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Jan Cox Talk # 194, Jan 30, 1986, runtime 1:30
Notes by TK

Responses to questions from ATL Group.

Preface on the idea of “answering questions”: Remember–no one knows any right answers. Also re: answers –you either do or you don’t; the questioner and the apparent answer-er of the question. It is always binary…except in This thing.

1. Why is the death of the famous (e.g. shuttle crew) of more impact than the relatively unknown? There is no beginning or end of connections-genetic in Life’s body –in mankind. A genetic bond exists –there is no out there. Consider that there is a kind of “genetic loyalty to the King”. Life itself has a certain kind of memory of its illustrious, its extraordinary efforts and activities. The genetic bonding is stronger, the energy transfer more acute in these instances.

2. How can I “get out of my head”? Need to expand your focus of consciousness, where you live. Example of Yellow Circuit type going to gym and taking up serious weightlifting. Red Circuit type going to school and enrolling in mathematics/physics, etc.

3. Can men and women develop a relationship that bypasses sex? No activity is without a tinge of sex.

4. Re: “you do or you don’t”. If left at binary/verbal level you are left with nothing. The statement is cut and dried–obvious –apparently effecting no arising of energy, no change. But consider the ordinary fascination with such Zen-like sayings anyway. “What is…is.” or “Things are as they must be.” Mystery in simplicity …but only the Few can truly Understand this –make profitable use of it.

5. What is the significance of the term “essence”? Brief history of J.’s use of this Gurdjieff term in the public books. Transition to the idea in humanity that there is something pristine but fouled and rusted from disuse/ignorance in mankind. Relation to passion; J’s version of This thing lacks passion because all ordinary passion carries its antithesis –attack… enemies. This thing has no apparent enemies and lacks ordinary passion. The Few can taste a new, higher level of passion.

6. What can be done about physical trauma to the body; restore health? Only 3 things: time, extraneous chemicals(drugs), and magic. You have got to take care of yourself in the first place. You should have enough understanding and feel for your partnership limitations. If you’re a klutz don’t go mountain climbing or skydiving. Don’t play with fire.

7. Why can’t faith healers heal damaged yellow circuits? Faith healers can’t even recognize Yellow Circuit damage. For them Yellow Circuit damage is something else than Yellow Circuit damage: spiritual shortcomings.



Document:  194,  January 30, 1986
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1986

         Tonight I’m going to respond to a number of questions people have asked me, many of which surface repeatedly in one form or another.  But first let me direct your consideration toward the phenomenon itself, that is, what is going on when people ask other people questions?  What is Life up to when men are driven to seek advice from a psychologist, minister or some other accepted expert?

     Parts of life, your run of the mill smart-alecks, are wired up to claim that it’s pretentious for one person to advise another.  These same nervous systems also claim they’re too smart to fall for anything anyone else says.  Of course, in so doing, they’ve fallen for something within the city limits of Binaryville.  In asking you what purpose is being served by one person posing a question to another, I am not referring to the cynical claim that such behavior is weak or, regarding the responder, pretentious.  I am hinting at something else entirely.

     At this very moment throughout the world, people are sitting in seminars, attending classes, and seeking religious and psychological counseling.  Someone somewhere is asking, “What should I do when my husband drinks and watches football every night?” and the person answers, “Well, da da dah da da didah.”  Somewhere else someone is asking, “I’m afraid of the opposite sex.  My self-image is so poor that I won’t even leave my house.  What do I do?”  And the counselor says, “If I were you, what I would do is dah dah de da de dah.”  It’s happening everywhere.

     Let me refer you back to several of my maps, such as:  the division between dominant and submissive types, and the description of the soldier who survived by remembering his commander’s parting words.  “It’s better to die like a hero than live like a cowardly dog,” which represented the power of information from an external source.

     The general scheme of Life is arranged so that one person asks questions of another on the basis that he or she is qualified to answer.  Fred has spent 12 years in college becoming a psychiatrist; Mary met the standards of a government regulatory commission before being deemed an expert in her field.  People expect credentials and Life supplies them at no extra charge.  Notice, no one ever questions this; it’s part of the great game.  But my fictitious reasonably insane man would have to wonder:  “Why am I asking this person this question when I know they don’t know the answer?”  Don’t let your voices take this as sarcasm. The evidence is, and always has been, available to you.

     It is not ridiculous that people ask each other questions.  What is ridiculous is that on some level you know that this other person doesn’t know the answer, and you don’t care.  No one consciously acknowledges that, “I’m going to ask this credentialed individual a question and chances are he doesn’t know any more about it than me, but so what, it doesn’t matter.  And chances are I won’t do what he says anyway.”

     Further, if the lecturer, minister, or counselor were temporarily taken outside the limits of Binaryville, they might realize that they did not even understand the way in which you were asking the question.  Or that they had no idea if their recommendations would work but they don’t know what else to tell you.  Or they might see that ordinarily they had no interest in the outcome of your problem even while they were telling you to, “Let me know how it turns out next week.”  At the ordinary level of consciousness none of this is known, but Life knows it.

     Life is moving energy throughout its body, as it must.  You’re asking someone a question because he or she seems to be the dominant one.  She’s the lecturer on stage or he’s the doctor behind the desk. You’re the one who registered for the seminar, or paid for psychoanalysis.  They are temporarily in the dominant camp, you are temporarily in the submissive.  And nobody is being cheated, misled or fooled. You cannot be cheated in Life.  Everybody gets their money’s worth in Life’s energy exchange.

     Sometimes people ask me questions of a specific nature about some problem.  Do you understand that whatever I say, I can also give an opposite answer that would work just as well.  I have raised the stakes a little because I am not just talking about ordinary life now.

     In ordinary life it is also true that it would not matter if the answer is reversed; however, this does not appear to be the case, in part because it cannot occur that way in life.  Take for an example a psychiatrist trained and licensed in the United States.  Things are arranged so that if you said to a psychiatrist, “Listen, I am having very deep-rooted feelings of hatred toward my mother.  I’ve never let them out.  We’ve always been close, but now I feel like I’m going to die if I don’t walk up to her and say, ‘Listen, I’ve been mad at you for years.  I could almost strangle you.’  Doctor what should I do?”  It is a fairly sure bet that anyone attracted to the practice of psychiatry, who enrolled in school for 12 years and passed all his licensing exams would not say, “Here is what I would do.  The next time you see your mother tell her what you told me and immediately leap for her throat.  Don’t kill her, but at least throw her around for a few minutes.  She will get the message and you will feel better.”  I assume you see what I am saying:  no psychiatrist will say that.  But, if we could stretch justice you could try to Hear what I was telling you, that any answer could be reversed and it would be just as well.  If you have a real understanding why any answer is always conditional, why any answer could also be its opposite, then you see that there is no real difference because it is a matter of the person listening to the answer.

     Let’s try another angle.  Assume that the person answering has some real knowledge, beyond the binary world, of how things work.  Then it is a matter of the person who formulated the question.  The questioner is wired up so that “either they do or they don’t.”  If we split into binary possibilities, I could read a question and say, “The answer to that is yes,” and then expound a bit.  I could also say, “No, no!” and expound on it with an equal amount of vigor.  It is then a matter of the person listening, and whether they “either do or don’t.”

     On to the questions:  “What is the feeling of personal loss that occurs when there is a national tragedy involving famous people like a presidential assassination or a failed space mission taking the lives of the involved astronauts?”  That is a very good, reasonable question.  The feeling of personal loss reflects a kind of genetic royalty extant within a tribe or a people.

     All of you have read, and your own partner has voiced satirical remarks directed toward royalty.  It’s everyone’s ordinary right to joke about those in power, to stick out one’s tongue at pomposity.  That is part of the great scheme.  But all of you have noticed that when tragedy strikes a famous person or group of people, the whole country almost comes to a stop.  People with no active political interests feel a loss at the death of a prominent political figure.  And even with all the fashionable satires of a royal family, when the Queen Mother is ill or dies, the whole country mourns.  She may be the richest woman in the world, you may have glimpsed her only once when you were 8 years old and her carriage passed as she was entering a huge castle, but when she dies you’ll feel the loss and there is a genetic basis for your experience.  A psychologist might explain the sensation as being derived from the environment:  “So many people who are involved in politics are affected, that it affects you, too, like a mood sweeping over the country.”  This is valid if it’s all you need, but it explains nothing.  The cause is not the environment because there is no environment.

     Let us say you’re in a bar watching television and there’s an unexpected news flash that a space vehicle exploded killing the four men and women aboard.  Let us say further that you have no interest in the space program and you’re sitting in this bar virtually alone, the bartender on the other side of the room didn’t even hear the report.  Yet you suddenly feel this startling loss.  It’s not that someone or something in the environment caused your sadness; it’s that everyone is connected.  Just as there is no beginning or end to the sky or to weather, there is no beginning or end to genetics.

     The sensation that people are separate is tied to the blossoming of the Yellow Circuit in humanity.  The mythologies and oral tales common to less advanced cultures (with a less dominant Yellow Circuit) reflect this genetic bond between people.  Their stories may speak of dead ancestors who still inhabit trees or animals and influences their lives.  There are many, many variations.  One story may go like this:  “My uncles and cousins left this tribe 50 years ago to follow the game to a new home.  They settled 100 miles west of here and we have not seen or heard from any of them in over 20 years.  But one night last month some of us woke up and we knew that tragedy had befallen them.”  And they later learn that a fire swept through their uncle’s village killing half its denizens.  The explanation for their premonition was that, “The gods spoke to us.”

     There is a reality to premonition, but it’s not what you believe it to be.  It’s simply that there is no “out there” and everyone is connected.

     When part of Life’s body is injured, many other parts feel it.  Just because you can’t feel it or cannot correctly interpret the sensation doesn’t mean it isn’t occurring.  Mankind is a circulatory system within Life, carrying a particular blood/energy for Life itself.  You and many others will feel a sensation when a large number of people are hurt.  If Life is stabbed in the hand, the forearm is acutely aware of it and the rest of the arm and shoulder do not go unaffected.

     The original question had an additional observation about how people remember tragedies involving celebrated individuals, but have no recall of a similar incident involving common folk.  A newspaper article covering the death of the Jones family in a car crash in western Indiana barely gets noticed whereas you’re stunned by an air crash claiming the lives of a rock and roll group on a worldwide tour.

     Life has a certain memory, be it short or long term, of its more illustrious attempts.  Through its more acclaimed figures, Life itself is doing something new.  On the same day that the Jones family died in a car accident, several astronauts perished during a launch.  The Joneses were on their way to a football game, involved in everyday activities.  But the astronauts, another part of Life’s body, were doing something fairly new and extraordinary — going into space.  Life will remember the tragedies of the famous; it is in a quite real sense passing information genetically through its own body and the death of the astronauts is different from the death of some unknown family in western Indiana.

     All of that has nothing to do with an inherent significance to politics or the space program or whatever.  Life will remember its more illustrious attempts.  That is what makes people famous in the first place.

 Diagram # 070

Diagram # 070

Another question:  “How can I get out of my head?  (Hell is not a nice place to be.)” Everybody is wired up to be lodged somewhere and you can discern your own particular center of focus.  There are the circuits and there is consciousness of the circuits, and you can feel this for yourself.

You can be “living in your head” all the way from your eyes down to your groin.  Anyone asking a question in this manner stating “hell is not a nice place to be” is not living within the Yellow Circuit.  Their “head” is located further south.  The feeling that “my head is unpleasant” or “my head doesn’t co-operate” is pointing toward something other than isolated Yellow Circuit activity.

Regardless of where your consciousness is focused, the prescription for the malady is to willfully change the location of focus.  If indeed you were “living in your head” primarily in the Yellow Circuit, one suggestion would be to take up serious weight lifting.  Find a gym, not a fitness center, but a gym run by a guy named Doc who has tattoos all over his arms.  The only two rules of such a place would be:  pay on time and don’t spit on the floor.  Assuming you were the archetypical 98 pound weakling with thick glasses and 20 pencils in your pocket — Doc’s gym would be the kind of place you’d never set foot in your whole life.  Go there and lift weights for two hours a day, 6 days a week.  The reason is not to become big, strong and popular (although if that’s a side-effect, it’s your problem!).  For a man or woman with an Aim, this kind of willful effort expands more than your lats, traps and triceps.  It expands the field of focus where you seem to live.  On the other hand, those who “live in their head” down in the Red Circuit could, to change their center of focus, enroll in school and study mathematics or physics.  Blue Circuit people should do just about anything in the world that conflicts with torment, suffering and the dread ennui.

Returning, once again, to the ever popular subject of sex:  “Can men and women develop friendships that bypass sex?”  Although this will get a laugh, let me point out that the answer is yes, but under ordinary conditions why should you?  On another level the answer is also yes, but the fact is that all relationships have a piece of sex in them.  To take some examples:  Men going to war, hanging around in bars, playing football — are engaging in some level of homosexual activity.  (Women can find their own examples.)  Can you see that anything involving two people has some element of sex involved?

Let me mention one other item regarding sex, that occurs almost exclusively with men.  That is, the feeling that there’s a woman you’re overwhelmingly attracted to but she’s involved with someone else.  You think you can’t bear it.  It’s surprising how people can be forced into behaving in civilized ways.  There you are just out in ordinary life, mesmerized by this woman and you find out that her boyfriend is 6 foot 8, weighs 400 pounds and picks his teeth with a knife.  He sees you talking to her and says, “If you ever look at my woman again I’ll break both your knees.  I might even decide to kill you.”  And it is not surprising how many men will suddenly decide, “She doesn’t look so great anyway.”

Let me speak some more about my guideline:  Either you do or you don’t.  Upon hearing that, many people feel as if a damp towel has been crammed down their throat; some say they feel a certain comfort in the concept, but it seems so cut-and-dried.  There is validity in both of these observations.  If I said, “This is the secret that I would never tell you or I couldn’t tell you.  This is it.  In all instances you EITHER DO OR YOU DON’T.  That is the beginning and end of it.”  If I stopped there and if your understanding was limited to only a binary perception, what would you have?  You would have nothing.  It would be no different than some of Life’s past illustrious attempts:  the beat generation of the fifties claiming “whatever is…is,” or the psychological theories of, “I’m o.k., you’re o.k.” (even once it’s stretched into “It’s o.k. to feel that you’re not o.k.”).  “Either you do or you don’t” taken only on the binary level is as useless to one with an Aim as any of these.

It sounds as though things are as they are and they cannot be otherwise.  That is true, but it is true only at the binary level; at that level no individual can change.  It’s also true on the level that Life itself cannot change too drastically.  The atom cannot be split overnight, manned space flight cannot be conceived and technically produced over a weekend.  The use of electricity could not be fulfilled from it’s initial conception to the actual production of light bulbs in a month’s time.  Life cannot drastically change itself.

Neuralize the fascination with all binary based tales, theories, excuses, religions and philosophies based on the idea that “everything is as it must be.”  If you have just a modicum of stage presence that message alone will attract crowds.  Get a good announcer to introduce you, have some good back lighting, give them your background, tell them how you have suffered and how you finally saw the light, and then say your main message:  “Listen, things do not always seem to please us individually, but things are as they must be.”  Any time, any place on this planet, given not much more than what I just described, a person presenting this message will not go hungry.  This message has not only been presented by mystical groups and cults, it has been presented by the major religions.

What is missing is understanding.  It’s the lack of understanding that causes someone to say that, “Listening to this literally does not seem to produce any energy.”  If it is heard on a literal, binary level, I could say that it might even take away some energy.  If you thought that you understood anything, and then I said, “I’m going to tell you the secret and then I’m going to leave.  This is it; this is the final night. The secret is:  EITHER YOU DO OR YOU DON’T.  Everything else I ever told you was just a prelude.”  If you were no longer as hard wired as you were when you first got involved with This, and then you took what I said as being the secret, with a capital “S,” you would feel as though someone had “cut you off at the ankles.”  It is not because of what I said, it is not because of the words.  It is because of a lack of understanding.  “Either you do or you don’t,” “Either you are or you aren’t,” includes everything.  It includes those who apparently do in any situation and those who said they wish they didn’t; those who say they do and that they are glad that they do; those that say they do and are glad that most other people don’t; those that say they do and wished that everybody did; those that say they don’t and say that they wish they could; those that say they don’t and are glad that they don’t; those that feel as though they can’t and wish that everyone else felt that way.  It includes all of that.

What it does not include is anyone who is conscious above the binary level, because then you would see what I am putting into words.  You would see the binary basis of all so-called conflict.  It is the transmission of blood and energy.  It is movement within Life’s body.  “Either you do or you don’t,” includes everybody and every possibility that can be verbalized.  In the binary world some people are apparently religious, they belong to church X and say that everyone should.  Belonging to church Y, to their way of thinking, is not belonging to any church at all.  The people in church Y say, “Same to you.”  Apparently there is a conflict, a kind of cloud of disagreement between the two.  There is no cloud; it is an illusion. The simple answer is, “Either you do or you don’t.”  Human consciousness sees the illusion of conflict, because it cannot See the reality of either you do or you don’t.

A woman asked me:  “How is it that men can get so excited over bigger and better ways of killing people?”  I’ll give you a hint, remember, either you do or you don’t.  It is still part of man’s genetic responsibility to thin out his own herd.  The bewilderment behind the question also has a genetic basis because women are not wired up to feel that same responsibility.  It does seem alien to them.  I assure you it is not alien to men.  The reality is still there, it is still a necessity in parts of Life’s body.  Nor is it a flaw in humanity.  (It is a flaw in someone attempting to do This, of course.)  It is not a foible caused by Man’s religious or political upbringing, or his nationalistic chauvinism.  It has nothing to do with environmental causes.  Men want to kill men because that is a part of the chemistry of their blood; they are driven to kill other men because they are alive.

Another question:  “In some of your writings you used the term “essence,” could you elaborate on its significance?”  Those earlier writings were, in a sense, a fishing expedition.  I used the term because people with interests in these matters were familiar with it.  But the use of such terms is not far removed from a binary based system and all these groups that use it are not radically different from organized religions.  By the time terms like “essence” are circulated on a larger scale in Life, they are functioning as a purely binary map.

Binary, static maps refer to their being two parts of Man, one part is hidden and relates to his untoward behavior.  It is always on the basis that something is amiss — something in man is currently lacking that must be changed.  But that’s not true, because remember, either you are or you aren’t.

Let me remind you again about the absolute, worldwide, inescapable captiousness of binary maps. They just fit everything; they answer all questions because they are based upon the reality at the binary level of “either you do or you don’t.”  That is; “Either you are an enlightened person, a new age person, or you are just an ordinary idiot.  Now which are you?”  Those who think that they are interested in This, believe, “Well, right now there is no doubt about it.  I’m an idiot because I can’t understand all of this.  I can’t do what this mystical system ostensibly teaches.  I can’t even do what my forefather’s religion teaches.  So obviously, I have missed the mark; I’m on the wrong track; I’m weak, I’m stupid, I am a person of no essence.”  If that is what you are, then that’s your essence, because you only have two choices when you’re operating at the ordinary level.  You either do or you don’t.  You say, “Well, I don’t.”  Then that is what you do…you don’t.  From a vantage point outside the limits of Binary City whether you do or you don’t becomes irrelevant.

There is an apparent passion that works itself into Life’s body, a kind of passion that an ordinary guru or preacher can bring to a good cause.  This binary-based passion is missing in what I have presented to you.  You know that in any kind of performance, even if the performers are technically excellent, if they lack stage presence or interest in what they are doing, you probably won’t ever go back to see them. Everyone unknowingly senses this ordinary passion.

Turn on the TV and watch one of the fundamentalist ministers preaching.  He is pacing the stage, waving his bible and screaming about communists, homosexuals and women’s libbers — evil is rampant. The camera pans the audience and you see 40 or 50 thousand people crammed into some large arena. People are crying and shouting their amens.  When this kind of passion occurs in ordinary, binary Life it always carries its own opposite.  You may not be interested in that particular example, but I want you to See that anything binary, in the right place, at the right time, has its own built-in passion because it has its own enemy.  Every C has its D.  Every god has its anti-god; every scientific truth, its antithesis.

I have taken you people beyond the point of binary opposition.  None of you could say:  “It is us against the world.  We will overcome stupidity, ignorance, and wrong thinking.  We will knock down anyone that cannot hear the message.  As Elmer Gantry said, ‘We’ll stomp ’em, we’ll kick ’em and get rid of booze, dope, greed, and sexual perversion.'”  When you move beyond the binary world and its immediate enemies, you lose a very particular emotional impact.

Once you’ve been sincerely involved with This and have experienced a real internal alteration you forget how far removed This Thing is from ordinary consciousness.  You expect that if you told others about it, they would embrace it readily.  But generally people wander away rather quickly looking for something “more meaningful” — because there is a very specific lack of emotional impact.  Because This Thing has no enemies.  People want and need to hear, “Stick with us.  We’re right and everyone else is wrong.  Don’t let this opportunity slip away!”

You need to see the passion connected to anything of importance that rises to the public’s attention in the binary world, be it in the arts, religion or in any other activity.  The passion always carries its own opposition.  Occasionally, for example, a book becomes very popular.  It’s promotions claim:  “It’s more than a book!  It is an allegorical statement of an entire generation!”  They sell millions of copies, but by the time the presses really get cranking, very important people begin to say, “My, my, what is this world coming to when this kind of pseudo-intellectual pap, this kind of egregious emotional oatmeal can pass for being some kind of allegorical statement?”  That is the job of critics; they offer resistance, they provide the enemy.  (Some people in the arts would be delighted to hear me lump critics into the same category as evil, satan, and ignorance, but they are D forces, depending on your viewpoint.)

What you need to understand is that all binary concepts carry with them a specific kind of mechanical, emotional impact.  This impact varies with time and the relative importance of the idea.  But when you get beyond Binaryville, as This Thing is, there is a definite lack of that same kind of passion.  This Thing does not carry its own antimatter with it.  It does not carry its own satans and demons.  It does not carry its own D Force.  So, to a certain degree it seems to be rather impassionate, rather cut-and-dried.  It seems this way to everyone except those who have their own experience, their own passion and that passion is not mechanical.  The more you understand the more you can appreciate that the passion for This Thing is not something that you can simply produce.

Someone asked what can be done to restore bodily health besides drugs and exercise.  There are really only three things and they are:  time, extraneous biochemicals, that is drugs, and magic.  Of course, from one viewpoint, time is the final magic.  As your grandmother told you, time will cure everything.  Grandmothers just don’t know in what way they are correct.

What is ordinarily referred to as magic is simply being able to affect the biochemical system.  That which seems to be magic (all kinds of healing) has a price in terms of the economics of energy usage.  It is not simply a direct thing that I could do for you or teach you.  As I have pointed out, if I fall and break my leg, I guarantee you, I would go to a doctor and have him set it instead of doing it myself.  I will go and pay the man the money; and consider it well spent.  Let him fix it, let him x-ray it and say, “Yes, we have it set just right.  Stay off of it.”  It is quite true, it is a matter of economics.  I know that you people think that there is some information, some trick that you could do to heal yourself.  But it is a matter of economics.  That is the part that you do not know.  It costs something to do all that.

Regarding your physical health, let me repeat what I’ve told you before — look after yourself.  Some of you are wired up so that you and your partner have a continuing propensity to hurt yourself, or you break things.  You break everything, whether it is your finger or a vase that you borrowed from someone.  You are wired up to do it.  It is not a moral question, nor was it caused by a traumatic event in your childhood. You should simply realize it.  If you have that tendency to hurt yourself, you have to stop it.  Period.  That’s it.  There is no such thing as profitable martyrdom; you should not be hurting yourself.  If someone asks you to go mountain climbing, you need to sense whether you should do it or not.  Don’t go if you’re going to hurt yourself.  Also in response to the question:  if for any reason you need prescription drugs or medication, take them.  Certain other problems are only cured with the passage of time.

Here’s another question:  “Why do so-called faith healers never seem to heal anyone with a damaged Yellow Circuit?”  It reminds me of a story.  There was this faith healer, and after he had the service at a feverish pitch and everyone had been dancing and shouting, he asked the sick to get in line.  He came around and talked to them.  He said, “You over there with the bad liver, come,” or he’d just zap them and say, “Your liver is fine, go home and send me a fat little letter with something in it.”  He said, “You madam, you’re having trouble with your spleen, be healed.”  He walked around really knocking out those livers and spastic colons.  People were really getting excited and a woman jumped up and ran down the aisle hollering, “Preacher, preacher, heal me!”  Suddenly she tripped, and broke her leg.  And it was bad — the people in the back row heard the bone crack.  The preacher heard it, too, and hollered, “Someone go and call an ambulance quick.”  From down in the audience a voice said, “But preacher, why don’t you heal her broken leg?”  The preacher said, “Son, I do organs, I don’t do broken bones.”  You can laugh if you want to but there is more to it.

Why don’t faith healers deal with Yellow Circuit damage?  Here we are speaking of the ordinary scheme of Life.  A normal faith healer could not recognize, in any useful way, Yellow Circuit damage or he would not be fulfilling his role as faith healer.  Based on the maps that I have given you, picture the whole scenario.  First consider how many Yellow Circuit (brain) damaged people would attend a faith healing affair in the first place.  Then consider the faith healer himself.  He would not recognize Yellow Circuit damage as such.  From what he’s read, and heard, he would attribute such an affliction to not living a proper spiritual life.  From the preacher’s viewpoint, the afflicted person was not living in accordance with correct, spiritual behavior.  He’d never see it as Yellow Circuit damage.  To him, if you are sick, you are spiritually unbalanced.  You are not living a good Christian life, or by god, you would not be sick.  There again is a good binary explanation, and one loaded with mechanical passion.  If you were a good Christian, god would heal you, unless he was testing you in some way.  That could be restated as: “Alright, god either does or he doesn’t.”  Notice, if I live long enough, everybody on this planet is going to steal my material.