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Eliminate Outcomes and Everything Seems To Be What It Is


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Jan Cox Talk 177, Oct 3, 1985, runtime 1:05
Notes by TK

See Diagram 56A [Diagram of the 3 circuits (blue circuit blown up for detail) showing division into 3 areas: positive, neutral and negative for each of the circuits. Positive = attraction; negative = repulsion; neutral = impartial.

The Circuits are naturally, simplistically, genetically divided into 3 general areas, or grounds, which are almost equal in extent. Ordinary consciousness only sees 2, only takes 2 into account –positive and negative while overlooking the neutral. There is a need to expand the Blue Circuit laterally (see expanded Blue Circuit in Diagram 56A); this relates to need to turn away from emotionally unprofitable energy and is the counterpart to Neuralizing in the Yellow Circuit.

The historical accounts of “the middle way” –“the golden mean” etc. mirrors this necessary action. This Thing holds the scientific basis for these maxims for living by detailing the neutral ground of the Blue Circuit and issuing the injunction to expand/integrate it. A mere swap of energy from positive to negative is not effective for The Few; example of the reformed alcoholic as shift from + to – as no real change. Must expand the Blue Circuit by expanding the middle area.

The Yellow Circuit gets all its food/fuel thru the Blue Circuit, i.e., it must have a “feeling association” to be used ordinarily by the Yellow Circuit. Therefore the need to expand the Blue Circuit neutral area. Example of “verbal wrap-up” as absolute necessity to complete the Blue Circuit feeling transfer which then can be efficiently transferred to Yellow Circuit. The verbal wrap-up tilts the subject off center into + or -. Without this from the Blue Circuit the Yellow Circuit has no real need for the affective conclusion or judgment.

When the energy is in the + or – mode it must be transferred to the Yellow Circuit; the Yellow Circuit requires it. Yellow Circuit does not require the transfer if Blue Circuit is in the middle/neutral mode. Neuralize: does the “wrap-up” feeling or the “wrap-up” term/word come First? Word trigger feeling or vice versa?

A “real” feeling involves all 3 areas of the circuits in a balanced functioning. All 3 areas must be equal and active. This can’t be talked about because the talk always isolates one of the areas; emphasizes it; tilts to (+) or (-).

YOU CAN NEVER BE FULLY FREE OF SOMETHING UNTIL YOU HAVE LOST ALL INTEREST OR FEELING FOR IT: All positive or negative feel in it. This is the scientific basis for “non-attachment”; the reality behind “no desire”. Desirelessness.

RULE: YOU MUST ELIMINATE ALL “OUTCOMES”. Outcomes are the natural issue of the working of the circuits–the expectation of self gain in some way or other. Expansion of Blue Circuit is the reality behind “no-reaction” –the cessation of outcome/result. THIS MUST BE USED. REMEMBERED. USED.

For those who attain power/control without election (i.e. thru revolution) they ultimately must become conservative despite their radical roots and entrance. The hot must cool.

An aspect of Life’s Masterstroke: parental guilt over a deformed/retarded child. Blame vs. pardon. Life thru human society now seems to offer absolution from such guilt of responsibility for producing a deformed child. Yet the Few can See that such parents are absolutely responsible for such production–but just not personally so.

The widest applicable law to be formulated in words: EVERYTHING TENDS TO BE WHAT IT IS.


Pick out 4 apparent unseemly behavior attributes/faults of a supposedly more evolved, enlightened person; faults an evolved person would not manifest. Perform each of the 4 (one each, twice during 4 days this week). Write down and submit what it was you did. Also, write your own unbecoming obituary.



Document:  177,  October 3, 1985
Copyright(c) Jan M. Cox, 1985

Everyone is wired up to feel guilty.  I call it Betty Crocker guilt, because it comes in layers.  To wit:  It’s not enough that a person feels guilty about some particular behavior or certain daydream; he’s also driven to feel guilty when he notices he isn’t feeling guilty.

There is a lateral expansion that is essential and proper in all three circuits.  I have discussed this lateral expansion in terms of the Yellow Circuit; I’ve pointed out that such activation forms the necessary foundation of vertical activation.  But it’s not limited to the Yellow Circuit; lateral activation is necessary for all the Circuits.  Each of the circuits are also divided into three areas:  one negative, one positive, and then the neutral area.  For this pictorialization I am showing these three areas as almost equal in size. Imagine now that I am isolating the Blue Circuit, from the middle of the intertwined circuits, to verbally describe this process.

 Diagram 57

Diagram 57

Verbally it can sound very harsh, though the reality of it is not harsh, to speak of the power, to turn away from what is unprofitable emotionally, even if it has to do with one’s own blood kin.  Attempt to confront it in this manner:  the Blue Circuit is an evolutionary middle ground between the Red and Yellow Circuits.  This Circuit naturally has the three areas I’ve mentioned, but only two are ever or can ever be taken into account by ordinary people, because they view what they call feelings in a binary manner.  You either like or you dislike; you react either positively or negatively.  No one pays any attention to something he has no feeling for. But can you See there is a connection between this third, neutral area of the Blue Circuit and of the Three Forces, the Three Modes, namely the elusive “E”?  Can any of you See that if you could expand consciousness more or less in an equally forceful fashion into all three areas of the Blue Circuit, then you would have something in the Blue Circuit which would approach the Neuralizing possibilities of the Yellow Circuit.

There is a very scientific basis for the expansion of the Blue Circuit, as in all the circuits.  Life has been talking about this expansion for thousands of years.  Among the many examples I could give you are some of the Eastern philosophies that speak of a “middle ground”, a condition, a position, where one’s thoughts are not pulled vehemently and constantly in one direction or the other.  The idea portrayed in those statues of a little fat man sitting there serenely detached, has always struck a resounding note in Life’s body to many, many people.  Especially those who are primarily driven by the Blue Circuit.  In that great area of Life’s body where the Blue folks live, many, many people, when they hear about such emotional impartiality, wave little banners inside themselves and think, “What a joyous idea.”

The general population never hears the scientific basis behind the expansion of the Blue Circuit.  When they hear that a person need not be at the whim of every force, whether it be self-destructive behavior or extremes of happiness, they only hear what is appropriate.  They think, “I’ll do whatever is necessary, if somebody can show me how to become so unruffled, so composed.”  These responses though are not an answer to anything.

The scientific basis I speak of is a form of emotional Neuralization wherein you laterally expand your own Blue Circuit to where you are not limited to the polarities:  “Either I like what’s going on, what I heard about, what happened to me or I dislike it.”  The neutral middle area is where you feel no interest.  You ask someone who is not sports-minded, “Who lost the series?”, his answer is, “What series?”  The subject of sports falls in his neutral area.  This area is, in a sense, inactive.  Ordinarily, binary consciousness can not even hold a simultaneous awareness of the first two areas — the positive and negative.  The ignition of all three areas of the Blue Circuit simultaneously would be more than it bargained for, no matter how wonderful it may sound at first.  If consciousness can’t even maintain an awareness that for every feeling it has, there is someone across the street with an opposing emotion.  To be aware that there are times when, “I have negative feelings towards another person and yet right now here I am under different circumstances agreeing with this person,” is a cramming together of apparent opposites which is beyond the power of the binary mind.  But the ignition of all three areas would be unexpectedly, incomprehensibly beyond even this.  Freedom would be to have all three areas ignited at the same time.  Such a simultaneous ignition, the full lateral expansion of the Blue Circuit, is the reality behind the religious and philosophical descriptions of a middle ground where you are not buffeted by uncontrollable waves of pro and con passion.

Elsewhere I have mentioned that the reformed alcoholic has not changed at all.  To go from a negative to a positive feeling, as in this example, is no change at all.  It is beyond the power of ordinary consciousness to be aware of two contradictory feelings at one time, but the expansion of all three areas would mean having all possible feelings toward whatever happened.  In a sense, “all” possible feelings are the same as no particular feelings toward whatever happened.  This description of a lateral expansion is closer to the reality of only dealing with what is profitable.  Such an expansion is not a ruthless viewpoint.  It’s not that you turn your back on a friend or family member who is in trouble just because you don’t want to help them.  That’s not it.  The full lateral expansion of the Blue Circuit means that you have a full understanding of all possible positive and negative reactions, and then everything that does not fit into these two categories, toward what is going on.  Only then can you actually feel anything.  But you Feel in such a way that there is little or nothing that can actually be talked about.  You find that a positive or negative feeling is not real feeling at all.  You understand why for so long I refused to even admit the existence of feelings at Line-level consciousness.  For genuine feeling to even exist you activate all the positive and negative reactions and the middle neutral area of the irrelevant simultaneously.  You feel it all at once, and then you only deal with what is profitable.

The circuits are wired to operate in a simplistic binary manner and it is because they have done this efficiently that you are still alive.  In our present consideration you either like or you dislike.  The only other possibility is that you have no feeling toward something.  But people are not conscious of this third area:  it is the irrelevant.  But it is the irrelevant that laterally completes all the circuits.

The Blue Circuit is the place where the Yellow Circuit gets, at least indirectly, all of its fuel.  Mentation must come through feeling.  Ordinary consciousness has got to wrap something up, verbally wrap it up, for the mind to feel it has grasped the thought in a satisfactory manner.  But this wrap-up does not proceed without a motive from the Blue Circuit.  To illuminate my meaning of wrap-up, take the world of the critics of the arts.  The people who write about these human endeavors have got to sum it up, wrap it up, or else they are left with an unsatisfying, an almost nonexistent commentary.

You should be able to find this drive for a verbal wrap-up within yourself.  Someone is describing to you a new album by a group you never heard and perhaps you say, “Well, what does it sound like?  If you recommend it, we have common tastes in music, I’ll go hear it, but what does it sound like?”  And your friend says, “Uh, well, you know how Stolen Signs sounded, in their last, their next to last album,” and you go, “Yeah”, and after a bit, he says, “Well, they sound like a cross between the early Roto Rooters and Stolen Signs.”  And you can tell from your pal’s expression he is satisfied with his verbal wrap-up of this new album.

But perhaps this does not yet offer you the satisfaction of a verbal wrap-up.  An hour, a day later somebody else will say, “Have you heard such and such?”  It’s almost as if somebody is pulling a dirty trick, it was just the album your friend described yesterday.  Though you may say, “Yeah, I’ve heard about it”, you can’t even verbally discuss it (assuming all this is actually about music at all) because you don’t yet feel a grasp for it.  You are dissatisfied and this is not just some minor irritation.  But at some point during all these talks, finally, for whatever reason, your circuitry went, “Now I know it.”  In a sense now you have a verbal picture.  When the next day someone else says “Have you heard about…”, you say, “Yeah, matter of fact I was going to buy it later this afternoon.”  And you may rattle on about it for 15 minutes though you have never heard the album.  You would very likely go further than your friend did the first time you talked. Once the Yellow Circuit has a wrap-up, it feels satisfied to such a degree that you may begin to fuel in energy that is not obviously connected to the topic.  Our examples are of a positive interest which prompts the Yellow Circuit to obtain a wrap-up, but a negative interest from the Blue Circuit produces the same need for a wrap-up.  How much of Life does that leave where you need no verbal wrap-up?  What about the new materials they are using now to make sailboats.  How many readers would be interested in that.  If the Blue Circuit is not wired to have a feeling for something, you can be looking straight at a TV set where they are discussing such a subject and not be able to recall a few minutes later what the commentator said.  You simply do not hear that which the Blue Circuit finds irrelevant.  Of course, if someone asks what the commentator said, you say, “Uh, I don’t know.  I was thinking about something else.”

Are you enjoying my new term, verbal wrap-up?  When you say, “I know, I understand”, it’s like a little piece of candy and you can put it in your pocket and walk away and be satisfied.  The piece is not going to get covered in lint.  It is wrapped up, it’s a little piece of “me” and I can put it away.

Which came first, the term that wrapped it up or the feel for something which led the Yellow Circuit to discover the wrap-up words?  Most of you would say that the Blue Circuit interest came first.  But could it happen the other way around?  Could a wrap-up have such an appeal that you developed Blue Circuit interest?  If the latter is not possible, then we are back in the world of cause and effect.  And you may suspect by now that such a one way flow cannot be true.

Back to the layer cake.  All of you have read enough to be aware of the way critics often start their commentary on some human endeavor be it architecture, music or plays.  They mention some comparison, some obscure fact; they need to establish that they are intelligent, have credentials, did not just fall off a turnip truck.  No media is going to pay a man who says he doesn’t know what to make of a new group, school, whatever.  For a reviewer to conclude with, “So and so is technically accomplished, but I can’t say I like or dislike this product.  It’s just a blank to me,” would be satisfying neither to him nor his audience.  That does not seem to be a review, it displays no feeling.  If you had paid for a magazine which was full of such statements you would want your money back.  And the layering comes in when you have critics criticizing one another.  It happens throughout history that critic X will say of critic Y, “Have you noticed how common it is for Y to devote most of the review to his own credentials and experience and then he usually tries to say, ‘Well, this will not fit into any easy pigeon hole and I’m not sure how to describe it.'”  One more short layer in our premixed cake.  Can you see that critic X is doing what he is criticizing critic Y for?  Critic X simply cannot focus on what Y is doing, although he is criticizing Y for having no focus.

Let us turn now to that most important of subjects, interpersonal relationships.  People seem to always be at a zenith of so-called feelings, be it a positive zenith or a negative one.  Everyone is wired up in a very simplistic manner so that anything he feels for, from sex to family to friendship, elicits either a positive or negative response.  If you have a feeling for something, you either like it or you don’t.  Anything else, anything which doesn’t spark one of those two responses, is something in which you have no interest.  It’s okay for two sects on the other side of the world to be fighting, but what’s serious is the rift within my own neighborhood.  If you could laterally activate every possible area within the Blue Circuit so that it is almost balanced between all feelings — positive, negative and neutral, you would then know, you would then feel, why for so long I denied that people really had what they called emotions.  Ordinary emotions are just the Red Circuit being trained.  The Red Circuit for the first time being told, “Don’t do that in your pants.”  You would see that everything you have ever thought or felt about emotions, would be gone in a flash.  You would see that when people go from a negative to a positive reaction, there is no change.  They do not go from being one-third to being two-thirds activated.  They simply swap thirds — there has been no change. You will also Understand why you can’t talk about your new, real feeling since the Yellow Circuit is limited to expressing one-third of the picture.  But you cannot be taught how to do this, how to expand this Circuit. When Life lets information about this seep out, many people go, “That sounds right.”  This resonance is a reflection of the scientific basis of this expansion — such possibilities are not mere theorizing.  But all ordinary attempts to achieve such a goal are fruitless because the most that can be achieved on that level would be to exchange one feeling for another.

If you follow this verbally, notice that the reality of this expansion — wherein you feel every possible positive, negative, and irrelevant aspect of human feeling — sounds discernibly different from what your Yellow Circuit has always imagined to be religious tolerance or some kind of mystical love and understanding.  These dreams may be of a guru sitting in a cave and he says, “Yes, I love everyone, you should love everyone.”  Although this is a reflection of something real, it won’t get you anywhere.

To anyone who Understands, to say you love somebody is nothing.  If you Understand the lateral expansion you say nothing because you know how an ordinary person would take it.  All this certainly cuts down on talk, doesn’t it?

It is an absolute scientific fact that you cannot be free from something until you have lost all interest in it.  I could prove it if I cared to.  Sexual fears are an example which should get your attention, though I am talking now primarily to men.  Who would be prepared to find out that the stimulation of certain daydreams might be absolutely tied to the fact that such daydreams make you feel guilty.  What if, without the guilt, there would be no interest in such things as fantasies about being with three girls dressed up like cheerleaders?  What if you could take the guilt away and then there was nothing left?  Simultaneously with your daydreams is the feeling, “What if somebody could read my mind now?  I would just die if anybody knew what I was thinking.  I should stop these dreams.”  You cannot be free from something until you have lost all interest in it.

How about other voices, the apparent inner enemies, the dreams about hatred, old debts you hold against your parents or grievances about something done to you recently.  You imagine that it is such dreams that deflect you from the path to epiphany.  But for people involved in This Thing, there is no working yourself up to the actualization, no midway point.  There is no point at which you could say, “Well, I feel like I am getting closer to the truth.  I am not as strong as I would like to be, but the mighty gods I serve have strengthened me somewhat.”  Until you have lost all interest in something, there is no freedom from it.  There is no veiled message here, but could you See that someone who could feel with all three areas of the Blue Circuit could also, if they weren’t doing anything in particular, pass for having no feeling?

Here is a new rule from the great world of rules:  You need to eliminate outcomes.  Everything that is done on the basis of the wired-up binary functioning of the circuits is always based upon an outcome. Without an outcome, ordinary people would cease to function and this is true of all the circuits.  Why would someone cut down on desserts unless they wanted, as an outcome, to lose weight.  Why would the Yellow Circuit go back to school unless it hoped the outcome would be new and perhaps profitable information. This striving for an outcome is always on a binary basis.

If someone were fully functional, even in a laterally balanced manner, there would be no outcome to his feeling.  If someone insulted him, there would be no outcome.  It would be like dropping the insult into a bottomless well.  When there is no response to such an attempted energy transfer, whether it be positive or negative energy, it goes against the arrangement of Life.  Someone who Understands how to eliminate outcomes would not necessarily ever let this happen with ordinary people.  To the ordinary such an impartiality toward their insults or compliments would seem like a cessation of outcome.  Even the twitch of a lip would be a sufficient outcome to this transfer of energy, thereby allowing an ordinary person to continue in their grid position.  The elimination of outcome is not a form of defense or a means to enrage the ordinary.

By the expansion of the circuits you are eliminating what is built into the natural and necessary wiring of everyone.  Without the expectation of an outcome, ordinary people could not operate.  Everyone’s wiring is structured so that they are always on the verge of an outcome.  It supports their faith in cause and effect.  It makes them feel their actions have a meaning, “If I loose weight I will be more popular.”

The elimination of outcome is not a hindrance towards your doing anything.  In fact, it frees you for other possibilities in whatever you are attempting.  The successful elimination of outcomes has a very particular outcome, an outcome which could not be more personal.

The fleeting verbal sketch above of experiencing every possible positive, negative, and irrelevant feeling toward whatever it is that you are doing, points to something which is synonymous with the elimination of outcomes.  The elimination of outcome is not the elimination of activity, nor the elimination of your interest in some activity.

All revolutions must cool.  Take the example from politics of the wild-eyed radical who seizes power.  To remain firmly in power, such a non-elected ruler must become conservative.  The chaos which allowed the dictator to grab power must not be allowed to continue or it will make his grasp of the government too shaky.  But just as that which is ordinarily called love is the first stage of the blues, being conservative is the first stage of dying.  Once the enemies of the ruler, particularly those he has not noticed, realize he has become conservative, his days are numbered, even though he may actually stay in power.

We are not of course talking about external politics.  Once a certain stage is reached, once a certain ardor has cooled, once you become conservative without noticing it, you have picked out your coffin.

Here is another example of Life’s master strokes.  It is a commonly-offered counsel now that, although parents invariably feel guilty over the birth of a deformed child, they should not feel guilt since they had nothing to do with causing the deformity.  This is what Life is now telling people.  But notice, the parents could not have had more to do with the birth.  This is an example of a kind of forgiving evolutionary mirror that is a master stroke in Life’s growth.  Part of the master stroke is that in forgiving man for reality as it is, Life attempts to make people do that, which from one viewpoint, they cannot do.  This forgiving, evolutionary mirror is a kind of placebo, if you could grasp it in four dimensions.  The more man looks into the mirror of forgiveness, which Life holds up, the more he sees the opposite of forgiveness.

The widest law that can be put into words is that:  EVERYTHING TENDS TO BE WHAT IT IS