Jan Cox Talk 0315.3

Paradigm 3


Also known as Paradigm, this is the third in a series for new people.

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February 1, 1988
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Jan Cox Talk # 0315.3 – Feb 1, 1988    1:38 
Notes by TK

More review with new people: “slowing the train”. The enjoyment of This Thing comes when Revolution is boiling; a tension between the Revolution and the fuel of the Revolution. “The truth” is perishable –doesn’t travel spatially or temporally; to be correct however transcends such limits.

There is a built-in attraction in humanity for exotic, foreign knowledge, i.e., knowledge which is difficult, incomprehensible, inaccessible, seems to hold out promise of being fresh, new data –but it won’t travel from its proper location even if it was Revolutionary knowledge. The Real Revolutionist is hungry for knowledge that is so close to him it can have no words. Consciousness is the slowest part of the organism (always behind) but it cannot be aware of its speed, its own slowness.

Another description of hostility: tension as in cell walls; support for individual integrity. There must always be a low level tension between people. Tension is a basis of health; it is not negative. But for the Real Revolutionist there is a cut-off level of profitability beginning with criticism. The Real Revolutionist is never reformed –there is an actual production of a new minute cellular structure above the lower unreformed mundane structure. To defend this lower order is a waste of energy for the Real Revolutionist.

There are two aspects of City reconstruction in the Real Revolutionist:
   1. lateral expansion: a re-experiencing of your whole life (you have only experienced half of it up to now; the anti part must be experienced). This is done by focusing noncritical awareness on it; bringing it into the light. 
   2. ignition of the nervous system beyond its present limits thru new, fresh info. To become smarter than you need to be (to become aware you were already as smart as you needed to be at the ordinary level).

The Revolution allows no recourse, sets up no standards; has no rituals. Ordinary life is ritual. Being alive is the ultimate habit. You must reconstruct re-evaluate, re-examine, re-experience your life–because the best you ever knew or experienced was only 50% –only the positive of a print–where the negative is available too. Use the “Look around” method. Ordinary consciousness stares –doesn’t look. You cannot stare and reconstruct your life. Mechanical memory is like a terrible case of shingles. It is Life’s super-efficiency in extracting every bit of energy from past experiences –which is absolutely useless to the Real Revolutionist.

Suffering is a very personal form of hostility –it must be abandoned to do This Thing. Pain can be treated (Red Circuit) but suffering cannot. The Real Revolutionist cannot be concerned with “Health” (beyond taking care of the Red Circuit) since it is one of the major games of suffering. After basic Red Circuit needs are satisfied (a very small area of effort nowadays) Life will surely provide ‘stuff’ for you to spend your time with/suffer over.

There are no vacuums; there is a huge area to be filled up and Life does so –but the Real Revolutionist must fill his own; must develop a ‘heat-seeking’ consciousness -—find hot spots of hard-wired dislike for reconstruction. The circuits must be balanced; must be exercised equally.