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Triaxial Perception Unit


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Jan Cox Talk 175, Sept 19, 1985, run time 1:36
Notes by TK

The need is at hand for Group Not-I activity. Public Face. But not the upkeep of the Guru syndrome as per pseudo groups–i.e., busy work, make-do work.

The “triaxial perception unit” (TPU)–one who perceives from an extraordinary perspective in 3 different ways such that no ordinary looseness of possibility exists: the looseness of personality which admits limited motion and shifting giving the illusion of freedom to change and clouding Real Understanding. The “TPU” fills up all looseness between the “good and bad” interpretation, the binary perception.

Return to the “Double-I” alliance: I-it. Both required to produce any experience: “I’m mad–it made me mad”. To put both together almost produces a cancellation approaching Neuralization. To include a third possibility = Neuralizing.

Can ordinary consciousness think of something without saying it? Connection to “no man is a hero to his valet”. How could this reflection of reality (the statement) be used by the Few? Parallel to “thinking/talk is similar to tilling the soil for a harvest of new thoughts” –with no guarantee as to what will actually come forth. Neuralize the injunction to the Group not to engage in excessive unfocused external loose talk. Need to turn such energy to an internal freewheeling investigation.

At ~00:50, reading of Kyroot papers.

Reading of Group papers.

Condensed AKS

…and Kyroot said:
An ordinary Man says, “I need to talk about my interests: the more I explain my
ideas to others the better I understand them myself”.
Thus, a routine thing is never fully formed, and plotted until it is declared.

Only those incomplete, impossible scenes formed from the pieces of three different puzzles offer any promise.

…and Kyroot said:
That which may seem to be firmly in the arms of the D-wind can be viewed from another area of the dance floor as a kind of “hoped-for-C.”
And from the balcony it can be seen that the partners of the Three Muses are all the same, only different in time.

…and Kyroot said:
I once met a Man, who when emotionally upset and destabilized, would only admit that he was back working “part time.”

…and Kyroot said:
“You must learn to hold the irrelevant dear.”
I once mentioned this to a guy on the
sub-continent, and damned if he didn’t start a whole business with it.
Then again, a bit west of there I told another old dude that “Man must strive
to rise above His older, baser passions,” and he damn-near killed half the population trying to get the message across.

…and Kyroot said:
Each person, no matter their Grid position, no matter the schematics of their wiring;
be they tall, fat, short, slim;
gleeful leapers, or midnight weepers, one and all, be they blatant, joyful proof of Life’s good health and continuing growth.

Had the fertilizer plants been destroyed, Bach would no longer be among us.

…and Kyroot said:
Ordinary awareness sees Human lite as a string of seamed scenarios, and has not yet the ability to question the apparent rips and tears in an otherwise un-disjointed universe.

…and Kyroot said:
In the Human Department of Life’s corporation, I could note for you three levels
of mortal commentaries on the health of the
The first level speaks of problems;
the second level, of despair;
the third level speaks of possibilities.

It is you who must help develop a fourth level.

…and Kyroot said:
While it is necessary to give complex directions to those who are simple, simple directions are all that are needed for the complex.

(Of course, the complex of whom I speak, must have a simple understanding of their condition.)

…and Kyroot said:
You should be delighted to begin to see that no one view is ever correct, and no one instance a statement of reality.

…and Kyroot said:
Another great thing about sex-amongst-the-masses is that they can fully enjoy a guilt without actually doing the guilty act.

…and Kyroot said:
All knowledge becomes increasingly cool and remote as it moves through the time of Man’s memory.
Memory says that this should not be so, but it does not perceive itself amidst the heat exchange as well.

…and Kyroot said:
As a teaching-experiment, I once tried to convince an interested fellow that he “didn’t really exist.”
We met on a regular basis as I implanted intricate new threads in his mental cloth. And although he initially rebelled at such an irrational notion, I slowly made headway with
my undertaking.
I was, in
fact, very near to winning him over when he just suddenly
quit showing up …

and I never

…and Kyroot said:
The continual attempt to ignite, then reignite the 4th Circuit is THE cure for boredom.
It is the essential ride, the ultimate trip.

…and Kyroot said:
Life has caused Man to proclaim, “You can’t understand another until you have walked a mile in his shoes,” and this can be understood
as a verbal urging to move from a D-step into a C one.
But to move onto that 4-dimensional path one must be able to walk a thousand miles in everyone’s shoes without leaving home.
(Dr. Scholls can’t help you now.)

…and Kyroot said:
It is said, scientifically speaking, that a “fact” is something that is repeatable; I ask you then, are Men verifiable facts?

(Worse-Yet-And-No-Matter-What: The voices of their awareness are undeniably so.)

…and Kyroot said:
If indeed all problems are but symptoms, and all medicines placebos, then might all words be but euphemisms?

…and Kyroot said:
Another secret weapon that should be tucked in the belt of all mindful travelers: Take conscious responsibility for all things, especially those that seem totally not of your doing, or desire, and beyond any perceivable control.

…and Kyroot said:
The ancient notion of Men wanting to be “servants of God” can be seem as the desire for an acknowledged position with an identifiable master, or partner, rather than a helpless wanderer in Life’s overall, impersonal dance.

…and Kyroot said:
Although ordinary memory is a way in which Life works through Man to recycle previously spent energies, the Few must note that although such memory can apparently raise-the-dead, it cannot return to it the healthy-blush-of-life.

(Hence, you could say that the only good memory is a forgotten one.)

…and Kyroot said:
Might there be no nouns, only the matter of seamed-together-scenes as flashed
through the projector of fragmented consciousness?

(Perhaps after death, instead of a physical paradise, Life will award Oscars to the most

…and Kyroot said:
Can any of you hear inverted echoes from the ancient tales of a big-god having trouble with lesser gods, and then banishing them from his presence?
Can you detect earlier rumblings of Man becoming aware of growth only being possible when the Primal Flow has split into The Three and each then goes its own way?

…and Kyroot said:
As long as I have been around, Life has been prodding Men to proclaim, “We must learn from
our mistakes.” But who can see this as a 3-dimensional
expression of the triaxial dance of D to C to E to D to C to E, and so on?

Or, can you even see it on another level as an unrecognized notation of Life surviving despite Its mistakes?

…and Kyroot said:
Is it not curious that everything I say eventually “fits”?

…and Kyroot said:
I once heard a discussion amongst a group of Men regarding the notions of a god and his anti-god, demonic counterpart, and of humanity—
the spoils over which they battled. The discussion finally reached the stage of them wondering whether it would be preferable to be god, in such a scenario, or the devil.
After much talk, one man concluded that it would
be better to be the devil inasmuch as he would surely
be the only one capable of laughter.
The conversation stilled for a while, and I thought they had run-their-course, until another man said, “Contrary; in such a scheme this devil would have been the product of the god, and the creator would have the greater laugh on the subject of his creation.”

I thought this would really end the discussion, but suddenly another fellow spoke up and said, “No, I believe it would be preferable to be an insightful human who understood the value of the prizes over which the two do battle. He would surely have the best, and last laugh.”

…and Kyroot said:
Would it be better to be rich, or famous?
To be beautiful, or talented?
To be wise, or powerful?
To be tall, or short? Slim, or fat?.
…you know, once you get started with this there’s almost no stopping.

…and Kyroot said:
I once met a man who told me that his one passion in life was “chasing shadows.”
At first this struck me as slightly curious, but he explained how it was unique among all hobbies in that it could not be pursued in either full light, or complete dark.

(If that don’t have all the makings of a new religion, then Buddha runs a diet center.)

..and Kyroot said:
Years ago, when I first became aware of it, I found it most curious that many mortals who claimed to be seeking some
“higher truth” denounced, or abandoned sex. But then I found the people so involved more curious than the phenomena.
But later then, I came to realize that
you cannot separate Men from what they do; that in fact, what they do IS what they are, and what they are has no influence over what they do.

It was good that I was eventually able to see it all so clearly.

…and Kyroot said:
I know that many mortals have claimed that a “god spoke to them directly,” but
recently I met a fellow who claimed to have a manuscript
actually written by god. He said that this great-being had
given him this work, and had appointed him as his literary agent,
to find a publisher, and handle all the mundane details, etc. Well, if this claim be true, said I, you must have many publishers interested and excited by now. “Not so,” said the would-be agent, and I inquired as to how there could be any possible difficulty in finding an anxious publisher for such an historic literary event? And the fellow shook his head and explained, “He insists on using a nom de plume.”

(Things ain’t changed so much after all.)

…and Kyroot said:
Why would Life display a new squeak in the north, only to produce a new lubricant in the south? Why does It present immediate resistance in any good new idea It has?

Why does Life deliver Man with his hands firmly around his own throat?

The rose could only respond to such inquiries by either death, or growth. How fortunate be Man to be above such simplicity.

…and Kyroot said:
From one viewpoint, its all quite funny.
But from another, its not funny at all.

Being able to see them both
is the last word in humor.

Transcript – unedited

Tape of September 19, 19B5
Transcribed by Mike M – Typed by Linda E

For those seeing this on tape I had asked again tonight, or had a sign put up that I would entertain, apparently, or fake
psychological/ slash behavioral problems. And I must say, this
is not an attack, because I could look at it otherwise, but there
was less than an avalanche of questions. And those of you that
sees it later and other places on tape, I do this periodically on the basis of giving everyone leeway to write a question that would seem to be, if I were big daddy Freud, big daddy pope, big daddy rabbi, of asking some question of you know, Dear Sir, or madam, as the case may be. (Thought I’d check). And then asking it on the basis that ordinary people would; my love life is falling apart, my brain is falling apart, I can’t deal with aluminum siding salesmen anymore, whatever. Because of the fact that I have intended of course to have at least the superficial, that is at least the verbal effect on people of not dealing with
apparent personal problems. That you cannot continue to expend
your energy, to let it drain out on the basis that I am having
very serious, very real personal problems. You cannot do this,
do that and do this. So when I say it’s not an attack, I could
look at it otherwise, but I almost got no questions. There was
one here I’ll read a piece of that is rather pertinent to what I
was just saying is: Dear Doctor, my problem seems to be that my
Problems just don’t seem to have much umph anymore! I know I
surely still do terrible things and that terrible things still happen to me and all around me, but I just don’t seem to get real worked up about it. Can you tell me, do I have tired blood or is

Tape of September 19, 1985
some other terrible thing starting to happen to my blood? Two
questions. Answer is no and quasi-yes. And I had another one,
I’m not sure I even marked it but someone again was commenting and almost wanting to point out problems, that they began to feel a return of a lack of energy, they felt as though they were back in the employee of the great Mr. D. Rather than respond again to that on a personal level, let me just throw out to you again with no great comment, a time comes eventually that the group, this group and every other group, all this activity before us throughout horizontal and vertical history, comes a time eventually that the group requires not-I activities and that eventual need has become presently. It’s been presently, that is a part of what I tell you about us having to do something
publicly. It is not just this, it’s all connected, but part of
it is a kind of incestuous drain of energy and I have, if you might note now, I have periodically dealt with this by having you become involved every year or so with these kind of Evotecks, turning it over to you to come up with something publicly in which I had almost no involvement and just left it with you for a
set period of time and then it was overï. And according to how
much you participated and according to how much you understood how you were participating, everyone receives apparently some boost of energy from that, if not a boost in what they understand. But the time comes that there has to be a continuing
not-I activity. Those of you that, well all of you should have
some interest because it is not gossip; but let me point out, when it gets down to lower levels of this kind of activities, the
Tape of September 19, 1985
run of the mill gurus, cults going on, Life still understands
what it’s doing. And what I have just noted is still true in
those groups. But there has always historically and presently
been a rather efficient way that Life deals with this. Is that
the group wants this, Life is dealing with some guru somewhere and there is some crowd collects. Once it seems to get stabilized, that he’s got enough people that they can buy property, buy a church, buy some land, is then the not-I activity primarily becomes keeping up the guru. It’s historically proven, Life has learned what it’s doing, as if nothing else, they get together and buy a thousand acres, they buy a half million dollar building somewhere and then the not-I activity of the group
whether they ever had any real I activity or not, the not-I
activity becomes, “Listen, I can’t do it, I’m too busy commuting with the gods, (and whatever those gurus do), you people have got to look after it”. And so you have got to not–I activity already
built into it. I would assume that you do understand that that
has no profit or else we’d be doing that. That is not the way it operates. But it is not so simple, is for me to give you an
absolute alternative in words. But it cannot be on the basis
that the not-I activity is simply busy work. But that is all the way from not only cults but all the religions looked at from what YOU understand now you should have a glimpse of the fact that
they are all involved with make do work. Going through rituals,
going to mass, doing what other religions do, it is busy work. But there has to be that. There especially has to be that if
there was no real I activity involved. If it was not to the
level that the people are actually evolving themselves in this
Tape of September 19, 1985
lifetime. Anything less than that it is always some form to some
degreee, it is make do work. But even with us, what I am
pointing out, there reaches times, it goes in cycles, I’ve
pointed them out to you, we’re back in one. I can have some
effect on it, I can push things a little bit. But it becomes
less than profitable for me to do it. Just for me to singularly
try to push everybody. It’s like everybody’s car breaks down at
one time, and I have to push everybody just over the next hill.
Thus far, I have always been able to do it. I don’t see that I
would ever lose the ability to do it, I might point out to you, that I might lose some of the enthusiasm of doing it. But beyond what people do with themselves of doing some real activity of evolving their own circuitry, there does absolutely come the time, and I know that hardly any of you have any real
understanding of this, and it’s not even that important. But
there comes a time that you have to start directing your attention, based upon my old equation, on what seems to be not-I.
That is, of doing something out there. I’ll use a few more of
these questions, but also over the last three or four months I have kept some of the questions that came up from people asking me about subjects that I had mentioned over the last year or so. And based upon some of the things I’d been saying over the last several weeks I’m going to hop, skip and jump over a few of them. One of them had to do with the Triaxial Perception Unit. A year, two years, whoever keeps up with time, somebody asked me about it
again. And those of you who don’t remember my new term, what I
was pointing out at that time was in another way the necessity of
Tape of September 19, 1985
producing, I could call it a new way-to look at things but except it is not some theoretical proclamation, it is not some theoretical idea, that this is the way things should be, it can
only come about through an absolute bio-chemical alteration. It
seems to reside here because I pointed out to you it affects
everything. You’ve got to affect it, such as being relatively
sane from the bottom up. But then what happens will also affect
you, it is not a matter I repeat from, to you again it’s just I keep trying to give you a hint with this without making
outlandish promises verbally. But if you ever see someone that
makes any claim to having some superior understanding and
they’re suffering for it, forget it. We’re all going to die, I’m going to die one way or another, but people who are suffering over what they understand, “That the gods have opened my eyes to such a degree and I see what’s going on and my heart is broken, I can’t stand it, it almost makes me inoperable, I want to stay in bed and cry over the suffering of the world”, if you find any intrigue in that, it just shows that you understand nothing,
you’re still fooling with employees. But what I was mentioning,
it’s been over a year I’m sure since I’ve used that term, but what I was pointing out at that time was a little less specific instead of me just dwelling upon it in a rather straight forward bio-chemical way, I was giving you an alternative of a less specific description of a Triaxial Perception Unit, wherein someone could approach whatever was going on with what amounts to
three different views of it. In a minute I’ll tie that with
something else somebody asked me about the Double I Alliance. But also along about that time I mentioned, if you recall, how me
Tape of September 19, 1985
speaking very often about the machinery of things, the way things are wired up, and I pointed out to you that Life itself, the way things are put together, it’s almost as though everyone, all possibilities reside not in some absolutely locked up piece of
machinery that’s ground down to zero zero zero zero zero
tolerances, but it is like a socket, that there is a kind of looseness within certain confines. For in the kind of examples I made up for you that someone is going out and you cannot absolutely predict that that person will be at one place seven
and half minutes from now. But based upon if you isolated
reality and you looked upon that person and you understood what they were,and the way the environment was at that time, the way that their equation of I plus not-I seemed to be, just that isolated slice, you could absolutely predict they’re going there. And you could absolutely predict almost unnumberable other possibilities of things they will not do, not now and maybe not ever but they’re not going to do it in the next seven minutes. Within the next seven minutes, this kind of socket arrangement there is a little looseness, they may be at the place I’m telling you when the guy said, if you recall one example I made up, the man says, “I am going to go down to the store and get another six
pack”. And if you could slice up reality and isolate that and
you were floating above it and you could suddenly see, not figure out, not think about, that you could actually see how this person
was wired up into the machinery of everything else. That once,
he’s had enough drinks, you see everything that’s going on, you see what he is, and he says, “Hey baby, I’m going down to the 7-
Tape of September 19, 1985
11, I’m going to get another six pack”. You would know, he’s
going down to the 7-11 to get a six pack very shortly, he’s out of beer and he’s ready for another one and he’s going to get there or he’s going to die. The only thing that is going to stop him from getting down there, well, alright he might be arrested, he might get cut, but something terrible is going to happen to
keep him from doing it. But on the way going downstairs, in the
parking lot, he might talk to somebody, he might talk to several people, but he is going there. And when he says he’s going there to get a six pack that’s where he’s going. He is not going there and he is not going in and ask them, “What was a good year for a chardonnay”, or he is not going to ask for champagne. But there is a kind of looseness that is necessary, but do you understand that when I am talking about a socket it can’t come out, it can
turn a little bit, but that is in that. To expand that a bit
what I meant by having a Triaxial Perception Unit, is you fill up that looseness, cause that kind of looseness in that socket arrangement at the ordinary level precludes any understanding. I
was afraid of that. At the ordinary level having this amount of
looseness it’s very limited, it can’t come out, but it has a certain amount of give to it, that within itself, this is one possible, this is one explanation I’m giving you, one map, that alone would preclude anyone ever understanding anything because everything is subject to move just a little bit. That’s what I
was hoping for ninety seconds previously. Your understanding is
not going to change, of course, the looseness, your understanding is not going to change the nature of the way that Life is wired up right now at the human level. But by you understanding
Tape of September 19, 1985
something of being able to start approaching it, which I started to give you a whole new term instead of neuralize would be approach. Be like the first stage of being able to neuralize something, it’d be almost like a, let me save that for a second. Unless you could look at something, not one piece at a time and not theoretically, unless you can approach it and you have got the ability to see it from three different angles, then you’re always going to have this necessary socket arrangement and nothing is ever stable enough. Because of the looseness there,
nothing can ever be understood. No matter what your IQ is, no
matter how developed your yellow circuit was naturally, no
matter how much education you have. Some, and all of you have had
to face that sad fact. All the philosophers, all the thinkers,
always come down and sag, “Listen, I’m not sure”. In some
quarters at certain times, in fact that seems to be the final
blow of your own self promotion. Is, “I use to think I knew a
lot., but I’m going to tell you what, I don’t know it all”. End
of book. As long as you got this looseness, everything is
subject to continually shift ever so slightly and that which a man can think at the yellow circuit he has pinpointed, “I now understand this phenomenon”, you should know by now, he doesn’t. Because no matter what the yellow circuit can point out at any level, I or Life will bring up somebody just automatically if it amounts to anything to begin with, that somebody will immediately rise up, another voice will say, “Contrare, based upon the data you have just given us, I reach absolutely the opposite
conclusion and listen to me”. And of course if you’re any good
Tape of September 19, 1985
you can listen to his, you can listen to the first one, both of
them are right. Ordinary perception, ordinary consciousness
cannot do that but what I am trying to describe to you again, this Triaxial Perception Unit, I like that, T.P.U., is whatever
is under question you can see in three different ways. And when
you can do that you fill up that looseness, just on the side, let me point out, I can take this me describing this socket and I could reverse that and give you the same story, anybody that
wants to really watch it. But it’s, it is as though you have
filled up the looseness and you can see how things are put
together right there in that situation. Like I said I could
reverse this verbally, but it’s almost as though you have
produced a kind of free wheeling tightness in you. But the
tightness is not a kind of absolute opinionated intellectualism that passes for being real intelligence, because all it takes is an ordinary person to say, “Alright, I can see the validity of this and I can see the folly of this, I can see it clearly. Not only can I see the validity of the first part, I can tell you
exactly why the contrary could not be true”. Alright that could
pass far being stable, rigid, but notice I said it’s a kind of free wheeling. That you have to be able to immediately see and understand both possible arguments, pro and con, yes and no, I
like, I dislike. That’s just child’s play. But a kind of
Triaxial Perception is you can see it from three different ways and it’s as though you can take up all the looseness in the socket arrangement right then, whatever is under discussion or whatever the subject is of your own investigation and you can see how it is connected with everything. But it’s not connected in
Tape of September 19, 1985
two ways. Several times I just stopped and said I would tie it
into something else before I said what I started to say and that was someone else, several months ago, asked me about my reference one night, been over a year ago again I believe, that I referred to a Double I, letter I Alliance. The great D.I.A. to go along
with the T.P.U. and the C.C.C. The Double I Alliance, if you
remember I mentioned, had to do with two different I’s. One I
being IT and the other one being the letter I referring to good
old you and me. And then the way people indiscriminantly,
according to just how they’re wired up and what the circumstance is, for instance: Someone can say, “It made me mad”, or someone
just simply says, “I am mad”. And I’m not going to drag it out
again, the first time I think I used an example about a casserole if you remember, that the cassserole has no taste, it has no
taste or I can’t taste it. I’m trying to up the stakes a little
bit. It made me mad, I am mad. It requires under all ordinary
conditions, it requires both of those I’s to produce anything that is an observable experience. Anything that is an experience, a person will not feel as though something has occurred unless
you have both I’s in operation. The way things ordinarily
operate is a person would either say, think or feel, this is
affording words, only one of those. That, “I am mad”, in
reference to some situation, or to some person, or they would say, “it” and they could be talking about a person and what the
person did, the situation,
“it made me mad”. With no
analyzation, to them it would appear to be if somebody stopped them and said, “Wait, are you saying you are mad, that’s the
Tape of September 19, 1985
prime statement you are making, you are mad, that’s what you are feeling, that seems to be right now the center of your existence is you are mad or are you saying that this thing outside, this person, this situation that occurred, it made you mad. Now which
is happening or which is the most important”. Do you see what
I’m asking? You might get somebody to say, you know if they
weren’t mad, too mad to answer, they might say, “Well alright”, so a person with no understanding of what was going on they might say, “alrïïighM, okay, yea I’m mad, I can’t blame it all on what
happened. I’m just mad, I tell you what, I’m mad and I’m not
sure, it might be partly my fault, I’m mad”. And another person might say, “Wait, I was blameless, I think I know what you’re
asking, it made me mad. What that person did to me, it made me
mad. As far as possible in this one situation my hands are
clean, if not my feet, they are clean. It made me mad”. But it takes both, and ordinary consciousness never sees that. Neither
statement alone is correct. Now we Jump from ordinary mechanics
of Life itself but neither statement under any conditions from anyone trying to pursue this, neither statement alone is correct. When I say it’s not correct by now I should be able to push a
little further it doesn’t actually exist. It’s one piece of
reality. It’s what people unknowingly refer to as imagination,
delusion, it’s real enough but it doesn’t tell you anything. Neither of those statements alone is pertinent to say, “I am mad, I am mad, I don’t care who knows it, I can’t help it, I am mad” ó that’s nothing. But on the other hand to say, “It made me mad, what happened made me mad, let me tell you the circumstances, I
bet you would be mad. It made me mad”. Either one of those
Tape of September 19, 1985
alone are just absolutely irrelevant to ever understanding
anything. Now if you put them bath together, if you could hold
both of those together and be aware of the fact no matter hard wired self Line Level wanted to say and what it was already projecting to you internally, “I am mad” or “it made me mad”. Alright, if you can put them both together you are approaching a point that you can almost create a cancellation of those kind of
mechanical charges, like of a positive and a negative, I’m
either mad, regardless of what happened, or something out here made me mad, and by and large, I’m not even to blame. It’s just a natural consequence. If a person could hold both of those, you would be approaching the steps that lead somewhere close to
neuralizing. If you can do all three, if you can hold both of
those statements and then a third one, which you are back to a Trilateral Perception, you are within the reach, you are within the possible reach of the reality of my great made up word
neuralizing. But it is beyond I am mad, regardless of what
happened, it is beyond something made me mad and any human would
respond accordingly similarly. Either one of those, you know is
irrelevant. It’s meaningless or the whole world would be or the
whole world wishes it was. But if you could take them both, you
still don’t have much, you got at best an approach, you got at best the possibility of being able to cancel out two opposites,
two opposing charges. But the binary mind can’t do that. To
talk about a third possibility to ordinary people of course is ridiculous. Well far one thing, the first thing they want to know, alright, what is the third one. That’s how ridiculous they
Tape of September 19, 1985
are. Also, whether I read them or not, I’m going to twist
something else somebody asked me and several people brought it up tonight, or similar, it’s in the same ballpark if you’ll listen those of you who wrote the questions. Let me ask you a question. I’ve asked you four or five times and I’ve told you four or five
hundred times: Can ordinary consciousness actually think of
something unless it says it? You don’t need a book, you didn’t
really need me to tell you. Remember now you’re suppose to be one of the hand full of people in the world that understands that there is one place to study, there is one laboratory. Of course it does have certain draw backs, any of you who don’t know it.
Don’t ever go into business and live over the store. Trust me,
many people think that would be a boon, that they’d cut down on expenses, “I’ll rent this little store and it’s got a back room. Hell, I don’t need much. I’ll sleep there, then I’ll get up in the morning, I don’t have to drive, I’ll just get up five minutes
before I open the store”. Believe me, unless you are absolutely
horizontally insane, you’ll hate it. So did anybody think that I changed the subject. It would be a lot nicer would it not as you always dreamed that knowing what you know about you, knowing that in some way the gods have touched you at a very young age, you are wise beyond your years or at least sarcastic beyond your years when you were young and if you could have just saved the money to have gone to Tibet instead of Atlanta, if you had of just had the money to track down guru so and so before he died only eight years ago, he could of given you the answer. And then you end up with me and I’m telling you, you’re going as far as is reasonable as to show up here, those of you that just live down
Tape of September 19, 1985
the street to pull yourself together, to hopefully take a shower before you get here, to come down here, because I’ve already asked you enough questions, which is of course telling you something and I’ve told you enough outright, and so such questions as, “Can consciousness really just ordinary consciousness, as best as you have ever experienced it within yourself and as now you should be able to observe it from a slightly different position, can it actually think, quotation
marks, “think” of anything without saying it. It’s a very
weighty question, one that I’m sure people have to go away and think about or maybe go to the library and check out some books. You know, maybe ask me afterward, “Is there books you recommend that would maybe encourage me to help me along”. That’s why I’m no longer pushing cars over hills, it’s semis. There is nowhere
to look. There is nothing to do if you belong in this. It’s an
astounding thing to discover, whatever be the answer, which I’ve already told you. I like the way I do this. Go back and ask you like I’ve never did and most of you, no it’s no attack on you, it’s the way it’s suppose to go but I’m just pointing out to you again, since everybody enjoys a good laugh, ha ha, that here I am asking you again, many of you make notes like I’ll look into this. Can you think of anything without this thing saying it. I
got another one. This was not a question. But I assume
everyone’s always heard this or that you’ve heard it, not always,
I hope you haven’t always: Is they say that no man is a hero to
his valet or to his butler. And you could hear that if you were
just a reasonably sophisticated person, you could hear that and
Tape of September 19, 1985
think I bet that’s true. And I’ve even heard ordinary people go
this far, in literature, magazine articles or somewhere I, this is not that unusual that I have heard of ordinary people say, maybe a man or woman enrolls in a graduate course, moves half away across the country just to be near a certain professor, an author in the field. They have read his stuff, they’ve discussed
it, they had little groups and he gets there close to him, and
I’m talking about ordinary people, this is not unique; that
they will come to a conclusion that once they got that close, went to all the trouble, they now got classes with him, he is
been one of their heros for years, maybe even the professor
says, “Every saturday I have tea over at my house for the
graduate students if any of you would like to come by”. And
somebody decides, “His work, his ideas have meant so much to me,
I don’t really want to get that close to him. I’m no dummy,
because I’ve heard of shit like that”, maybe graduate students don’t talk like that, “I’ve heard of such occurrances as that. Therefore, I won’t get to close to him because I’ve always read, maybe not always, but I’ve read that no man is a hero to his
valet. Therefore, as much as he’s meant to me I don’t want to
get that close to him, because what if I find out that he’s a
terrible person”. That passes for some kind of superior or at
least out of the ordinary intelligence. Alright there is I
assume by your laughter, there is a widespread, at least, binary
knowledge that there is validity to this. That whoever at Line
Level might have been your heros, Abraham, Einstein, Winston Churchill, imagine his valet, whoever had to put up with him all the time, when he was sick, when he didn’t feel good, when he had
Tape of September 19, 1985
too much to drink or just to find out just in general in his free time he’s obnoxious, you know it’s just his hobby and this guy is around him all the time, then he helps him get dressed and has to change his dirty underwear for him and tell him to put on clean socks and he pushes him out on the balcony and he walks out and hundreds of thousands of people cheer and his valet standing back there behind the, you know. Alright what I’m getting to is this If there is validity to that which you should see there is from
several ways. How could one use that since everything Life has
ever said can be used. All of you who don’t know that you better write it down. There is nothing that you can’t learn from. What could you possibly, how could you possibly use that all in here.
Two things: How is it that this statement, let’s just assume,
for me to push you as far as I can without making dogmatic statements, and I don’t have my shots, that no man is a hero to his valet, that is, the closest person to him, not blood kin, but
paid, but he’s still close. He’s the guy that puts him in bed,
wakes him up, cleans up around the bed when he throws up from having drunk too much, has to get women out that he picks up in the street before his wife gets home, but not blood kin, not
because he loves the guy necessarily, employee. How could you
possibly use that, assuming, that is just an overall valid statement that Life has put into words through man’s mouth having to do with the way things are wired up, that no man is a hero to
his valet. What could you possibly make of that all in here.
And secondly, what could you make of that other scenario that I
brought up to you of someone saying, “Wait a minute, there are
Tape of September 19, 1985
people that I have some respect for and that old thing about a man not being a hero to his valet, I don’t even want to get close enough, I don’t want to get anywhere near as close as his valet might get because it might ruin my picture, my feeling of him”.
How could you possibly use that. Not out there with some
professor in graduate school and a friday afternoon tea, but all
in here having only to do with you know who. Only having to do
with you and all the little yous. What could you possibly learn
from that. How could that possibly make any sense internally.
Of course that is not a question because it can make all kinds of sense. I’m going to leave it with you. I read another one. Not a question from you people, but it’s the kind of thing that shows up I’m sure it’s surely in some kind of book of famous quotations, I don’t know when it was from, but it had to do, it was like this, it had to do with the statement started out like,
“A lot of talk is not necessarily a bad thing”. Now I’m not
quoting this exactly but this is the gist of it and I read it, it was, well let me tell you. A quantity of talk is not necessarily in itself a bad thin because talk itself can be like spading the earth, spading, turning up the earth for a crop of thoughts to come and in so doing you can’t really guarantee what you might
turn up. Alright, I read that somewhere, some ordinary human
said that more or less, that’s the gist of it. Some other humans were impressed enough, somebody remembered it, somebody wrote it down, it got into a magazine or a book somewhere. And it’s also the sort of thing you should be able to hear. You know, the
laughter by now it’s not laughing at what the person said. You
should be able to feel at Line Level that an ordinary person,
Tape of September 19, 1985
you, at the ordinary level could read that and go, “Hey, I’m
going to remember that”. That talk is similar to, even
undirected talk, unfocused talk, but talk is similar to spading up the soil for a coming crop of thoughts and in so doing this kind of random spading you can’t really guarantee what might turn
up. That you know just by excessive talk, it’s kind of a
variation of the hundred monkeys, hundred typewriters. But at
Line Level you should surely hear what I am saying that you could read that or hear it, “That hey you know there’s something to that, I’d like to remember that”. That all kinds, people want to sit around their friends and have bull sessions, sit around and discuss the latest novels or discuss philosophical ideas from past thinkers, sit around and drink coffee all night, it’s very
common. I’m sure many of you went through that. It’s an old
historic hobby, much fun at a certain age and just keep talking. And it’s like suddenly at oftimes, maybe especially if you had a few L.A. turnarounds, some bennies, a little pot, enough coffee in the system that suddenly you or somebody else goes rah, rah, rah, and says something and everybody goes, “Wow, let me write it down”. And it’s just like if you talk enough you can’t tell what
might turn up. Well, I guess it is fairly well understood that
contrare to that literally, I am, to say the very least, strongly in favor of and have done everything from encourage to threaten
you people, is just about talk as little as possible until you
know otherwise. But even though I’ve told you that correctly that you got no business running off your mouth all the time, you got not business saying half the things you say to start with and
Tape of September 19, 1985
some of you have been here for a while and now it’s probably up
to three fourths of the things. But for me to take that kind of
quote, if you could take that idea that was put into the gist of verbal overt talk, that talking being like plowing up ground for possible crops of coming thoughts in the process, within the
process you never can tell what might turn up along the way, if
you could take all of that and turn it into an internal willful process, you would almost have something. You would almost have
the steps going up to the room where neuralizing hides. You
might also be close to where would be the ground to produce a Triaxial Perception Unit. But notice I said a willful attempt and
an internal attempt. Not random, not mechanical, not unfocused
talk, talk, but what if you could take that and I’m not going to change the wards much, because I wanted you to try to see
something on your own, if you could take that idea and turn it
all internally, you did it willfully, you would almost have
something. You would almost have the possibility for a real
something. I assume I have to hint more. What if you could at
the ordinary level, the Line Level in the yellow circuit, what if
you could think like that Not talk. Nobody sees any connection
between that and a T.P.U., A Triaxial Perception Unit, nobody
can see any connection between that and that kind of Double I Alliance, a kind of free wheeling tightness. Or worse yet, since we’ve been on the subject for the last week or so, does that strike any of you better read persons or at least from a few decades back that some of this sounds like descriptions of
insanity. That is not a stable right thinking normal person,
that is not their internal workings. Of course, anybody that
Tape of September 19, 1985
says that don’t ask them how do YOU know that, cause then they
will quote you chapter and verse. And of course none of you
would be dirty enough to say, ah, “Have you ever taken a look at
your own processes?”. “Why should I have to put up with such a
low level field of investigation when for 5.95 you can buy Freud
and Jung and everybody else in paperback. Why do I have to put
up with this. I got money, I know my way around the library, I
can go read about it. I especially don’t need to stand here and
discuss it with a dander head like you with such weird ideas. A
note somebody made, that several people have, the last few months, pointed out little things specifically and otherwise. I guess everybody should be aware of it, I’m becoming gradually
aware of it, I knew it. But now I know it for a fact. “In a
recent tape you mentioned about Life resisting genetic explanation for bad behavior, behavioral problems, etcetera, noting that the environmental determinism argument blames, helps people feel as though they can fix things”, if all of you recall that’s what I was saying last week, “via the environment?”, I pointed out that that was another aspect of the master stroke. The person goes an to say, “It interests me”, that they were “reading about advancism, molecular biology, that they’re beginning to focus on the theories and attempts now of fixing things, that is human so called problems, behavior problems via
the genetic route”. Alright, I have, some of you may have
already known this, some of you may have known this as an external fact even before I heard about it, I just know how things go, I see it on a bigger range. But what the person, if I
Tape of September 19, 1985
didn’t chop that up too bad, me saying last week that that has always been that they will not accept, that there is just a great human cry throughout history anytime somebody comes out, anytime that Life in it’s own great infinite wisdom decides in some way that over here it raises up a person, a school of thought that points out that hey, what’s going on here is just by and large, as far as we can tell, and we got data to prove it, to support it, that what’s going on here has almost nothing to do with environmental influences that these people operating and being
caused to operate from some other area. And of course, the
binary mind only has one other area left. You’re talking about
people are criminal, people are drinkers, people are ill tempered because of genetics and Life has always brought up a very vehement cry from another part of its body, looking at that as being almost, if not, religious and humanitarian even scientific heresy. It just, and it’s almost irrational is what I was trying
to get you to consider, and to ponder why. It is changing and
it is true. There’s been the field that some of you may have
read more than me, I’m just aware of what it is, it made a splash, I guess it’s still hanging around, socialóbiology, seven
or eight years ago. I’m aware of the fact, someone’s even, it
came to my attention, there are psychiatrists, it doesn’t seem that unusual now even using terminology somebody told me that just vaguely was aware of some of my writings, somebody told me in the last few months that they knew a psychiatrist doing some writings now, and was talking about he’s primarily dealing with chemical treatment of people who walk in, not lay them down and ask them about their mother and their ruined dress at the
Tape of September 19, 1985
birthday party when they were five. They’re treating them
chemically and using terms having to do with circuits. Referring
to somebody’s depression circuit, their anxiety circuit. That
hey, no problem I see some people are born that way, here’s a
pill. Here’s a prescription. I am aware of that and times are
changing, it is getting there. That’s what I’ve been talking to you about in general of how the level is moving but it is still a great part of Life’s staggering process of movement that there is still what I was, and you could learn something about you, and the way you are wired up, that there is still a large part of Life’s body that cries out with passion to say the least, that any question or any idea that human problems, behavior problems could be anything other than environmental is just heresy, that it’s still going on, but times are changing. If you people live long enough, sometimes things even change faster that I keep up
with. I don’t go around checking every little thing I know how
things are operating. But I was somewhat amused, pleased, at
least it shows Life’s health, that now there’s psychiatrists, not
that I own the word circuitry, I’m not even insinuating by any
means that they got it from me, I’m not saying that. But now
somewhere there are psychiatrists around, that there evidently, well, I was aware of that, but there evidently very common now, that their almost exclusive mode of treatment is bioóchemical.
You know fuck all that talking and all that shit. If you’re
anxious, you know, your anxious circuit, you were born that way
it gets too excited. And hell, we got enough pharmaceutical
houses now they’ve already, they’ve been working on that now for
Tape of September 19, 1985
several years, here I got two prescriptions, one of these will
work, I can guarantee you, one of them will just calm it right
down. Next. And that’s it. Now in a sense that’s my kind of
psychiatrist. I don’t mean to make a, that from some personal
viewpoint. What I am insinuating is there is a psychiatrist of
tomorrow. There is the kind of thing that Kyroot was asking last week whether you heard it, is where the mind get off naming it’s, giving it’s ailments such fancy names. Is it insinuating in some way that they were more exotic than distended livers. That has been also a piece of the master stroke, that this thing is in
some way separate. It’s ailments are not even comparable to an
overweight spleen or an inverted intestine, you know, nothing. Up here, this is something exotic and part of the master stroke has always been up until now and its not going away automatically tomorrow, but it is changing because of the circuitry, there is
something growing above the yellow circuit. But it’s still on
the basis, the master stroke working, that whatever is going on, we as humans can and must fix. But if, in someway me or someone, some idiot, can come out as say listen, “Everything is genetic, there is no such thing as environmental influences, it started somewhere, the first thing was genetic compared to environment, so all environment is simply an outgrowth of the original genetic”, and the whole world go, wow. If that could happen on that basis that the binary mind operates now, do you understand
that everybody would simply give up. That would be the end of
everything. If it were true or if everybody believed it was
true. That I am what I am and the environmental things, I know
it seemed like something happened but the wag my parents treated
Tape of September 19, 1985
me is because of their genes and the way there was the depression on that made my father get upset and now he tells me on his death bed that the only reason he always mistreated me and always screamed he wished I had been a boy instead of a girl was because he grew up during the depression and a woman couldn’t get work, that was before the times, so he blamed it on the
environment as a whole, the great depression and the
republicans. But the republicans, how do you get to be a
republican. You don’t join anything, it’s in your genes. Where
did the depression come from, it wasn’t the environment, there is
no environment. But if suddenly everyone could believe, if
everyone is made to believe there’s no such thing as
environmental causes, it’s all genetic, everybody would sit
down, that would be it. I mean a lot of people would have two or three seconds of going, “Boy that takes a lot off my mind”. But five minutes later you’d find cob webs beginning to grow on them. Oh it is as I said, many of you may already know this whether you look at it that way, but someone also brought it to my attention that they were reading literature from AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, and they said the literature now just states that drinking in general, I don’t have it to quote, they didn’t give me a quote,
but I was aware of that vaguely. I hear it on t.v. and see
little articles, but it seems to be their general statement now is that alcoholism is a genetic problem, and this I’m sure that they still throw in it seems to be brought about or kicked in or made worse by the environmental problems, pressures and having, being unemployed or having the wrong sexual partner. But in some
Tape of September 19, 1985
way people are genetically prone to be alcoholics and it’s true. It’s true as opposed to, “Well hey a person is a drunk because they’re no good”, or “people are crazy because their parents
drove them crazy”. Or “This person is a criminal because they
had to quit school at the eighth grade. Given the choices, as
the binary mind does, that it’s either the environment caused
this or it’s the genetic makeup of the person. Given those two,
the former, it’s just sssppp, it just doesn’t exist. It is the
latter, everything based upon that is genetic. And in a sense,
right now Life in general, is beginning to move, of why I brought up those examples, is beginning to move, to take these two opposites and it’s going to start bringing them together. But by the time it does, it’s not going to create some form of enlightenment, as that begins to happen this other circuit’s
beginning to grow. But the day of that argument, the person was
right in pointing this out and I just thought I’d go ahead and throw it in to you people that I am aware of it, because I was
aware of what was going on over the large scene. But there are
people now that Life is causing to speak in that specific way. Doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, it is riot part of the norm in the perception of everybody, it’s a long way from that and when it gets that close, understand, it gets close enough to actually merge in those two, like being contradictory charges, that they begin to merge, by the time that happens, there’s going to be a new circuit. You’re back to the old problem. That by the time it gets to the point that everybody can understand that,
it’s going to be irrelevant. It will just be by then, when it
reaches that point it will be as irrelevant, in a sense as just
Tape of September 19, 1965
being obvious, as saying everyone has feet. It will just be
accepted fact. I have more from our friend that I saved from
last week. He’s getting better, now he seems to divide them up into enough to read.