Jan Cox Talk 0246

There is No Second Place


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#246 * Feb 5, 1987 * – 1:57
Notes by TK

Re: “chief feature “fatal flaw, unique weakness –no such uniqueness exists; more like an absolutely surrounding, encapsulating flaw; it is everything about you. All in Group have a pitiful, sickening ordinary weakness. The Few in their attempt to effect radical, basic biochemical change, err in considering weakness to be weakness. There is no such thing as weakness, just the condition of being human.

The Few are prone to another level of weakness by condoning, being charitable toward weakness in general, for it is the tacit admission that something is amiss with the weak that requires redressing. The Few must be “uncharitably strong”; refuse to recognize, permit weakness. The Few should be frightened at the manifestation of weakness in their activities. There is a kind of unholy strength to This Thing: the steely strength not to take yourself seriously.

Example of the myth of Lucifer’s fall from heaven illustrating the powerful reaction to the upsetting of the critical balance of forces in the universe. Lucifer desired more than his 1/3 share, upsetting the 3-fold balance required and pitching existence into the binariness of good vs. evil. Paid an enormous penalty for his greed. Consider that mankind is used as a maintainer of the critical balance required in Life’s own nervous system.

Consider what standard is used in This Thing in which to judge yourself or others weak. The many must have a supernatural or semi-divine human teacher/guru model or standard against which to judge their behavior. After all, what is it that civilizes man? Why does anyone act decently? Fear of god –higher power of retribution –although now codified in modern secular law evolved from religious law.

The Few however are singularly lacking in a standard for judgment; must do a private duty of rightful action. The Yellow Circuit carries a feedback loop of “how am I doing?”;a standard for judging behavior. The Few have no model for comparison, and their strength to do This Thing must proceed from a genetic predisposition.

Ordinary prognosticators in life: doom criers –truly the most pitiful of all humans.They can see no further than the end of their noses. ALL men see doom everywhere. Any approach to true prediction must embody the contradictory; involve the seeming irrelevant; must be able to see Life as the ultimate contradiction. Binary blinders in a triadal process world.

1:23 Reading and responding to questions/observations from Group.

The loser in any historical conflict is treated as the villain. Remember: there is no prize for second place; there IS no second place. The partnership is a perfect example of this fact.

What is the reality behind fairy tale love stories? Note that such stories are a comparatively recent development. Relates to increasing homogenization of mankind by Life; arises/manifests under aegis of psychological factors. Yet the biochemical basis remains.

The new speculation that a genetic reality exists for the  feelings of connection to ancestors and mythology, reincarnation etc. Newly dawning awareness that such knowledge may be carried in the genes. But what is the alternative? Why has this discovery been so long in coming out in Life?

The idea of paradise and man’s fall from grace –another example of the masterstroke.

The need to be able to differentiate long term from short term phenomena in the Body of Life; clues relating to the relative resistance shown by mankind to new developments; can begin to see patterns in change with attendant resistance to change indicating relative endurance of phenomena.