Jan Cox Talk 0178

Irreversible Threshold


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 Diagram 58

Diagram 58


Jan Cox Talk 178, Oct 10, 1985, runtime 1:03
Notes by TK

Reference Diagram 58.

The neutral area of the circuitry is largely inactive in the great majority, resulting in binary processing of energy/information. Expansion of the Circuits = godlike mode of functioning vs. binary functioning. The expansion is irreversible after a threshold point: both like or dislike don’t apply anymore. Even in a willful backsliding you can’t regain the passion of the binary functioning.

Also, expanded circuits interact such that the Red Circuit won’t get sick as it did. Blue Circuit won’t have moods. Yellow Circuit won’t have ignorance. Previous circuit functioning becomes irrelevant. Expansion = “distinguished noncompliance” with Life’s appearances –although only up to the point of your inbuilt, genetic possibility.

Nobody can remember that “it’s all molecular”. That there is no out there.

This Thing is the ultimate mysticism. J. has stripped it of all the usual trappings –shown its “backside”. It cannot move out into the public that way. Need for some sort of religion guise.


[TASKS: written response to 2 questions —

  1. Write down :How is it that ordinarily considered “creative” people are predominantly pessimistic?
  2. Write down: What would be a suitable list of 10 commandments for This Thing? Use both “shalt’s” and “shalt-not’s”.

Transcripts waiting for edit

Transcripts available are a 1985 version by bev, but not edited and a new one by steven Thomas Swartz that Derek has on his desktop for review.