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Overcoming the Ruling Powers


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Jan Cox Talk #270 * Jul 23, 1987 * – 1:35
Notes by TK

Kyroot reading to :09.

More on being your own state/country unto yourself; a new map brings the biochemical stage in focus. Consciousness is the attempt to describe the routine, mundane physiological aspects of man as extraordinary, psychological and unique to man. E.g., describing a stomach ailment as related to ‘phobia’ –a psychological complex. But at the molecular level it is all the same: molecular movements.

Such verbal legerdemain is the highest function of words; marks the avant garde of progress. Whereas to the Real Revolutionist such use is the essence of limitation. It is mis-naming; creation of boundaries. The premier term of the Real Revolutionist is No!.

Molecular pleasures sent up from the lower systems; chemical messages from the body striking/registering in the pleasure centers of the brain is the usual condition. The  Real Revolutionist can create fresh, unique molecular pleasure directly—right at the site of the brain pleasure center, vs. the transferred-type mediated by the lower systems. An example at ordinary level is the ‘eureka!’ experience of intellectual discovery; a feeling of joy and good will. Alcohol and drugs = mechanical generation of this.

But this mechanical rearrangement –transitory and uncontrollable– of drugs is disapproved of by Life, and the Real Revolutionist (along with established religions) although for entirely different reasons. The Few should be daily attempting to please their highest molecules; anything –study of higher sciences to losing weight– which creates a molecular pleasure/rearrangement. This is conducive to ignition of higher circuitries.

The ruling powers of the state are always striving to make everything predictable and orchestrated. The Real Revolutionist recognizes the need for improvisation. The Real Revolutionist lives on the run; the ruling powers live within constructed, ponderous institutions –stable, unmovable. “You gotta keep moving” is the motto of the Real Revolutionist. The populace –including the ruling powers– of the state still haven’t learned from Copernicus and continue to believe in and seek a center outside themselves, whereas the Real Revolutionist establishes a center/outlet within for reception and celebration of universal energies.

The Real Revolutionist becomes the sun rather than seeks to locate, name and chart the sun in order to worship it. There is no absolute, indispensable controlling piece/center of a holographic projection.

To the established king, every perceptive, intelligent person is a potential foe. Consider the internal significance of this. Tyrants do not seek out the assistance of their intellectual superiors; will only trust inferiors–lackeys, yes-men.

Only “privileged information” is useful to the Real Revolutionist. Mundane, generally available information is useless. It is such info that is received by, fed to, the tyrant: pedestrian. Privileged info cannot be easily discussed or amended: it must be ‘molecularly silent’.

There is no possibility of revolution in no-man’s land, the middle ground. It is merely a space of survival –which is nothing to a Real Revolutionist. Revolution is only possible at the extremes. No-man’s land = the conservative view …or destruction.

The institution of Art in the state cannot overthrow the ruling powers, but can make them very uncomfortable. Consider the internal application of Art against your ruling powers. Whatever your proper talent/craft, it can be an effective revolutionary tool: Real Art.

Comments re: This Thing as a learned activity, yet learning involves repetition. A mistake to equate This Thing with learning. This Thing cannot be learned; what can be ‘learned’ can be ‘unlearned’.


[1:25 Epilog TASK: Ask yourself: what apparent problem or deficiency do you hope This Thing will cure?
Comments on ‘fuck health’ dictum –should be ‘fuck the useless interest in health’.

Condensed AKS

Men have said about themselves, “With faint praise we damn.” and I say
that faint praise is better than
no praise,
and a small· damn is better than
no flood at all.

If one found a particular idea to be temporarily useful could it then ever
be proven to be a false idea?

Ordinary religious-philosophers, in the attempt to prove and defend the existance
of “free will” always reach the place of having to whisper to god, “What do I
say next?”
Necessity has no restriants.

If you think total abstinence is hard, try total moderation.

It has been said that “A little knowledge makes a Man doubt the gods,” so
what might this insinuate regarding the gods themselves getting a bit hip?

Do you think the opponents of 11 vice 11 enjoying discovering some as much as do
exterminators rats?
What can be quicker than the mortal speed at which many things seem to go from
being priceless, to being worthless.

If a “real man” were wont to complain it would be about publishers’ too small print,
not his failing eye sight; about the cheapness of clothing manufacturers,
not his weakness for doughnuts.
It has been said that “No rich man was honest,” and that “Power never rests
in the hands of the noble,”
but friends, let’s face facts,
none of us
are all that innocent.

And the Great Boo-Bah proclaimed: If I am ill it is only because l am sick.

Oh, brothers & sisters: Are you ready to die? Are you prepared to meet your maker? Are you people fixed up to do ANYTHING?

Some human philosopher once said, “There are natural laws, and man-made ones;
one is inescapable, while the other is
Let him tell that to
the Man whose forced profession
is that of
being executed.

Nothing can become “history” until at least 4 dimensions are running.

Conventional Men fear the unknown same as accountants dread to slop the hogs.

I once heard a Man identified as being a “jazz musician,” and having never
heard of such a thing I approached him and asked, “What does it take
to be a jazz musician?”, and he said,
“Don’t bug me, Pops.”
and I didn’t.
Am I now a jazz musician?

The Real Revolution has yet to be noted by history.

Men of peace are of no consequence unless flanked by the military.

I have heard Men define their science as “That process which permits no exceptions,”
and I tell you that such a science would be a square lacking one corner .
…a process with its own written-in

For the ordinary, hate is probably the most felt, direct and clear cut emotion,
(next, of course, to stupidity).

I’ve just begun work on my new book; its title is, “Hi, It Is I: Whee, Is That Me?”

It would seem that even the dullest of ordinary Men would smell something
fishy regarding philosophers who unconditionally narrow down the
source of all suffering to women.

Based on your human speech and verbal logic, would it be better to have an
impassionate, passive truth, or an inflammable counter one?

I once heard a famous human declare that, “The voice of honest indignation
is the voice of god.” ••• would
one of you fine homo-sapient-himmers please tell me what a god would have
to be indignant about?















Document: 270, July 23, 1987
Copyright (c) Jan M Cox, 1987

I’ve been describing your inner condition as a land or a state.  You would have the ruling power and you would have the loyal opposition.  In other words, you would have what I have called the partnership; the conscious and unconscious mind, for those of you still stuck in the twentieth century.  You would have the institutions of the ruling power, the estates, the press, the clergy, the bankers, the military — and you would have the real revolutionists.  I’m going to bring the welfare and conditions of the state back to the molecular level.  What I am going to do is describe to you what the progress of human consciousness has been — or if you prefer, the history of what appears to be civilization.  Quite simply, you could see the development of consciousness as being the attempt by Man to describe the uncontrolled, the undirected noise of the operations in his own brain.  That is the progress of human consciousness.  What I’m describing, of course, is not psychological, but molecular.  Molecules do not care what they’re called.  They’re still molecules.  You can call it an upset stomach or you can call it a phobia.  It is still molecular.  From one view, the “physiological description” provides a purpose for human consciousness:  why are we conscious?  So we can describe the mundane physiological occurrences in manners which sound astounding!  The more civilized you are, the more you call routine, physiological occurrences by extraordinary, fancy names.

There are people who are less driven to call physiological occurrences in themselves by fancy names; these people are dominated by the lower regions.  That is, most of their molecular activity is centered in the Red Circuit.  The use of words to describe any molecular activity is perhaps the highest use of words.  Actually, the words misname the activity as I have suggested, yet they mark the very progress of civilization.  On that basis, I’ll introduce the fact that you have certain operations in your nervous system which are in common with your dog or cat — but those very things begin to get into a higher nervous system, and you are the only creature whose nervous system has progressed to this height.  What you have in common with lower animals is named something else for You.  Can you see that this misnaming marks a dangerous territory?  It is a territory of barriers — so that whatever fits into a psychological description is what you are doomed to be.  You believe you are whatever you seem to be — whether it deals with your fears, hopes, dreams, bad luck, or whatever.  This process, of course, is necessary and correct for the many.  For those attempting to see something extraordinary, though, they cannot put up with it.  Neither can they fight it nor correct it.  There is no one to be corrected.  Yet internally, your psychological/spiritual byword is “no”.  You cannot argue with what appears to be true — but you cannot accept it.  In the very beginning, you have to quietly and specifically go about your own revolution.

Next, I want to explore the “molecular pleasures” of the populace versus those of the revolutionist.  Populace here refers to whoever you are inside when you are just drifting along.  If you are not specifically attempting to be something, you’re just being you; you’re the populace.  You are the ruling powers, but you are temporary.  The ruling powers, remember, are not the real power.  The lower systems are continually sending up messages that register in the brain as pleasures referred to as the pleasure centers in the brain.  Good food and good wine send up messages, as does physical movement such as learning to juggle, swim, running, etc.  It is not only the fun of your body learning how to juggle or come up with a new position — it also sends up chemical messages, creating a temporary chemical arrangement which touches these centers.  That is an accepted physiological and neurological fact.  The revolutionist, however, attempts to produce the pleasurable molecular arrangement on site.  It does not come from the stomach, the sexual organs or the muscles.  What it is, is a chemical molecular rearrangement in your brain which is not native to Man now.  It is producing the molecular rearrangement at the site of the pleasure center; not them occurring somewhere else and being sent there.  People have said they feel as though they have been infused with a new kind of energy when they are close to doing This.  They cannot sleep.  They wonder what it is that produces the energy.  The same is true for people who believe they are pursuing some sort of religious course and go on extended fasts.  They feel they can dig down half the side of a mountain.  Energy seems to come from somewhere other than physical food.  What it was, was a brand new molecular rearrangement in their nervous system.  This is what produces the feeling of extraordinary energy and of extraordinary joy and goodwill.

I will point out here that Life has made Man go through periods of leaning heavily on alcohol and drugs to produce molecular rearrangement.  Even though it seems to be common knowledge now that it is not good to engage in drinking or drug use, humanity always returns to it; humanity never left it.  It is a mechanical molecular rearrangement which produces pleasure — and Life needs this rearrangement to grow.  Every time ordinary people get drunk or take drugs, Life is taking them out of the molecular arrangement they were wired up to be in, and it is temporarily rearranging the mainframe of their original molecular structure.  You might wonder why all would-be religious and mystical systems have always condemned drinking.  It is because they do not understand this.  They do not understand that Life is using the populace to do the kind of grunt work for it to grow.  A degree of disapproval also comes from the Few — the real revolutionists.  They know to distrust mechanical molecular rearrangement for pleasure because it is out of control and it is transitory in nature.  This in not to say he or she can never have a beer — but the real revolutionist reaches a point when he cannot live out on the run — or on the fringes of the state itself while allowing himself to be under the control of that which is uncontrollable and transitory.      The Few have to experience the pleasure of molecular rearrangement ultimately through the ignition of new circuits.  This kind of rearrangement is in an area wherein the nervous system has no wired arrangement.  It is not even in operation full time.  You should be doing something daily to please your highest molecules in order to gain more control over this which is not always in operation.  That is what is behind my directing you with some task of trying something brand new.  It is to increase the passion and tempo of new interest.  Everyone has something they do which creates pleasure, beyond the ordinary things which create pleasure.  It may be getting up early and running or learning to play a Bach fugue on the guitar.  You should be doing pleasurable things to rearrange your highest molecules — or what Fun is Life?  Of course, that is not the Ultimate.  It just creates a more conducive arrangement of molecules beyond the ordinary level; beyond your hobbies.

Returning again to the internal and external ruling powers, I want to point out that they are always striving to have their affairs predictable and totally orchestrated.  The real revolutionist understands the value of and necessity for improvisation.  The ruling powers also continually erect structures which include institutions that are immense and immovable, whereas the revolutionist lives on the run.

Throughout history, whenever Life has banded together and created little pockets of civilization — the ruling powers begin to try and construct structures.  A chief springs forth and maybe his brother-in-law, and if you are of the ordinary populace, you have no inclination to oppose.  The chief makes himself a crown or something to distinguish himself, then erects himself a substantial and immovable building.  Then he attempts to see that the affairs of the people operate in a predictable and orchestrated manner.  That is one of the purposes of the so-called bureaucracy.  It puts enough “stuff” between the ruling power and everyone else, that when it is totally orchestrated, or operating at its most efficient, it is almost impossible to move.  Not being able to get through all the “red tape” is the basis of many jokes.  Let’s say you want to put up a road sign in a place they call a trail.  They do not have it in the road sign department, so you go to the trail department, but they look through every regulation book they have, and there is no such thing as a trail sign.  Therefore, you cannot put one up.  Ridiculous!  It is not ridiculous.  The ruling powers are operating at their most efficient.  It is so efficient, it seems barbaric and as though you’re being run by a group of dolts.  You may complain that the bureaucracy is going to strangle us, actually, it simply has no room for freedom — for individuality.  That is not what Life’s about — unless, of course, you are going to be a revolutionist.  Then, you have no business being worried about that stuff anyway.  The ruling powers must strive for predictability and orchestration.  Only in the case of the revolutionist do you have someone who is prepared to live without the feeling of stability.  One motto for the revolutionist is — Keep Moving.

Another aspect of the Ruling Powers is that they still seek and believe in a center of everything.  They believe planet Earth and humanity are the center of creation.  They look for a god.  People operating from higher areas of their nervous systems seek to find it through more knowledge, philosophical pondering, theory, or scientific investigation.  Whether it is a fundamentalist religious person or an agnostic scientist, they are seeking for the center of everything.  They believe in it.  Ordinary consciousness must believe in it.  The real revolutionist, however, bypasses this infantile state and seeks to become his own center.  Or perhaps it is better to say he attempts to establish within himself the center for receiving useful, and privileged information.

In the 3-Dimensional world, there is no center of everything.  The closest thing you will find to it is within your own nervous system, or what appears to be the information center from which you are receiving new energy.  The populace wants the Sun — the old center of everything — and they want it located, named, and chartered so they can worship it.  A revolutionist wants a new perception of his own which would become the sun.  This would be another three-dimensional point of embarkment between ordinary consciousness and an uncertain, unstable non-centered revolutionary attempt.

Here is another aspect of the Ruling Powers:  they are eventually advised by the cabinet makers to consider every intelligent person (in the expanded sense of the word) to be a potential foe.  In the 3-dimensional world (what appears to be out there) you should see the validity in that.  But someone with revolutionary perception must understand that there is also an inner significance to this.  Under ordinary conditions, you and your populace count on your own ruling powers, your own internal tyrants, to operate.  You do not look for help from the perceptive.  The King never says, “Hey, bring me somebody smarter than I am.”  Good rulers in the 3-dimensional world do not seek out the assistance of their superiors.  Internally, who have you looked to for assistance?  Who do you trust within your own populace?  Let’s say that your King tells you that you are getting overweight, or you drink too much, or you smoke too much.  Someone in your populace says, “We agree.  Let’s change.”  But the tyrant only gets cooperation from his inferiors.  Anyone who is potentially his superior is his potential enemy.  So what has ordinary humanity been left with in their apparent struggle to change?  It is their inferiors trying to help them.  That is the only thing the tyrant will trust.  The state is set up that way — internally and externally.  They are both filled with Yes-Men.

I’m going to return to privileged information:  if information is available to anybody — it is not useful to the revolutionist.  It is information for the tyrant.  It is information received by your apparent center of consciousness under ordinary conditions.  It may also seem as if the information comes from “out there” — as though you got it from a book or from your mother or from your peers.  You should understand, though, at the ordinary level, you do not read a book.  You read your consciousness which is your perception of reading a book.  You do not experience Life.  You experience you.  That is the way it is supposed to be.  It keeps the machinery of Life going.  Were that not so, then change would be easy.  Everybody would change.  This would disrupt the necessary mundane, routine operations of Life.

The revolutionist’s information cannot be readily available, not because it is “secret”, at least not in the ordinary sense, but because it is not comprehensible by the Many.  That is why it is privileged.  Also, if this information can be easily discussed, and debated, or amended — it is not privileged information.  That goes for internal as well as external discussion and debate.  It may be a passing verbal hobby, but it is not privileged information.  It will have to be molecularly silent or else it would not be privileged.

I recently described the existence of a middle ground — a no man’s land; and I compared it to ordinary consciousness.  This would be a place where there is no possibility of revolutionary activity.  The only possible activity is staying alive.  This is the place where consciousness is driven by what appears to be the extremes of “over here is right, and over there is wrong”, or “this is good and this is evil”.  That is where ordinary consciousness exists; where everything is uncertain and ambiguous.  There is a continuing feeling of not knowing which way to go.  You cannot revolt out there.  The best you can do is stay alive.  That is all you are doing.  An equation could be made:  the middle ground equals the conservative position, and the conservative position ultimately equals destruction.

I want to mention the existence of Art in relation to the state within all states.  Inside your state, there is an institution, an estate — of Art.  However, this institution of art cannot normally overthrow the ruling powers; although it can make the powers surprisingly uncomfortable.

In the external state, the tyrants have little tolerance for so-called artistic expression.  It makes them very uncomfortable.  You should be able to see a personal inner significance of this and use your own institute of art to overcome your tyrants and ruling powers.  Whatever your craft or ability seems to be, it can be turned into art for the real revolutionist.  It must be practiced properly, of course, and it is not limited.  That is, it is not limited to what is normally considered the arts.  It could be woodworking.  It could be bricklaying.  It could be any ability you have apart from what is usually perceived as artistic talent.  It may initially start out from what appears to be your vocation.  But it can be a hobby.  It can be a craft pushed to the limit to become art.  It serves the same purpose.  It produces the same enjoyment.  This becomes the revolutionary’s purpose for practicing his craft:  to produce the enjoyment which pleasurably rearranges his higher molecular structure.

Someone asked a question which is within the area of what constitutes privileged information.  The question was in reference to the fact that all learning seemed to be done by repetition except for the activity of This.  It was suggested that the only way people learn anything is by repetition, yet repetition does not seem to be the way to learn This.

First of all, it is not fully dimensionally operational to ask yourself or to look at This as being a process of learning.  That turns everything into a noun.  You are letting the undifferentiated realization of Time be the great separator.  To learn something, there has to be you, and there has to be that which you learn.  A separation takes place.  On that basis, you do not learn This.  It is not a matter of saying, “Once I didn’t know this and I had to learn this, and now I’ve got it.”  Ordinary consciousness believes that.  Ordinary consciousness must believe that or it could not get out of bed every morning and things would come to a glaring standstill.  The belief that you are going to learn something starts out on the unrecognized premise that you are separate from something else; the premise that you are separate from that which you want to know, and through study or effort you obtain something.  In that sense, you cannot learn This.  In that sense, you cannot learn anything of any value.  This, of course, is not something you memorize.  You could go back and find something I said two years ago and sit down and memorize it — but, so what?  I’m not even talking about that anymore.

If you have the sense that something to be obtained is separate from you, it will always be separate from you.  There will always be a difference between you and what you can know.  If you can learn it, you can unlearn it.  If you can “get it”, you can lose it.  You don’t have to worry about learning by repetition. That is repetition.  Privileged information cannot be learned in the ordinary sense, or it would keep you ordinary.  It would not produce the kind of molecular expansion I’ve been describing.  The state would remain immovable.  The populace would rule.