Jan Cox Talk 0315.5

Paradigm 5


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February 9, 1988
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Jan Cox Talk 315.5  ( Paradigm 5 ) – Feb 9, 1988 * 1:59
Notes by TK

In the City nobody takes things personally, seriously, or they would DO something about it. All automatic, mechanical reactions are not truly personal. Consider the use of: “as I’ve always said” –why is everyone so anxious to appear consistent? This is a cellular need, a fetal position which makes the cells visible to themselves. The “Char d’lees” principle: any organism will attempt to reassert balance when set into disequilibrium.

The first line of defense in the City is the DENIAL OF NEW INFO. Neuralizing is a reality of action. It is an attempted counteraction to ordinary thought; non sequential. It is the active courting of other possibilities. If granted a ‘wish’, the Real Revolutionist wouldn’t be very dramatic; would amount to almost nothing. The ‘wish’ of the ordinary would be for serious, deep change.
Questions: how to produce new energy from old connections? You must see that most energy is used to deny new info; to resist change. The organism is constructed this way.

Nothing is “more than that”–there is nothing behind appearances’

How to treat others who seem to be ‘out there’: require no change of them (no ‘should’ or ‘can’ change); try a lot of shutting up and smiling.

Isn’t some suffering required for growth? Not ordinary suffering –rather the discomfort of upsetting your old self, ordinary habits. 

All problems are tied to impotent treatments.

The 3 forces are like the wind –one process despite apparent different directions. E force is the source for growth possibilities. E force as your PERCEPTION of what is happening!