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Gut Level Consciousness


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February 18, 1988
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 Diagram # 145 video grab: Gut Level Consciousness

Diagram # 145 video grab: Gut Level Consciousness


Jan Cox Talk #317 * Feb 18, 1988 * – 1:36
Notes by TK

Appropriate for new people.

Line-level consciousness is like “gut-level” consciousness. The Real Revolutionist should never be defensive about anything. The Real Revolutionist cannot be judged –has no peers. To Understand = no need to defend.

Something that is a questionable passion for you, e.g., almost addictive, can be contained by going into the business of same. The Real Revolutionist must go into the “self business”; the whole attitude changes: ‘you’ becomes merchandise, impersonal.

Professions closer to Yellow Circuit are more apt to be less satisfying to their practitioners. “Gut-level consciousness” exists from the lungs/diaphragm down (Red Circuit) and lungs upward to the base of the skull (Blue Circuit). Yellow Circuit is from base of skull up. If you’re satisfied at the gut level (food, sex, shelter), what else is there to being happy? What is Life up to thru man with the Blue Circuit and Yellow Circuit needs, above gut-level needs? Note that they can never be comparably satisfying to gut-level satisfaction.

All dreams from above gut-level are automatically unobtainable. Thus they are fueled by institutions that are failures, must be failures. The major human activity is to struggle against boredom (from gut-level up). Witness the development and success of TV. Above gut-level there is the constant need for stimulation: Daydreams. People will do almost anything to keep from being bored, they have no choice, they are designed that way.

4-d-Time consciousness –vs. ‘episodic consciousness. Episodic consciousness is necessary for Life to function; all life activities require episodic awareness; nobody feels in a continuum. Ordinary memory is the absolute mother’s milk of status quo. Memory is absolutely episodic; nothing but episodes, the glue that keeps you stuck to you.

The so-called ‘power of positive thinking’ is merely a mechanical reaction to negative perceptions, whereas This Thing is not reaction of any kind. It is totally new action, based on new perception.

1:36 Epilogue and questions.


Excursion for new people: ‘psychological’ poll, 18 people. Question: ” is the lack of education or lacking morality man’s basic problem?” Every fifth person say “are you serious” to answer. Try to guess in advance which way people will answer.