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Jan Cox Talk #323 * Mar 10, 1988 * – 1:42
Notes by TK 

Everything is physical, material. There is no ‘ether’, no dead or empty space, no ‘not’-space, or nothing could be transmitted, either voice or emotion. There is no place to hide, no black hole exit, but the illusion of same is an intimate aspect of consciousness. The reality of religious myth is Yellow Circuit rendering of Red Circuit non-verbal cellular-direct-witnessing/memory of ancient actuality. Yellow Circuit cannot remember anything without being able to talk about it; Red Circuit cannot talk, but has the memory.

The concept of ‘god’ in some form (whether theistic or atheistic) is absolutely necessary for binary consciousness to even suspect change to be possible. The Blue Line Sphere of Influence is like a forum, where all announcements must be heard/proclaimed: greed, jealousy, complaints –all ’emotions’ –as well as complaints even against those emotions.

The Real  Revolutionist as a “Land Submarine” running silently, partly submerged/invisible, with periscope always surveying the scene. “ESP”, UFO’s etc. are the next step up from ‘unconscious forces’, demons etc. It is a Yellow Circuit “retroforecasting” of god-forces based on the non-verbal Red Circuit memory when AMV12 accidentally gets above line-level consciousness.

AMV12 and “Plain Life Dominance” (PLD). PLD is equivalent to ‘charisma’ and exists at the cellular level; is a genetic factor, physical, with very little to do with Yellow Circuit. AMV12 is a blood-produced substance exhausted at line-level in the ordinary. It is the genetic factor of a kind of ‘spiritual’ PLD. Above-the-line growth is effected by AMV12. The Real Revolutionist has got to force enriched blood to line-level; stop depleting it by being ‘you’. AMV12 has no relation to PLD because dominance has/ plays no part in its effect.

Note that any enterprise must be limited to either: goods or services. The Real Revolutionist should be intrigued by the topology of this fact. What are ‘people’ to Life? Goods or services? Note that the price of all goods is the price of services involved in producing them. Nobody pays for goods, they pay for the services that went into them. What service valuation has Life put into people? The ordinary wisdom espouses the ‘line item veto’ –but the whole budget must be thrown out by the Real  Revolutionist. Life pays most attention to those who pay most attention to it. This can be done by the Real Revolutionist by activating extraordinary info, by turning goods into services.

“The grief and terror of human existence” –this passes for insightful depth of thought. But to Real Revolutionist the ‘grief and terror’ = boredom. Life doesn’t like a bored Revolutionist –will not believe in him, take notice of him. If you are bored with yourself you can’t like/believe in yourself; can’t have a 4-d time sense of yourself. Boredom = unfulfilled potential, unactivated information into services.

Life will only tolerate meaningless hobbies: those of the BLSI. The Real Revolutionist has got to see this even when all talk is to the contrary.

Anybody who displays any talent whatever is a prodigy.

Interpersonal relations: Real Revolutionist should look upon other people as loyal cells, servants in a larger cellular collection/organism, faithfully, diligently carrying out orders for the functioning of that larger organization. These organizations are comparable to institutions in human life.

1:42 Epilogue: The Few should feel obligated to exercise any talent they have for the dissemination of New Data to the public.


Excursion: 6 days: always initiate any exchange in any potential conversations, include a smile. 



Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1988
Document:  323, March 10, 1988

     I want to point out again how absolutely material and physical all of This is.  Everyone (including you, before you met me) believes that all change, outside of losing weight or changing one’s diet, is within the realm of the “spiritual.”  That would be the most common catchall term.  Whether they call it religious or not, everyone’s idea of any great change, other than what is absolutely physical, is considered “spiritual” — in other words, invisible.  That is, spooky and weird.  Or psychological, which is the same thing.

     There is a serious flaw in the way anyone involved in This is able look at things unless they understand that everything is material.  If you take my equation of I + Not I = Everything simply at face value, the “Not I” can be looked at as what people in past generations called “the ether.”  That was their name for the space between what appears to be an individual and everyone else.  But it is not space; it is not emptiness.  A medium does exist.  Although it is never taken into consideration by ordinary consciousness, there is medium which exists between everything.

     Let me ask you this:  If a medium did not exist, how could you convey feelings?  How could you convey words if there was not a material entity between people?  There is a material reality between what appears to be you and everyone else or you could not tell someone, “I like you,” or, “Hey, you really bug me.”  You would not be able to convey anything verbally.  And it is not simply sound waves.

     Let’s get into a really strange area.  How is it you can turn to someone and make physical gestures and expressions and they get the message?  You can even do it without using any facial expressions.  You can even get more subtle than that.  You can be sitting in a room and someone else can walk in and you can have the distinct feeling that they do not like you.  And they don’t have to make a face or a gesture.  You can simply feel it.  You can make someone else feel it.  You can stand behind a stranger and try and “hate” them.  You can send them the sensation of “hate” and they will feel it.  It may even make them turn around.  They can feel that something is going on.  I’m using this example to point you towards the fact that there is no empty space; there is no dead space.  People who have been newly introduced to This will ofttimes ask me about life on other planets.  But you don’t have to concern yourself with that.  It is all alive.  If you can be conscious of it, it is alive.  And the “Not I” in the equation I + Not I = Everything is not really a separation.  It is like water to a fish.  To ordinary consciousness, a fish is separate from the water, but without the water there would be no fish; they are not separate.  And what is “Not I” is not separate from “I.”  Everything that is occurring .pais operating in the medium which exists between people and everything that happens effects you in some way.

     I’m going to leave that with you for the time being because it is so simplistic and because there is no way to trick or talk you into seeing it.  To see it requires a new form of consciousness on your part.  To see that there is no empty space is to be able to turn the increasingly complex into the increasingly simplistic.  The song always continues.  There are no measures where the whole band suddenly drops out.  There are no silent spaces; there is no dead space anywhere.  I’ll conclude this intro with this:  Yellow Circuit consciousness could not operate were it not for the illusion that it has some breathing room.  If things were not arranged so that people felt there was real space between things, they could not be conscious.  People believe that as long as there is a physical difference between themselves and others that they can run and hide.  But there is nowhere to run; there is nowhere to hide.  People even attempt to be hermits.  There are always people who will attempt to physically put an extreme difference between themselves and life.  But hermits do not get away from anything.  Do you understand that internally they are being trashed or they wouldn’t go so far as to get away from it physically?  Can you see what must be going on in them internally for them to take such an extreme measure?  You may think, “Hermits have the right idea.  Sitting on top of a mountain with no TV, no mail, no telephone, must be a great relief.  It must be great not to have to fool with all of the mundane garbage that goes on everyday.”  But you are wrong.  A hermit might as well have the news networks blaring nonstop in his head.  You must be able to see this.  You must be able to at least suspect it once I point out that, if that were not the case, he would not have gone to the extreme of physically removing himself from life.

     There is nowhere to run.  You may be wired up to try and keep everyone at arms distance.  You may believe that you try to be noncommittal, disinvolved and unentangled with other people’s affairs, but you live the same dream as physical hermits.  Between you and everyone else there might as well be jello or water.  You must see that there is a medium there.  It does not necessarily fit into what can be observed by the five senses, but it does exist.  You can affect someone else without facial expressions, gestures, sound waves or touch.  You would think of it as “sending out emotions.”  You can try it.  You won’t harm anyone by trying it.  Instead of using my example of hostility, which you shouldn’t be fooling with, you can try sending out, “Turn around, turn around, turn around.”  It’s a little harder and it may take you a little longer, but you can do it.  You can do that and make someone turn around.  They won’t know why they turned around, but there is something physical going on.  It is not invisible — it’s simply that no one can see it with Line-level consciousness.  It’s not spooky or spiritual — it’s simply operating in a dimension which the ordinary senses cannot pick up.  Therefore, it has always been referred to as spiritual, metaphysical or occult.

     I want to pick up again on what I was describing when I drew you the Blue Line Sphere of Influence.

     Although it is not an X-ray, this is a fair representation of inner man.  This Blue Line Sphere of Influence is the reality behind the human inclination to believe in gods, religions, philosophy and psychology (with psychology being the closest thing to Yellow Circuit religion in this day and time.)  I want to point out several things specifically which have a useful pertinence to you.  At first it may sound as though I am simply dismantling history — that is, that I am giving you a parallel view of history — but that is not what I am doing.  Least you think that I have been trashing religion and the stories and myths about gods, let me tell you this:  there is a reality to religion, but the reality is the Yellow Circuit’s attempt to make use of memory coming from the older, nonverbal Red Circuit.  This memory comes from the Red Circuit’s DNA which was actually there when it happened.  It is easy for ordinary people to laugh at religion and smile smugly at the idea of mythology.  But what you are dealing with is the DNA of an individual — and humanity as a whole — which was in the Red Circuit prior to the activation of the higher circuits.  It is the activation of the higher areas of man’s nervous system which now enable him to pass for civilized; that is, conscious.  The Red Circuit DNA was there 10,000 years ago.  It was witness to the events that it now has a memory of, but as the Red Circuit is nonverbal, it cannot speak for itself.  So it ends up with an interpreter.  And this interpreter is almost a ventriloquist’s dummy except that the dummy exists in a coeval, 4-D reality wherein things happen simultaneously at different times (at least from a 3-D view.)  Least you think I have carried this too far, simply take ordinary science and subatomic physics as an example.  According to the theories of subatomic physics, this is not at all strange.  But those are theories — I’m telling you a fact.  A part of Life’s nervous system, a part of humanity, and a part of you, has this memory.

     A nonverbal memory is almost irrelevant.  To the Yellow Circuit it is almost an impossibility because the Yellow Circuit cannot remember anything unless it can talk about it.  (Of course, I am artificially cutting man up into three separate circuits.  I am doing it to point you in a certain direction.)  You should be able to understand that if you are at all functional at the Red Circuit level.  You can learn to do a physical task without any verbalization.  The more Red Circuit based a person is, the less time they will spend talking about a physical activity.  If they want to learn to juggle or stand on their hands, they simply find someone to show them how.  They don’t waste time talking about it.  They would watch someone do it and that would be it.  There would be nothing to talk about.  But the Yellow Circuit cannot operate on that basis.  Not because of some weakness on its part.  If the Yellow Circuit cannot name, verbalize or talk about something it cannot be conscious of it.  It can be aware that you are trying to walk on your hands.  It can read a book with instructions for walking on your hands.  And when the Red Circuit finally learns how to “hand walk,” the Yellow Circuit will want to holler, “Eureka!  You finally got it down there.”

     The Red Circuit, if it could exist in isolation, cannot talk.  But it has a memory.  Everything which passes for religion and mythology has a basis, but the basis is the nonverbal memory of the older, lower circuits.  And the Yellow Circuit is still trying to make use of this memory.  Religions and mythological tales are not irrational and fallacious.  You must recognize them for what they are.  They are a youngster’s (relatively speaking) attempt to make use of the nonverbal memory of a very ancient compatriot — a compatriot who was there at the time, but is nonverbal.

     Some of you listening to this with 3-D ears might think that I have eased up on religion (those of you who believe that I have been hard on religion).  I want to point out something else.  As far as doing something Revolutionary goes, the whole idea of gods and religions is irrelevant.  That is not to say that This Activity is hostile towards those ideas.  They are simply irrelevant.  But let me point out this:  the notions of gods are still coming from this situation within the circuitry.  Even in the city the notions of gods, at times, take a bad rap.  But there is something a would-be Revolutionist can learn from this situation.  Here is one way to view it:  if it were not for the notion of god, ordinary people would not be able to conceive of any possibility of change within this apparently closed-in system.  And this includes atheists.  They can say they are atheists but they simply have a concept of god by another name.  Binary consciousness cannot conceive of any possibility of change within what would seem to be a closed system.  As with a black hole, there must be a point of entry; an egress.  Otherwise everything is in a grid-lock.  The binary opposites of everything — good and evil, free will and predestination, right and wrong — would stay in a grid-locked dance.  There would be no way to ever see the possibility of change.

     Let me give you another aspect of the notion of gods.  The increasing attitude toward the notion of gods is that it is a very unscientific idea.  To put it crudely, to people who are predominantly driven by the Yellow Circuit, the idea of gods is insane and irrational.  But the Yellow Circuit would never have grown were it not for the notion of gods.  Were it not for the notion of gods, the Yellow Circuit could not reason.  It has been the weak spot wherein the Yellow Circuit could expand.  If the notions of gods did not exist the Yellow Circuit would be tied to a death-defying dance with the question of opposites.  Within the binary view, things must be either true or false.  If you have an objective view, you can see that there is always as much proof either way.  But at the 3-D level, there must be a weighted standard of thought.  There must be the feeling that there is one side which has a greater preponderance of being correct.

     For the Yellow Circuit to get anywhere it had to have the notion of gods.  There had to be a way in and a way out of this apparently closed system.  As anti-scientific and anti-Yellow Circuit as the notions of gods may seem, from another view it is the height of reason.  Because without it, the Yellow Circuit would never have reached the point of reason.  It would never have reached the point wherein it was able to say, “The notion of gods is unreasonable.”

     I want to point something else out about the Blue Line Sphere of Influence.  The jagged area of this Sphere is also a forum.  It is the forum wherein people announce themselves.  You are all aware of society affairs where, on their arrival, the guests are announced.  Within the Blue Line Sphere of Influence, everyone announces and names themselves.  It is within this forum that people attempt to become established and successful.  And the way they succeed is by announcing themselves.  This forum is an internal Hyde Park.  At any given time you can announce yourself and everyone has to listen.  They will at least acknowledge that you are talking.  Then it’s someone else’s turn to announce themselves and you have to listen; it’s your turn to mumble about them or turn to your neighbor and whisper about them or complain about them.  But, at the very least you have to acknowledge their presence.  You have to acknowledge the fact that they are announcing, “I was mistreated as a child,” or, “I’m an upstanding citizen.”  And then it is someone else’s turn.

     The last time I talked about the Blue Line Sphere of Influence I used the approach of apparently talking about human emotion.  I pointed out that the Blue Circuit does not really deserve the title of “a thing” in the sense that the Red and Yellow Circuits do.  It is more like a nexus or a bridge between the two.  And I specifically pointed out that such things as compassion and mercy do not arise there.  But let me take a slightly different approach.  This forum — this jagged area that is the Blue Line Sphere of Influence — is the source of all the so-called unprofitable emotions such as fear, sorrow, greed, envy and jealousy.  This forum is their home base.

     These so-called emotions do not come from the Red Circuit because the Red Circuit cannot talk.  If there was an area that I could verbally refer to as a pristine Red Circuit area, it could not be jealous because it would be nonverbal.  The reality behind jealousy can exist there.  It might get in a fight with someone who tried to touch your mate, but you cannot ask it if it is jealous.  It does not have daydreams about jealousy because it cannot daydream in pictures or words.

     Everything an ordinary person can experience “emotionally,” excluding all the so-called higher emotions such as love and charity, comes from the Blue Line Sphere of Influence.  It is not possible to experience these higher emotions within this jagged area.  But all of the “emotions” which are condemned — the ones all religions, philosophies and even basic common sense say are to be avoided — have their home in this Blue Line Sphere of Influence.  And that is where people live “emotionally;” that is where they live as individuals.  It is the source of all so-called bad emotions, but notice, it is the very place that Life insists everyone stay.  Life makes everyone stay there while simultaneously making them cry out against the very things which arise there.  Anything that any human mouth has ever condemned as being a useless or detrimental emotion — hostility, jealousy, egoism, self-pity, self importance — they all arise within this Sphere.  And it is the very place where Life tells everyone to stay put.  It plants everyone there, raises them there and it tells them to say there, regardless of the fact that people apparently wander around within the forum and talk about leaving it.  That is, talk about “seriously changing.”  But no one leaves because, by and large, Life will not let people leave.

     Here is another way I could describe a Real Revolutionist.  A Real Revolutionist can be said to be a land submarine.

     Part of a Real Revolutionist has to “show,” that is, has to be above the waterline.  But below the waterline are areas that are running silently.  There are areas which still have memory — memory which is much older than any history book.  It has a memory which is much older than any dreams about gods, religions or UFOs.  But this memory is below the waterline.  And just as a submarine under wartime conditions must run silently, the Real Revolutionist must run silently.  Of course, this land submarine does have a periscope and it would be continually watching and observing.  But a part of it would never be seen.

     Since I have talked about religion and myths, let me talk a little about the ideas attributed to what might be called “the Freudian age.”  These ideas are not unique or new with Freud, but in the western world they are attributed to that era.  One of these ideas is that there is a part of man, the subconscious, which cannot be directly identified and the behavior of which cannot be predicted.  It is the concept that there is something below the level of consciousness which eggs man on to do things which, at times, are unpredictable and even, apparently, self-defeating.  There is a more descriptive and useful detailing of this aspect in man.  And that is:  the idea of an unconscious is simply an updating of the notions of spirits or demons.  It is the modern version of, “The devil made me do it.”  What everyone is talking around the edges of is a piece of the human organism, the DNA of the human race, which has a memory of thousands and thousands of years.  But it cannot talk.  It could not talk then and it cannot talk now.

     But the 4-D growth of the nervous system which makes man what he apparently is now — that is, the height of creation — has been a gradual process.  It has not been one quantum leap from a feral, unthinking animal to a cognizant, civilized human being.  It has not been one miraculous leap as reflected by the stories of a god creating man out of dust or a void.  It has been a gradual, evolving process.  And the idea that it has been an instantaneous transformation is not wrong.  It’s just childish.  But it’s the best that people can do.  It’s obviously the best that Life needs from people.

     Some of you can still pick up an ancient piece of religious writing and read it and get chills from it.  It can still have an impression on your system.  It is because you have a nonverbal memory within your own cellular structure.  Parts of you were alive then.  Parts of you were alive before people were writing about notions of gods — which were notions which they thought they remembered.  They called them myths.  There is a piece of you that remembers it but that part of you cannot talk.  So now the Yellow Circuit has an attempted verbal use of this memory.  But it is all the continuity of the expansion and growth of the nervous system which the Yellow Circuit has turned into verbal stories.

     The Blue Line Sphere of Influence is the forum for everything which occurs in the city; it is the forum for all opposing beliefs.  But as a land submarine you can be aware of the fact that there is a piece of you — a piece of everyone — that is still below and has never been affected by the Blue Line Sphere of Influence.  With everyone else, this piece which still lives below the Blue Line Sphere of Influence is the basis for the idea of anti-gods, uncivilized behavior, and the subconscious.  To Man in the city it is, “Who knows where all this stuff comes from or how we’ll ever untangle it.”  It is the basis for what would seem to be the cause of guilt in people, such as guilt over sexual proclivities or guilt over the inability to live by religious teachings.  But you can begin to be aware of this nonverbal, Red Circuit memory which the Yellow Circuit turns into a certain kind of talk.

     All of humanity has dreams which they do not understand.  These dreams are the potential lateral areas in the nervous system as it presently exists, which humanity cannot yet activate.  And it comes out as stories, such as the belief in ESP, channeling and UFOs.  It is not that these beliefs are simply something to laugh at.  They are a dream of something which the nervous system of humanity presently does not understand and has no usable description for.  So it uses whatever it can.  It uses a new form of the notion of gods.  It is almost a retro-measuring within the nervous system.  Or a retro-foretelling — that the past is the future.  It is the notion of gods which man must have or the Yellow Circuit could not be operating.

     A land submarine would be like someone who had a full understanding of this:  “I was born into all of this and a part of me is unchanging.  The city limits and the boundaries have been established and there is no profit in trying to fool with them.”  A Real Revolutionist would also understand that there are areas within every nervous system which everyone else finds inexplicable, but which are not.  They are simply outside the forum of the Blue Line Sphere of Influence.  They are simply nonverbal.  They are still a dream within the nervous system of humanity.

     Another aspect of all of this is AMv12, (the substance in the blood which is depleted from the blood as it reaches the level of consciousness) and something I am going to call PLD — Plain Life Dominance.  Plain Life Dominance is the genetic factor in the city which causes people to be leaders.  It is the basis for what has been called “charisma.”  It is similar in basis to what causes one wolf or lion to become leader of the pack.  Even in a wolf’s or lion’s case, it is not simply physical size or strength.  It is a genetic factor which has an effect on the nervous system.  It is the basis for someone becoming a religious or political leader.  It is the basis for someone becoming a tyrant and being able to dominate a whole country.  People can look at another country’s tyrant and say, “How can those people put up with that?  Why don’t they overthrow him?”  It is Plain Life Dominance which keeps a tyrant in power.  It is a genetic factor which is physical and material.

     You do not have to limit this to a tyrant and a whole country.  That is just the most glaring example.  In every situation which goes on in life, there is a dominant/submissive dance going on.  If you have only two people, one of them is Mussolini and the other one is the Italian people; one of them is Stalin and the other is the Russian people.  That’s simply a fact.  It’s not a judgmental fact.  The person playing the Russian people is not being put upon.  From a certain view you should be able to see that the tyrants of the world feel as oppressed as the people.  It is all a matter of them each playing their genetic part.

     But there is a genetic factor which pops out more so than does simply the ordinary dominant/submissive dance between individuals.  It is what allows certain individuals to get up and apparently lead a crowd.  And it has nothing to do with rationale or the Yellow Circuit other than that the person with the “charisma” may use words.  All of this is tied in with what seems to be human emotions, which is a part of what man believes makes him unique.  No other creature seems to have feelings, therefore man believes that these emotions are of great value.  But if your desire is to truly change — if your desire is to fill up something in you that is now empty — you must get past all of that.  It is not on the basis that you have erred in the past.  You had no choice.  Life made you believe all of that.  But you must now see that it is useless; it is a swamp.  It is a gridlock; it is a useless binary dance.  This PLD factor exists and it is a physical, material thing.  People do not become dominant figures because of demons or gods.  They become dominant because of a genetic factor which I am calling PLD and it is as material as your fingernails or toes.

     I am going to mention a little about AMv12.  The level of consciousness has risen mechanically throughout man’s evolution.  Line-level consciousness is higher today than it was even 100 years ago.  A hundred years ago, the AMv12 was used up at a lower level than it is today.  One of the reasons it is depleted at a higher level now is that Life is now easier on the Red Circuit.  This enables the level of consciousness to rise mechanically to a higher level and it rises in conjunction with the AMv12.  Your consciousness might want to say that it rises because of more AMv12 reaching the brain, but it is more complex than that.  It happens coevally.  It would appear to 3-D consciousness that the level of AMv12 is either the cause or the effect of consciousness being at a higher level.  But, in a sense, they are both correct.

     The AMv12 exists physically and it is used up when it reaches your routine level of consciousness.  It passes through the forum of the Blue Line Sphere of Influence and then you are you.  And each time the AMv12 is used up.  Now, just as there is a genetic factor to what people call “charisma,” there is also a genetic factor that has to do with AMv12 and what appears to be “good guys” or spiritual leaders.  This genetic factor does not simply pertain to the public or historical figures who seem to have been Real creative forces.  I’m talking more specifically about Real Revolutionists.  I’m not simply referring to the role of AMv12 and an apparently charismatic leader who is going to become the next great prophet.  I’m talking about those who are involved in This Activity.  The change you want to go through is a genetic shock that is quite real and material.  It is not spiritual, in the ordinary sense; it is not hocus pocus.  It is not even invisible.  And it is certainly not incomprehensible.  What it is this:  it is having the blood reach your level of consciousness without the AMv12 being depleted from it.

     Everything you presently do, no matter what it is — whether you tell the truth all the time or you lie all the time, whether you eat too much or you don’t eat enough, whether you read intellectual matter or you read comic books — is depleting the AMv12 in your blood before it reaches your level of consciousness.  It is done with scientific precision.  Whatever you are doing — whether it be great charitable works, engaging in hostility, sleeping too much, working out everyday — it is all depleting the AMv12 from your blood before it hits the Line of consciousness.  It is Life keeping you right where you are.

     You cannot change this situation by praying, chanting, secret potions or mystical rituals.  What you must do is as material and basic as blood.  What you must do is physically effect this genetic factor — the AMv12 in your blood.  But everything you are now doing, everything it takes to keep you propped up and active in the forum, is depleting the AMv12.  You deplete it by being you.  You deplete it by standing in the forum and announcing, “Yeah, it’s me and I’m still upset.  Yes, it’s me and I’m still mad.  Yes, it’s me and I’m still trying to do better.  Yes, it’s me and I’m still a serious seeker.”  That is how Life has things arranged.

     I brought up the genetic factors of AMv12 and PLD together for a reason.  All of you have had some experience with my example of a charismatic person out in life.  All of you have been effected in some way by someone in the public eye who was a great speaker or who simply had an inspiring personality.  And, if you are properly drawn to This, you also have a piece of this genetic factor in you, although it is manifest in a different way.  If you are a Real Revolutionist, the factor is not simply Plain Life Dominance.  The point of This, on an individual level, is not dominance back in the city.  As an aside, that is why all the apparently great organizations and people in history weren’t all that great or you wouldn’t have heard of them.  There’s justice at work again!  Those who really do revolutionary things for themselves are too quick for history.  This operates at a different tempo and it has nothing to do with ordinary Plain Life Dominance; it has nothing to do with ordinary apparent leadership, or with creating a following.  But there is a connection.  That is what I want you to see.  AMv12, which comes about through a certain genetic factor in some people, is a parallel to this other factor which comes out in ordinary people and produces the apparent leadership of the city.  Both are quite real, material and physical.  If you know how to look, you can see them.

     You should have a continuing interest in the topology of Life and of why things seem to always be limited in certain ways.  You should find it interesting that in everything at the 3-D level, there are always limited choices and alternatives.  For example, all enterprises/organizations are always limited to two possibilities in what they do.  No matter what they are, they have only two choices.  That is, they can either deal in goods or in services.  Again, you should be interested in the apparent topological limits of what takes place in Life.  You should be curious as to why it is limited to only those two possibilities.  Why is it that, as hard as you might try, you cannot find an enterprise/organization that is involved in something other than goods or services?  To binary consciousness, there has to be at least one other possibility.  But there isn’t.  And all you have to do is look to see that this is true.

     Since all enterprises, undertakings, and organizations can only deal in goods or services, I have a question for you:  what are you to Life?  Are you a good or a service?  Let me point something else out.  The price of goods is not really the price of goods.  The price of goods is the price of the services — that is, the price of goods is the labor it took to make the goods.  You don’t pay for the goods, because all goods are free.  They’re laying around.  You’re car is laying around.  Your house is laying around on the ground.  You can pick it up.  It’s laying there and it’s free.  Of course, if you go out to a mine or a forest you don’t see a house laying there.  Someone has to turn the ore and the lumber into a house.  That is, you pay someone for the service of picking up the goods and turning them into a house.

     Back to what I suggested should be a curious question to you.  Are you a good or a service to Life?  Are you laying around free?  Has Life had to put some labor into you?  What are you to Life?  And for those of you who have really keen eyes:  What are you to you?

     Let me tell you a joke.  This guy is driving to an important meeting and on his way, his car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.  He walks to this little service station he noticed a ways back and, sure enough, there’s a mechanic there.  The man with the car tells the mechanic, “I’ve got an important meeting to get to.  Can you fix my car?”  So the mechanic goes and looks at the car and he says, “Well, it’s your carburetor.  I can rebuild it if you want to wait around for an hour or two.”  And the man with the car asks, “Can you guarantee that my car will get me to my meeting?”  And the mechanic says, “No, but I guarantee the carburetor will.”

     That is more than a joke.  Let me refer you back to something I’ve already pointed out to you.  With the kind of change This is about, you have to deal with the entirety of the enterprise/organization.  You cannot simply deal with the parts.  Dealing with the parts is part of Life’s Grand Illusion.  To believe that change is only possible piecemeal is part of the limits of binary consciousness.  You cannot deal with the parts and change.  But what is it that Life tells everyone?  At Line level, humanity believes that if you’re going to attempt change or self-improvement, you have to be reasonable.  It has to be, “One thing at a time.  First I’ll save up and have my nose fixed.  Then, I’ll go on a diet.  And after that, I’ll quit smoking.  Next, I’ll start getting some more exercise…”

     I’ll pull in something from another direction.  There is an aspect of politics wherein the executive branch can exercise, in legislative matters, what is called a line item veto.  With a line item veto, the executive head — the governor, mayor or president — can take a piece of legislation and veto it piecemeal.  He can veto the parts he doesn’t approve of and pass the rest.  In a government where the executive branch does not have the privilege of a line item veto, the whole legislation must be accepted or rejected as a whole.  So, let me ask you another rhetorical question:  On which basis does humanity operate?  On which basis do you operate?  Do you go through and reject only certain aspects of you or do you use the “no line item veto” method, wherein you accept or reject it all?

     Let me point out something else which is partially connected to what I’ve been talking about here.  Life pays attention to those who pay the most attention to it.  The prime way you can pay attention to Life is by activating within yourself the new data I am giving you.  What that amounts to is this:  being able to turn apparent goods into services.  That is not required in the forum of ordinary life.  Life does not require it of a large segment of humanity.  Most of humanity believes the possibility of change to be based on either new information itself, or simply new directions in behavior.

     Goods would seem to be new information.  Do you think Life needs any more goods?  Remember, I have already pointed out that goods are really misnamed.  Goods are really services that have been picked up.  They run against time.  People do not pay for goods.  They pay for the services which apparently turn all goods, which are laying around free, into something else.  And it runs against time because people do not have the time to go out and dig up and fashion together goods into a car.  Therefore you pay someone $20,000 for the goods.  But you are really paying for the services.

     Life lets new information seep out.  And if you are a land submarine, there is a genetic factor working through your periscope.  You can get the enriched blood to reach the higher parts of your nervous system — the parts that are, in a sense, of no particular use.  Except to you.  Life does not need these areas of the nervous system to be used on a large scale.  But what seem to be goods to everyone else become services to you.

     If that sounds too obtuse, let me ask you this:  What good is This going to be in the long run if all you do is simply continue to collect all these strange things I’m passing on to you?  You can compile a huge outline of all these interesting and witty things I say, but where are you if that’s all you do with it?  Sure, you’ve got goods.  But what do you have?  If you can’t turn the goods into services — if you can’t activate the info — what have you got?

     There is a phrase which has been around for thousands of years — it’s been around as long as the human nervous system has been talking and writing — and it is this:  “The fear and grief of human existence.”  To some degree, everyone’s nervous system responds to that.  And that is fine for the city.  For those who reside in the city it is inescapable.  In the city, it can even pass as an insight or deep thought.  But to a land submarine — to a would-be Revolutionist — the grief and terror of human existence is one thing — it is BOREDOM.  Of course, “boredom” is a city word so you must remember that I mean more than that.  But boredom is the closest human word.  You can look at this in regard to the responsibility you take on when you begin to taste the reality of This.  I’ll phrase it in the form of another rhetorical question.  Can you see that it might be dangerous for Life, to actually have some of the AMv12 hit your level of consciousness and for you to simultaneously be bored?  Can you conceive of the fact that Life would not like that?  And if Life didn’t like it, it might be inclined to not want to believe in you.  I’ve pointed out in the past that ordinarily people cannot believe what they do not like.  To the city mind, that defies reason.  Even worse, to the city mind, it’s nonsense.  But, in the city, if you do not like something, you will not believe it.  And you can argue with me, or yourself, and say, “I can take new ideas and theories which I don’t particularly care for into consideration.  When I hear them, I can pursue them, weigh them, and look at both sides.”  Really?  It just proves that you don’t know anything.  It proves that you’ve never even looked at anything.  If you don’t like something (and it doesn’t matter why) you cannot believe it.  That’s it.  That’s as close to a period as you’ll ever get in ordinary human consciousness.

     What if Life doesn’t like you?  What if Life begins to not believe in you?  What if Life leaves you in its short term memory?  What if it only remembers you for as long as you remember a phone number you look up and use just once?  If you believe that any change is possible under those conditions then you don’t understand this:  Life’s attitude towards you is whatever your attitude towards you is.  What if you bore yourself?  What if you can’t remember yourself in any kind of long term memory?  That is, you have no sense of 4-D consciousness and your whole life is simply episodic.  What if that’s the only way you sense yourself?  As long as your sense of yourself is episodic, you continue to have an isolated sense that time is the past, the present and the future.  And you cannot believe in yourself.  I don’t mean that in a psychological way.  I don’t mean that you don’t have faith in your abilities and all that.  I mean you actually don’t believe in yourself.  You don’t exist.  You are a voice in your head.  You are the dreams that go on in the chatter of the Yellow Circuit.

     The danger, from a revolutionary view, is not grief and terror — it is boredom.  And boredom is this:  not fulfilling your potential.  Now back in the city they talk about that kind of stuff all the time.  I’m not talking about the city version.  Back in the city everyone is, in fact, fulfilling their potential.  Those who say, “Good grief, we should be fulfilling our potential, but no one does,” are fulfilling their potential.  Those who write books about, “We should fulfill our potential,” are fulfilling theirs.

     What I mean by “fulfilling your potential” is this:  first you must have this insane urge.  You must be able to begin to hear some of This and begin to realize, “I’ve found a place where the goods exist.”  But then, if you do not turn these goods into services, if you do not activate them — that is boredom.  That is what grief and terror is to a Real Revolutionist.  If you begin to have a Real knowledge of your own DNA, a knowledge that your own cellular history is alive and that it is growing in the same direction as Life is growing, and then you do nothing with it — that is boredom.  And my advice is:  don’t fool around with Life and do that!  Because Life may forget you as fast as you forget a number you looked up to get a pizza delivered one night.  By the time you finish the pizza, you have forgotten the phone number.  And Life will do the same to you.  Because if it doesn’t like you, it’s not going to believe in you.  And if you’re boring, well….  Do you like things that bore you?

     While I’m here I’ll point something else out.  I always encourage people involved in This to pursue their hobbies.  Back in the city, within the realm of the Blue Line Sphere of Influence, Life will generally only tolerate hobbies that are meaningless.  Such as, people attempting to change themselves, or suffering over the fact that they can’t.  Life allows that because it is meaningless.  A Real Revolutionist must be able to look through his periscope and see that, by and large, the hobbies and activities available in the city are meaningless.  Except of course, back in the city, they are not looked at in that way.  That is not how they are described.  Contraire.  But the Real Revolutionist must be able to recognize that the goods I am presenting are valid and then they must turn them into services within their own nervous system.  You must realize that every ordinary hobby you have ever pursued never produced what it purported to.  Again, if Life tolerates it as a hobby, it is meaningless to a Real Revolutionist.  This is not true in the city.  In the city, people believe that their hobbies are meaningful and useful.  That is one of Life’s “first stories.”  But if Life tolerates a hobby in the city — religion, psychology, self-improvement, guilt — then you can count on this:  to a Real Revolutionist it is meaningless.  And that is the only reason Life tolerates it.

     Here’s a fact:  anyone who displays any talent whatsoever is a prodigy.  So much for education and practice!

     Let me tell you something very specific.  You should look at other people as loyal cells who are doing the bidding of a larger cellular organization.  Although the situation is not quite that simple, you can look upon the different groups in which humanity becomes arranged — Christians, Jews, democrats, socialists, sad people, mad people, good people, bad people — as organs in the body of Life.  People are the faithful, loyal, admirable cells within the larger organism.  And they are doing the bidding of that organism.  Except, instead of it being a liver, the organ is the democratic party, the catholic church or Albania.  I do not mean this as an attempt at positive thinking or of telling yourself, “Well, I’ll think nicely of everyone.  I’ll forgive people for what they do.”  Who do you think you are?  Are you going to forgive a liver for “liver-ing”?  Are you going to forgive a spleen for “spleen-ing”?  Do you forgive you for “you-ing”?

     People are faithful servants.  You are a faithful servant when you are back in the forum.  When you are engaged in the forum, there is no one in the world as funny as you.  When you are in that condition, there is no one in the world — not drunks, priests, tyrants, mothers, fathers, kiddies — who is a more faithful servant.  If you had a 4-D mirror so that you could continually remember this, you would never laugh at anyone.  You could not laugh at anyone.  Not for any spiritual or moralistic reason.  It is not to try and be a better person.  You simply could not laugh at anyone else because there is no one to laugh at.

     They are all loyal, faithful servants doing the absolute bidding of a larger cellular collection.  The collections simply go by the names of families, republicans, thieves, saints, foes and humans.  They are all groups which are comparable to what would be organs in the body of Life.  That is what individuals are.  Does that have any connection to the fact that everyone alive who has any talent is a prodigy?