Jan Cox Talk 0179

Accidental Enlightenment and Real Change
a.k.a: the Factory Gets A Foreman


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Jan Cox Talk 179, Oct 17, 1985, runtime 1:12
Notes by TK

Those with accidental mystical experience are driven to explain it–to continually talk about it. The context of talk is always binary, i.e., relevant only to the personal, the relative, e.g., religious terms. This is a DEAD END. The reality behind religious miracles and states is BIOCHEMICAL ALTERATION. The “rebirth” is a biochemical change of the whole energy exchange factory, the whole structure at all levels –all 3 circuits. It is like the world’s greatest foreman shows up at the job site and all departments suddenly operate at peak efficiency. A “tightening up” of the operation.

Man’s memory can be seen as a part of Life’s DNA in a continual attempt to improve itself. Relation to “reconstruction of memory” –i.e., self-flattering recall of events; the embellishment and dressing up of what actually happened. Life uses man’s apparently faulty memory to improve its own DNA structure. Relation to “generation gap” conflict of “do what I say and not what I do” where the older generation “lies” to the younger: “When I was a kid we used to have to walk 50 miles to school and it took all week to earn the nickel bread cost!”

Reference Diagram 58: expanded circuit divided into (+),(-) & (0). The middle ground (0) as the “free floating state” in an otherwise universal magnetic field where everything is stuck where it is at (+) or (-). “Tingle time” (the sensation accompanying Doing/Seeing the extraordinary) can be produced in an individual circuit which is felt thru all circuits: e.g., Red Circuit effort in running the last mile of your ordinary course harder than you have ever run before. Corollaries in other circuits.

Analogy of “key” signature of a song or melody and a behavior/activity in C,D,E modes where the same note structure exists in 2 musical chords (with some unusual extra ones thrown in) and depending on which of the basic notes is somewhat emphasized, the chord sounds like a different key while notes played remain the same. Relates to the modes (inert, kinetic, recoiling) of larger C,D,E flows which make up every event in life.

Only The Few can See the “uncertain” or indefinite nature of the key to a song and the mode complex of a flow. All situations are a …ways in a “temporary key” –an indefinite and continually shifting key. It’s not noise, it’s just very complex music.

Everybody is “in partnership with themselves”. The “partner” is “yourself/not-I” the enemy against which all struggle. The Few realize and understand their partnership status and this changes the way the partnership does business. The partnership is “Siamese”: you were born into it and cannot separate from it. But The Few can introduce a third partner.

Neuralize this new rhetorical question: Why does man not study the evolution of humanity since the advent of the Yellow Circuit (history)? Only pay attention to Red Circuit evolution (paleontology) and Blue Circuit evolution (cultural psychology).


How else might Life be using man’s memory other than as a self-improvement factor for it’s own DNA?




Document:  179,  October 17, 1985
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1985

     There is a certain difficulty inherent in reminding you that This Thing is indeed the ultimate mysticism. People with minimal exposure to This often want to compare it to something they’ve read about or they want my opinion about other so-called systems.  While involvement with currently popular spiritual fads serves a purpose, that purpose has almost nothing to do with my activities — other than the fact that elementary mathematics has something to do with subatomic physics.

     One aspect of this difficulty is that I don’t look strange or speak in a way that people expect of someone in my position.  Even in our time and place, it is expected that such a person would be a foreigner (that always helps) wearing out of the ordinary dress.  Ordinary expectations are that an activity such as This would have an ornate inside terminology and an induced feeling of community.  They anticipate an “us against the world” attitude comparable to that found in popular spiritual fads.  Further, people expect someone in my position to convey a feeling of, “I really catch hell, but you know, that’s what us religious leaders just have to put up with.”  These expectations are no fault of any individual; they are Life itself in action.

 Diagram 58

Diagram 58

So-called systems are reflections, through man’s speech, of where Life may be going, just as all of man’s speech is part of Life.  I could take anyone’s words, even the words of a drunk staggering out in the street and use them as the basis for a talk. Anyone involved in a so-called system is part of Life’s mechanical evolution, but they are not going to go any further than Line-level consciousness.

Many times I have referred to the phenomenon of accidental experiences of enlightenment; in other words, some heretofore unused circuitry becomes accidentally ignited in someone.  I know that to many of you such an accidental awakening sounds like a worthy goal.  Many of you, before you met me, read books by or found people who had one such accidental awakening and you thought that surely they were extraordinary.  I’ll give you a rule of thumb:  those who experience an accidental enlightenment are driven thereafter to attempt to explain what happened.  Although I must point some of you toward greater possibilities, you will note that I’ve never talked to any of you or even hinted that I ever had some moment of epiphany.  I never pictured for you that at one time the great cosmic gods came down, and due to my good works, fasting, gluttony, etc., put it on me.  I never said, “One day I’ll tell you about my grand ordeal.”  Whereas those who have had an accidental exposure to other states are compelled to spend the rest of their days discussing it.

People with minimal exposure to me or This expect someone to appear and say, “I have direct messages from the gods.”  They expect someone who is driven to talk about his or her experiences.  This Thing is not self help.  It could be called a specific biochemical self-split — a self-birth.  I have strained to free you of all the ordinary dreams of expecting someone like me to arrive draped in ermine robes, with a full grown beard (maybe dyed green) mumbling or even refusing to talk for several years and then finally talking at length about his great spiritual ordeals.  It was my intent to free you from those expectations.  But now let me point out that behind those dreams is a reality.  Man’s dreams are not false, they are fragmented reality.  When people claim that the gods spoke to them it is not imaginary, but the reality behind the experience is not understood under such accidental circumstances.

It is no more imaginary for a man to claim that, “People from Venus have coffee with me every Friday,” than it is for him to say, “I love my wife and family.  I may be harsh with them sometime, but I’d do anything for them.”  Both are equally “imaginary” in that neither is a full conception of what is going on.  Binary consciousness offers man just enough awareness to serve the necessary purpose of keeping Life stable. What makes This Activity absolutely extraordinary is that it doesn’t look all that extraordinary.  Yet everything that people imagine can be known, can be known.

The fragmented dreams come in every stripe and color from:  “I’m going to be superman.  I’ll have powers that allow me to fly through the air, raise the dead, make water run uphill.”  These may not be all that impossible, but they may be totally unprofitable.  Let’s say I could show you how to make water run uphill just one time.  But you better draw a real big crowd and charge lots of money if you’re going to do such a miracle — because it’d take you 40 years of all kinds of toil.

This Activity has to do with the reality behind all the reflected dreams that you and everyone else pick up from reading about those accidental mystical experiences people have and are driven to talk about, sing the praises of, and dissect for the rest of their days.  When people discuss these experiences, any further potential they personally have is slaughtered.  When a man finishes an accidental experience he has only one basis on which to judge or explain it:  he will revert back to the religion he was born into and attribute the occurrence to the god of that religion.  Consider that you hardly ever see so-called mystical experiences described in literature outside of a religious context.  That is because they have no choice; they don’t go through any kind of analytical process or debate.  When the experience is over, one thing is obvious to the person:  “I made a mistake.  There is, in fact, a god.  There is no other way to explain what happened to me.”

Had I continued along the religious context that has been used historically for this kind of information, then such explanations would still be the only mechanical and inescapable conclusions available.  If I prefaced everything that I have told you with, “There is a real super-god.  All these other gods were okay for their time and place, but now the real one showed up.  His name is Larry.  Larry touched me.”  If something extraordinary happened to you, who would you attribute it to?

But I went out of my way to burp, get drunk, fall down, do all kinds of antics so none of you would think I was actually Larry.  Otherwise it would all be a form of suicide and you’d never go any further once you began attributing things to Larry.  Comparably speaking, you could feel better, “I was despondent and uncertain.  But since Larry talked to me I’ve felt much better.  I have a purpose in life, to tell others about Larry,” — but you would be dead in your tracks.

The proper lateral expansion is necessary as a basis for igniting the higher circuits if that ignition is to be part of a process of actual growth.  The ideas coming out of religion of being born again are, as always, reflections of something.  A new birth is when the whole biochemical factory that is you is altered so the energy that comes in is not transposed and transmitted as it always has been.  This kind of rebirth cannot occur in only one story of the factory.  Someone who says, “I used to hate all redheads, but since Larry touched me I know to live and let live,” has not experienced a rebirth.  Such apparent changes involve only one story.  A person may cease certain habits, but he’ll take up new ones; he may stop proclaiming one god, but he’ll proclaim another.  He may stop overtly hating one group of people, but now he’ll hate “evil.” These ordinary conversions all involve just one circuit — they are not real change.

Consider that historically there has never been any religious rebirth located in the Yellow Circuit (of course, until now nothing has taken place on a wide scale within religion that has been Yellow Circuit based).  A Yellow Circuit rebirth sounds almost like a contradiction in terms.  A sketch of that scenario might run as follows:  “My family was Unitarian, borderline atheists, and, I don’t know, I got into college, majored in comparative religion, studied Judaism and realized that it contained reasonable standards to live by.  I converted and now feel like I belong to a greater community with appropriate rules to live by.” This picture is as close a tracking of Yellow Circuit rebirth as possible and it cannot really even be called a rebirth.

The fruits of real conversion, real mysticism, are not necessarily as observable as so-called rebirths in a single story.  Certain basic things involved in a real rebirth sound rather mundane, such as not being sick.  And I’m not referring to not causing yourself to be sick as it is described in so-called psychosomatic maladies.  I mean not eating five pizzas when you know how you’ll feel after, or if you were mechanically overcome enough to eat five pizzas you would not blame it on anyone or anything afterward.  For example, when people ordinarily do something like eating five pizzas they say, “This is a kind of bulimic behavior brought about by the pressures my parents applied on me to be perfect.”  If you truly belong here and you eat five pizzas you know there is nothing to say, nobody made you eat them, it’s not the fault of your upbringing or the pressures of everyday life.  Only one thing caused the overeating if you had to put it in words:  “I personally ate too much.”  You know this, though you don’t say it verbally.  (Do not even tell yourself.)  But you do know that there is nowhere else to place blame.  If you’re going to suffer over eating too much pizza you suffer nowhere but in the gut.

The human factory is molecules in action and it is affected by, as in the above example, too much cheese, too much bread, too much alcohol, too much of any kind of food.  It will affect you in a way particular to you; it is biochemical activity, whether the affects are physical discomfort or horrible daydreams about starving people.  Only after you can hear the whirling, boiling noises of this molecular activity in ALL the stories of the factory, can you become a responsible agent.

A real biochemical change would be one that occurs in all three stories, and it can be described as a foreman suddenly showing up at the factory.  A foreman who is tough, wise, intelligent, who can be in all three stories at once.  He appears in the mines and suddenly the assembly lines start operating at peak efficiency within the limits of your age and genetic make-up.  Without that foreman everything runs in a sloppy fashion, at a minimal level necessary for survival.  Once the foreman shows up at the blue level, many of the insane activities that went on there among the artists, musicians and advertising types cease.  Suddenly the blue level artists are producing high quality work; the flighty begin to be creative.  It’s as if the artists can keep a remnant of their insanity, but this remnant is not public anymore.  The foreman is also upstairs in the research and development department.  He simultaneously operates in all three stories — that is what constitutes real change.

If your circuits are laterally expanded (just laterally expanded, not even the vertical expansion of an extraordinary mystical experience) you are without peer on this planet when it comes to intelligence.  This form of intelligence is not some individual knowledge; you do not suddenly know calculus.  In any individual field there are people who know more facts than you, but nobody knows what the hell is going on.  You do. Your foreman has tightened up your operations:  you do not suffer as you did before, you are not routinely sick, nor are you routinely confused.  It is mysticism, but it is mysticism almost in a costume.  People are not accustomed to it and there is no demand for mysticism under this guise.

Here’s another rule of thumb:  Anyone who publicly declares himself a mystic is not.  Only the mystical truly understand that, “I don’t have to dress up, and there is really nobody who I can tell any of this to.  I don’t even have any need to tell it to anyone.”

Here’s a question for you:  Can any of you see that man’s ordinary memory can be seen as a part of Life’s own DNA?  What man calls generations of humanity might be generations of Life’s cellular development.  Man’s faulty memory might be described as Life’s attempt to improve itself from generation to generation.  My term, reconstruction of memory, illuminates this.  The term simply means man’s ability to remember things from other people’s viewpoints, via what he has read or heard, rather than what actually happened to him.  Someone asks, “Have you ever heard the rock group X?”  “Oh yeah, they’re the ones who sound like an updated version of…”  And you realize that you never actually heard the group.  What is this very common phenomenon?  Is it really just folly?  Can you see the possibility of Life using man’s apparently faulty memory as a kind of attempt to improve its own DNA, from time to time, from generation to generation?  How about the lies (as we could call them from one viewpoint), the distortions, that parents tell their children from one generation to another:  “When I was a kid I walked 12 miles to school,” (to use an old standard).  Every generation does something like this.  It’s everywhere.  The same thing is happening when people say, “They don’t play music anymore like they used to, it’s going downhill.”

You can find these lies and distortions in the history of your own nervous system.  It is right before you, even in written and verbal form.  Parents tell their children, “This is what I believe.”  And they don’t.  The person says he believes it, but nothing in his behavior aligns with the belief.  He may demand that his child behave according to the dictates of his church, when he, in fact, does not.  This is not some form of cynicism — it is a description of Life’s own DNA trying to improve itself.  A father tells his son not to lead a sexually libertine life, saying he himself never fooled around.  Later you find out that the guy spends four nights a week at topless bars.  These very things are apparently bases for proper accusations of hypocrisy — and they are nothing of the kind.  These distortions are Life operating proficiently to further its own growth, to improve itself.

When I speak of lateral expansion within each circuit it is an expansion, beyond the natural binary division, into a third, neutral, area.  When you begin to operate beyond the level of like/dislike, attraction/repulsion, and truth/falsity, consciousness can be described as free-floating.  The circuitry normally operates in such a way that if anything is going to even get your attention you feel some way about it:  “I like this new burger.”  “I hate that kind of music.”  If you are neutral about something, it is a non-event.  It does not seem like an occurrence, it doesn’t work itself into one’s memory.  Ordinarily to perceive something you are either magnetically attracted or repulsed, both are magnetic holds on your consciousness.  In this third state, this free-floating state, you will take notice of the guys down in your mines:  “Oh yeah, I know how much you guys love this kind of pornography.  I can still hear you down there, I see you leaning on your shovels.  I know,” — but you can float free of it.  It’s not that you’re floating up in the air, or that you’re surrounded by halos; it’s that the magnetic hold is diminished.

It’s as though you are floating free in the midst of a gigantic universe-wide magnetic field, amongst all the positive and negative charges.  You’re certainly as aware as anyone else:  you see people attracted, others repelled; you see it happen simultaneously, and you see it happen sequentially; you see it happening in four dimensions.  You know that at your own Line level you would behave just like everyone else, but when you float free the pulls and pushes of the magnetic field are diminished.

Those times when you feel like you’re tingling all over are related to what I’m describing.  One thing that will encourage a willful experience of “tingle time” in the Red Circuit is to make an absolute push of effort. For instance, if you are running several miles every day, take the last mile and run harder and faster than ever.  Continually pushing yourself furnishes a better background and better conditions for tingle time. (Many are called but few are tingled.)

Let’s try something a little more subtle.  You needn’t be a musician to follow this picturization.  In all music in the Western world every song is in a particular key, usually the note the song starts on.  Consider that everything that takes place in Life is in a temporary key of either C, D or E, all of which are, by happenstance, keys in the Western musical scale.  Many of the songs in Western music use only three different chords.  Let’s say the song starts in C, goes to F, returns to C, etc.  In jazz things get a little more complex — the key is uncertain.  At any particular time you could not say what key the piece is in, yet, in one sense, it’s always got to be in some key.  It gets to the point where the key is uncertain at any particular time.  Another musical example:  if you smash down on six piano keys simultaneously except you accent one of them, you could say, “All right that’s a C,” if the C was the one you accented.  If you hit the same notes again and accented the D you’d say, “Okay, I can hear a D in there somewhere”  Now, forget music.  Doesn’t this sound familiar?

Do you recall my story of the man who finds a billfold with money in it thereby saving his home, feeding his children, etc.  He thanks Larry profusely.  Then I pointed your attention to the poor guy who lost the wallet who’s involved in the Fred religion. No one wants to take that into account.  This was a crude example of certain binary situations, but there’s a much greater complexity involved, although ordinary consciousness cannot even maintain an awareness of the binary aspects alone.  It’s not simply one man losing something and another finding it, or one religion being in favor of one thing and another religion diametrically opposed.  Neither is right or wrong.  It is all part of the process of things staying alive.  The complexity is on the basis of everything moving in and out of temporary keys; it is a continual shifting.  The situations are not necessarily pure chords, but could be made to sound like they are more one key than another at any given time — just as one key stood out when you played six simultaneously.  The complexity of Life is this simultaneity — different viewpoints manifested through human behavior.  The song is continually shifting keys; and is in different keys simultaneously; and can also be said to be in no key in particular.

If you say that you can’t find the key, or that you can’t hear it, who are you going to blame?  The chord itself?  If you’re ordinary, yes:  “I don’t like that chord, I never heard it before and don’t know what it is, therefore, it’s not a chord by my estimation.  Whoever’s playing the song lost their place.  The gods tripped up; evil is running amok.  This is no longer music.  Everything is going haywire.”  That is not a statement of what is going on; rather it is a statement of the limitations of your responses and experience. The key of the song is uncertain to your ear or sight.  The keys are ever-shifting; C, D, and E can be playing all at once; different people hear different emphases.  It is music — but to the masses it is music that sounds like an unfathomable mess.  The complexity of Life is not chaos or noise, it is complex music. At any given time, a certain key may not necessarily predominate, and were there to be a predominant key it is passing.  By the time you get to the next measure, the song is in another key.  It is an astounding melody.

Let me bring your attention back to the partnership that everyone is born into:  “There’s me and then there’s somebody else in here.”  And that partner always seems to be the enemy:  the slovenly me, the overeating me, the me that gets angry easily, the me that does weird things.  The partnership is the basis of all self help, of all religion, of all tyrants staying in power.  But the partner is you; you were born into that partnership.  No one has enemies, everyone has a partnership and the feeling is:  “I got me in here and something else.  If it were just “me” everything would be okay.”  The part that’s not “me” used to be called evil spirits, or one’s carnal nature; today the jargon is the unconscious mind or one’s unrealized potential. You got a partner and that partner is you.  You did not willfully, knowingly enter that arrangement, but you can’t try to fire the partner and walk away from it.  People try to drink him into submission, drug him into submission, or attack him into submission by attacking themselves.  Whining and self pity will not drive him away.

The partnership is you, but once you can consider it as a business relationship, it changes the way you do business with you, and the way the partnership does business with everybody else.  Up until now you and he (or she) have spent all your time and energy fighting over how you should conduct business.  “My partner doesn’t know how to do business.  I need more strength and ammo, then I could buy him out, sedate him, slip him out the back door.  Then I’ll be rid of this partnership and it’ll be just good ol’ me.”  You can’t rid yourself of the partner; if you could, you’d kill yourself.  It is an unusual enough condition to just get to the point of understanding and seeing the partnership — that in itself means that you have some control over it.  You realize that he didn’t come from anywhere, it’s nothing personal and everyone’s got one.  You also realize that dissolving that partnership might be suicide.  Seeing these things changes the whole relationship.

One more thing for you to consider:  Isn’t it peculiar that there are people at the vanguard of Yellow Circuit development, the horizontally intellectual and educated, none of whom display the slightest interest in the evolution of humanity since the Yellow Circuit started?  I know that people are interested in evolution of all kinds regarding the land and animal life.  The intellectual investigates all aspect of human behavior and cultural evolution, but not the evolution of man himself.  All the way back to the Greeks and early Chinese, no one is interested in the changes in man himself.  Is this not peculiar?