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The Desire for Community and – EYD or YD / SE


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Jan Cox Talk 199, Mar 15, 1986, runtime 1:56
Notes by TK

Recap for new people. Two types of people: dominant and submissive based on their hardwired energy transformation. No one is immune from these types. Submissives outnumber the dominant –but justice prevails and they don’t overthrow the dominants. Most who are ‘seekers’ are of the submissive type; want to be told what to do; looking for uniformity –unification –something to submit to: unique community.

The continuing cry of “what can I do?” is unavoidable in this. An organization is a living entity as soon as it has a leader and a body of followers; note that there is no uncertainty as to “what to do” in all organizations. But not so with This thing.

New equations variant themes of “I plus Not-I = Everything” incorporating the great ‘god-line’: Either you do or you don’t. (E Y D v. Y D) and Something Else (SE): diagram A: [E Y D v. Y D over—divided by—S E]; diagram B [E Y D v. Y D shown below the line in spine diagram (Diag. 1) with an arrow pointing down from above and touching line-of-consciousness]; diagram C: [(E Y D v. Y D) v. SE].

Through  activation of higher circuitry the EYDvYD becomes displaced to an entirely new position by the SE element.

Nobody knows what they are thinking. You can’t turn the mind on the mind and all previous methods served to highlight this basic reality –but note that it (the mind) says otherwise. “Know thyself” is not about knowing all your environmental traumas. The Reality behind “predestination”: genetics. All is subject to its genetics since Universe Day 1. But the structure of the brain is not arranged to remember such information because it is not necessary. It can be remembered however.

The Question: What to do? Consider the traditional answer of “prayer”: men talking to themselves as though to an external powerful entity. Consider “meditation”: attempting to heal wounds. What you cannot do is be angry; cannot be critical. There is a place in your own nervous system that is never angry or critical–you must be able to live there. You cannot do anything to harm yourself –to waste your energy in This thing.

A manifestation of This thing: feeling of warmth in the brain–related to blood flow and AMV12 nourishment.

This Thing consumes itself verbally and therefore must periodically change direction.


For new people seeing videos: undertake a new hobby –something you have an interest in and in which you can have a measure of success. Best choice is something that makes you almost fearful (e.g. like acting when stage-fright strikes by merely stand up in a room to give your name). Give it 3 months. Real Effort.



Document:  199,  March 15, 1986
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1986

        I’m about to mention something that many of you will say is obvious.  The problem is that it becomes obvious to you only when I mention it — you cannot hold the reality behind such an “obvious” statement as part of your continual awareness.  Try to listen with more than literal ears.

     The world is divided into two kinds of people.  As you know, I’ve used this type of division many times to point out different things, and this one has to do with the transfer of energy.  I’m speaking again about the division of dominant and submissive, in particular, to use archaic, childish terms, I’m referring to “born leaders” and “born followers.”  Regardless of all the products hucksters sell to get the meek to assert themselves, followers cannot be made into leaders; submissive people cannot become dominant.  The difference is genetic and biochemical; there are specific differences in the biochemical processes within these two camps.

     You can recall from your own childhood how there always seemed to be the kid in the playground who pushed everyone else around.  (Women might not have had occasion to notice this in the playground, but you’ve had every opportunity to observe that there is always somebody more aggressive in the Red Circuit in these kinds of situations.)  And in the classroom, there were those who seemed to be top dog, and they magnetized others to them.  Still others were wired up to comment upon this; they stood around and complained and fell into the submissive group.

     This division of people into dominant and submissive, I remind you again, has nothing to do with environment:  what you call environment is simply the genes of those around you.  Other people seem to present outside forces to you, but to them they are not outside forces — you are.  One’s tendencies and behaviors are completely wired up in the DNA, it’s the genetic deck of cards dealt out.

     I mention this to you because like everyone else, people who are drawn to This Activity, almost invariably, want to be told what to do.  Don’t fall into an easy misinterpretation of my use of the word “submissive”.  I am not saying that dominant people are the active ones who make everything work, and that the submissive are simply cannon fodder.  It’s not that simple.  The submissive group is as active as the dominant.  So do not be mechanically insulted when I say that everyone attracted to This is in the submissive camp.  It’s not what you think.

     Ordinarily, people decry the conditions extant in any totalitarian regime.  What they do not consider is that if the people were not wired up to be submissive, they would simply overthrow such a government. Consider the same regarding sexual relationships.  What about a woman who becomes involved with one domineering drunk after another?  Ordinary people feel that this example falls within the realm of psychology — but of course, that is not so.  Her behavior is a genetic fact, a biochemical reality.  Energy, heat is transferred between the two parties.

     Even here in This, you are attempting to submit yourself to something.  I know the voices in many of you would sorely argue this point:  “I wanted to find out the secret.  I had no interest in submitting myself to anybody.  I didn’t want to be a follower of some guru with a towel on his head, and a glue-on beard.  I simply lack the information necessary to transcend this mortal realm.  Just tell me the methods, and I’ll take it from there.  I don’t want to be told what to do, except what would be good for me, and I’ll recognize that when I hear it.”  That, to put it in the bon ton mode, is a ball of hog wax.

     These days we have many gurus who just came out of the “cave.”  They’re on the streets, and in the newspapers, and their teachings/methods are readily available.  What they offer — that many of you sometimes feel is lacking here — is some sort of uniformity.  They affect some common identifying traits: they shave their heads, wear purple socks, give a secret handshake etc.  It’s nothing to criticize, because it serves a purpose, though it does not serve my purposes.

     Built into the wiring system of each of you is a longing to be brought into some unique community.  That is why, in the beginning, each of you waits for the absolute requirements to be revealed; those requirements which would create a sense of a singular community.  Your expectation is not psychological. It is common to every group of people, every religion, every culture.  It is common in motorcycle gangs and in Mensa.  As you’ve noticed, that has not been forthcoming here, and it may not be fifth or sixth coming either.

     In order to stretch your circuitry a bit, consider this:  everybody would feel better about This Thing, if, for instance, after you had heard or seen me several times, some particular requirements had been disclosed to you.  Can’t you see that this is true despite the fact that somewhere in your past you might have poo-poohed such requirements and rules?  You would not only have accepted it, but felt better for it. If you are human, that is how you are wired-up.  You would have had the sensation of having taken some sort of step forward.  It’s simply a fact you need to realize.

     The lack of my initiating any such rite-of-community also has repercussions that must be understood.  For one thing, even though you may find much of what you hear captivating, you may also feel as though you are just basically wandering in and out, that you’re even missing something.  You’re going to have to realize that the lack of any ordinarily satisfying ritual or requirement will be a continual problem, because the day is not going to arrive when This will be some regimented pseudo-community.  After a certain period of time the “problem” becomes a kind of “concern”, and later still, merely a “curiosity.”  It lingers for such a long time because it is wired up in everyone, a part of their biochemical system, a part of the force that keeps us all alive.  The feeling that you want to be taken into a community is every bit as basic as the desire to eat, drink, have sex, or express your various circuits.

     Every community or organization has a titular head, and a hierarchy of some type:  or said another way, it needs to have a head and a body.  Apparently I’m the head, so you might then say, “Okay, how can I become part of the body?”  (That sounds better than leader and follower for those of you who have voices that choke on that.  You might wonder, if you have the ability to learn anything, why that upsets you so much?)  For any community to survive there must be an apparent leader.  Once the leader dies, the hierarchy takes over as a stand-in for the deceased head.  But, you’ll notice that Here it is almost impossible to get any sensation that even vaguely resembles the feeling you get from organizations.  Here, everyone does not have his defined function or purpose.  And there is no one who will congratulate you on a job well done.  In a regular organization there is no question as to what one is supposed to do — it just happens as mechanically as the movement of the earth’s water in its cyclical flow from the oceans, to clouds, into streams and rivers and back to the ocean.  But Here, you all wish I’d be more specific in what you have to do, and not quite so long on the generalities.

     If you don’t believe this — go out and try it.  Put up a notice announcing the formation of a new club. Let’s assume you do this and attract several people to the first meeting.  The first thing that happens is that they will vote for a president.  Right then, any question of what to do next is over:  a living organism has just been born.  You will not all sit around in silence for the rest of the evening reflecting on how to achieve your aims.  Just as soon as there is a head and an apparent cohesiveness, the organism will begin to breathe.  It will begin to display motivation.  It will begin to transfer energy.

     If you have any sensation of what I’m talking about then ponder this — willfully.  Here, I have done almost the opposite, although apparently there is a head and a body, and many of you keep expecting me to tell you what to do.  As I mentioned before, it is a specific difficulty for many of the people in the beginning, although those properly drawn to This eventually do not find it so.

     Here’s something you should find very curious.  You should find it very curious that I have spent many, many hours expounding the nature of “how things are”, as opposed to “how they should be.”  But as it gets clearer and clearer, some of you are beginning to see that there is no difference between how things are and how they should be.  If this sounds too vague, then picture this:  take a good, down-home evangelist stalking the stage, waving the book, crying, loosening his tie, falling on his knees and pleading for his flock to see  that, “Everything is perfect just as it is.”  If you were in the audience you’d feel that something was surely amiss.  Of course, that won’t happen, but it’s an illustration you should find very curious.

     Quickly transfer your sensation from this example to something I mentioned several weeks ago, when I gave what was close to a real cosmic possibility as opposed to a great cosmic law.  Many of you found it unpalatable.  That was:  Either you do or you don’t.  Many of you found it to be transparently obvious, and therefore of no great importance.  Others of you found it stifling to the point that you felt as though “if that’s true, then there’s nothing further to be done.”  But, can you see, that those two viewpoints also fall within “either you do or you don’t”?  You can’t get away from it.

     The subtle suggestions I’ve given you at times is that your perception of this apparent dichotomy can undergo a transformation.  There is a physical reality to This Thing, in the igniting of the nervous system itself.  Specifically, the biochemical/electrochemical activity that surges through the body and culminates in what you call your consciousness can be altered.  This Thing has always been about directly affecting and altering, gradually and permanently, these systems.  When that can be done, then the axiom of “either you do or you don’t” takes on a completely different meaning.  It then becomes part of an equation that is balanced out by “Something else.”

     I refer you back to my old drawing of the nervous system.  At Line level everyone is faced with EYD v YD (either you do or you don’t).  If you can activate the area above the Line, then the fact that you either do or don’t becomes of no consequence.  It then becomes balanced out by “Something else.”

   (E Y D  v  Y D)  v  S E

 Diagram 73

Diagram 73

The fact that you are either this or that is meaningless.  Whether you “do” or “don’t” in any given situation is the same thing.  The situation then becomes one of :  either you’re above “either you do or you don’t” or you’re not above it.  You are either a part of doing something else or you’re still in the binary arms of “either you do or you don’t.”

If you use the maps and information, you will see that the information is in you.  It’s not a matter of taking any of these words as truth, because then we’re just playing with a very temporary biochemical change in you. If you’re waiting for some utterance from me or anyone that will transport you to a higher level — you’re wasting your time.  It’s not going to happen.  The information you need to do This, is in you.  You are the walking laboratory, the textbook of the DNA of humanity.

You must begin to separate yourself from your voices.  Once you begin to hold onto the “something else,” you find that the voices are not actually speaking for you and are of no great consequence. Again, you waste your time if you sincerely entertain the already wired-up, chemically primed voices within you that decry lack of reason and justice in the world.  When you fall back into them, it’s as if you’ve fallen back into a dream — back to being yourself.

The nervous system is not constructed in a manner that allows one to easily see what is going on.  As you go through your ordinary business in your mundane state of consciousness, if someone suddenly asks you what you are thinking about…you don’t know.  Well, you might be able to remember the last few words, but if you are going to tell the truth, you really have no idea.  If you say that you do, you are a liar and you don’t belong here.  Your nervous system, your brain, is not wired up in such a way that it is able to suddenly turn on itself and watch what is going on in the same way that you are sitting here and looking at me and watching what is happening.

There are different levels of awareness of this peculiarity of consciousness throughout the ages of Man.  Inside every religion, inside every would-be mystical school that survived, is some kind of message about this fact.  It comes out, we would say today, as “know thyself.”  Due to the evolution of the DNA in the genetic background the message varies slightly over the eons, but you can always find some sort of method or communication dealing with it.

What are people doing when they pray?  What are they attempting to do in contemporary versions of meditation?  What is the basis of such things?  I’ll tell you what is at the basis of it:  Life has always put out this information concerning Man’s ignorance of his own thought processes through a few people who were apparent leaders.  Life is talking to itself through them, saying, “Is it not weird that I’m using you humans to play a specific role in my nervous system and in my highest levels I don’t really know what I’m going to say next?  You people are serving the same purpose on a lower level and you don’t know what you’re going to say next.  How can I make you and me be aware of what’s going on contemporaneously in you instead of it being this great cosmic flow that seems to run everything?”  Forget notions about gods and all that, something is keeping it all alive — a great blood system, a great respiratory system.  The whole universe is circulating blood and breathing.  It grows, it gets wounded, and it heals itself, and yet at its level, it cannot tell itself what it’s doing.  At your level, you have got to finally realize that you cannot turn your mind on itself and see what is going on.  You try it and all you are apparently left with is something which is attempting to look.

The notion has always been floating around that it would be of great benefit if a man truly knew himself. You can trace it back to the very advent of Yellow Circuit activity.  Once the Yellow Circuit began to form words and create a “nonphysical” memory — in one sense that is when it came alive, in another sense that is when it became deluded.  This is because the Yellow Circuit cannot tell itself what is going on, but note, it claims the contrary.  It does not make this claim continually, nor specifically, but if you tell people, “Hey! You really don’t know what the heck you’re doing,” they will disagree vigorously with you.

Nowadays this notion of “knowing oneself” has come to mean the knowing of one’s childhood traumas. It is thought that if you could recall these traumas in toto, you would know why you are the way you are. But that’s not it.  The human mind, as it is, cannot see that what is called the environment is not something separate from you.  The structure of what you take as being “you” is absolutely subject to the same deal of the genetic deck that made you male/female, blue-eyed/brown-eyed etc.  On the level of these physical traits it seems obvious that they are due to genetics.  But when it comes to the higher areas of man’s circuitry, or what you call “I”, nobody can accept that as also being genetically determined.  The fact that you cannot readily accept this is part of the masterstroke.

Many times you hear things, like this last concept, and think, “Yeah!  That’s true.”  But note, you are not able to hold an awareness of it.  I could refer to it as gravity.  I could refer to it as habit.  But it is the current structure of the transfer of energy through Man that tends to hold everything as it is.  It tends to hold your consciousness as it is; as for any kind of extraordinary information, you get a glimpse and then it’s gone. This is because Line-level consciousness is not designed to hold such information.  Although such information can occasionally be perceived, it’s not as directly approachable as everyone at first assumes. This is part of the reason why, in the beginning, many of you do not feel that you are part of a community, or that you have made any specific step.

There have been attempts throughout history of Life talking through certain people, trying to make itself aware of what it is doing.  One of these methods is prayer.  Forget any religious connection — all over the world people talk to themselves on the basis that they are talking to some external entity, the gods.  I assure you that as soon as the Yellow Circuit was activated in Man, he began to pray.  What is prayer all about?  All religions and would-be mystical groups teach that you have to communicate personally with the gods.  You need to pray or meditate to seek enlightenment.  The two major methods they propose are the study of holy scripture (scholarship) or the more common one, revelation.  They are speaking of one thing, a kind of rebirth, but it is as if they are trying to explain atomic physics without going any further than basic arithmetic.  It’s not that they’re wrong, but they are far removed from what is possible.  There is a kind of rebirth, but it’s not down in your soul, or in your heart.  It’s an absolutely physical, biochemical change in your nervous system.  Areas in the brain itself are newly activated, and you become a new person because you are no longer limited to the binary land of “either you do or you don’t.”

People are attempting to heal a kind of wound by means of ordinary methods of prayer and meditation.  They are attempting to heal, within their own brain and in Life, this thing that is caught up in “either you do or you don’t.”

I will tell you, particularly those of you new to This, something specific you can do.  If you continue in This, you must stop ever being angry.  You will find out what the basis of anger is and you will stop because you’ll see that you cannot attempt to activate higher circuitry while doing anything that’s at the heart of sustaining Line level operations.  To be part of “either you do or you don’t” requires that you be pissed and critical.  But there is a part of your brain that is not angry, and you can crank it up by getting blood and electricity to it.  And it’s not angry.  To do This you cannot be involved with anger, or self pity, or concerned about your health, or concerned about death.  You can’t be concerned about whether you succeed.

There is no proper way for me to say, “All right, everyone has got to stop being angry immediately,” when I know you can’t.  That would just bring you to another level of suffering, and there is nothing to be gained by that approach.  But note that everybody expects that kind of demand from a leader; it creates a sense of community.  You don’t think about it this way, but unless you are offered a new form of suffering, how can you tell if you’re getting anywhere?  Nevertheless, you have got to begin to hear something beyond your ordinary senses, so I repeat: you absolutely cannot be angry and do This.  I have to sketch out and sometimes talk directly about things consciousness cannot hear.  By now you must begin to realize that anything that is reasonable, anything that fits into “either you do or you don’t” is useless.  It’s not useless because it’s wrong or because Life has misled you.  It is you who wants something else, after all. And I know what it is and how to do it.  It will never be widely popular, but it can be done.  A few people can do it.

The strangeness of This Thing is that I apparently run my explanations in a certain direction, and you think we’ve hit an edge, but some of you get glimpses  of the cylindrical nature of the maps, and that we are back somewhere else that you could call a starting point.  Of course, it’s not that simple.  The process is not circular, it’s a spiral.  You end up almost where you were, except you are up a notch.  If that were not so, then the realm of “either you do or you don’t” would be all that was possible in human life and it wouldn’t go anywhere.  This Thing does go somewhere, but it doesn’t go in a straight line.

You cannot in any way hurt yourself and properly do This.  All religious teachings had to do with this fact.  The idea of “not hating thy fellow man” seems to be connected to others.  That is not the point.  To hate someone is to hurt yourself if your Aim is to activate your nervous system above its present level. Continually drinking alcohol will hurt your efforts here.  And eating the wrong foods and never exercising detracts from your efforts.  To be angry is to hurt yourself.  These things are literally, physically true.

When I talk in ways that seem physically direct, don’t listen to those voices in you that want to connect this to something you learned in biology.  We are talking on a completely different level.  When you become conscious above Line level, you can feel a certain blood flow warmth in the brain.  You will not find anybody who has any idea that this can happen.  But it can and does in a few people.  You cannot affect the brain above the Line without affecting everything else.  Of course, then you’re left with the fact that you must affect everything else to do it.  That’s why the maps spiral on themselves.

At times, the process of This Thing seems to eat itself up.  That is why I have to drastically change directions.  I produce new information (I didn’t make it up, but I provide the form for it) and it eventually dies.  This does not support the sense of community people expect and want.  There are no tenets to This Thing, no dogma.  It would seem that I’ve had great changes of mind, as ordinary men like to call it — but what happens is that the energy potential of the description begins to crumble.  In the ordinary world, such degeneration does not happen at as high a rate of speed, or you wouldn’t have people still studying old religious texts.  (Or for you really hip people — you wouldn’t have people who could even remember what happened yesterday.)

How is it that something can be talked about whose subject is, in a sense, that there is nothing to talk about?  How can you alleviate suffering when there is no suffering?  How you help people who don’t need help?  This idea is sprinkled in the memory and literature of humanity in the form of, “The great secret is that there is no secret.”  But, at the ordinary level, there is no reality to this message.  Only once you get above the either/or equation to where “either you do or you don’t” becomes a part of a brand new equation,  would it have a reality to it.  And then what might your message to your fellow man be?  A … (blank).  You would understand that all real messages are … (blank).  Compared to all the other messages you’ve received from Life, wouldn’t that be a rather pleasant message?