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#264 *Jun 11, 1987* – 1:43
Notes by TK

[Kyroot reading to :14. ]
The syndrome of fatalism/ennui generated by incomplete understanding of the reality of molecular “determinism”. Also, the syndrome of expectation of extraordinary personal rewards such as ‘good luck’ to travel with one as a result of association with This Thing. Understanding does not eliminate the need for effort just in ordinary living. You will not ‘accidentally’ become rich and famous; genetically determined.

One way for dominants to keep submisives in control is to keep them fighting among themselves. A totally new chapter is the modern call for peaceful co-existence among superpowers coming in the light of realization that there is no more room to expand; the impracticality of further aggression. Consider the internal application of this to The Partnership. Formerly a ‘do or die’ conflict, a win-lose situation is giving way now to compromise. Witness how much energy you expend in fighting yourself internally: squabbles among the powerless. What if there is an internal conspiracy to keep the powerless at war? What if you could quiet the internal battle and direct energy toward a different direction? Rise up in cooperation and conquer!

Men have almost completely arrived at a realization/assumption that “maybe there is no ultimate law of existence” or that somehow technology will be accidentally discovered to reveal it. The reality is that man’s consciousness is not capable of perceiving/discovering these laws –if they exist. Technology is consciousness, not some external modus of exploration.

Epigram for the night: “A hitchhiker never runs out of gas”. Everybody believes they are car drivers/owners and bemoan the costs of maintenance and hazards of running out of gas. What if you could abandon this illusion? Would you become a hitchhiker?

“What is faster than the speed at which the once priceless becomes worthless?”: The speed of habit. Everything is arranged to be efficiently habitual while men are made to feel they are not so. Everything becomes habitual and nobody notices this is the case.


1:29 TASK: 8 wks. 3x day: vocally “I am so happy…(followed by two rhyming lines with a third non-sequitur). Also, variation of ‘what-if’ task to include a scene from a movie you could actually picture to yourself (with dialog sentence).

Condensed AKS

…and Kyroot said:
An ordinary Man says, “I need to talk about my interests: the more I explain my
ideas to others the better I understand them myself”.
Thus, a routine thing is never fully formed, and plotted until it is declared.
Only those incomplete, impossible scenes formed from the pieces of three different puzzles offer any promise.
…and Kyroot said:
That which may seem to be firmly in the arms of the D-wind can be viewed from another area of the dance floor as a kind of “hoped-for-C”.
And from the balcony it can be seen that the partners of the Three Muses are all the same, only different in time.
…and Kyroot said:
I once met a Man, who when emotionally upset and destabilized, would only admit that he was back working “part time”.
…and Kyroot said:
“You must learn to hold the irrelevant dear.”
I once mentioned this to a guy on the
sub-continent, and damned if he didn’t start a whole business with it.
Then again, a bit west of there I told another old dude that “Man must strive
to rise above His older, baser passions”, and he damn-near killed half the population trying to get the message
…and Kyroot said:
Each person, no matter their Grid position, no matter the schematics of their wiring;
be they tall, fat, short, slim;
gleeful leapers, or midnight weepers, one and all, be they blatant, joyful proof of Life’s good health and continuing growth.
Had the fertilizer plants been destroyed, Bach would no longer be among us.
…and Kyroot said:
Ordinary awareness sees Human lite as a string of seamed scenarios, and has not yet the ability to questions the apparent rips and tears in an otherwise un-disjointed universe.
…and Kyroot said:
In the Human Department of Life’s corporation, I could note for you three levels
of mortal commentaries on the health of the
business: The first level speaks of problems;
the second level, of despair;
the third level speaks of possibilities.
It is you who must help develop a fourth level.
…and Kyroot said:
Simple directions are all that are needed for the complex.
(Of course, the complex of whom I speak, must have a simple understanding of their condition.)
…and Kyroot said:
You should be delighted to begin to see that no one view is ever correct, and no one instance a statement of reality.
…and Kyroot said:
Another great thing about sex-amongst-the-masses is that they can fully enjoy a guilt without actually doing the guilty act.
…and Kyroot said:
All knowledge becomes increasingly cool and remote as it moves through the time of Mans’ memory.
Memory says that this should not be so, but it does not perceive itself amidst the heat exchange as well.
…and Kyroot said:
As a teaching-experiment, I once tried to convinced an interested fellow that he “didn’t really exist”.
We met on a regular basis as I implanted intricate new threads in his mental cloth. And although he initially rebelled at such an irrational notion, I slowly made headway with
my undertaking.
I was, in
fact, very near to winning him over when he just suddenly,
quit showing up …
and I never saw him again.
…and Kyroot said:
The continual attempt to ignite, then reignite the 4th Circuit is THE cure for boredom.
It is the essential ride, the ultimate trip.
…and Kyroot said:
Life has caused Man to proclaim, “You can’t understand another until you have walked a mile in his shoes”, and this can be understood
as a verbal urging to move from a D-step into a C one.
But to move onto that 4-dimensional path one must be able to walk a thousand miles in everyone’s shoes without leaving home.
(Dr. Scholl’s can’t help you not
…and Kyroot said:
It is said, scientifically speaking, that a “tact” is something that is repeatable; I ask you then, are Men verifiable facts?
(Worse-Yet-And-No-Matter-What: The voices of their awareness are undeniably so.)
…and Kyroot said:
If indeed all problems are but symptoms, and all medicines placebos, then might all words be but euphemisms.
…and Kyroot said:
Another secret weapon that should be tucked in the belt of all mindful travelers: Take conscious responsibility for all things, especially those that seem totally not of your doing, or desire, and beyond any perceivable
…and Kyroot said:
The ancient notion of Men wanting to be the “servant of God” can be seem as the desire for an acknowledged position with an identifiable master, or partner rather than a helpless wanderer in Life’s overall, impersonal dance.
…and Kyroot said:
Although ordinary memory is a way in which Life works through Man to recycle previously spent energies, the Few must note that although such memory can apparently raise-the-dead, it cannot return to it the healthy-blush-of-life.
(Hence, you could say that the only good memory is a forgotten one.)
…and Kyroot said:
Might there be no nouns?, only the matter of seamed-together-scenes as flashed
through the projector of fragmented consciousness?
(Perhaps after death, instead of a physical paradise, Life will award Oscars to the most
…and Kyroot said:
Can any of you hear inverted echoes from the ancient tales of a big-god having trouble with lesser gods, and then banishing them from his presence.
Can you detect earlier rumblings of Man becoming aware of growth only being possible when the Primal Flow has split into The Three and each then goes its own way.
…and Kyroot said:
As long as I have been around, Life has been prodding Men to proclaim, “We must learn from
our mistakes.”, but who can see this as a 3-dimensional
expression of the triaxial dance of D to C to E to D to C to E, and so on?
Or, can you even see it on another level as an unrecognized notation of Life surviving despite its mistakes?
…and Kyroot said:
Is it not curious that everything I say eventually “fits”?
…and Kyroot said:
I once heard a discussion amongst a group of Men regarding the notions of a god and his anti-god, demonic counterpart, and of humanity,
the spoils over which they battled. The discussion finally reached the stage of them wondering whether it would be preferable to be god, in such a scenario, or the devil.
After much talk, one man concluded that it would be better to be the devil inasmuch as he would surely be the only one capable of laughter.
The conversation stilled for a while, and I thought they had run-their-course, until another man said, “Contrary: In such a scheme this devil would have been the product of the god, and the creator would have the greater laugh on the subject of his creation.”
I thought this would really end the discussion, but suddenly another fellow spoke up and said, “No, I believe it would be preferable to be an insightful human who understood the value of the prizes over which the two do battle. He would surely have the best, and last laugh.”
…and Kyroot said:
Would it be better to be rich, or famous?
To be beautiful, or talented?
To be wise, or powerful?
To be tall, or short? Slim, or fat?.
…you know, once you get started with this there’s almost no stopping.
…and Kyroot said:
I once met a man who told me that his one passion in life was “chasing shadows”.
At first this struck me as slightly curious, but he explained how it was unique among all hobbies in that it could not be pursued in either full light, or complete dark.
(If that don’t have all the makings of a new religion, then Buddha runs a diet center.)
..and Kyroot said:
Years ago, when I first became aware of it, I found it most curious that many mortals who claimed to be seeking some
“higher truth” denounced, or abandoned sex. But then I found the people so involved more curious than the phenomena.
But later then, I came to realize that
you cannot separate Men from what they do; that in fact, what they do IS what they are, and what they are has no influence over what they do.
It was good that I was eventually able to see it all so clearly.
…and Kyroot said:
I know that many mortals have claimed that a “god spoke to them directly”, but
recently I met a fellow who claimed to have a manuscript
actually written by god. He said that this great-being had
given him this work, and had appointed him as his literary agent,
to find a publisher, and handle all the mundane details, etc. Well, if this claim be true, said I, you must have many publishers interested and excited by now. “Not so”, said the would-be agent, and I inquired as to how there could be any possible difficulty in finding an anxious publisher for such an historic literary event, and the fellow shook his head and explained, “He insists on using a nom de plume.”
(Things ain’t changed so much after all.)
…and Kyroot said:
Why would Life display a new squeak in the north, only to produce a new lubricant in the south? Why does It present immediate resistance in any good new idea It has?
Why does Life deliver Man with his hands firmly around his own throat?
The rose could only respond to such inquiries by either death, or growth. How fortunate be Man to be above such simplicity.
…and Kyroot said:
From one viewpoint, its all quite funny.
But from another, its not funny at all.
Being able to see them both
is the last word in humor.



Document: 264, June 11,1987
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1987

I am going to start with something that might seem to cross the boundaries between the exotic and the everyday.  This is at the heart of a situation that almost everyone comes across when they are first introduced to This.  I’m going to start off with apparently two prefaces to it.  But I remind you there are always more than two ways to look at anything.

It is not unusual for me to receive notes from people when they are newly introduced to This along these lines:  “I have just heard about This Activity and it really struck me when you said that everything is molecular.  Not only did I understand it, it floored me.”  Then further along in the note comes this:  “I feel like I’m going crazy and I don’t know what to do next.  If it is true that everything is molecular then what does it matter what I do?  If everything about me and everything else is simply molecules, should I make any effort?  If it is all preset, how can I make any effort?”

There’s one view.  Here’s another.  Many of you may still have, to some degree, the passing fancy that you may eventually, by accident, become rich.  Possibly rich and famous, but at least rich.  You may even believe that your involvement in This will have a definite affect on your material standing in the world.  Your feeling is that, “If I’m involved with something extraordinary then, sooner or later, my luck will become extraordinary.  If I’m this unusual then something unusual will happen to me.  Surely some wealthy person will take a shine to me or I’ll win the lottery.”

Back to the first one.  You may have never personally written me such a note, but many of you have had your internal voices respond in a similar fashion to my description of everything being molecular.  The feeling is that, “I heard the description and I know it’s correct.  I am a creature of molecular reality.  And if that’s true then all the ideas about one’s culture, one’s parents, one’s own initiative having influenced what one is are archaic.  Things simply are as they are.  But boy, does that take the wind out of my sails.  I almost feel as though understanding that is not necessarily to my benefit.  It has, in fact, left me feeling rather confused.”

To begin with, if that is your response to the understanding that everything is molecular, you don’t understand it.  If you understood it, you wouldn’t be confused.  If you understood it you wouldn’t be stopped or inhibited by it.  All of you must suspect that understanding — personally discovered, developed, understood extraordinary information — would surely be of benefit.  It has to be.  It cannot be a hindrance.  And so, if you believe that you’ve heard some extraordinary information and your feeling is, “Ooh, it was fun and exciting when I first heard it, but now I feel as though somebody hit me in the stomach.  I feel like I don’t have any initiative to get out and do anything anymore,” you must suspect that something is wrong with that.  It cannot be the final statement.

Now back to my second example:  the belief that by being involved in This, your chances of accidentally becoming rich are enhanced.  All of you have at some point had a passing acquaintance with this feeling.  All of you can look within yourself and see that to some degree your internal voices have expressed the feeling that, “If I’m involved in This, the forces that run everything are in some way going to draw me closer.  Through my efforts I’ll be drawn closer to the forces-that-be and therefore good luck will begin to nip at my heels in the same way bad or indifferent luck always has.”  It is the feeling that, “Things really are going to work out.  And not just acceptably so, but things will really skyrocket because I’m out of the ordinary.”

All right, I’ll grant you that you’re out of the ordinary.  You’re not part of the absolutely predictable, routine and mundane.  You may understand something extraordinary such as the reality of my statement that there is no such thing as environment.  You may have your own nonverbal understanding that there is no choice between heredity and environment.  You may see clearly that it is all heredity.  But it is more complex than simply stating, “Hey, all this is just a piece of machinery.  The forces at one time put all of this in motion, wound it all up and gave it a kick, and now it’s all predictable.  None of us can make any effort.  Nothing can be changed.”  That cannot be the final statement.  That does not offer any understanding.  If it did, people would have been ignited above the Line three thousand years ago.  At least twenty-five hundred years ago people were verbally making such statements.  Life was already playing around with this idea in its own nervous system and expressing it through man.  And you can hear it now and go, “Wow, that’s probably right.  It makes my little nervous system vibrate just right.”  But that is not understanding.  That is not hearing the reality of it.

You must get to the point where you have your own understanding, not simply that everything is mechanical, but of the reality of how things operate, the limits of what ordinarily can be done, the limits of what Life has established in humanity and the necessity of it all.  Once you have that, it is still not clear sailing.  It is not a downhill bobsled ride.  You must still make effort.

Let me make this a little cruder for a moment.  This example is not exactly the way things are; it is a cruder way to see what I am pointing at.  I could say that all the great enlightened people throughout history knew that everything is mechanical and that nothing could be changed.  Let’s say they had the knowledge that everything was simply the way it was.  Even if that was the extent of what they saw and it was all that was necessary to be enlightened, they still had to make effort.  They would have had to continue to press on.

Can you hear what I am pointing at with this crude example?  You are not going to accidentally become rich.  The ordinary world is not simply going to open up to you because of your involvement in This.  I can refer you back to all the well-known historical examples of extraordinary people.  None of their lives, as remembered historically, was a bed of roses.  There aren’t any stories about one of them walking down the street and saying to themselves, “I’ve always wondered what was going on with Life and if it is possible to really understand it,” and then they turned a corner and they simply saw it all, and suddenly understood the reality of what was going on.  And then, just as suddenly, hundreds of people rushed up to them and shouted, “Tell us.  We want to know what’s going on.”  And then he told them and they all went, “Wow!”  And then more people came up and the TV cameras rolled up, a press conference was arranged, and everyone was going, “Tell us, tell us.”  And so this person told them everything he understood and the whole world went, “Wow!”

There aren’t any such stories, and it is a reflection of a certain reality going on with This Activity.  It is another example of the notion that you will accidentally become rich by being involved with This.  I can put it another way.  It is as though, because of my understanding, because all of you are understanding more and more, that somehow This Activity is going to accidentally take off.  That some wealthy or influential person will hear about This and go, “Wow!”  And then the TV networks will be showing up, and it’s going to be the headlines on the front of all the newspapers.

There are parts of your consciousness that can say, “Surely something like that will happen.  And if it doesn’t, then something isn’t right.  There has got to be some kind of spiritual economic justice connected to This.  There has to be some kind of confluence of need for This extraordinary stuff out in life.  If it is as valuable as I know it is, then, if nothing else, it will have to accidentally “become rich”.  That is, become successful in some way.”

You are not going to accidentally become rich.  You may, at Line-level consciousness believe that you have heard of someone in the ordinary world accidentally becoming rich.  You may believe you read about someone who stumbled across some idea, or accidentally put something together; and they ran out and put it in the stores, and the next week they were millionaires.  But the rule out in Life is if someone becomes rich, they were wired up to become rich.  Whether it was apparently through luck or effort, they were wired up to “be rich.”  It was not an accident.  That is not the way things work.  They may work that way in a novel or in the movies, but they do not work that way in Life.  It does not happen accidentally.  And any feeling that you may have that Life is going to suddenly realize what I’ve done, or what you as a group have done, or how much we all understand and say, “Oh, I just realized what you people have been up to.  And I’m impressed!  I’m going to give you everything you need so you can take it easy from now on,” is naive.  Again, look at the examples of historically remembered extraordinary figures.  And whether those individuals really existed is not the point.  The stories are a reflection of something real.  But none of them simply went out one day, told a few people what they knew, and it just spread out on its own; and he went home, and took it easy for the rest of his life.  All you have to do is look back at those stories, at what those people did.  Or, better yet, what they had to do.

What kind of effort are you making?  What kind of effort are you as a whole making?  If you’re simply waiting for all of this to accidentally take off, to accidentally “become rich,” you are going to be disappointed.  No matter how much you understand, you must make effort.  You must do something.  You cannot go off and lay in a hammock because you’ve seen that everything is mechanical.  You have to continue to make effort as though that didn’t matter.  Because it doesn’t matter.  Everyone is making effort.  They are making effort in the way in which they were wired up to.  It doesn’t matter if they are wired up to be rich or poor, a famous composer or a non-famous composer, they are making effort in the way that they must.  When you see that everything is mechanical and can’t be changed, you still have to press on and make effort.  And if you feel that you might have had the wind knocked out of you, that the impetus to live and get out and do anything has been taken away from you by something you understood through This Activity, then you don’t understand anything.  If you can’t get up after a few hours and go, “Whew, so that’s it,”  and brush yourself off and get back to business, you’ll never understand anything.  You have to get up and take care of all the ordinary things and continue to make effort.

Now for something else.  Let’s go back to my example of two groups of people — one group with apparent horizontal power and control and the other without power — a government and the populace.  It has been noted by ordinary political observers that one way for those in power to keep the powerless in submission is to keep them fighting among themselves.  I refer you back to my example of a collusion between two great princes who are running everything.  To the people, they are apparently fighting against one another, but in reality they are working together, and by keeping the populace stirred up against each other they keep this collusion a secret.  Ordinary revolutionists have said such things as this:  “If the powerless, the subjects, would ever wage war against the powerful, those in control, the same way they do against themselves, they would be free.  Then you would have a true revolution.  Then you would have real freedom.”

There is a brand new phenomenon going on in our lifetime.  It is the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. (the two external representatives of the major ad-hoc forces in power) beginning to talk about having to learn to live together in peace.  These two forces that consider themselves to be in opposition, are beginning to realize that, “Hey, this is a limited planet.  There is a finite amount of space and resources, and we are going to have to find a way to live together.  We can no longer afford to be in any overt conflict.”  This is a brand new idea out in the external world.  For any period of history that you can pick out, there have always been two foes, and there was never any talk of trying to find a way to live in peace or compromising in any way.  It was always an all or nothing affair.  Each group was always driven to overrun the other and take their land and enslave or drive out their people.  It was as though there was an unlimited supply of land and resources, and they could continue to battle over acquiring it.  But now, something has begun to take serious form in humanity’s consciousness.  Humanity is beginning to understand that, in a sense, there is no more new land.  The planet has been, more or less, divided up into known and accepted boundaries.  Small skirmishes still take place, but for the most part, everything is divided up into recognized areas.  And there is nowhere left to go conquer or to push the defeated off to.  It is the feeling that, “We now all have our rooms in this great house, and if one of us causes too much trouble, we could burn the whole house down.”

Consider the internal significance of this.  Heretofore, the internal condition of the Partnership, this kind of inner conflict, could have been likened to an all or nothing, a do or die affair.  This has been the basis of all religion.  It has been the basis, heretofore, of all the individual feelings that people have had that, “I must change, I should do better.”  But it has been a do or die situation.  It is the feeling that, “The good part of me is going to overrun the bad part.  There is no question that we’re going to sit down and work this out. The bad part is simply going to have to be thrown out.”  All the religions, all the great historical philosophies, are replete with the idea that, “If man is not truly following the muse of the good and serving the gods, then he is wallowing in the mud of evil.  You’re either on the right side or the wrong side.  There is no gray line between doing what is morally right and what is morally reprehensible.”  All of that is a reflection of what has been felt internally; that it is a win or lose proposition.  The feeling has always been that it is the only way to change; it is the only way to better oneself.  I am strongly suggesting to you that this dialogue going on between these two ad-hoc contemporary representatives of the two major forces, the U.S. and the  U.S.S.R., about, “We’ve got to learn to live together.  The planet is finite.  There’s nowhere else to go.  We’re stuck here together, and as different as our cultures and opinions may be…,” is a reflection of a change that is beginning to take place in humanity internally.  All the information I’ve been sketching out for you is a reflection of this.  It is a harbinger of it.  There has always been the feeling that, “The only way I can change is in a win or lose battle.  I am going to overcome all of my bad parts, all my despicable habits.  There are parts of me that must change.  And once it starts, there is no question about surcease of my assault on my bad parts.”  To ordinary people that is the whole purpose of being alive.  It is the feeling, “I’ve got to change.  I should be doing better, and the ultimate game is to completely do better, make myself over, stop all my bad habits.”  It has always been a win or lose battle, but that day is coming to an end.  Not abruptly.  That is not how things work.  I am not inferring that there is going to be a cessation of the situation of man feeling as though he must change.  But the feeling that it is a do or die, a make or break, an all or nothing proposition is going to lessen.  This feeling, this desire, this drive to change is going to be gradually seen as less of a matter of a win/lose battle, and more and more as an internal situation of, “Hey, there are only a limited number of days, of energy, of resources that I have, and there is nowhere else to go.  I must find a way to live in some kind of peace.”  And when the day comes that this is the norm for humanity, my description will be outdated.  Even ordinary people will understand more than these words imply.  In comparison to previous times, it will be an individual living in a kind of peace with himself.  As it is now, the nervous system believes that there is somewhere it can run to.  “I can run to the church, I can run back to my family, I can run back to my memory, I can run to my imagination.”   There is an internal reflection in the so-called super powers stating as absolute fact, “We’ve got to learn to live in peace because there is nowhere else to run to.”

I strongly suggest to you that this is a piece of what all This is about.  It is a piece of what is beginning to happen in ordinary consciousness rather than men being at their own throats, crying out, “Deliver me from this win/lose game.  Make me a new person.  Let me leave this old person, let me leave these old habits.”  That served a purpose and it is still serving a purpose.  The majority of people on this planet are still in that situation.  You are outnumbered but it is not an excuse for doing nothing.  It cannot be an excuse for not making effort.

Can you see the connection between this and where I started?  If those who are apparently powerless and fragmented could wage war on those apparently in control with the same intensity as they wage on each other, they would have a new situation.  There is coming a time wherein humanity is going to feel that all their internal conflicts must find a way to live in peace.  That these internal disparities cannot continue to conflict with each other .pain a win/lose situation.  Can you see a connection between these two ideas?

To varying degrees, you are all still in the situation that there seems to be a win/lose game going on — that even This is based upon win/lose.  It is the feeling that, “I’ve got to succeed at This, and success is the absolute annihilation of all those parts of me that do not want to succeed at This.”  Look at the time you spend with an internal struggle.  It seems quite valid and you believe it is based upon something I said or something you have begun to understand.  But it is as though you are continually sitting around and punching yourself and kicking yourself in the butt.  What if you begin to see that you have been involved with a continuing meaningless series of squabbles among the powerless?  What if you could take all of this — condense the energy, put it together in a cohesive manner, and direct it toward the real controlling powers.  Can you jump back and forth fast enough between the external situation I have been describing and your internal world?  What if all the little people out there could understand, “We have been fighting the wrong battle.  We have been fighting with each other.”  What if those little people are in you?  What if we’re talking about the Partnership?  What if we’re talking about the apparent conflicting, diverging desires, dreams, hopes, fears, etc., that are wired up and ignited in everybody?  What if, instead of punching at yourself, you could direct it to the right place?  What if the powerless could, instead of fighting among themselves, turn that energy towards the controlling powers?  Then you’d have something.

Let’s talk about something apparently scientific.  A popular dream of modern physicists is to discover a single, simple law that would tie everything together.  A law that would explain what is underlying everything that is going on.  And at the same time some of these same scientists stroke their chins and wonder, “Maybe such a single, simple law doesn’t exit.  Maybe that’s why we can’t find it.”  What 3D intelligence — represented by the world of physics — is ignorant of is that it is not yet a part of consciousness to be able to perceive such a law.  Humanity is ignorant of the possibility that human consciousness, as it is presently, might be literally, physically incapable of such perception.  The explanation for not having found it yet has always been based on a lack of new technology.  “We haven’t been able to build equipment that is sophisticated enough to get close enough to the building blocks of reality yet.  As it is now, the technology we use works in a way that actually interferes with what we are trying to observe.”  It is as though technology were something “out there.”  It is as though technology was somehow separate from human consciousness.  This example is an attempt to show you that it is not a matter of something apparently lacking “out there.”  This law is so elusive because human consciousness is not prepared to perceive it.  It is literally not wired up, it is not physically constructed, to perceive such a law — if it does exist.  What if it is not a matter of technology, but a matter of consciousness?

Now, what if we’re not talking about the world of physics?  What if we’re talking about what you thought you were interested in when you got involved in This.  You continue to feel as though you need more information.  Or you feel that I keep beating around the bush.  I keep laying out these maps and stories and if I really know the secret, why don’t I just tell you already?  “Just give me the method and I’ll do it.  Just tell me what it is.”  You’re asking for another microscope.  You’re asking for another new technology.  Or you may start to think, “Wait a minute, if I can’t hear it, maybe this is all just a dream.  Maybe I’ve been mislead.”  What if it is right there and you can’t see it?  What if it is not simply a question of whether this ultimate answer exists, but it is the possibility that your consciousness, as it is, simply can’t perceive it?  It is not a matter of more information or better technology.  Technology is consciousness.  Technology is not something that springs up from “out there.”  If Life needs for humanity to begin to see further into so-called reality, then humanity’s develops new technology through Life’s expansion of Line-level consciousness.  The new technology is part of Life expanding humanity’s consciousness.  Life needs for human consciousness to continually expand and humanity sees it as progress.  But are you going to wait for progress?

Here’s an epigram that is connected with everything I’ve been talking about.  “A hitchhiker never runs out of gas.”  All of the apparent struggles to do better and to change are based on the assumption that, “Hey, I’m driving.”  Everyone believes he is in control of himself and that everyone else is in control and responsible for what they do.  Everyone believes individuals are both responsible, and subsequently, to blame.  But look where this belief has gotten everyone.  It is another manifestation of the win/lose syndrome.  But how about this.  I suggest that you might want to consider that there might be conditions under which you might want to abandon the illusion of owning an auto and of driving.  What if you could become a hitchhiker?  Think about it.  You wouldn’t have to concern yourself with running out of gas or with insurance, or with the car breaking down.  Can you see a group of would-be revolutionists trying to pool their money to buy a tank.  What if this group of would-be revolutionists began to have the idea that, “We shouldn’t be fighting ourselves.  We should be applying our energies in the right place.”  What if this band of would-be revolutionists, in their assault on the powers-that-be all took up hitchhiking?  What if they all hitchhiked their way to the coup?  They wouldn’t have to worry about insurance or flat tires.  The state wouldn’t have their names or pictures on licenses.

This is almost epigrammatic.  “What is quicker than the speed at which the once priceless becomes worthless?”  Look at ordinary life, at ordinary occurrences.  Look at the speed at which you find something or someone — a dream, an idea, a job, a lover — valuable and then at the speed at which it goes from being priceless to worthless.  And on an extraordinary level there is, “That which I have perceived.  I’ve had a new insight, a great moment of epiphany.  And it is priceless.”  How quickly does even what appears to be extraordinary go from being priceless to worthless?  By worthless I mean that you no longer think about it.  It no longer has any apparent pragmatic value to you.  It went from being valuable to apparently being valueless.  This is also sometimes know as “habit.”  In the 3D world everything is arranged to be habitual.  Man sees himself and his possibilities as being otherwise.  Humanity believes they are not limited to the habitual confines of an earthworm, or a lady bug, or a cinder block.  There is the constant feeling, in ordinary Life as well as in This, that something new is of value.  An ordinary person will get a new car and the feeling is that it is almost priceless.  The feeling they have when they buy it and drive it around seems priceless — for the first 5 minutes or miles or days.  And after that they forget it.  They get in it and crank it up, and they’re late for work, and the thing is out of gas.  Or it’s starting to make some strange noise.  And it goes from being priceless to being almost worthless.  It’s now a part of the habitual pattern that seems to be them.  It is similar to the feeling you have when your foot falls asleep and someone pricks it with a pin.  The new car, or the new sweetheart, or the new idea is almost like a small pin prick.  You feel something different. You feel stimulated for awhile.  It may make you get up out of the hammock.  It may feel better than a caffeine infusion — for a few hours or a few days — but then what happens?  It goes from being exciting and fun and priceless to being useless and worthless.  It is now habit.  “The car was priceless, but now it’s almost a drag.  I’ve have to start worrying about the payments and upkeep and repairs.”  And it is not recognized that this process goes on continually.  And they say there is nothing faster than the speed of light!