Jan Cox Talk 0176

A Case of Genetic Asymmetry


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Jan Cox Talk 176, Sept 26, 1985, runtime 00:55
Notes by TK

All are subject to “asymmetric embarkation” when they start in This Thing. Everybody is wounded and limping in the beginning. But you cannot remain so. Must loosen yourself from your genetic captivity, including the Red Circuit level. Cannot be lazy, eat improperly, etc. Blue Circuit too, must be properly fed as the evolutionary nexus for suffering at the ordinary level. Only the ordinary will worry about what can’t be changed.

There is no environment, and when you get a true glimpse of that, it will haunt you. You will see that there is nobody and nothing to blame. There is no environmental “influence” except birth. Need to seek a “corrective genetic coding” in order to escape your genetic captivity.”

You have an ‘optical duty’ to see ‘thricely'” –to see the third possibility, argument, or side to any situation. Relates to the “triaxial perception unit”.

Those who produce seeming extraordinary creations have been touched by almost the Primal Flow itself–but they are not therefore extraordinary for it. They immediately resume their ordinary pattern–even pass in and out of it during such extraordinary channelling by Life thru them.

Cannot have anything to do with “D employees”–having serious, sincere, concern for them.


The proper use of a Post Script: when you stumble and become the voices, be aware “that I didn’t have to do/say that” as a post script to the occurrence.



Document:  176,  September 26, 1985
Copyright (c) Jan M. Cox, 1985

          Everyone begins This Activity from a position of asymmetric embarkation.  Everybody starts off, in a sense, limping or crippled.  You may believe someone else had a richer background than you did, or you may have grown up feeling as though you were socially inferior, while someone else you knew not only played football, but also clarinet in the high school band in his spare time.  So you may think that the other fellow was not as one-sided as you were.  But everyone is asymmetric when they are born on this planet, and when you begin this strange Activity, you begin from a position of asymmetric embarkation.

     Everyone is asymmetrical, but you cannot stay there.  It is absolutely necessary to loosen yourself in a certain way from your genetic captivity.  For example, everybody involved in This Thing needs to get a certain amount of exercise every day in order to keep the Red Circuit healthy.  It is also unprofitable to suffer, to stay involved with personal problems while you are pursuing This.  But, some of you lay in bed and do almost nothing to feed the Red Circuit.  You stuff yourself with ordinary food that does not agree with you.  You suffer from headaches, stomach upsets and continuing anxiety, and you attribute it in some way to the environment and its effect on you.  You think there is some kind of problem, but there is absolutely no justification, no excuse, for anyone involved in This Activity to continue to live in that asymmetrical manner.  You cannot continue to limp in your feelings, to limp, at the crudest level, physically, by allowing the Red Circuit to lie around and roll itself up into little wads of chicken fat.

     The Blue Circuit can be seen as a kind of evolutionary nexus.  You should be able to understand that you can feel bad physically or emotionally and you can be attached to that feeling.  You can be feeling badly and apparently have the weight of the world upon your little Blue Circuit shoulders.  You can be running through hard-wired normal patterns of worrying about the nature of Life and the starving people in the world.  You may think we are all about to blow ourselves up and it is going to be horrible so you have got to worry about it while you still have time.  If you would get out and run for three miles, it would all be gone in an instant.

     Only people who are absolutely captive will put up with being attached to those feelings and then play out their regular role of thinking things like, “I don’t feel good.  People might look at me and laugh if I put on shorts and go out running.  People may point at me and say ‘Look, it’s thunder thighs’.”  You can think up a thousand reasons why you shouldn’t exercise.  When I talk like this it is easy for you to think, “Well he must have never felt like I do.”  That is no excuse, it has nothing to do with it.

     If you have gained anything from This Activity, you should be able to See on your own that just because you don’t like some parts of This, they are not fallacious.  There is no excuse for doing one part of it, or trying to consider and accept a piece of it, and then refuting another piece by thinking that it is not important.  You can’t say you see the need for being able to have a better psychological self-image of yourself vis-a-vis the body, but that you are in your thirties and it takes a lot of time and effort to get in shape.  You cannot be on the verge of thinking great thoughts and almost having some kind of mystical experience, then go out and eat seventeen pizzas, instead of exercising the Red Circuit.

     You cannot be asymmetrical.  You cannot stay in the position in which you started.  And there is no proper place, no proper circuit to devote all of your energy, or even the majority of your energy.  You cannot think that if a new higher circuit is going to spring up above the Yellow Circuit that you should be devoting all your time to reading, or that you do not have time to run or time to turn any attention to those daydreams and nightmares concerning your Blue Circuitry feelings towards yourself and others.  The important thing is not that you should be running two hours a day, or doing something that might appear to have a direct effect on your emotional life each day.  But there has to be a continual feeding of all the circuits to the point that you are no longer so asymmetrical, that you are not limping in the way in which you were hard-wired to limp.

     If you are still as crippled as when you began, then whatever progress you seem to be making may come to an end.  Once This Thing jumps to another level you may get crushed.  You may feel much better about yourself.  At times you may feel much better about Life since you have had the blatantly obvious pointed out to you that perhaps Life is not in the terrible shape your internal voices always said it was.  But you still continue to limp, you are used to limping.  You feel as though you don’t worry as much about the way in which you initially limped, or your asymmetrical position, but there comes a time when this position stops everything if it remains unchanged.

     I could make This Activity sound as though it were the most heartless thing in the world, because words will not properly explain it.  But the kinds of things I have mentioned such as not suffering, are all a quite correct reflection of how someone would be if they were not so asymmetrical. Much of what I describe sounds harsh, emotionless, but they are simply ideas that cannot fit into ordinary, binary words.  Once you understand that there is no difference between the so-called environment and the hard-wiring systems of people, then what seem to be the emotional ties between you and everyone else, the very things that apparently tie everybody to Life, are seen as mechanical connections.  It is as though Life has been calling the wrong number, and you have continued to answer, as if you are in some way communicating with what appears to be actual voices, actual people.  But this communication is not what it seems to be to most of Humanity.

     If you had the correct understanding, if you were able to ignite the higher areas of your nervous system, you cold simply turn your back and walk away from your own children or parents if it were absolutely necessary.  That is how it is, and it has nothing to do with having no feelings.  It has nothing to do with some theory, or with trying to suppress your emotions which are mechanical, not true emotions. The feelings are very strong since they involve blood kin, but if you turned around and your son or daughter did something horrible while they were playing out their role on the gridiron of Life, and were in no way involved with This Thing, you could turn from your own child and walk off and forget about it.  You forget about it in the same way you can forget that it rained yesterday and ruined your new suit.  All of Life is arranged necessarily so that you and everyone else believe otherwise.  I certainly can’t go out and talk like this to everybody else because verbally it would sound to them like This is not worthwhile, that it is heartless; it would sound like this is a variation of fascism or something similar, and it is not.

     Only an ordinary person will worry about something that can’t be changed, because they are supposed to worry.  Life arranges it that way.  It is no different with you.  All of your limps, your warts, your personal problems are tied to your hard-wiring.  Sometimes you even worry over the fact that you are still limping but not suffering about it.  That really makes you feel terrible.  You continue to feel as though you are no good.  Even if you lash out at people only once every four or five days, you think about it and it makes you feel horrible that you haven’t reached the point of stopping it yet.  It is not a matter of dreaming about stopping it.  It is a matter of finding out that what is wired-in one’s “normal” self, is of no consequence.  You and everyone else were born limping in some way, born off-center.  If you cannot see it, you are wasting your time.  You are surrounded on this planet by people who limp, and suffer over it.  Everyone believes they should be different; everyone talks about change.  Everybody plots out theories and plans about how they could change if only others would change first.  All this activates a kind of growth system, a type of digestion.  It is the transfer of energy inside the body of Life.  It is the glow of health.

     You have wasted everything to believe that you are going to get somewhere by following one line.  If you think, “I know what my main fault is, and I’m going to follow it through and work it out,” you are absolutely wasting your time.  You would be better off going and joining one those down home powerhouse churches.  If it is not too late, you would be much better off letting someone slap you on the forehead and say, “Listen brother or sister, all of us sin.  Have faith and it will be all right.”  If that worked, you would be much better off, and maybe in a few years you’d be standing on a street corner passing out booklets with that same look in your eyes.

     For a few people, there is an absolute necessity, once the possibility of it is seen, of loosening oneself as much as possible from genetic captivity.  I have pointed out that humanity believes it is the product of environment and heredity; I have also pointed out that, given those two possibilities, there is no environment.  I do not keep doing this to try and sell you some theory I have.  Once you personally see it, for even a microsecond, you will never be exactly the same.  You will certainly fall back into the valley of the shadow of stupors and vapors, but once you get a glimpse of that, it begins to unfold a lot.  Your need will determine how fast it unfolds.

     Humanity believes, “We’ve got the environment, and then we have ourselves, genetically speaking.” The Yellow Circuit operating at its highest level has come up with this idea, although I am aware that there are people who have tried to say it is not an either/or situation, but primarily environmental with a bit of genetic influence.  They say things about the environment such as:  “Your father was always picking on you when you were a young girl because he wanted a son who would play football and little league baseball.  You were a disappointment.”  That’s environmental.  But you were born with genetic flaws too. You were too short.  One leg was thinner than the other so even when you tried to do tomboyish things to make your father happy you constantly broke your little limbs.  So now that you are a “confused” grownup female their attitude would be,  “After hearing your story, there is no doubt where your trauma came from. It was caused by the relationship between you and your father.”  Of course to their way of thinking this does not leave out heredity entirely because the trauma was increased by the fact that not only were you a female, but you were weak when you were born.  They will go so far as to point out that thus both the environment and heredity played a part, but one of them, that is environment, is predominant.  You have got to see for yourself that given those two choices, there is no environment, there is only heredity.

     Once you see that, it will begin to haunt you like a friendly spirit in the night.  You might be doing what everybody does constantly, verbally and nonverbally:  that is, putting all responsibility on the environment, on other people.  You may think you were doing fine until someone else said something or acted in a particular manner.  Even after you get a glimpse of it, you will go on blaming the environment without noticing what you are doing.  You will think “out there made me do this, made me feel the way I feel right now, made me say what I said.”  But every so often that one microsecond glimpse you got will come back to haunt you, even if you might not be able to relive the experience.  Your entire being will remember “you idiot, there is no environment.”  You could have blamed it on the environment a thousand times in the last thousand seconds, but when that glimpse comes back to you, it grabs your whole nervous system as high up as the Yellow Circuit goes and it strangles you for a split-second.  In that instant you know there is no such thing as the environment, and simultaneously you realize everyone functions continually on the basis that the environment exists.  Suddenly you see both sides of the coin at once.  In a micro-second you have understood there is no environment yet everything inside you tells you there is, and everybody else in Life believes in it.  It seems everything that happens to you can be blamed on the environment, so it doesn’t make sense to say it doesn’t exist.

     If you used computer terminology, you might look at humanity as hardware and the environment would seem to be software, or the program.  Normally a person can’t comprehend that if you take a group of people and confront them with the same program, the same experience, each will be affected differently.  One person will react in a certain way and someone else will react differently.  People think this proves the strength of environmental influence on us, but this is incorrect.  It is heredity that decides how you will react to everything, but human consciousness cannot deal with this idea.  You have to be able to ignite the higher areas of your nervous system to see that perhaps your father did treat you in a certain way, but why was he the way he was?  Once you start that line of thought and the Yellow Circuit gets a glimmer of what you are doing, it will do all it can to prevent you from continuing that inquiry.

     Human consciousness is not set up to deal with the idea that humanity acts in certain ways because of genetic coding.  This inability to acknowledge heredity and to blame everything on environment is a piece of Life’s masterstroke.  Focusing on the environment turns the attention as much as possible on the present.  In psychiatry you don’t have to deal with the question of why did your father treat you that way. You are the one suffering over it, so who cares why he did it?  What made your father do something becomes unimportant.  You are the one paying fifty bucks an hour, so the psychiatrist talks about you. Psychiatry lets you talk out all the supposed suppressed emotions and angers and maybe if you live long enough you will feel better about it.

     There is no environment.  Every thousandth time you get a glimpse of that, it will suddenly strangle you with the knowledge that you live life on a daily basis without being aware that you constantly blame everybody else for whatever happens.  You think it is the environment not operating in a proper manner, and there is no environment.  It is all hardware, all heredity.  You will stay absolutely captive, in a state of genetic captivity, and you will be struggling against the wrong apparent influence.  You will be struggling against the apparent environment.  You will argue, you will try to theorize, you will try to struggle against the apparent program and there is no such thing.  It is all a reflection of the hardware, all a reflection of genetic captivity.  Once you get a glimpse that environment does not exist, you begin to have some understanding in regard to other people’s captivity.  Once you start to see it is not other people who treat you some way, it is other people’s genetic captivity, you realize that they can’t change.  Only their birth, their heredity has influenced them, as your birthday, your genes have influenced you.

     Understanding this is not a trick.  It is not simply ordinary knowledge.  But when you understand that genes are responsible, not environment, you can even turn to your own family and see what is going on. You see that they too are genetically captured.  You are responsible for your children only in so far as you contributed to fifty percent of their gene pool, but you can’t influence them in any other way.  Once you have got a real notion of what you are doing involved with This Activity, you are able to look at your own family, your own children and understand that though they may be engaged in seemingly unprofitable acts such as crime, drugs, etc., you have to turn and walk away.  You can’t influence them, you can’t change them except perhaps for a brief moment.  Leaving them to their own heredity is not a selfish act.  It is not a trick to just turn and walk away from the situation.

     Keeping your hands off others is a non-selfish act for Life itself, because if you get involved with trying to influence them you are back down at the level of your own initial genetic captivity.  Life only has a few people engaged in This and if you are one of them, Life has invested something in you.  When you do what “comes naturally”, when you return to captivity, the rest of ordinary humanity may think well of your actions and praise you, but Life will not pat you on the back.  You are only doing what you are genetically programmed to do.  If Life invests something in you and you Understand it, you cannot turn back below Line-level consciousness and waste your time. You cannot behave like the rest of humanity.  Life does not need you to go back and cry over the environment when you know there is no environment.  You can care about mankind, about your family and friends, but you can’t cry over them.  You can’t do anything about their own genetic coding, nor can you do anything about your own basic code.  You cannot waste time worrying that you may not be as handsome or as talented as someone else.  You can’t blame this apparent lack of something within you that you would like to have on the environment.  You are back among the ordinary if you lay .pathe fault on environment.  You are a captive of your own genetics, and when you die Life is not even going to notice.

     Another activity which you must pursue if you are part of This Work is to perceive, to understand that there are three aspects, three arguments to everything.  When you see only two sides, usually yours and the other person’s, you continue to be a co-conspirator in your own genetic captivity.  Every time you hear something mentioned about a particular subject, a group of people, politics, etc., and you have loud voices internally that cry out making absolute statements, it is your genes talking.

     Another perception that some people pursuing This Thing have involves the belief that there seems to be mechanically creative people such as philosophers, painters, writers, etc., in Life who appear to have been touched by some kind of creative flow, perhaps even the Primal Flow of Life itself in some form. Their song or book or painting may strike you as being astounding.  Their work may be intricate, complex and even seem to touch upon some kind of mystical insight, and you think that the person who created this must be extraordinary.  Then one day you watch the person on TV being interviewed and they are as dumb as you are.  They are not putting on an act.  They may almost be illiterate, and yet they wrote something that struck you as astonishing.

     This is not an attack on creative people.  Life, in a mechanical sense, is always operating to grow, to expand itself.  There are always songs, poems, short stories that seem creative, that make some kind of positive statement about humanity, about Life.  Some kind of creative urge came out of a certain person.  It may have taken minutes or months to produce the work which impressed people, which seems to be creative and positive.  Let us just say that this inspiration was almost caused by the Primal Flow touching someone.  But after this “creative flash” they are back operating at the personal flow.  They are back to their old genetic hardwired self, and there is something to learn from this.  How can an ordinary run-of-the-mill person create this?  How can this be?  Some people involved in This Activity are already wired-up to be disturbed by the question itself:  you don’t want to see that the person who wrote the book or painted the picture is ordinary.  There is something there that can be learned.  You don’t have to be creative, you don’t have to be wired up with any apparent talent yourself.  It should strike you as very curious.  There are people you can’t see interviewed now, who have been dead several thousand years.  But you have these great dreams that anybody who wrote or spoke as they did at times must have behaved in an extraordinary manner all the time.  You believe that just to have been around one of these people would have been like having a small sun in a little universe and everybody must have bathed in the glow of it. You feel that a person who could detail various kinds of human personalities, and interactions of complex peoples must have had immense insight.  Are you sure?  Are you sure that you would have wanted to see the man with this kind of insight down at a market ordering two pounds of rutabagas, and hollering “Are you out of rutabagas again, darn it all.”

     There is something to be learned.  It is not an attack, it is not laughing at those people.  Life is operating in a certain way to keep you distracted as everybody is supposed to be.  You take everything personally; you take people personally.

     Another aspect which needs to be brought up is that once you understand any of This you have no business fooling around with D employees.  It has nothing to do with trying to affect your relationships with other people outside of This, but you can’t spend time with employees of D.  It doesn’t matter who they are.  It doesn’t matter if it is your mother and father, your son or daughter, or your best friend.  It has nothing to do with condemning them.  It has nothing to do with laughing at them, because they have to be there or Life would collapse.  They have to be there because D is always there if change is taking place. You can’t have a C force without D.  The only place you find an ordinary human with no faults is when there is no D or C, and all is E.  You are surrounded by D force people in Life.  They are everywhere and you have to deal with them but you’ve got no business listening to them and you shouldn’t waste your time talking to them seriously.  Many of you blame this problem on the environment as well.  You feel that you keep getting attracted to the same kind of man or woman, or though you keep getting jobs in different places, you are always surrounded by the same kind of dumb, arrogant people.  You can’t get away from them.  Everybody is wired-up to fool around with indiscriminate acquaintances.  But once you understand the hardwired system, you have no business, under any guise, whether it is to make money, to further your career, or to have a little fun, fooling around with employees of D.

     Here is another little something else which could be called the proper use of a postscript.  When you find that you have let something unprofitable not only get primed up internally, but also get molecularly fired such as an unprofitable thought (in other words, you have already thought it) or an internal curse at somebody, you can be aware that you didn’t have to do it.  You don’t suffer over it, but you simply remember that you did not have to think it.  Period.  End of postscript.  Once you begin to see your old hardwired self as well as whatever this new higher level consciousness is, you understand that it was not you cursing those people.  You can, in fact, stop it and its effect is gone.  You just don’t let it fire.  But until you can absolutely do that on a continuous basis, once it does fire you can use the postscript.