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Change in the Community


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#249 *  Feb 26, 1987 * – 1:55
Notes by TK

Each person is a community –a group of some size with governing center and power flow. Categories of community types: Oasis = temporary meeting place, crossroads, concerned almost entirely with red circuit needs; first stage of civilization. Next in complexity is village/town, with some semi-permanent structures and institutions relating mostly to social needs –blue circuit–and having more or less rudimentary code of conduct. Finally, city complexity where thinking-of-action is almost as important as action.

The power flow –dominant/submissive– when it apparently misfires or is subverted (example of child abusing parent) is cause for condemnation as ‘ungodly’, unnaturally counter to ‘god’s law’–i.e., religious trapping of seriousness. But what actually is happening is the Yellow Circuit apologizing for the uncivilized behavior of the Red Circuit. Criticism for inefficiency which is couched in religious terms gives a vivifying gravity, a strongly affecting emotion to what at Yellow Circuit level can merely be termed ‘inefficiency’ which carries a minimum impact. This is the excellent purpose of religion: can move humanity.

Ritual. What is its power? Religion = ritual. #1 attraction: ritual is a new habit. #2: it has the appearance of being willfully, knowingly acquired –effort required. #3: habit involves the Yellow Circuit –all other habits do not.

Change. Only The Few have the possibility of drastic Red Circuit and Yellow Circuit change, thereby drawing close to a real secret. Real Change: change for no reason; apparently useless. Make a drastic change at either Yellow Circuit or Red Circuit level is an ironclad guarantee of Real change. But note: it takes a miracle to pull it off …nobody will do it. Also, when any change of liberal persuasion becomes acceptable to your reactionary lower circuits, it is empty, useless, impotent. Must up the stakes.

The discovered ‘psychological’ connection between body type (endo-, meso- and ectomorph) and personality happened years ago; available for years. Occasionally Life will leak out such info. The Few should notice that there are a very limited number of physical types of people. Ordinary change is impossible. Real Change involves the alteration of one’s DNA print.

Another of Life’s little tricks on man, never verbalized before: all ‘systematic’ approaches to anything (religion, political ideologies, philosophies etc.) have behind them an attempt and purpose to divide and conquer. They always increasingly complexify –divide up into increasingly smaller and smaller unrelated pieces -Yellow Circuit info until it is practically incomprehensible.

Whereas it’s seeming outward purpose is just the opposite: to unite and strengthen, produce solidarity. Example of religion dividing up the seamless reality into ultimate good and evil pieces, wholly unreconcilable to the Yellow Circuit.


1:51 TASK: Update on task to refrain 3x daily from speaking the programmed script: 4x daily refrain from thinking the programmed thought for 10 days. Then back to refraining from speaking. Then cease all.



Document:  249,  February 26, 1987
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1987

Each person can be seen as a community.  Using the ordinary definition of community, this would be a group of some size at a specific location, with a common culture and history, who would feel themselves to be distant from the larger body of humanity as a whole.  In that sense, can you see that each person could be seen as their own community?  I point this out to try and remind you why I use such apparently external examples as politics, government, and religion.  They are to enable you to see that all of this is reflected within the wiring system and genetic makeup of individual people.  Internally, you would fit into this routine definition of the word, “community” — because internally you have a governing aspect and you have the governed.  You have the artistic aspect within the community of you — and you have the critical aspect, i.e., the critics.  Another picture I’ve verbally drawn for you is that of the internal partnership, and that can be extended to the picture of the corporation.  Within each community/person, there is a necessary flow of power going on.  This necessary flow of power is not only between individual people, individual communities, and individual nations — but is also going on inside of you.  Otherwise, you would not be able to transfer power or energy to any other community.

Regarding people as communities, I have another description of the breakdown of communities into levels.  Everyone can be seen as an oasis, a village, or a city.  You can see this as individual communities throughout the world, and you can see it in the individuals inside these external communities.  All of these run progressively from the first to the third, and they become increasingly large and complex.

Whether I’m speaking physically of allegorically, the simplest of these — the oasis — would be a temporary meeting place.  It would be concerned with meeting Red Circuit needs.  It would be a place of occupants coming and going; a place dealing with the first stage of someone becoming civilized.  In a community, whether we’re talking about you or the Chinese, there is a first stage; the stage where individuals meet temporarily for the purpose of taking care of Red Circuit needs.

The next stage would be the village.  It would be a little more complex, with at least some semipermanent structures and institutions.  There some social needs would be met, whereas in the oasis, there would be no social needs.  In the village, the semipermanent structures would offer a certain degree of apparent safety.  You would also begin to have more artistic or leisure time.  Some group activity, such as communal dancing would develop, and thereby, the first appearance of some kind of Rules of Conduct.

A more complex city would be the next step — where thinking of action would be almost as important as action; a quantum leap from the village.

Regarding the aforementioned Power Flow:  all situations involve a flow of power.  Very often Life makes humanity or some group of humanity aware of the fact, but it comes out in strange ways.  The participants in the situation feel the circumstance to be of some importance — that there is a relationship going on.  When that happens, it appears that one individual or group is driven to seek dominance, and although it appears that the other acquiesces, they are actually seeking to be dominated.  Parents and children are a good example of the power flow situation.  Part of being a parent is exercising control over the kid; and part of being a kid is having a parent say, “Alright, eat those green beans, and in ten minutes go to bed.”  The flow would not be functioning properly if this situation were to become reversed and the children began to mistreat their parents or exercise control.  A parent would say, “Ever since his father died, my son is completely uncontrollable.”  Throughout the world, people hear this and shudder.  The power flow is not going as expected.  It is an anomaly in the power grid system.

People do not merely shudder over this.  Behavior that is contrary to the expected power flow is roundly condemned, socially and judicially.  It also presents itself with religious trappings.  To honor, obey, and love your parents is taught by all the great religions.  Refuting them is condemned.  The gods do not put up with this sort of thing.

What I want to point out here is that the obvious is overlooked.  Any religious doctrine speaking of things being against the will of the gods is actually the Yellow Circuit acting as an apologist for, or an accuser of, the lower circuitry’s uncivilized behavior as man grows out of it.  It is the situation of Life going against its own present physical laws and standards of efficiency.  Were it not inefficient, there would be no condemnation.  But note — there is no way to simply say, “Children shouldn’t mistreat their parents because it is inefficient.”  And you still wonder if religion serves a purpose?

Ordinary people can not deal with/understand large segments of Life.  It would not be worthwhile to point out to them that Life itself is Alive — that what passes as forbidden actions is simply inefficient action under Life’s prevailing, present physical laws and standards of efficiency.  It is not the proper flow of energy.  The religious idea that these actions are against the will of the gods is actually Life realizing that in spotted instances within its own body (as well as in your own community, by the way) actions take place that go against the prevailing power flow; and the condemnation comes, and it is certainly going to survive our lifetime.

Someone asked me to comment on the possible role that ritual would play in the pursuit of something new.  There are several comments I can make connected with this.

Everyone loves ritual.  Ritual is everywhere.  What is it’s power?  Number one — ritual is new HABIT.  I assure you that part of finding a new religion, a new system, a new guru is finding a new habit.  Second, ritual is the only knowingly acquired habit.  It is the only habit an ordinary person ever acquires that has the appearance of being acquired on purpose — not just “picked up”.  The Yellow Circuit participates in this hobby — this ritual.

With no change of subject whatsoever, I want to get to the matter of change; and to the matter of why things do not go so quickly all the time as they do some of the time.  People wonder why things seem to go in cycles in their attempt at This.  You wonder why it is that you seem to be close to undergoing some kind of change, and then you seem to slip into ordinary consciousness.  If you are truly one of Life’s chosen mutants, it is possible to affect drastic change in yourself; and there are two ways.  One is to simply attempt and succeed at drastically altering yourself physically.  Just look at it as being a drastic body alteration.  The other is to do the same thing with the mind — with the Yellow Circuitry.

I have often given a personal task to someone, such as telling a basically wimpy man to, “Put four inches on your chest, three inches on your arms, two inches on your thighs, and you’ve got to be able to run five miles nonstop.”  Who pursued it?  How many ever take it far enough to understand that what I’m saying is close to a secret.  But here’s why it’s a secret:  nobody will do it!  If you would affect drastic physical change — you would know what real change is about; and people want to sit around and discuss change.  The mistake is at a very mechanical Yellow Circuit level.  You may believe there are people in the world changing themselves physically right now.  Witness the “health boom”, the proliferation of health spas, the number of people jogging, doing aerobics, etc.  That does not produce real change.  You should know — if that was any change, the center of man’s spiritual life would now be Biff’s Health Spa.  If has to be drastic alteration, and for it to be drastic, it has got to be something that goes against the DNA print of you.  It has to be something the requires Effort.  I don’t have to say “great effort” or “real effort”.  There’s either Effort or no Effort.  The ordinary people out running are not making any effort.  They’re running because a doctor told them they are going to die — or because Reader’s Digest said they were going to die.  There’s something in the overall genetic makeup of Life itself that made them do that.  If you think things do not go fast enough, let me tell you, this is a secret — this drastic alteration is a guarantee; but you won’t do it.  A person would find out what change is, but they won’t do it.

Something that has been going on in various ways throughout recorded history is the attempt to classify humans by their physical build.  It was eventually called Somatology.  One doctor concluded there were three types of people based upon the distribution of fat, muscle, etc.  Then he began to notice that there seemed to be some kind of connection between their build and their personality.  As far as I know, this is no longer of any great interest in psychology or to the general public.  But you’ve been wasting your eyesight if you have not realized that there seems to be a limited genetic combination of people; and you have been wasting your eyesight to meet someone for the first time and not be struck by the fact that if it’s not Fred X — it’s his twin brother.  Should you follow it up, you may discover he has the same political beliefs as Fred X, the same apparent interests in Life, and a similar background.  The numbers of types of people are limited.  Or, as a great philosopher once said, “Once you’ve met one person, you’ve met them all.”  This idea has been around a while.  It’s threaded throughout religion, philosophy, and throughout the history of humanity.  Yet, have you ever used it?  Has it ever struck you as being of any significance?

You can alter yourself physically, which seems to be simpler than altering the Yellow Circuit.  You can either work on actions (the body), or on thinking of actions (the mind).  With either of these approaches, you will get your finger on molecularly changing yourself; and all your dreams about mystical states will disappear.  You will feel it.  You will die a different person — and you will be one of the Few — because everybody else dies the same way they intro-ed.  In other words, change is impossible ordinarily — because change is not your Uncle Fred quitting smoking after he spit up one of his lungs.  It’s not related to the fellow you know who quit drinking after he had a wreck and killed his wife and child.  Change is the alteration of one’s DNA print.  It is an absolute shift in what you are molecularly from what you were when you were born.  It is not those passing would be changes that come and go.  It’s an absolute molecular change of you in toto.  Ordinary people who experience some of these passing states write books on it or start schools around it.  That’s really no change at all:  they can not repeat it, and they do not know what it meant; but what they remember of it may make them famous.  It may start a new cult or religion — but they do not know what Change is.  They are exactly what they were when they were born.

I used to refer to a figure of a man with a cutoff line between his head and his body.  Below the line was the more feral, uncivilized aspect of man — the oasis community in man.  Then there was the city — the civilized, more sophisticated part.  Using this frame of reference, I have pointed out that politically and socially, there are liberals and there are conservatives.  There are those who apparently favor change and those who do not.  This is not simply a political observation or process.  I was using an external kind of example of something internally real.  Everyone has this line in them.  It is the condition of man — of the community.  There is the conservative part, which is yesterday’s morals and standards.  An example would be, Southern people saying, “No, we’ll never forget the civil war.”  Further up is the liberal view of those saying, “You people are living in the past.  You’re fools and idiots.”  Remember, I am not speaking of politics.  I am using examples plucked from the great mundane, exterior world and setting them up in your own internal community.  Once your new, liberal ideas become acceptable to your lower conservative circuitry, the ideas are empty.  They are of no value or nourishment.  Yet the flow of power in the world is predicated in part upon that being an absolutely unseen situation.

 Diagram #108 illustration

Diagram #108 illustration

There is a continuing process inside man’s individual community and within the larger community of humanity.  It is as though there is a line and above it you seem to be liberal — open to new ideas.  Below it, you are an absolute stick-in-the-mud, conservative throwback, dinosaur.  Most people are only aware of one within their own community (with which they identify themselves).  Remember, I was defining “community” as a group of people (inside of you) who identify themselves as having a common government.  One side of the personality seems to be governing and another part seems to be governed.  This group has a common control which is normally called one’s personality.  It has a common heritage, the history in your genes.  So from your view, there’s a prevailing liberal or conservative government in you; but there is a continuing sensation of new liberal ideas coming in.  Right now, your only source for it is Here — but you will find the more effort you make, the more you will begin to have your own insights and your own new ways of thinking about something.  Once you hear a new idea, unless it dies an almost immediate death, the day will come when that new idea is going to become acceptable to the lower circuitry (the conservative circuitry).  When that happens, the idea is worthless.  It has been chewed up and digested.  Taken on the physical level — you can do 5000 sit-ups a day until you’re not even aware of it anymore.  It becomes meaningless.  The time it has taken feels like it doesn’t exist.  When that occurs, the new has now become the conservative.  The clincher is, though, that hardly anybody will ever get to that point.  That’s one of the great tricks of Life.  People will think they did it by believing they did it, at least long enough to see where it was going and therefore, they needn’t do it anymore.  They would “see” all the possible effects of doing the 5000 sit-ups, i.e.; they would probably drink less, stay at home more often, have more focused attention, etc., etc.  Therefore, since they “see” all that, why do the sit-ups?

While I’m on the subject of tricks, there’s another one Life does on Man.  All “organized” views of Life including religion, political ideologies, intellectual philosophies, are systematic approaches.  All these views have behind them an attempt and a purpose that humanity has never seen.  It appears to have to do with bringing groups of people together wherein those attracted can establish common goals and common interests, and make themselves stronger.  In fact, it is nothing of the kind.  It is actually based upon the axiom –Divide and Conquer.  The apparent system (the religion or philosophy) is actually engaged in dividing everything into such small, apparently unconnected, Yellow Circuit pieces as to render it all meaningless and impossible to comprehend.  It’s not some person behind this, or some group.  It’s Life.  The system appears to have a Yellow Circuit basis as it is described to you, and you are attracted because you feel it is something you already agree with; or maybe it introduces new and liberal ideas to you and you want to connect yourself with it.  Life is actually dividing into ever increasing smaller and smaller pieces which become apparently unrelated.  Then they become meaningless.  And this is beyond ordinary vision or comprehension.  To use religion as an example, what could be more unrelated that a god and an anti-god.  This is not the way the Yellow Circuit sees it, of course.  It is not what consciousness sees.  People still feel — “If I could find the right approach, the right group, then I’d be getting somewhere.  Then it would tie up the loose ends.”  People expect a group to bring it all together; to match the like-minded, and to offer benefit.  Religion does nothing of the kind.  This is not an attack on religion.  It is doing what it is supposed to do; but it is not to produce a feeling of solidarity.  It is to divide up everything:  Life…Man’s actions…Man’s thoughts…Man’s feelings…the history of Man…speculation on the universe — and anything else it is driven to ponder.

Think back to the middle ages when men were fist fighting over how many angels could dance on the head of a pin.  As I pointed out, Life will try anything, and it continually goes too far.  In the case of religion, it divides everything into such small pieces, they appear unrelated.  Another example is good and evil.  What could be more unrelated?  It talks about how to live now, and then about a possible future in paradise or some other life.  To ordinary consciousness it is all a continuum, because ordinary consciousness can not see that all systematic approaches are continually dividing that which they are apparently overseeing, into such small pieces that eventually, the pieces become Yellow Circuit unrelated and the whole affair becomes meaningless.  Consciousness may say otherwise.  It may say, “Since I have become a good Catholic, since I joined the church — I feel like my life has more meaning.  I feel as though I am not alone.  I feel some security, now.”  This is true for ordinary people.  What has happened, though, is the Systematic approach has divided everything so small that it has become Yellow Circuit unrelated, and meaningless.  Therefore, it is beyond mortal comprehension.  Consciousness then says, “I have done my best, but Life is not meant for Man to understand.  Who knows?”  All this is true enough.

But there are some people who do know.  Any time you are following any system, and that includes your own community, because it has a systematic approach, there is a sensation of a common governing body.  There is a sense of a common history and culture.  Yet as long as you live for that feeling of community, you are beset by forces that are based upon Divide and Conquer — and you can never see the obvious.  You can never see what is going on.  The community that is you has its own trappings.  Yet as long as you do not name or identify with what it apparently is — you can change what you apparently are.