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Your Genes = Your Heredity; Their Genes = Your Environment


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Jan Cox Talk # 198, Feb 27, 1986, runtime 1:43
Notes by TK

“The Complexity and Simplicity of This thing”

A wide ranging recapitulation. From the Line down you can’t figure anything out. It is all a foregone conclusion. You must see this or you’re going nowhere. Everybody ultimately devolves to faith —”answers cannot be known”; a form of religion.

Mystical experience is simply: re-seeing what you’ve seen; re-knowing what you’ve known before, only from an entirely new perspective, a new dimension. Religious truth as benign, unexciting. There is an absolute experience to This Thing. The complexity of it is to actually bring it about. The simplicity is its formulation in words. The simplicity of it is that you’ve got to already be wired-up to do This Thing.

Everything is based on “I”. It is at the center of everything and therefore it is unseen. It is the “tiger” of which everything it consumes becomes tiger meat within/on; the energy pattern that is YOU –unrecognized because incomparable at its level; can only be seen from above.

Heredity vs. environment. The heredity of others is your environment. Life attempts to heal itself—an open wound that is humanity. More Masterstroke: belief in “environment” —that it is external and can be altered for the better. Life’s attempt to heal its own weak point and grow at the same time.

Enriched Simplicity: there is room for everything —an unseen area furnishes space for apparent opposition binary reality.

Don’t think the same thing twice. Stop the repetitive thoughts constantly pulling your sleeve. Ignore the voices. Just more tiger meat.

There is a specific step that you aren’t making —that you’re avoiding. Like keep one leg in touch —in the grip of— gravity.




Document:  198,  February 27, 1986
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1986

       There is an absolute complexity and absolute simplicity to This Activity that is impossible to see under ordinary conditions.  The simplicity I speak of is a kind of “enriched” simplicity, and this drawing is an example of such.  It shows you again the nervous system of man.

     Without some sort of extraordinary stroke of fortune and effort, everyone operates at Line-level consciousness.  This is where everybody operates, from an Einstein down to your “Uncle Frank”.  At that level it is not unusual for a person to think of what they perceive as the verbal information of This as the beginning of some great mystical quest — something that will take them far away on a great journey, where they will encounter a mystical father figure who knows “The Answer.”  I could correctly tell you that in one Real sense, everything you need to know within the idea of a “mystical quest”, is right in front of you.  But that is too simple.

     In your younger days perhaps you expected that either a would-be mystic or a great teacher would pass along to you personally a magic word, or reveal something absolutely astounding that nobody knows.  I suggest to you that if anything out in Life was too radical, too outrageous, too true, it would not be true in the ordinary world.  Hence, it could not be true in what Line-level consciousness thinks of as the mystical world.  In one sense, you already know enough.  But, again, that is too simple.

     What I am describing to you is not mystical or psychological quests.  If any information, any activity can point you to the area above the ordinary Line of consciousness, it would have to be something that is non-astounding.  The really astounding would be meaningless to your Line-level consciousness.  But then you are caught:  because if it’s non-astounding, what is the point of pursuing it?  Also, there is an astoundingness within what appears to be ordinary.  This is indeed complex and at the same time simplistic.  Only a very exceptional person, making a very specific kind of effort, can glimpse what all This is pointing to.

     I want to point your attention towards something connected to what I just mentioned.  You can gain certain kinds of technical information — a person can learn to be an engineer, or an airplane pilot.  But at Line level no one can figure anything out, because they can only process any input according to the way they are genetically wired-up.  You may have tried to study yourself and other people after reading some arcane book.  You may have tried to figure out the so-called problem of evil.  Yet, at Line level, no one can figure anything out.  Your memory is a foregone conclusion.  Any information goes in your system and is interpreted according to the patterns of your wiring system.  You cannot conclude anything new — anything you didn’t already know.

      Let’s try again.  What normally happens, across the broad range of human drama, is that those who believe they are destined to pursue some mystical path end up in what I used to call a “sandy path system.”  This finale to their quest happens after they are confronted with the fact no religious figure has an astounding answer that seems practical.  Any attempted answer would be along the lines of, “We are all shadows of people living on planet 29Z.”  And this is not really astounding because it is just a juxtaposition of ideas already at hand.

     A sandy path school or system, to put it crudely and simplistically, is based on some form of faith.  The ultimate message is always:  “There are things man was not meant to understand.  All we can do is live a righteous life as outlined by our prophets, our holy book.”  Everyone just accepts that there are some things man can’t know.

     After the initial shocks which go into the beginning phase of a religion, they all become rather benign.  Now, the precepts are close enough to the reality of what could create a favorable background for a person attempting Real change, but they speak of what no one involved in that system can actually accomplish.  But they produce a vibration in everyone, in all the circuits — the precepts sound just right. And people are left with the impression that the precepts are possible.  “If only I had more time, if only I were younger, I would live by these rules.”  And all religions give you an out:  “All have missed the mark.  But do your best.”

     The complexity and the simplicity gets down to such as this:  EITHER YOU DO OR YOU DON’T.  This is almost a cosmic law and points to something simply astounding.  One could look at this as being the absolute height of simplicity — almost self-evident.  Yet what have I ever told you that was more astounding?  You may think, “how is that a big deal?  What did I miss?”  You did not miss anything.  Your wiring processed the information and it became you.  At Line level you can hear nothing new.

 Diagram #1 photo

Diagram #1 photo

I want to tell you a little more about the nervous system of man, and how it ties in with this enriched, simplistic maxim mentioned in the previous paragraph.  There are people wired-up to become gospel evangelists and religious, philosophical writers.  In the same way there are people wired up to become murderers — people that are always going to be, at the Horizontal level, disruptive in their time and place.  A person with a mystical quest he views as singular in quality is no different from someone being wired-up to be a child prodigy of music.  People are already wired up to do such-and-such or they are not.  It sounds simplistic almost to the point of idiocy.  Yet, do you realize, what I’m hinting towards is this:  you have got to be properly wired-up in your own nervous system to Hear and Understand explanations such as these. You have to have a kind of genetic wherewithal.

Many people hope in the beginning that simply being in the presence of a great spiritual teacher will, through charisma or charm, sweep them to a state of higher bliss, with no effort on their part.  But it doesn’t work that way.  Past the binary level, all possibilities are possible! Once you can activate your own wiring system and push your awareness above the Line, once you have made the proper efforts of lateral expansion, it’s as though everything you knew, you have suddenly relearned.  Everything you see, you have suddenly re-seen.  There is an absolute experience behind these descriptions.  The complexity is being able to physically bring this expansion about.  The complexity is that you cannot relearn under ordinary conditions what you are already wired-up to know.

There is an absolute experience to all my ideas, to all of this information.  It does not require space travel to visit planet 2573.  Forget anything such as that.  What needs to be created is a favorable background for a person to change.  Try and remember that you can’t figure your way above the Line. There is no new information for you to put into your hardwired system at Line-level consciousness.  You may have read the latest mystical book, you figure you’re nobody’s fool, but you understand no more than you did when you began your “mystical quest.”  There is an absolute mystery and complexity to This Thing, but the mystery is not what everyone’s hardwired system believes it to be.

What if you thought you were truly able to “Hear” my descriptions and you went away and pondered them for a week?  After a week of hard thought you said, “Well, that’s all true, but if I can’t think my way above Line level, how can I physically bring these descriptions out in myself?  How does it relate to me?” Physically, all information is food.  Try and visualize the area below and including the Horizontal Line as being a big tiger.  Down in this area of your system, and everyone else’s, everything that goes into the tiger, becomes tiger.  You can feed the tiger abstract data, religious texts, and even comic books, but everything that is eaten by the tiger is going to become tiger.  Now, instead of just using the word tiger, fill in your name.  Fill in the names Fred, Mary or Alonso.  Whatever Alonso hears at the ordinary Line of consciousness gets assimilated and becomes Alonso’s viewpoints.  In fact, all Alonso thinks about is based on Alonso.  All that he can think about is based on Alonso.  All that you can think about is based on you and your experiences.

It is so simplistic that you can absolutely miss it.  Because the thing I’m talking to is turning the information into tiger meat.  The thing that’s listening chews it up and goes, “Yeah, yeah….yeah, I can hear that — you’re saying everything I think about is from my viewpoint.  Yet, how else could I approach things when all I’ve got is me?”

One’s initial interest in activities such as This is, at the outset, self-centered.  It is self-centered on the basis that you are still listening to the voices you interpret as being “you”.  The same way that the sun in our solar system has a few planets evolving around it, you’ve got a few opinions, a few beliefs and variations of your personality, reflecting what seems to be your interests.  Every time one of these voices speak, every time the juice is run through your nervous system, it is this voice you consider to be “you”.  It (the voice) is establishing itself as the center of your private solar system.  It is necessary for each person to see themselves as an original source, of plans, of decisions, for the transmission of energy.

Here again, Life is at work, and we’re back to simplicity.  Except no one can see it.  How about all the people who seem to have talent?  I’m referring back to the “cosmic law”, of “either you do or you don’t.” These so-called talented people appear to do stuff with amazingly little effort.  For instance, someone who can truly paint, feels as if the hand that holds the paint brush has a mind of its own.  How about the example of a musician who is able to sit down at the piano and knock out a hit tune?  Maybe he or she will even be awarded a Grammy.  Humanity recognizes them for something.  The way in which some individuals explain this talent is, “I almost can’t take credit for what I do.  It was a god-given gift.”  This is closer to the reality of talent than those artists who do 100 rewrites.

Below the ordinary Line of consciousness, Life is speaking through man, and man cannot see it.  It goes unnoticed.  Let’s imagine two people who are wired-up to appreciate art.  Person #1 says:  “I am in awe of so-and-so’s earlier paintings.  Surely he was gifted by the gods.”  Person #2 replies, “Yeah, but the gods sure didn’t tell him to paint that silly abstract stuff during his later years!”  Here is Life at work.  For an instant, you can See that each one of these people is establishing a momentary solar system.  They are establishing what seems to be their personality, their position.

Elsewhere I have pointed out there is no such thing as environment.  On a much larger scale humanity’s struggle, which is fueled by the poles of heredity and environmental influences, reflects an attempt by Life to heal up a wound.  That wound is humanity’s open end.  It is an actual place where Life is not sewn up completely.  This “open wound” is the primary location of Life’s growth.  It’s as if Life itself had an extrinsic injector plant that made the plastic body of Life.  At the point where the plastic was injected, there is a weak spot.  That is where Life keeps attempting to heal itself and grow at the same time.  The debate over heredity vs. environment is a continuing piece of the master stroke.  There is a continuing energy being produced back and forth between people on the basis of, “something out there in the environment is having an effect on what I do.”

There is no such thing as environment.  Your genes are your heredity; other people’s genes are what you perceive as your environment.  The human perception of an “in here” and an “out there” is an extension of the heredity vs. the environment game.  At Line-level consciousness there  is no way out of any such binary cul-de-sac; there’s no way out of any binary situation at that level.

As long as there’s the perception, “there’s me, and then there’s not me,” or “in here” as opposed to what is “out there”, you are in a binary world.  What seems to be “out there” is somebody else’s wiring system.  What Life calls the environment is other people’s genes; it’s other people’s heredity.  Humanity, however, can’t put it in those terms, and for a very good reason.  If man could truly, objectively perceive the reality of what I am pointing at, it would freeze everything.  If everyone on the planet agree, “Willie Shakespeare was right.  It’s all a stage, we’re all players, and nobody’s got the script,” then all movement would stop.  The master stroke would become unmastered.  Life would not be able to grow and work on itself at its weakest point.  All you’ve got to do is try to See and Listen above the Line level.  And you will realize, nobody can identify the environment.  This situation is also part of the master stroke.  The struggle of humanity over environment vs. heredity keeps helping to fuel certain areas, certain specific parts of the machinery of Life:  the living machinery of Life’s body.

Any right-thinking, urbane, sophisticated individual would hear this description and shake his head.  “No, that’s not what’s going on, that’s not what’s happening.  It’s the intolerable conditions, it’s the environment.  Just look around you!  Look at the warfare, the starvation.  We can’t change people’s genes, but environmental conditions… Ah, hah!  That we can change.”  What people cannot see is that “environmental conditions” are everyone else’s genes, compared to them.  Perhaps by now you can begin to See that what appears to be complex is, in fact, simple.  Even more astounding:  that which seems to be simple, you can See as complex.

In a sense, humanity is living in a two dimensional world.  However, there is actually a three dimensional world going on.  Below the Line of ordinary consciousness, humanity sees only two/thirds of this three-part equation.  If you listen you can hear some people saying, “Yay” and others saying “Nay”.  For ordinary people, it’s got to be one way or the other. If you had a magic beanie with 3 propellers and could fly higher, if you could get higher up in your own circuitry, you could See a whole other landscape.  You could begin to witness the other one-third of my equation.  Things are not simply white or black — there’s also purple polka dots.  Everything does not have to be one way or the other.  There is plenty of room for all three, if you expand your viewpoint.

I want to tell you something else which applies to your own expansion, assuming you are wired-up to take part in This process.  I’ve been pointing out that you’ve got to be able to expand yourself in a lateral fashion.  You’ve got to be able to feel in your own genes that you cannot be a critic of Life.  Do not, for any reason let that tiger roar.  All forms of hostility, which includes criticism, are a counter-productive, biochemical operation of the nervous system.  If you find yourself angry, there is an immediate biochemical change within your own nervous system that is incompatible with attempting a higher level of understanding.  Being mad and thinking that everything is wrong is continuing to reinforce the automatic, mechanical activity that you think of as “you”.

Very shortly, you are going to have to be able to get above your own Line-level consciousness.  I’ve already given you enough information.  You should try everything I have mentioned and given you, but there is one thing in particular.  Refuse to think anything you’ve ever thought before!  Every time the voices want to say something, and you know what they’re going to say, stop them.  Just stop them.  Try not to let your mind run in place.  By doing this, you can set up conducive conditions for a biochemical change in your own wiring.  Literally, you will produce a chemical and electrical reaction up in your brain in a place you have never been conscious.  But you must take that step, you must make the effort, or nothing will happen.

It is complex and astounding.  It is ludicrous and simple.  Electrical energy can feed the brain in locales that have never been fed, with what you would call consciousness.  Don’t wait for visions or swishing colors.  Just attempt to stop the voices from repeating themselves.  Don’t allow the voices to tell you the same old information, because the first and last thing that the voice you take as being “you” ever told you was, “Hello, I’m you!”