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Injustice Is not Injustice


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Jan Cox Talk # 187, Dec 12, 1985, runtime 1:25
Notes by TK

Why does Life put out, “Life is a bitch”? Neuralize what the purpose of such sayings/ feeling is. J. is acutely aware that we all suffer loneliness, sexual dissatisfaction etc. Even Group members are subject to this general feeling of dissatisfaction which is mechanical and mirrored in “Life is a bitch”.

However, a whole lot of horizontal suffering mechanically disappears after one reaches the 40’s –it is a mechanical biochemical change. Remember –continual change is the rule, even for the Few. When you can ignite above the line you can see the justice of suffering –see into a further dimension literally, directly. Then “it’s not all that bad being alive once you see what’s going on” –you are filled with a kind of biochemical goodwill towards all things –a kind of joy.

The Few cannot remain at the level where suffering exists –the injustice level –cannot continue to process that energy at that level. There will never be any satisfactory answers at that level. Above the line is not devoid of feeling, on the contrary, even more feeling since you Understand you cannot spend your feeling energy where it can do no good, can have no effect –yet the energy is still there to be spent.

Question: why can’t even This Thing seem to align completely with C interface in its activities with the ordinary? Why does This Thing sound so much like an attack of man? Consider that people don’t ever really come to hear “good news”. The mechanical resistance must always be there too –can’t be separated, yet always assumes the high visibility.

Yet an absolute chemical change is possible, can be literally felt, but it doesn’t change the fact that you are in the midst of Life with all its flows. But you can no longer BE in the same way…suffering. You can no longer see injustice, because you see all the rules of the game, not just part of them. You can see the Big Picture –not just a partial reflection.

Thus parts of Life’s body decry life as pointless, a farce, a bitch –not worth the effort. It is ubiquitous, contextual. Yet when you LOOK you see that Life is, to the contrary, improving, growing uphill in every possible way at once and by every possible definition. You make the greatest mistake to walk away from This Thing on the basis of “too much pain in my life” –it’s all biochemical.

J’s caveats and continual reminders are not habitual cover-your-ass rhetorics. They are willful. The working of the Yellow Circuit is not the total realm of consciousness. There is an awareness of the totality of the working of the 3 circuits. Yellow Circuit required but holds no exclusivity to the process of consciousness. The Partnership: if not for the verbal faculty of The Partnership how would you ever be aware of individual suffering?

Consciousness is generally considered as a Yellow Circuit phenomenon–but it is not limited to that. It is an awareness of all the circuits, particularly an awareness of a dissatisfaction with any one of the 3 (can be more, but usually one). The more Yellow Circuit (civilized) the greater the awareness of dissatisfaction with a particular circuit. The lower circuit types don’t suffer as “civilized” a dissatisfaction as Yellow Circuit types. The greater the Yellow Circuit centering, the greater the hunger for more of same, the greater the dissatisfaction. More time is used in this “civilized dissatisfaction” than by lower circuit types.

Why is it Life is arranged in such a way as to make intimates (esp. blood kin) more abusive of one another than strangers? Not an imbalance, or maladjustment. It is Life’s continual struggle to do better. This is not the most efficient for The Few, but good for Life’s purposes. Argument and counterargument –you and your wife/mother/father/etc.

Men are driven to “find the causes” behind the simple symptoms, find the underlying problem. Why? Part of the Master Stroke –men are absolutely blind to the fact that causes are never found. Symptoms only found in spite of seeming progress in analysis/depth. Life keeps man blind to the fact that symptoms are energy manifestations at 3-D level of multi-D expansion of Life.

“In making new connections, it is almost as if old memory changes”


Develop and write out a 10 yr. plan for yourself.



Document:  187,  December 12, 1985
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1985

     Why is it that everything in Life apparently is sending out a message through humanity, through all of its institutions, that Life is a problem?  The messages may range from “Life is a curse” to “Life is a pain.” Everyone, to some degree, has a piece of that feeling in them.  But such feelings are not somehow unique to each individual; it is more pervasive.  You should continually ask yourself the question, “To what purpose is it that the overall message in Life is, Life is a problem?”  This question has been addressed primarily through religions, saying such things as, “Man lives in excess.  If he would live a life of moderation, then he would not be ill-based, he would not be ill-formed, and he would not walk in an oblique posture.”

     Much of what you may now think of as suffering, the dissatisfaction you felt in general before you became involved with This Thing, is not totally gone.  Things such as not being able to find the right sexual partner, thoughts about changing jobs, and other such discomforts are still somewhat extant.  Some of your apparent problems do not seem to have been directly affected.  Now let me point your attention to something relevant to those concerns.  A large part of Horizontal suffering and discomfort becomes insignificant mechanically with the passage of horizontal time.

     Much of what you would feel at the ages of 25, 30, 35, maybe into your 40’s — sexual dissatisfaction, or feeling lonely, or feeling as though you are not attempting to do enough in Life and time may be running out — I suggest to you most strongly most of those feelings will just be forgotten by an ordinary person into their 40’s.  For example, take an older couple that lives together.  The old man comes home, opens a beer, and sits in front of the TV.  They may not even speak to each other.  People apparently looking at this situation may say, “There is a great lack of communication between these two people.”  What has happened is the man and woman have passed the middle-aged crazies.  They seem to have sunk down to a level of almost being the walking dead.

     Most ordinary people, by the time they hit their mid 40’s, have biochemically changed.  Formerly important things become irrelevant, such as the dreams they may have had as a child that, “I should have been a ballerina, or an artist; I should have treated my children differently,” the suffering over, “What I should have done.”  If you walk away from This and can just hold on until your mid-40’s, most of those dissatisfactions will become irrelevant.

     That is not the basis of the kind of people that are wired up to be attracted to This Thing.  But the kind of suffering you see in your parents, in people past their mid-40’s, is not the same kind of discomfort you are apparently experiencing.  In a sense, ordinary people in their 40’s have biochemically changed gears, and what was formerly a serious cause for dissatisfaction is then irrelevant.  That does not change the situation of you taking your apparent problems seriously.  Even in This, the name of the game is constant change.

     I have received specific questions from people regarding the dissatisfaction they feel with their mate, or they can’t seem to find the right companion, etc.  I have never told anyone they should be, in a lifelong sense, monogamous.  But I must point out to you:  if you think you can find a companion that would feel one way about you and never change; if you think your sexual relationship with someone is never going to be subject to some kind of alteration — does that not sound vaguely comparable to you being in love with a corpse?

     From religions, to politics, to the arts, suffering is at the heart of the wiring in Man and he does not even take notice.  It is like the air we breathe.  Suffering is even taken religiously, by people who believe they are involved with some kind of great work on themselves while they are here on this planet.  They give up their money, the things they enjoy, to the point that they suffer over it, all in the name of enlightenment.  And it all seems to fit.

     You can experience biochemical shocks in yourself.  You can undergo illuminating experiences, connecting something apparently in your little brain with something you heard me say, or saw for yourself. You can ignite something internally.  You can begin to look out in Life and see into another dimension. You can see the justice of the game.  That is the biochemical shock you do to yourself by being able to ignite tomorrow’s systems.  And it is biochemical, not spiritual.  It is not done through some act of faith, although at lower levels that kind of thing is used and people do apparently feel better and improve.  The ignition of this Pursuit is an absolute biochemical alteration wherein what seems to be the suffering native to being alive goes into a serious decline.

     It is a great joy, but I cannot describe it to those who have not tasted it.  Because it is not the joy of those who say, “The gods have spoken to me.”  Their descriptions of some kind of religious ecstasy is a reflection of the fact that it is not all that bad being alive once you see what is going on.  There is a kind of native, biochemical goodwill on a different level.  At lower levels, in different areas in Life’s body, that is what people have always referred to as suddenly becoming religious:  being filled with religious joy, being humble, being compassionate.

     In Life, there are things that happen to all of us.  People you know die or have been seriously ill, maybe in your family.  Your parents died, or will die.  Everyone, including you, can feel a wrenching compassion for sick children, for older folks that are suffering.  Your own voices may say I am trying to teach you something that belies or denies that, and it is not true.

     You see children suffering or that which seems to cause it; you see old folks becoming infirm; you see people about to die that you love, kin or otherwise.  You might wonder, “Why does this happen?”  If you are only conscious on that level, there are no satisfactory answers.  There are none.  If you are limited to that, there is nothing that I can tell you of any value.

     Religions can say, “Hey, we don’t understand.  It’s not for us to understand, it’s the gods’ will.”  I do understand what you are apparently feeling.  I can see it, but I cannot tell you a simple solution.  I cannot give you a placebo, because they are available everywhere, and I am not going to deal with it.  You should be able to feel for yourself, not simply in some intellectual way, there is no profit reading story after story about children starving somewhere and crying over it.  I would certainly not hint in any way for you not to send money or to try and help, but you must understand whatever you send or do is not going to stop hunger.

     You cannot stop what appears to be the injustices of the world.  You cannot change it.  Even those religious figures that have always been assumed to be from the gods, the great teachers and prophets, could not and did not change it.

     Suffering over the apparent misfortunes of humanity is absolutely useless, for someone involved in This.  Of course, it is not useless at the ordinary level.  Ordinary people continue to write books, to read newspapers, day in and day out, that speak about the problems in the world.  People sit there and suffer as they read the books and newspapers.  That is a proper use of the transformation of energies in one part of Life’s body.  It is not proper for someone attempting to rise above that level and to understand it.  It is not a matter of not feeling for people’s misfortunes; on the contrary, if you could get above Line-level consciousness and begin to see how everything is connected, you would be uncomfortable in a different way.  You would not then be without feeling, but you would see that you cannot expend or take in energy over which you have no control.  If you then wanted to somehow contribute money or otherwise attempt to stop world hunger, it would not be completely meaningless.  But you must see that your attempt is not going to stop hunger on this planet.  It is not going to stop what appears to be injustice, when you are conscious at the level where injustice appears to take place.  At that level it cannot be stopped because you are not seeing the complete picture.  It has nothing to do with not having any feeling.

     Let me say this again:  if you were ordinary and you just hung on until you got into your 40’s, you would be surprised at how little you seem to care about what you used to perceive as the injustices of the world. Then when you come home and turn on the television, and it shows hungry children starving somewhere, you hit the remote control and the station changes to a good old cowboy movie or cartoons.  You don’t see many 45 year-old radicals.  That is simply the way Life is arranged; that is the three-dimensional part of the arrangement.  Even if you are not in your 40’s yet, you should see some reflection of what I’m describing in yourself.

     I continue to remind you that none of This is an attack on mankind, although from a certain ordinary viewpoint it can appear to be.  But as you should know by now, that is not what This is about.  Nothing is wrong, nothing is broken in Life.  Many of you can begin to feel that validity nonverbally.  Certain areas in Life’s body are trying to go faster than Life can overall, which is exactly your position.  There are parts of you that are trying to go faster than the rest of you.  That is the basis for such questions as, “Why can’t I do as well with This all the time as I can sometimes?”  What you are saying is, “Why can’t all of me do as well as some of me?”  You are speaking for Life.

     An absolute change is possible.  It has been called metaphysical, spiritual, mystical, and those descriptions were proper for their time and locale.  The descriptions are still quite proper for the majority of those wired up to be interested in such concepts in this day and age.  But there is more than a vague so-called spiritual description possible.  There is an absolute biochemical shift you will feel.  It is not simply something you did; you are not in isolation.  You are still in the midst of this living thing.  But you are not tied to some ghost ship that seemed to produce this so that you feel you have to give homage to somebody.  You don’t think, “I’m happy, but I’ve got to know why.”  If you did, someone could say, “It’s because the gods have touched you,” and you would say, “Okay, fine, I’ve got it.”  In that example, whatever you had has been diminished greatly.

     What happens is a physical alteration in the nervous system in the way you take in energy.  There is an alteration in the way the hormones are used in the body, an alteration in the way in which energy is transformed.  Around you, people are still starving, still dying.  Someday you will die so people around you will say, “Hey, I’m surrounded by people dying,” and then you will be one of them.  But you are no longer limited to the mechanical acceptance of the energies that seem to be horrendous, so unjust in Life. Ordinarily, you are wired up to see injustice, to see hunger, to worry about your own death.  All of that is biochemical transformation of energy.  What This Thing is about, in part, is an absolute change, wherein such energies are no longer transformed in the ordinary, Life-induced manner.

     There is validity to the idea that religions speak of as “being reborn again.”  When you undergo the change I speak of, you are not simply the same person that you were.  Biochemically you simply cannot take in energies and transform them in the way you did.  You can no longer be lonely, or despondent.  You cannot suffer over the sufferings of others in the same way you do now, because it is no longer possible. By altering the system you can see, at least partially, another dimension.  You can see that what appears to be injustice is not injustice.

     I can describe Life as a sport or game into which we are all born.  At the ordinary level people can only see partial reflections of the rules that govern the game.  And this being the condition, everyone feels the game is unfair.  Having only the partial rules of the game, no one can even come up with a clear picture of what the score is.  How can it be scored?  “Am I winning?  Am I losing?  Sometimes I apparently win, and I don’t know why.  Other times I get up and can’t seem to put on my uniform.  I think my own team will attack me.  There is no way to judge the score.  Where am I?”  Then you begin to smell death, which will hit many of you at the age of 40.  Then you begin thinking, “Not only can I not tell what the score is right now; what will the final score be?”

     The game itself is not inherently unfair.  At the ordinary level only partial reflections of the rules are available.  Once you see a bigger reflection of the rules, or see more of the rules that were missing, you will see there is not the kind of injustice that you always thought you saw.  Such perceptions are then no longer acceptable.  This cannot be rationally proven, and that is why I do not try it.  But you begin to see that there is no one to blame for people starving.  There is nothing out of balance.  You will see that Life does have a purpose, but that at the ordinary level the purpose of Life is contained within these imperfect rules, the partial reflections of the rules you see.

     Life proclaims through man and certain ares of its body, “We are wasting our time, life has no purpose.”  Life has parts of its own body saying that.  There have always been people around saying such things as, “Life is a curse.  This whole thing is a farce.  You work your butt off and then you die.  What does it get you?”  And there is a purpose.  Life in a particular way is growing through man.  It is also growing in other areas, in different scales of space and time, such that it is impossible for ordinary consciousness to see it. The Yellow Circuit in humanity, the part of humanity Life is working through in a particular way, keeps searching for evidence of this growth.  It searches not only on a cosmic level, but also on a subatomic level.  And ordinary human consciousness is not wired up to see it, but it keeps looking.

     Humanity is growing, regardless of the fact that you constantly hear internal and external voices saying otherwise.  I point out the obvious when I tell you that in the last 40 years in this country, people are getting taller, living longer; less people are dying of disease; people are freer socially and sexually; just everything points toward humanity’s growth.  There is no way you can say life in this country has not improved by any definition.  Yet you are surrounded by the message that Life is going downhill, and that we have got to do something about it.  But when you look, Life is going uphill as fast as it can in every possible direction. When I point it out, you go, “Yes, that is true.”  But notice, all you’ve got to do is turn around and it is no longer true.

 Diagram # 068

Diagram # 068

If you truly feel as though This is beginning to touch something in you and you can’t explain it, you would make a potentially grave mistake to walk away from it or to simply give it up.  Especially if it is on the basis of “there is too much pain in my life,” “I am too depressed,” etc.  All of that is biochemical, not psychological.  It is the way in which you are wired up, and it can be altered.  It can be altered in a way that makes an apparent religious conversion look like child’s play.  Not that those other experiences have no validity, but they do not offer the understanding, the freedom available when you are an active participant. It is not some act of faith, or a matter of receiving spiritual power from some other person.  But to experience the alteration of This Thing, you have got to make a kind of effort.

Referring to the drawing, I want to hit a few areas.  In this drawing Y = Yellow Circuit, B = Blue, and R = Red.

Remember all my maps always have some kind of flaw built into them.  There is always a piece of something I leave out.  If I didn’t, This would be some kind of sermon.  It would be “here is the truth; go forth, and live by it.”  I point out to you that this map, like my others, is not literally correct.  It is a means to point you toward a specific area for your consideration. I have pointed out that most people generally take the activities of the Yellow Circuit as being consciousness.  But there is something else — there is an awareness of the circuits.  If that were not so, you would not be here.  There would be no religions, no dreams of mysticism.  There would be no ideas of psychology.

Now let me point out a few things about the partnership that we are all apparently born into.  It is this partnership which seems to be the other voice inside of you.  By the time you reach the age of being able to talk you are in a partnership.  There is you, and somebody else inside of you.  Were it not for the verbal voice of this partnership, how would you know anything about personal dissatisfaction?  How could you have any notion of individual suffering?

When ordinary people in our day and time want to think of themselves, when they want to confess and tell you what they think or feel, they are referring to the Yellow Circuit.  That is what passes for consciousness; it is what ordinarily is referred to as the unique aspect of humanity.  There is the feeling that in some way we are separate from the environment, that we are conscious of ourselves.

The sense of self-awareness is unique to man.  A duck is not aware of itself, nor does it feel somehow separate from the environment.  In conjunction with that, I have pointed out that man is the only creature with a Yellow Circuit.  A dog has no Yellow Circuit.  It cannot be aware of, nor remember, time.  It has no verbalization.  Forget any dreams that a dog’s bark means something.  It may mean something, but it has nothing to do with the memory of time.  A dog cannot alter its memory.

So, consciousness could be well described as being a Yellow Circuit phenomenon.  I grant you there could be no consciousness as we know it without the Yellow Circuit.  But it is not limited to that.  What passes for consciousness is an awareness of all the circuitry, but it is not a simple isolated phenomenon of the circuits being divisible.  It is not as simple as my drawing the circuits in this kind of lineal fashion, in a vertical line on a two dimensional piece of paper.

There is an awareness of all the circuits.  This would not be possible were it not for the Yellow Circuit, but once that is in place and operational, to a minimal level, there is an awareness of all the circuits.  So you have two ways to look at it:  you have the activities of the circuitry, and an awareness of that activity. What you have is the potential for a consciousness of dissatisfaction in any of the three circuits for each individual.  Normally, there is one circuit that seems to be the basis for one’s dissatisfaction.  When the Yellow Circuit is uninvolved, it is almost entirely a phenomenon of Life’s evolution.  You have got to be fairly civilized to think you’re going crazy.  For example, let’s say you were centered towards the higher circuits, and you were always concerned about the way you dressed, the clothes you wore, your table manners, the nature of life.  If we moved down the street to a public housing division full of brick layers, truck drivers, ditch diggers, they do not have the same kind of civilized dissatisfaction with themselves and with Life.  Although this is not literally true, I could say that the farther up your circuitry you have evolved, the more you are centered in the Yellow Circuit, the greater seems to be the hunger for even more.  The greater your sense of dissatisfaction becomes.  And it takes up a great deal of time being concerned with these dissatisfactions  at the Yellow Circuit level.  It’s like the more you’ve got, the more you want.  Let me remind you that nothing is wrong, nothing is broken.  That is the way things are supposed to be.

Here is something else for your consideration.  Life seems to be arranged in such a way that it apparently makes those who are close abuse one another in an extreme fashion.  By “close” I mean those connected by blood, or in a sexual relationship.  To use an example, surely you know that the vast majority of homicides are among blood kin.  The kind of intense negative emotion I’m referring to is singular to close relationships.  Does that not strike you as being interesting?  Why for instance, is it so common for parents and their children to constantly fight?  A mother and child can be together for just a few minutes and there is a non-ending stream of abuse and accusations.  If you were fairly astute, it might even strike you that, “Hey, they’re not even listening to each other.”  And it seems that surely something is amiss, there is something out of balance, there is some injustice present.  Can anyone see Life might be struggling in a particular way to make itself do better?

From the viewpoint of what is possible for a few people individually, I cannot tell you Life is doing it in the most efficient way.  Life knows what it is doing in its own areas.  If it was the most efficient way, of course, I would be all in favor and encourage all of you to abuse your parents, and anytime they abuse you to take it and don’t worry about it.  Or anytime you feel like hitting your sexual partner, have at them. But such is not the most efficient way possible for a few people.  What apparently can be seen as being untoward, to say the very least — this kind of apparent direct inflammatory hostility toward blood kin — I suggest to you as strongly as I can in 3-D words is still a reflection of Life struggling to make itself do better.  You are part of its argument, and somebody else is a counter argument.  Perhaps even your kin, or your mate.

Here is another possible segue.  People from all different areas of Life’s body are being driven to continually state, “We have got to find the causes behind some problem.”  Yet, no one ever notes the fact they never find what is referred to as “the cause.”  For example, people say, “Prisons will never stop crime because crime is a symptom of a deeper problem.  We have to find the real cause.”  But they never do.  It continues to go on the basis that there are causes and symptoms, that there are definable problems. Generation after generation, people say, “We must find cause,” but they never do.  No one sees any aspect of one of Life’s master strokes at work.

Part of the master stroke is in keeping man from seeing that these “symptoms” are equal to a three-dimensional manifestation of multi-directional energy.  That is what I refer to as the expansion of Life.  Since people are unable to see beyond the dimensions available on the ordinary level of consciousness, “symptoms” and “causes” are the terms Life has ordinary people use.  When Life is making people say, “We have yet to find the causes, we are dealing with the symptoms,” they are telling the truth.  But from one generation to the next, as Life expands, no one can ever note “we are no closer to the cause.”

At the ordinary level you can only see what is apparently suffering and injustice.  You cannot find a “cause,” just a non-ending stream of symptoms.  You can see it in yourself:  “I’ll be much better if I can only take care of such and such, if I can only cure the symptom.”