow Circuit man did not spring forth complete as he is, nor did the Blue Circuit measurements unique to man such as love, charity. They are recent developments based on Life’s needs.

Life has not needed complex Blue Circuit measurements from man until quite recently. Question: do ruling powers of states apparent interests/fears really reflect those of their respective peoples? (And how could they stay in power if not?) or do leaders express emotional measurements for Life that the people don’t have, but are supposed to acquire? The scenario of one voice fomenting conflict in a whole City-state not of like mind. Thus the ruling partner at the individual level makes pronouncements while the people resist.

The difficulty of describing a man’s life-hobbies lies in Yellow Circuit perception of reality not being able to stretch enough to include the denials, complaints and faults/shortcomings involved in the hobbies. Expressed displeasure of hobby is part of the hobby—i.e., there is no unknown. Life’s purpose for speech: transmit emotional dimension, non-red energies that are not reflective of behavior; that do not exist at red level.

Is the people’s prime disappointment in life what has/has not happened to them or themselves?

In a city run by Real Revolutionists they would automatically not allow anyone who wants to be a leader, to actually be one.

Story of the would-be recruit sent on a mission to fit into the City, who then sends back for instructions on what to do.
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1:22 Excursion for NP: Examine for 1 week, overt speech to see if it is most reflective of thought, feeling or behavior (including health). ]